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My Agony Dealing with the Paranormal

Posted on August 7, 2009

What I am going to reveal to you is a story which changed my life and has given me nightmares even at present. This story I was always uncomfortable sharing due to the unpleasant emotions and things brought to me all those years of torture. Reading my story might not bring to you the same impact it did to me back then. This might not be as interesting as you thought it would be but that little house still haunts my memory until this day.

Our old house was a small one with a living room, a dining room, a dirty kitchen and one bedroom where me, my mom and dad and my kid brother slept in. I was just 10 years of age when that house started playing tricks on me. I was in fifth grade. I was really sick that day so I wasn’t able to attend class. It was 12 noon, the heat made me feel lazy so I laid on the couch in the living room. Thinking about what game I could play without using so much effort since I’m too sick to move around much. I stared at the wooden wall beside the television for a few minutes when suddenly, I saw a shadow of a bird which seemingly landed on one of the jalousies. The thought of catching it occurred to me and I was thrilled that it landed so low. But to my dismay, I couldn’t find a bird on any of the jalousies nor to any of the small trees behind the windows.

I checked the shadow again and it didn’t occur to me immediately that this was something to be scared of. The shadow touched nothing but the shadow of a jalousy. And there’s no bird on it. For a few seconds, it flapped its wings and it was gone. I laid back on the couch. It was idiotic but something told me to look around the room. Silly but I was thinking I might find the shadow somewhere around the corner of the room. But I looked back at the wall where I first saw the shadow. I moved my eyes and looked a little more to the left and sure enough, there it was. This time the shadow was definitely independent. If only I can draw it for you, the shadow looked as if it had an eye and I felt like it was looking at me. That wasn’t the scariest part. It started to shift its form and looked like a head floating there, it had sharp teeth, two horns and fierce eyes and it was moving it’s mouth as if it was laughing – without a voice though.

I jumped from the couch and ran to my mom who was in the kitchen cooking our lunch. I shouted for her to come and she hurriedly ran to me. I hugged her tight and stuttered as I told her, “there’s someone there.” I know she got scared of my reaction. When I showed her where I saw the head, it was already gone. I told her what I saw and she looked scared too. Shaking, she told me to stay put. Of course I didn’t. She went to call for my grandma who lives across the street as I waited outside the house. I can remember how scared I was and I shook for quite a while. When my mom came back with my grandma, I relayed the whole story, and I cried from fear (I didn’t cry earlier because I was in shock). My mom and my granny just sat there, they both looked scared. They tried to comfort me but I was still scared.

After that incident, my life became a nightmare. Any time of the day I would watch independent shadows of giant hands slowly appearing on the wall waving at me or a really small shadow under the table moving at a very quick pace, back and forth, until I fell asleep. Sometimes I would see a tall figure, shapeless but glowing from yellow to red and it would just fade out and vanish. But the time came that I grew used to all those shadows. What sometimes got to my nerves was the feeling I get whenever I enter the bedroom alone. I would always feel like being watched. Lights would flicker before dying out every time I would enter the room alone. Scratching noises from behind the cabinets or under the bed but no rats at all. Nothing could’ve made the sound. My brother hears the noises sometimes. And sometimes the bed shaking would wake me up. There are times when all these are bearable but there are times when entering the house  would make me cry from fear. The dreadful feeling so immense that it’s impossible to stay calm.

I kept telling my mom we need to move. But she ignored me. My father talked to me and told me that there are things in this world that we never can explain and I happen to be one of those who’s see them. And he told me to just coexist. But how could I? Waking me up by pulling my hair, splashing some water, pulling my blanket? There was a time when I would wake up with a full bladder every midnight and as I stood up, a lady would start crying. Of course since this occurrence repeated each night for over a month, I got used to her too. There were nights when she would call my name but I learned to sleep through it. I managed to sleep through most of the strange things but the fear never went away. Then one night, as we all laid in bed, I was having a hard time sleeping. All the lights were turned off but little light from the streetlights lit the room, enough for me to see through the darkness. As I stared at the ceiling, my eye caught something move. It was just right at the foot of the bed, moving,checking us out. It was a guy, I supposed. He wore a robe with a hood and he paced left and right, left and right. I froze and pretended I was asleep. I held my breath and didn’t think I would fall asleep but I did anyway. I didn’t tell my parents, I knew they would just ignore me anyway.

