My Best Friend Was Possessed by a Demon

Posted on December 21, 2010

It was the summer of 2010, and my friends and I were a couple of bored teenagers in a small town looking for something to do. I will refer to my friends as S, T, B, and myself, J.

We were at T’s house, it was around 10 o’clock and we decided to make a Ouija board. B and I had done this many times before; we always had a certain interest in the occult and such. But for T and S, it was their first time. I also think it is important to add, that T, B, and Myself all believe in God (we’re all females by the way) but S did not. Anyways, we made a board out of a large thick sheet of paper and painted the letters and numbers on with nail polish.We turned off all the lights, lit incense and candles. And then we began.

We asked if anyone was there, and someone answered. The demon’s name was Wale (yes, like the rapper.) At first he seemed very kind, we asked him questions of how he died and how old he was (the details I can’t quite remember.) As we continued to talk to Wale, he started saying strange things. All of a sudden, he spelt out S _ _ _ D I E. We all looked at each other nervously, but continued to talk to him for an hour/hour and a half.

Then I had an idea: Let’s play light as a feather, stiff as a board. S said he would be the first to do it. So we� put away the Ouija board and S laid down on the floor. I didn’t think anything would happen, I don’t think any of us did. But he laid out on the floor, and we all surrounded him. We put two fingers below him, from his head to his legs. We began to chant, “light as a feather, stiff as a board.” After we stopped giggling, we all became very serious.

After about 20 chants, something strange happened. Our eyes were closed, but we began to feel our fingers lifting off the floor, our voices began to shake as he was lifted about 5 inches off the ground. At about this time, we all stopped chanting and S fell to the ground. We flipped the light switch on in a hurry, and none of us knew what to say. S had lifted off the ground, we were sure of it.

We decided to do it again, but got freaked out yet once more and turned on the lights. But this time, something very strange happened. S, usually very happy and out going, sat in silence and stared off into space. We all found it kind of strange, we tried to wake him up out of this trance, and then a big tear rolled down his face. We all found it very strange. About a minute afterwards, he was back to normal. We asked him what just happened, and he didn’t seem to remember crying or spacing out at all. We didn’t think too much of it, and S said he wanted to go again. So we did; we were determined to have him floating in mid air.

After about 3 times in a row, we took a break. And then S began to act very strange. He spaced out again and began breathing very hard, as if he was scared. He laid down on the bed and continued his heavy breathing, he ignored everything we said. He would grip the covers on his hands very tightly. And all of a sudden he would stop. He would be fine again and not be able to recollect anything that had happened. But after about another hour, it happened again, except this time he began to look around the room as if something was there. He couldn’t speak, and he began crying heavily, gasping for air. He seemed as though he was about to pass out, his eyes almost rolling in the back of his head. We were pretty sure something else was in our presence, but only S could see it. This would happen about every hour through out the night. But it would get worse every time. It was very hard to communicate with him, we kept asking him if he saw anything in the room. But at one point I asked him, is there something in this room? and he nodded. B asked him if he wanted it to go away, he nodded again.

After this, he was fine for about an hour. We asked him what had happened, he wasn’t quite sure. He knew something was strange though, something was very wrong. Things were normal for a while, we were all very tired and decided to get some sleep. But as we were laying there, he began to tremble. We turned on the lights, and he sat up, gripping the covers in his hands. He kept looking around the room. The look in his eyes was something Ill never forget: it was fear, and hopelessness. But worst of all, he had almost a sick smile on his face as he cried. He kept looking right at this thing, whatever he saw.

Finally, during one of his episodes, he was able to tell us some of what he saw. He said that there id something in the room, that it is scary and dark. That it looks like its from Hell. As we laid next to him, he pulled me close and whispered, so helplessly: get me out of T’s house. He began to come out of his trance, and he told us as we were laying down, he had a nightmare.

He said he was on a bus, (school bus I think) and all of a sudden everything turned black and he was running through darkness. Voices were telling him to get out. B was in his dream too.

We told T’s mom, and she did a spell at her house and then came to my house to do it (I had used the Ouija there before too) The spell was like a cleansing spell I think, she burned sage. When she did this Sean began to freak out again.

After a series of events, T and I lost contact with S and B for a while. I’m friends with S though, he told me that one day when he was alone he started tripping out again and scratched up his arm real bad. He told me that B and him took the Ouija board and talked to Wale, and told him to not fuck with S anymore. I think they destroyed the board as well. Ever since then nothing else has happened.

If anyone has ever has similar experiences, please comment and share. I’d like to know what really happened to my friend.

Sent in by smokenflyy, Copyright 2010

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29 Responses to “My Best Friend Was Possessed by a Demon”
  1. Rosie says:

    I just hope by now you all have grown up and not mess up with the stupid board any more. It can bring you nothing but trouble big time.

