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My Best Friend’s Difficult Time With Boyfriend’s Suicide

Posted on November 11, 2008

My Best Friend’s hard time… This occurred two years ago but it still hasn’t escaped my mind for a second.

I remember walking home from the shops after purchasing some milk and encountering a mate of mine whom told me about the death of my best friend’s boyfriend. I’ve spoken to him quite frequently but we seldom socialized and bonded with one and another. He told me that my best friend’s boyfriend (whom I will refer to as peter) had committed suicide.

This was rather perplexing because peter always seemed cheerful. Everyone was saddened and dismayed over such a loss. He was a promising student. Uncannily gifted at academics and very sporty and was incredibly handsome, having long blonde hair and a chiseled, clean-shaven face with an immaculately slender, albeit muscular figure. I remember attending the funeral and seeing his parents scream and weep and that hurt me the most.

I spoke to my best friend the night before the death and she told me she hadn’t spoken to him all day. The following weeks were horrible for her. She wept interminably and no matter how much I tried to console her she would always leak out several tears.

Anyway a month had passed and nothing much had changed. The atmosphere was bleak and school was dull without his gleaming face. I remember laying in bed at 3 am and reminiscing over his achievements and life and thinking how unfortunate it must have been for my best friend. I felt myself succumb to a deep slumber and then all of a sudden there was a cold rush of air that awoke me and I turned thinking I must have left the windows open. It was closed.

I had a pleasant feeling of peace and serenity come over me and being accustomed to paranormal experiences I knew Peter was present with me. I turned, closed my eyes and saw his bright face smiling upon me. He laughed and bowed (an amiable trade gesture of his upon greeting others) and waved his hands. I asked him how he was and he smiled (which I inferred meant he was good). I tried to hold back my tears (being an ignorant teenage guy and all) but they streaked down my face and I got angry for a second. I whispered…’Why?’ to him and he frowned and then left. All of a sudden the radio came on and this song was on. It had the verses ‘I’m so sorry for what I’ve done, I love you but I got to move on, can’t keep holding this on…’and was accompanied by a harp and a piano I think. (I’m awful at music…).

I felt calm again and knew he was in a better place and fell asleep. The next morning was a Saturday and during the late evening I went to the park with my baby brother whom was 3. He was playing on the swings and I was pushing him and my best friend came along, departing from her girlfriends after having gone out with them. She stood beside me for a while, hugging my baby brother and helping me swing him and we were also talking about life and family and in the middle of the conversation she said ‘Did he come to you..?’ and I replied ‘yeah…’

She was silent for a while and then turned and replied ‘He’s happy so I will be happy too…’and she put on a brave face and I gave her a hug.

She’s much better now, thank god and has moved on. There have been occasions when I noticed his presence as have my other friends but I think he’s moved on too. I miss him still but he’s in a better place.

In all respects, this is true and did happen to me. It’s one of the many paranormal experiences I’ve undergone and I chose to post this one because emotionally I think it’s something everyone can relate too and sympathize with. We’ve all lost loved ones and we all will… It’s sad but there is hope in knowing they are at a better place.

With sincerity, Alpha.

Sent in by “Alpha”, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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30 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Difficult Time With Boyfriend’s Suicide”
  1. marcia jones says:

    Hi Alpha, that was sweet and I believe it all. When my mother passed away in ’88 I was quite distraught and then she came to me in my sleep ( woke me up) and said, “I love you, you know”. After I felt peace in my heart that she was all right.
    thanks for that, Marcia

  2. BIANCA says:

    Beautiful story.

  3. GhostHunter411 says:

    wow that6 must have beeen sad and it must have been nice later on… i hope everyone is okay… bye :)

  4. Jackie says:

    That’s a lovely ending, but i just wondered why he came to you and not his family or girlfriend and why the girl at the end said ‘did he come to you’. Why would she say that?

  5. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    wait question so why did he commit suicide cuz i am horrible at reading well anyway the story was cool beans

  6. zoe says:

    wow… that was touching. i really hope you can stay strong.

  7. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    another comment this story is aweseome i really got a habit of reading scary stories i mean im only ten but c’mon i really need to get out of this habit anyway it is a really cool beans story if you ask where i got cool beans from it is from the movie hot rod go on youtube and search hot rod cool beans

  8. Alpha says:

    the girl at the end was his girlfriend and my best friend. We grew up together and my mum knew her mum so we used to hang alot when we like 3 and 2 and even though i’m a guy i still consider her my best friend since we know alot about each other and are accustomed to one and another’s presence.
    and i never asked his family if he visited them but they seemed alot calmer directly after the event.
    anyway take care!

  9. Jackie says:


    I understand that and thanks for telling me, just thought you are a little more in tune with this sort of thing than others he loved and maybe that’s why you were the one to see him. You probably already know this, but if you don’t realise, you could be gifted this way.