The time came when my father decided to make me sleep in the bedroom alone and they would lay a mattress in the living room every night and they would sleep there. Sometimes I would hear knocks on the walls and the knock moved all around the house and would stop on the window just above my bed. The crying lady reoccurred a couple of times after a few months of not making a sound. My mother started hearing her too and she thought it was me. But she wasn’t much of a scare anymore. Then one night, I woke up at around 3 am and I saw a child smaller than me, he was lying parallel to my bed and he looked red to me. I felt cold and scared, again I pretended to be asleep. I prayed and somehow fell back to sleep. The next night, I woke up at the same time and had the urge to look at the cabinet beside my bed. I thought I saw two heads there and both had horns, I think one had two and the other had three or something. But since I thought there was only one devil-lucifer, I dismissed this as a product of my imagination and the experiences I constantly had.

Many times since that floating head with horns and sharp teeth. I have had dreams of an evil laugh which couldn’t be human. And sometimes, those dreams feel too real. I would sometimes wake up to someone with green skin on my bed, checking me out. Different nights, different green people. Sometimes I would see my little cousin crawl to my bed and vanish and I would hear the evil laugh. Waking up, relieved to find it was a dream which seemed real.

I can’t write everything they did to me, what they made me see, hear, feel. But I tell you, as the suns sets, I would feel the dread of going in to our small house and having to go through the same things all over again. Nightmares of killings and laughs, countless sleep paralysis occurs in just one night and this would recur often for over a week. Crying myself to sleep thinking, “here it goes again.” Or going home thinking, “it’s gonna be dark again soon.” God I hated that house and my experiences there would make a book. To this day I would sometimes have nightmares of that house and it would scare me to death. How is it that if the lights don’t die out, it would just flicker on and off every night? Every night! Nobody could tell me why. I kept a lamp in my room but it just made the room look more spooky. For years, I stayed in that room with the lights flickering on and off or no lights at all. we had the house blessed, prayed over, but nothing stopped them. The television would turn on and off by itself, the radio as well.

Somehow, the fear, the feeling of impending doom never went away. I just learned to pretend I wasn’t scared. But there were nights when all I do was cry. It continued until I went to high school. Finally, when I graduated, my father decided to renovate the house. As I watched the carpenters tear down my room, I felt so good. When the new house was done, my new room was located at almost the same spot as my old room. But the haunting had almost if not completely stopped. If there were some hauntings, I can now deal with them more bravely. I feel as though God made a way so I could be free of the hauntings because I felt it slowly killing me, my spirit, as though everyday was a drag. Thank God it’s over now. I mean, at least now if I see some of their kind, it’s no longer at home and I no longer sleep with them.

Written by Jenny, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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4 Responses to “My Agony Dealing with the Paranormal”
  1. Angel Z. says:

    wow this is a really terrible experience u had im so sorry you went through all this
    I also had a scary experience 3 years ago and it’s really scary

  2. Sai Chan says:

    Are you the author Jenny that I hailed on ‘An Amazing Ouija Board Experience?’

    And were you the one with the burning right palm?

  3. ihorizon says:

    God is ALWAYS in control of ALL things and even the Devil himself had to ask permission to inflict pain! Say the Lord’s prayer and mention ‘God rebukes you, Devil”. The Devil’s job is to cast confusion and fear and to steal as many souls before the end nears. He (Satan) was casted out of Heavenly realm and sent to Earth (our realm) and caused a lot of serious issues! He is angry at the LORD for allowing humans to be saved in the name of Jesus while the Devil was rejected. GOD told him no more will Lucifer be allowed back into Heaven as Devil (before he was fallen angel) got arrogant and pompous and thought he himself should be the ruler. Well, GOD always PREVAILS. Read the book of JOB. Also, the garden of Gethsemane is a good read too! Thanks!

  4. Tommy says:

    If you ever see those spirits again, you gotta tell them that they should back off. Letting them do as they wish would let them haunt you more. The good thing was that your father destroyed the old and brought in the new.

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