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My Best Friend and the Other Girl

Posted on October 31, 2010

I’ve always been very sensitive to some things that others couldn’t feel. I live with a very skeptical family and I have very skeptical friends, so I haven’t had the occasion to talk about this much (I actually only told this story to my best friend). My friends always used to make fun of me when we went down to the park near their house, which was built on an old Burgundian cemetery (the Burgundians were a Germanic tribe that came to my city around the time the Roman empire fell). I felt things there that I couldn’t explain, and sometimes I refused to go because I just couldn’t stand being there. My friends never understood why so they left me out quite often.

I must’ve been about ten or eleven years old when I had my first real ghost experience. I got up one morning and I was still lying in bed with my eyes half closed when I heard a girl’s voice say: “Hello, Frances!” to me. I thought it was my little sister, so I groaned and turned around to tell her to go away. Nobody was there.

When I went downstairs, I told my sister to stop playing stupid jokes on me (she does that very often). She looked surprised and said: “I didn’t do anything! Why are you always accusing me?!” “Because you DID come into my room! You’re not supposed to come in when I’m asleep, or at least not without knocking first.” “But I didn’t!” I sighed and stopped arguing, because I knew she would never give up and tell me the truth.

Later the same day, I was sitting in my bed reading when the same voice said again: “Hello.” This time I didn’t wait and I looked up immediately. A little girl was standing by the door to my room, smiling. I blinked, wondering who she was because I had never seen her before, but she didn’t disappear. Then I noticed the door, that I had closed when I went into my room (I always close my door because I hate it when it’s open and anyone can just walk past and see me writing or doing whatever… I know that’s weird but I just like being alone and having my own privacy) and now the door was open and the girl was standing right beside it.

I wasn’t scared, because I had always believed in ghosts and apparitions. “Who are you?” I asked. “Ebba.” she answered. She had golden hair, slightly wavy, and bright blue eyes. She was not at all transparent or anything, she looked just like any other person. She was wearing a dark green cardigan and a pale pink woolen dress, with white tights and little black boots. I still remember that.

She sat down by me and I felt the bed move, which proved that she really was there and that I wasn’t dreaming. She started telling me about how she had lost her parents, and that she had been looking for them for a very long time. I asked her how long and she said she didn’t know. “Very, very many.” She spoke with an accent and often used her hands when she couldn’t find her words. In later years she learned to speak better English.

We became very good friends, because she told me she couldn’t find anyone she knew and she felt lonely, so she stayed with me all the time. She went to school with me, and sat on the floor beside me in class. Nobody else could see her. We always wished at least one other person I knew could see her, because when I told my parents I was going out to play with Ebba, or when they saw me in my room playing a game like chess or cards all by myself, they just laughed at me. “You’re a bit too old to have imaginary friends, Frances…” I often asked Ebba to move something while they were there, but she never wanted to. She said it was better only I knew she existed. “They can’t see me. If I move something, they’ll think they’re crazy or something. Or they might not know what I am, they might think I’m a demon or something else bad, and stop me from seeing you.” In the end I just gave up.

Sometimes in the road somebody moved out of Ebba’s way, or let her have a seat in the bus. Obviously they didn’t know she was a ghost. They other people around us looked at them in a strange way, and we always found that very funny, but also a little bit sad because not many people could see Ebba.

The years went on, and we became best friends. Ebba grew older just like me: when we first met she was only five years old, but she grew up and also became more mature, just like a real little girl. I taught her to read and write, and eventually she was too big for some things, like sitting behind me on my bike, for example. When I first met her, she was terribly afraid of water because she had fallen in a lake in winter, and that was how she died. (She never told me when exactly she was born or when she died, but judging from her clothes, I’d say at least a hundred years ago).

After a while she stopped being afraid of cold water, or at least she was less afraid. (The first time we went to the swimming pool together she literally stood on the side crying and asking me to get out! I can still remember wondering what on Earth I was going to do, because I couldn’t just get out and hold her in my arms, when she was invisible to most of the other people around! Now she doesn’t mind going in cold water, she just prefers it when it’s warm).

