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My Bizarre Family

Posted on July 21, 2010

This is just a collection of bizarre things that have happened to either my mother, my brother, myself or my daughter.

My Mum:

- From a very young age, my mother would tell my grandparents about the man that would visit her. At first they assumed she had an imaginary friend, then as she continued to insist, they became concerned for her mental health. This all ended when my Papa walked into her room one night and saw a man sitting on the end of her bed. He apparently yelled at him and took a swing only for him to disappear. After this happened he recalled a similarity between the man in Mum’s room and his late father. Mum never saw him again.

-I am unsure how old Mum was, either in her pre-teens to early teens. My uncle and mother would walk home separately from school. One day, when they both had arrived my Uncle asked Mum where everyone was. She replied jokingly that their Auntie Arlene had died. It wasn’t until later that they found out that it was in fact Arlene’s husband who had died and that her parents were over comforting Arlene. Mum still feels guilty to this day about tricking her brother.

-When Mum was about 18 or 19 she came home after going clubbing. My Nanna would always stay up until she got home and would go to the toilet to let Mum know she was up and going to bed. On this occasion, mum walked down the hall to her room. She was a bit drunk but clearly remembers Nanna walking down the hall back to room after using the toilet. She even remembers having to turn sideways to let my Nan get past as Nan was a bit on the heavy side. Then as Mum walked up to her room, Nanna walked out of the toilet. She never saw the face of the woman she pasted in the hall, only assumed it was Nanna as she was a big lady. But there was her mother, still in the toilet. She still has no idea who the “Big Lady” is that past her in the hall.


-I previously mentioned my Great Aunt Arlene. She past away when I was very young and I can barely remember her to this day. My mum has told me on the exact day, one year after her death, I burst into tears. I told her I was crying for Auntie Arlene. I must have been about 5ish. Mum thought this was quite sweet, seeing as she had been deceased for quite some time and rang my Nanna (Arlene’s sister) to tell her. It was then my Nanna told my Mum that that day was Arlene’s one year death anniversary.

-At about the age of 10 I went through a phase of having to sleep in Mum’s bed. One night I woke suddenly and saw a very old woman in a full length white night gown standing in the doorway. I remember she had crazy hair, haha, needless to say I stopped sleeping in Mum’s room after that!

-In early 2008, whilst pregnant with my daughter, my Papa passed away. It was a huge blow for me as he had basically raised me. It wasn’t until much later I remembered in December of 2007, about one month before he died, I had a dream about speaking at his funeral. Papa was in perfect health, other then suffering from extreme dementia. I woke crying, and called Nanna in tears asking if Papa had died.

- Both my Mother and myself seem to be very in tune with the people we love. I can remember my mum instinctively calling me whenever I had an asthma attack, just ‘knowing’ I was. My daughter suffers from very bad eczema and I continuously have itchy skin for no reason. Just recently, her two year old molars having been coming in and I fall asleep every night feeling like I’ve been punched on either side of my jaw. The day that Papa fell over and slipped into an irreversible coma (which ultimately led to his death the next day) both of us suffered from horrific headaches and the day my uncle died of a heart attack we both had chest pain. I always seem to know when the phone will ring or if I’m playing cards or rolling die, I’ll say in my head what card I need or number I want to roll and time after time it will happen.

My brother:

- My brother doesn’t seem to have had as much happen to him. There is only one thing I can remember. He was about 16 or 17 and he snuck out in the middle of the night to get a coke and ended up screaming the house down. When we came out to see what the fuss was about, he told us that as he bent over to grab a can, someone pinched him on the bum… no one else in the house was awake! Mum visited a medium not long after who told her my brother has two older women watching over him.

My Daughter:

- From the time she was born, my daughter has stared at nothing and cracked up laughing. Though for a long time, she never really laughed at anything else, other than this spot on the wall. She was fixated by it, would stare at it forever! Things of hers would go missing. I would search high and low and the next day, I’d wake up and her missing item would always be on the same spot on the coffee table, even though I’d already looked there! We just blame it on Papa, seeing as he past about 3 months before she was born.

So that’s my weirdo family for you!

Sent in by Beautiful Mine, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “My Bizarre Family”
  1. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    heh heh I think we’re related LOL
    read my stories ( under my name ) and I do believe its all hereditary you know!
    my son is now 19 and tells me ” its not cool to see dead people ” LOL and he doesn’t like his friends knowing what he can do. ( I saw my first ghost around 5 in my mother’s bedroom and he saw his first one around same age at school ) but I think when you grow up acknowledging this business is real and isn’t quite half as exciting or dramatic as Hollywood would have you believe its almost ‘ all in a days work ‘ LOL
    My daughter is no where near as sensitive as my son. ( which is a turn around, as we have a matriarchial family and my daughter is the first female to not really have ‘it’ ( whatever ” it ” is ) But you always know your own family is ” different ” though I prefer to think of them as unique these days! LOL

  2. trolldoll says:

    uh huh, this does happen in alot of families! keep a journal. see how often these thing do happen and if anyone else in your family has similar experiences!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You all seem to have some sensitivity to the paranormal…thanks for sharing!

  4. AnNa says:

    wow lots has happened to you and your family members.well at least you know who is doing all of this.thanks for the story.

  5. strong says:

    Experiences of various sorts happens in my family as well. I have read that we are all capable, but, I think it depends on what kind of family you are raised in. Some families discourage it, and it becomes a sort of taboo. I was raised with a mother who experienced things and never reprimanded us for telling her we saw things or dreamt things, and all her sisters and mother were the same. My sister is even more sensitive than I and all my children see and dream things that others might dismiss as nonsense, but I keep the same path as my mother. It’s healthier to recognize it for what it is.

  6. bigbarney says:

    yeah…pretty weird family got to agree with you there. you should go make some money if you can tell what cards are gonna fall or how the dice will roll. you need to start shootin craps n makin money

  7. Johnny Ireland says:

    so funny about your brothers ass being pinched. You are lucky though no negative entity has become attached.

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