    Take care x

  10. Ashley Wagner says:

    I…I..I… I’m cr- cr- cr- crying, that last paragraph really toutched me, it toutched me the most because my mo- mo- mom died in 1997, i was two then and i hardly remeber what she looks like. Sometimes i break down crying in bed sometimes.( : ^ ]


  11. Esther says:

    Hi if he stays wiv u it means he is your guardian angel
    as i use to have one myself who has moved on

  12. Kelly says:

    What a shame that such a promising young person felt compelled to do something so permanent and hurtful. I’ve had several family members and friends commit suicide, and it’s something that one can never understand. It seems to always be those who outwardly seem to deal well with whatever life brings. When they come back to give a massage of consolation, it doesn’t matter that you were close, family, etc. They come to those who are open and capable of recieving and conveying the message. That’s why he came to you. I hope everyone who suffered this loss can deal and heal, and go on to find meaning and joy in life. Bless you all and especially his poor parents. How tragic for them.

  13. bennie says:

    I understand the story completely and was touched by your experience as well.Your story after all,has a good ending whereby eveyone made peace with he’s leaving and let him go,like he said:he needed to move on.that’s whats good about it.

    Well done guys that’s the most important thing because though we loved someone we shouldn’t cling to their leaving.i am glad that you all have moved-not forgetting him completely though- and are living noraml lives now.

    Good luck and stay strong.

  14. Meggie says:

    My bestfriend commit suicide 3 years ago… I was the one who found him.
    It’s a never ending pain, and nightmare for me… But I’m learning to cope.
    The hardest part was accepting that he was gone; one thing I greatly admire of your friend.

  15. Jenn says:

    I love your stories Alpha =)

  16. haley says:

    heyy alpha.what was the name of that song?it just seemed kind of random. whyy did he commit suicide??i didnt really pay attention 2 that part.

  17. Cierra says:

    you must have some sort of paranormal insight, because you are frequently posting wonderful/and or scary stories on this sight. Thank you for helping to enlighten other people who feel, somewhat lost and confused. Sincerely,

  18. Alpha says:

    Hey thank you for your comment Cierra!! :)
    It’s good to know that people have not only enjoyed these experiences but have been educated by them.
    That means alot to me!!

    Take care! You seem like a nice person and sorry i couldn’t get to your reply earlier.

  19. Anne says:

    If you spoke with your bestfriend the day of the death, and she was your bestfriend, why did you not know? why is it that some friend tells you at a chance meeting?

  20. BrittanyElyse says:

    This story really got to me. My father commited suicide 2 and a half years ago. I was in the house, up the hallway from him, when he did it. I miss him terribly and all I could ever ask for is for something like this to happen to me. I don’t know if he visited me, or if it was just another one of my nightmares, but this only occured once. Not too long after his death. I was sleeping in the house he killed himself in since we hadnt moved yet and i heard loud breathing, almost gasping under my bed and i rolled over and looked down and there he was. bloody with a hole in his head and his eyes wide open. he looked terrible.. so sad and helpless. but scary. i think he felt sorry.. but im not sure. my mom told me it was my fault.. and i cant help but wonder if it was and maybe he haunted me that night to show me how miserable he is because of me.. i dont know what to think of this.. but ill never forgive myself.

    Id give my life to experience what you did.

  21. Alpha says:

    To BrittanyElyse:
    the worst thing is for you to think it is your fault. Everything happens for a reason and your blessed presence on this earth wasn’t simply to torment your father to death. Suicide is never the direct cause of a person but an amalgamation of mental and social factors or narcotics.
    You are here for a reason but this reason is for you to figure out, be it to foster a loving family or to own a small business.

    You weren’t put here to kill your dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever it is, you are here now so don’t be pissed off if your mum said your dad committed suicide cuz of you cause she’s sure as hell wrong.
    (Pretty much every parent who doesn’t realise how truly spectacular there daughter is, tries this out when their significant other commits suicide. It’s so negligent towards their children!)

    But just live your life like you want and one day you’ll find a special someone to share it with and maybe have kids of your own.

    Take care

  22. anonymous says:

    well they say that the aooy always comitt suicide!!!!

  23. anonymous says:

    i meant happy people

  24. Irenedakis says:

    I don’t get it?
    By why did he commit suicide?
    This is really touching. . .
    Just hope where every he is ,is filled with loads of peace.

  25. nicole says:

    this was very touching. im so sorry for the loss.
    i dont know what it’s like to lose a loved one to suicide, for my mother who has tried has never succeeded. but i know that that feeling is horrid, so the actual dying part is much more devastating.
    but thank you for this story. (:

  26. LilPrinsess says:

    im so sorry to hear about that. it makes me so sad but so happy to know that he came back and was nice. wow great great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love LilPrinsess

  27. BekkieLassy says:

    Thats soooo sad!
    I’m glad that he came to you to say thats hes oky and happy.
    I’m realy glad that you friend can move on with her live now.
    I know its wery hard to do and she will never forget him, no matter what.

  28. BekkieLassy says:

    My friend died in a car accident 19 Feb 2010.
    He had his own way of showing hes fine and happy after he died.
    One of my friends got a mised call from him a few days later at 3 in the morning (that was the time he lost controle of his car and bumped in a tree. He died at 6). He would show online on mxit and facebook. its almost a year later and it stil happens.

    • BekkieLassy says:

      Just a bid of highlight on my comment. The girl that went out with my friend that passed away is doing gr8 now. She’s going to be a mommy soon :D

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