For five years nothing bad happened, but recently something happened that really bothered me. Ebba was sitting beside me on my bed and she was reading one of my books while I was doing my homework, and since we were studying the Vikings at school and since Ebba was Scandinavian, I asked her a question about them. I can’t remember what she answered, but I know it wasn’t the tone of voice nor the vocabulary she usually used. She spoke quite fast and her voice seemed higher, and I also found her a little bit rude. I frowned and asked her to repeat what she had just said. She said. “What? I didn’t say anything!”

Things like that have been happening quite often ever since then, and for a few weeks I have even been seeing Ebba in two places at once! Sometimes it’s fine and everything is just normal, but sometimes I don’t know which girl is really her! When we’re alone together and the other girl isn’t there, I sometimes talk about it with Ebba. She sees the girl too, but she has no idea what she might be. I think she might be something bad, but I really don’t know!

A few months ago, I would have shared this story with you just to talk about it and just to share it with people who have lived similar experiences. Now I really don’t know what to think. Ebba is a great person and we really are the best friends in the world, and now there’s this other girl that comes and spoils everything! I’m afraid I might go crazy if I can’t chase her away somehow. I hate her just as much as I love Ebba. In fact she’s almost like her shadow, her dark side… Please tell me what you think, I’ll be very grateful if you have any answers to my problem.

I also want to say that I only told this story to my best friend Victor, and he is the only person I know personally who can see Ebba. I told him about the Other Girl, as we call her, but since Victor really isn’t a specialist when it comes to ghosts (he only believes in them because he has seen Ebba), he can’t help me. He has never been there at the same time as the Other Girl.

Sent in by Frances, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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24 Responses to “My Best Friend and the Other Girl”
  1. Megan says:

    Let me start of by saying i believe you. I have a solution that might help as it is what my sister and i do every three or four days to ward off things that are not good that tend to try and hurt my sister due to her abilities. she, like yourself, can see and talk to spirits on a regular basis. now we have spirit guides and spirits of people that have passed away that we do not want gone so this is what we do. we say four different things every three days or so and we say each thing three times. so you would be repeating these things three times each every three days. there is power in numbers so you and ebba need to say it together and victor if he is willing. if not you have enough supernatural ability to maybe make it work. okay here is what you say. now its long but bear with me it works. eggsu hold hands together and envision something protective around the two of you. we do a steel wall or the four elements. like we envision a wall of steel around us and then we move the wall to outside ourselves to

  2. Megan says:

    our room and then the hallway then the other rooms and then our whole house and then our yard. when you feel the wall, and if you really concentrate on it i promise you you will, say this first three times. “higher forces come into our being give us strength guidance and protection and please god put a strong protective wall around our body, mind, spirit, hearts, souls, and everything we hold dear. protect us from this negative energy and stop its ability to do evil or harm to us. we ask this in the name of jesus christ, who lives and reigns with the father and the holy spirit in the kingdom of heaven. amen. ” then say the our father prayer three times, then the hail mary, again three times, then the bedtime prayer, which is now i lay me down to sleep i pray the lose my soul to keep if i should die before i wake i pray the lord my soul to take. god please keep me and my spirit sister protected and cast out this negative energy from our mist. amen. I am not overly religious trust me im not if anything i consid

  3. Megan says:

    a catholic wiccan, but this works i swear.oh its i pray the lord not lose sorry i am writing this to you on a phone so its kind of hard lol. do not burn sage or candles because that will make your friend go away too. I did that once and my best friend could not come back for months. you can find the hail mary and the our father online if you do not know them. but they are the most important because the our father is the strongest prayer that i have seen. again i am sorry for the grammer i am doing all of this on a phone lol. but good luck if you try this out let me know if it helps.

