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My Best Friend Manong part 2

Posted on August 7, 2011

So I’ve looked at your comments (My Best Friend Manong) and I’d like to add more things to my story.

I remembered my mom mentioning the word “England” and Manong never hurt me ever.

I did research in my house and its the house from the first century, many people live their from the years and died. I found out that the tree was actually a mango tree.

But I found out that not only Manong lived their, Elves, Ghosts, and many other creatures did too.

My cousin, Michael was standing on our porch, He was admiring the tree when something struck him, something bad and invisible. His mom took him to the doctor and his face was growing bubbles, large bubbles! The doctor said he got some kind of sickness. Michael, said the last place he went to was the Mango Tree. We found out that the mango tree was a home to many other mythical creatures.

When my parents and I went back home to Asia for vacation, it was 12:30 am when my parents fell asleep They went to sleep in the Guest room. When they got onto they’re bed, it started shaking. Nobody was doing it. The shaking was so strong it knocked both of them off the bed. My Aunt told me this story the next morning since my parents were at the grocery and they couldn’t tell me them selves.

I went outside and I started speaking out loud to the tree (I sound crazy right?) All of a sudden, somebody or some thing threw a mango at me. It was like a strong human throw. I picked it up and I thanked the thing that threw the mango at me.

I’ve got outside alone and talked to the tree many times, Nothing ever harmed me.

My neighbors kept on knocking on our door one night. They said they saw a girl on our roof, and she was all in white, they said she jumped off the roof and went through the ground. They say they’ve seen her done that many many times.

I’m getting afraid of these things that keep happening in my house, cause they can harm anybody.

My friend came over one day and he threw a rock at the tree and a mango almost hit him in the head really hard. I told him to not disrespect the tree cause the tree has feelings. He just laughed at me and threw another rock at it. On the other side of the tree, a rock flew and it went straight to my friend. It hit him hard in the head. I had to call an ambulance cause he was knocked out.

What do I do? The creatures that lived in the house were identified as a dwarf, an elf, and something invisible.

Oh and sorry if I made any errors while typing this cause I got a broken arm.

Sent in by Marielle, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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3 Responses to “My Best Friend Manong part 2”
  1. psychicramta says:

    manong- an old man/. your a filipina.

    my advice is, you talk to the tree, tell the mango tree that he shouldnt hurt anybody. dont you dare tell the tree to get out, i can sense that the dwarfs who lived in the tree is malevolent, they are just trying to protect their home.
    let him be your friend, talk tp him. the tree isnt negative after all, if someone hits you what are going to do? fight back. leave the tree and it will leave you in peace.
    if it becomes malevolent, post it in here.

    now what happens in your house, is another story. i think its the negative ones. i cant advice you because i dont know the story of your house.

    my bedroom’s the worst in the whole world, my bed shakes, like it it makes e sleep. i talk to my invisible friend, i told him ‘you can stay, but be a good one.

  2. Buddy says:

    A sequel I see…
    I believe the land where your house was built is directly in a fairy path or near one, western belief (especially in Ireland & Scotland) believes that houses built near fairy paths attract the elemental spirits into it often causing disorder inside the home and bad luck. The entities dwelling in the mango tree are most definitely to be ‘Laman Lupa’, they can also shape shift into faceless human figures, they are often described as entities taking human forms walking under the moonlight wearing hoods over their heads, or have long hair shading away the details of their faces. They are also known to copy the appearance of living and dead people and they are often reported to be seen walking on dark lonely streets (mostly dirt road) wearing all white shirts or “Barongs” and black pants with no shoes and they are walking as if they are in a trance. One of their most common and known forms is a woman all dressed in white famously known as the “white lady”. Though many people mistake them for restless spirits of maidens who were once raped and murdered, most reported cases of white lady apparitions are very likely to be caused by these so called Laman Lupa.
    One of the quick fixes as “psychicramta” said, try to befriend it and tell it not to harm people. These entities believe that people are the intruders of their land and they think that they should be respected. If you hurt them knowingly or unknowingly they will punish you, just like what your cousin did. He stared at the tree for too long and the entities felt offended and decided to punish him anyway. Often these things listen to what people say, if you talk to them nicely enough. But if they start to be malevolent and cause harm inside the house, there are a few things you can do.

    1. sprinkle salt around the house, salt is a known deterrent for these entities and this would keep them out of the house. hanging dried garlic on doors and windows can also keep them away.
    2. Have the house blessed by a priest or conduct cleansing.
    3. Consult a local shaman or an “Albularyo”, they are more efficient on warding off these entities than any other priests, but due to modernization of that country, I believe that these group of specialized people are greatly diminishing and very few practice the art these days (good luck in finding one)
    4. Kill the mango tree using Calcium Carbide (Kalburo) and sprinkle salt around it. Once the tree dies these entities will be forced to move else where.
    5. Keep a medallion that is blessed by the church or an albularyo, I think it’s often called as “anting-anting” to keep you safe from the wrath of the entities that you have just driven off.

    These are just a few of the things you can do if things get worse, but I strongly suggest any novice to do this for they may get undesirable results due to lack of knowledge. Good luck Laman lupa hunting!

    • Marielle says:

      Thank you or the information. Maybe The reason why i havent got harmed yet was because i respect the tree and i always be nice to it. I will post my next story.

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