    • Dean says:

      Everybody is certainly right. You never want to mess with a ouija board. Its NOTHING but negativity and only attracts the things you don’t want. It can be very difficult to get away from a demon or as some people say, entitie. Just be careful. Praying does help. Like everyone says, if nothing changes, talk to someone who is a professional and can help. Remember, fearing them makes them more powerful. Try not to. Burning sage around the inside of your home should help. If things get worse for S he/she needs to get a purification.

  2. adriana says:

    Sean was possessed. that’s what you get when you play the ouija board. hate to break it to yuh but you’ve opened the door between this world and theirs. it’s impossible to close it and the activity may be on hold for now but it will start again. i know because im in the same situation. ive contacted my local priest and this is what he told me. but you just have to have faith in god and everything will be alright.

  3. sharayah says:

    wow just wow :(

  4. 4 more days until christmas AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

    i agree thats what happens and im sorry but i dont know if i feel and the friends were scared and oh lets do it again and again you guys were asking for trouble.

  5. MZ SPONTY says:

    I never understood Y Kids R Us sells Quja Boards as if it’s a game! & Da people Dat buy it R even more stupid but I honestly think Dat Da occurances have not yet ended,.Dey just wan’t U 2 think Dat it is & when U least expect it it’s going 2 happen again but 4 U guys sake, I hope it has ended & I wish U guys luck…Take care

    • Lool says:

      i am 15 and my mum has a friend who contacts with the dead and is quite close to the deceased.
      he has given me tips and tricks of how to stay safe while using an ouija board.
      regardless of this knowledge i refuse to take place in this kind of thing unless he is present. i watch my friends play around with ouija boards but i do not join in!!!!!!
      comment back if you would like to know some of these safety tricks

      • sandal says:

        Yeah do tell me the saftey tips.! Not like i am ever going to use the ouja board but its good to know these kind of things. You never know when you might need them .

  6. Carri says:

    your friend Sean was subjecting to a demonic Possession. you should have stopped with the seance and levitation with Sean. You do not know what you are messing with. Tell S. to put on a cross and have an exorcism. You opened a portal to hell. you were taking to a demon or possibly the devil. If problems start to flair up with you and your friends it is because you opened a portal. These things can at you also in the physical realm. Like problems at home, work., school. You should check on your friend especially the one who did the levitation. he may be suffering. The demon may attach to him. worse yet Lucifer could be haunting him or you. Talk to a Catholic priest. I just hope somehow you closed the portal and all is well. .

  7. Serena says:

    I hate to say it, but you friend was possessed. You mentioned that S did not believe in God. Easy pray for a demon. He has no faith. Evil attacks the weakest link and in your case that is S. S needs to have faith in God, pray, go to church and have some religious relics in his home. I think your friend was also being haunted by the demon. It may be gone for now but chances are it will come back. S needs to form a relationship with God and get closer to God and Jesus. Also try not to show fear because it makes it more powerful and try to avoid fights and arguements because it thrives on things like that.

    You and your friends should not play with things you don’t understand. You are opening doors and inviting things in that will do harm to you and the ones you love. As a matter of fact, when you played “lite as a feather, stiff as a board” you already had an entity present in the room with you.

    If things get strange again you need to call on a professional to help document the events and go see a priest. I hope and pray what ever you guys stirred up has gone away and does not come back. If it does, then you will most likely need the help of a spirtualist, demonologist or a priest to perform a purificaton. If it’s a strong and nasty entity that doesn’t want to leave,you may need an exorcism .
    In the future do yourself a favor and don’t play with things you don”t understand. I know in the TV shows it looks fun and interesting but the paranormal is not something to play with.
    God bless you all and be strong in your faith in God and Jesus.

  8. daniel says:

    heey, i read this and it really got me thinking, something simmular like this happended 2 one of my friends a couple years back. it sounds like she/he got possesed. he wuld hav saw a demon and wuld hav started freaking out, they mess with your mind and after the situation they are never the same. u can make demons go away bt eventually they will come back. with my mate she was in bed and all the ornaments in the room lifted off the ground, even the bed that she was in. when it hit the ground she woke up. hope this in anyway helps :)

  9. Chris says:

    Who could it be? Let’s see here, who could THAT be? Could it be….SATAN?

  10. veronica says:

    I think the first thing he should have told you is not to ask is anyone there bc that can open the door to demons.

  11. Anonymous says:

    your friend is temporarily safe,after a while this “wale’ will come back and he’s gonna be pissed the it will require proof of the demon, the the last exorcist…

  12. korax says:

    anyone want a Ouija board? :D

  13. Izzie says:

    I’ve never had anything this dramatic happen when I’ve played with Ouija boards. In fact, nothing has ever happened with me and Ouija boards. I wish something would, though. It’s getting hard to believe these stories, since nothing has ever happened.

    • Lace says:

      You do not want to experience anything like this. If you dont believe bc nothin like it has happened to you, then im sorry. but im telling you its nothing to mess with. My friend has been possesed multiple times by this demon. and ive been there. and yes its my fault the activity started again bc of a ouiji board i made and had her use. its nothing to mess with, and it wants to kill her now.