    • Frances says:

      Thanks so much for your advice. I don’t really believe in God but I do believe there is something up there, something that hears us and helps us. I’ll try it all out and I really hope it’ll work :)
      And by the way thanks to everyone for your comments too, I really appreciate it when people answer me :D

      • Megan says:

        I am not in any way overly religious either, but after what I have been through in the past few months pertaining to spirits and the supernatural, I have to believe that God is real, however I also understand that knowing he exists and believing in him are two very very different things. I have slowly gotten to a place where I might be starting to believe in him, or at least I would be if not for al the bad things going on around me right now. Anyways, sorry, got off topic there, do let me know if it helps you at all. I know it can be scary but after you do this a few times you begin to realize how much inner strength you have and how much you can really sustain Just be diligiant and make sure that the bad ghost understands that you are the living person so you make the rules. Do not test Ebba, by the way. More often than not ghosts cannot remember alot of things, even if it seems that they can. Trust your instincts because they are probably the best thing you can use to determine what is good and what is bad. All in all I hope everything is okay, and I hope you get rid of that spirit, because she could potentially do harm, maybe not physical harm, but harm none the less.

  4. amber says:

    the othergirl sounds like somethng evil if she comes ruin things 4 u 2.
    btw great story.

  5. sharayah says:

    i feel you really need to pray to God the lords prayer the other girl sounds evil and,she has to go.but you do know that ebba will one day have to go back to God.to be with our father in heaven.you may need to let her go one day.may god be with you.

  6. AnNa bites back says:

    i do believe you too.maybe you should tell the girl she doesnt belong here.just hopefully its the right one instead of the other by accendent.i really dont know what else to say.thanks for the story and let us know in what happens.

  7. shanaynay says:

    I believe you frances, if u really feel that this other girl is bad then try and be strong because even though i have never seen a human ghost in my life, one of my friends is really close friends with one person that i might not like and i dont even know that person really well but hopefully i can get to know that person one day to see if that person is good or bad.

  8. aimz says:

    wow great story, i think its really sweet that u have a good and close friendship with a ghost im sorry about the other that she comes and ruins things 4 u , id like to hear more about ur ghost friend and maybe if u cud get a picture…. great story thanx 4 sharing :)

  9. JK says:

    Frances, You really have to be careful with this whole situation, evil/good, who knows. There are spirits called familiars that come into people’s lives early when they are small. They have a specific job to isolate you from things, eventually isolating you from all that you love and more importantly the possibility of a loving day to day relationship with God through Christ Jesus. These things enter the life early before you even know that it can be bad. You may say that she is loving and your best friend but you have known nothing else of her. If she is a familiar, she will eventually start to leverage you, telling nt asking things of you in order to start oppressing you. When you do not comply things can and will start to get ugly. One way to test this spirit, and I mean Ebba, I would not even worry about the other spirit until you are sure of this one. When together, ask her if she knows Jesus or if she knows anything about the blood of Jesus and follwoing Him. Note her reaction. If she is repulsed or gets angry, totally avoids the conversation, then you may need a plan to make this right. A famous catholic priest named Malachi Martin wrote a ook about spirits called Hostage of the Devil. There is an eyewitness case in his book and the case involves a guy named Jamsie and his familiar Uncle Ponto who came to Jamsie in a similar way. Google Jamsie and Uncle Ponto and it will bring up that case to read. I think you owe it to yourself to test Ebba and check on the case of Jamsie and Uncle Ponto.

    • sharayah says:

      how can she test ebba if she don’t even believe in GOD her self? she well see one day that God is real and that she shouldn’t be around unclean spirits.even if they are friendly or not.

      • vanessa says:

        Dont get me wrong, i beleive in god and all but you cannot say a spirit is unclean… many spirits r here for good or because they have something unsolved for Ebba for instance she may have something she needs to solve that does NOT make her unclean n it pisses me off u can say something like that!!! not all spirits are bad. DO NOT GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!!

    • Adhinferno says:

      Not every spirits know about Christian. Most of the spirits who I know is Hindu or Moslem. I never encounter any spirits who is Christian until now.

  10. [email protected] (GIRL) says:

    this was a great true story
    i got goose bumps wen the nice gurl stared talking fast
    and rude

  11. The Nate says:

    That’s a touching story..wow, i mean 100yrs ago..for me i would be so intersted that i dont think i could handle myself..probably everyday i would ask her something about her “human” life long ago..but yeah..useually it’s a easy win to know how long ago she is from (since she wears those little boots like alot of 19th century girls did). It’s so sad what happen to her though..things tragic like that happen alot in the 19th century to young girls for some reason….You should really try to find out about her more like beg her to tell you when she was born and where she lived so you can dig up some very useful information on who she is, what happened fully to her (like if her parents were near by or something). Oh yeah btw tell her i said hi but tell her to please not come and visit me, im scared of ghost alot!!