  14. annoynoums says:

    “S” was clearly possessed. I messed with online uiga boards, black magic, and demonic character and I hear things people can’t hear & see things people can’t see, I never done anything about it and now I have fallen into deep depression I am now taking medicine for.
    I learned not to mess with that stuff now, but for me it’s to late to do anything but for “S” I would try to get him to church before it worsens. I try church but I get so angry and sick when I go for reasons idk of.

  15. lisa says:

    to the comment b4 mine, I have never used a board but all my life i have had seen and felt and had spiritual dreams of demons trying 2 attack me. i know my grandpa fought demons when alive. You have 2 be strong and say, “i rebuke you Satan in the name of our father In Heaven! You cannot touch me!’ The demons should flee from you.Once a female demon laughed at me. But she was unable 2 touch me and hurt me. Satan wants you 2 believe u are doomed. As long as u are still alive you are not doomed! That is satans lie from hell! He is here on earth 2 try 2 steal kill and destroy! Fight him! Rebuke satan and his demons!

  16. Teri says:

    There’s Rosie again not making sense & not checking before she hits “submit”…what does this mean……mess up with the stupid board any more. Mess up? She need not mess with it at all. If she doesn’t mess with it, she won’t mess anything up.

  17. Will says:

    did ne1 pick up on the fact that the person tellin this story said they,re all females but refer 2 ” s ” as a him?

  18. eisbrecher says:

    ive been possessed before and its nothing harmful, just a bit scary. i love ouija boards

  19. Laura says:

    me and my friend got possessed once at this party we were at! I was scared because all I could see was these ‘creatures’ hiding in the shadows of the room. I can’t remember what happened when I was possessed but the people told me that I was shouting stuff like ‘GO TO HELL!!’ and crazy stuff like that!! It was very scary

  20. Krisha says:

    I’ll agree with the demon thing but the Devil?? Do we really think he would waste time possessing people and speaking to people? I doubt it.

  21. Pantera says:

    Ur frind was posessed cuz he doesnt believe god and he messed with the board. He needs an exorsism.

  22. Saro says:

    I’m a really religious muslim. I like to pray to god (Allah) and worship Him. But it’s always the most f ‘d up devil that messes with my mind. In Muslim religion and all those Muslims who will read this shall now the devil is in your mind. You might not know it or believe it but the devil is there. The devil is the one who is tempting those kids to do a uiji board. Long story short now the devil knows that the kid S has been in touch with a the supernatural world. This means know doesn’t matter if “wale” is gone or not the devil will know his weakness therefor demons will know to. So once your in contact the only way you can get out of it is death. This is because memories would be drilled in your head you would have flash backs you would have fear, fear of darkness. Demons were created from darkness as the Muslims say idk if same for other religions. So you would never be left alone once you’ve been encountered by a demon. If you need help now u might not do this cause it’s ur way of the religion go see a emam.’this is a muslim preist. Muslim preists don’t do spells or burn sage they prey for u in numbers praying in numbers is better than spells or burning sage or any other ritual. A quick description of what a emam would do, first you need to find a mosque and go see the emam there and unlike a church u don’t need evidence the emam would believe then he would pray pray pray pray and pray for u he would tell all the ppl of the mosque to pray for u and he would tell the ppl to tell their family to pray for then those ppl would tell others until there are thousands of ppl praying for u to tell god to bless u ur friends and families. U don’t n�ed a exorcist or a purification u just need prayers. That’s all. But like I said I won’t promise u that they would go away once the door between u and the other world is closed some window will open and befor u now it that window will break and will start all over again and u would have to do the same proseger over again. I wouldn’t tell u this if I didn’t care for u guys.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am going to order a Ouija and i’m going to talk my friend into playing it also, she is scared of the demons and is to weak to get them away from her, I have 3 pure ghost with them around, and me (I can see them sometimes and hear em) could we protect her from the demons and from being controled?

    • MoonFlower says:

      Wow!! You’re such a friend to do things like that!! Come on! A “friend” would do that to me? He or she would never hear from me again! It’s no joke! You don’t do that to people you don’t like let alone a “freind” pfffff

  24. Anonymous says:

    when i was young about 7 or 8 my mother and sister used to mess with the quija board,then again my sister and some neighborhood friends messed with the quiji board i was 11,the first time supposedly it was my great grandmother,the second time it was lincoln,but later revealed himself to b the devil,we burned it…when i turned 18 i began too see things like agonizing souls and skulls,i used tob awaoken too the sound of million screams i counldnt sleepuntil the sun came out,and it always hapened around 3 am,i found this peculiar after when i seen the movie the exorcism of emily rose based on tru events,for a process of 3 years it was reacurring thing to the point that i no longer feared it,i went through 8 exorcisms and finally accepted jesus christ as my lord and savior,now with that said glory b to God ,and i advise never ever ever play with the ouiji board as to im a living testimony of the negative it can bring to your life,i never wish this on n e one ….my advice is plunge yourself in the world and devote yourself to christ or else you will let it back into your life…God bless you all

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