  12. Bella says:

    Did you say you have physic abilities.Because I do to. I think the Other Girl might be not a demon, but a copy of Ebba, her dark side from not being able to find her parents. So watch out when you the Other Girl. Hope this helps.

  13. Roy says:

    Wow, this is awesome. I’ve been reading a bit about this ‘imaginary friends’ thing, and I think that if you try somehow to make the other girl dissapear, maybe Ebba will dissapear as well. And you don’t want that, right? I think is really cool you have Ebba, but really sad that nobody else can see her, I wish I could have an imaginary friend being 17 but i’m afraid that if I try somehow to get one, something bad will happen. I actually had an imaginary friend, his name was ‘Juan’ (I’m argentinian btw) and he flew away with polar bears, it’s a bit crazy but is all I remember about him. Later, I started to read about this thing and I read that he could has been a ghost who was trying to kill me or kind of, and I asked my mum about him and she told me I never talked about him again since I had surgery. When I was 3 years old, my troat suddenly closed, I couldn’t breathe, and after the surgery, Juan wasn’t there anymore. Do you think he tried to asphyxiate me? I’d be really scared if that was actually what happened. Now I want to contact him somehow, should I?

    Anyway, I believe you. Say hello to Ebba for me :)

  14. Sean says:

    It sounds like u might be dealing with a demon known as a dopplerganger. The only thing is, I never heard of this type of demon bothering someone that is already dead. I dont have any solutions because anything u do to get rid of the demon, may harm the spirit u call Ebba. The only thing I can suggest is keep Ebba away from the other one. It sounds like this particular Dopplerganger is trying to kill two birds with one stone. In other words get u, Ebba, and possibly ur sister. From wat I have heard Dopplergangers try to trap or get the souls of the young and innocent. The only thing I can suggest is see a spiritual advisor of some sort. If u havent guessed already I do believe u I’m sensitve too but nowhere near as sensitve as u r. The only way u can gauruntee Ebba saftey is to somehow help her cross over. But the spiritual advisor may have another solution. I hope u and Ebba will be ok. U will be in my thoughts and prayers

    • Adhinferno says:

      Killing two birds with one stone, huh? ==’ Doppleganger usually take the form of it’s victim. In this case, if the other girl is a doppleganger, it’s Ebba who will get something bad. But…. still…. for a doppleganger to targeting an already dead person…. I never heard this kind of thing. The world sure is wide and has many unpredictable things, right?

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow i really believe you! i have also seen ghosts :) i don’t really know what or who this Other girl is..but the only thing i can think of is a doppelganger..apparantly everyone has one its a twin but the evil side of you instead…i suggest you look them up on, very interesting and might help you.
    anyway please reply if you can as i’de like to know ur thoughts on this :)

  16. jude_13 says:

    wow i really believe you! i have also seen ghosts. anyway i have no idea or what this Other girl is but all i can think of is maybe a Doppelganger..i dunno if you’ve heard of them? supposedly everyone has one but its the evil side of you instead, a twin. i suggest you look them up as it may help you. please reply as id like to know your thoughts on this :)

  17. Marley says:

    I say get a preist or a excesterm

    • Adhinferno says:

      DON’T! You don’t want to lose Ebba, right? If you come to a priest, there are 99% of chance that they will get rid on Ebba and make you can’t see her again. Since almost all Priest and Spiritualists think that humans and spirits can’t live together because our world is different.
      I have experienced it. When I am still a child, I have an ability to see and interact with spirits. That make my parents worried and then…. They called a spiritualist and she then “close” my eyes. So now I can’t see them again…. But, some months ago, she comes to our house, offering to return my ability. Maybe she thinks that because I am an adult now, so I can handle it. Anyway I agree with her, of course. But, my Mother not. In the end, my eyes still “closed”. Maybe “half-opened” because I have train myself secretly from my parents to interact with spirits. But still…. I can’t see the spirits as clearly as when I am a child…. But at least, now I can still sense their presences, hearing their voices, and talking to them. I just can’t see them.

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