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Monster Under the Bed

Posted on November 24, 2010

Can anyone help me or advise me as to what I should do?

I have two little boys aged 3 and 4 years, we live in South Africa. In 2009 February, I lived in a cottage on a small holding, when my children started screaming at night and refused to sleep. I tried everything, even got numerous pastors out to bless my cottage and my kids. This didn’t help, eventually I got frustrated as my eldest son kept talking of a person called Hank, now we don’t know any Hank, I finally found a group of people who call themselves SPITSA.

They came to my house and did a paranormal investigation, the out come was a picture of a man’s face in the window and a child’s voice saying I have made contact. After this I moved.

Things settled down and there was no longer any talk of Hank, however over the last few months, my two sons have become more and more scared to go into their new bedroom and I now have them both sleeping on a mattress in my bedroom at night, when I ask them what is wrong they tell me that there is a monster under my youngest son’s bed. Now I have removed everything from under the bed so that they can see that there is nothing there, when I ask what this monster looks like they describe a little boy.

We have also had our wall unit move on it’s own and the toilet seat if up is slammed down or if it is down gets put up.

I am freaking out I cannot keep moving around and I don’t know if it is the same boy from the previous house or if I just chose another haunted house. Please can some one help me and let me know how to deal with what is happening!

Sent in by Unknown, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “Monster Under the Bed”
  1. Chris says:

    does this little boy have any distinguishing features most notably eye’s that have coloration outside the norm? or perhaps emit an almost faint glow?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should ask a christian pastor to help you so he /she can pray over your family and home… and I advise you to go to church you and your children … “Christ” will make a different in your Life and also on your children .. Remember that the deed died and have no l no life no more .. Demons take the form of people or loved ones to mislead us.. Go quickly to a Christian pastor and ask for his help .. For all how believe in ” Christ” Our Lord and Savior .. and accepts him as his Lord and Savior repents from sins acknowledges him as King.. .. is forgiven of sis .. and is a believer in him… God Bless you and your family…. .. I ask God to bless you home right now and your family and remover any negative things happening in your home life and to your family bring peace to them father for you from them in their hearts may your presences be in their life and home.. … in Jesus name I ask Amen ….

  2. AnNa bites back says:

    do some research on the place find out if anyone died or just anything.or when the boys are in your room put a vidoe tape in there with some volume and ask questions nothing that would upset the monster and why he hasnt moved on.that this is your house and you dont want strangers in the house.thanks for the story and i hope you find what your looking for.let us know if anything has changed for the better or worse.

  3. karime says:

    i think it is the same boy. you should ask him nicely to leave you alone

  4. Desertfox says:

    I am not an expert on this subject, but I do think I am a smart capable person and have read many of the stories on this site and have noticed what seems to work when someone is in the grips of a situation similar to yours.

    What I’ve noticed is that spirits, entities, etc. seem to thrive on people’s fears and submission. The more you and your children are afraid of this ghost seems to be proportional to how much influence the ghost has over its physical environment. My advice is try to conquer this fear. If your spiritual or religious, recite prayers to calm yourself. If your not religious find another way to reach a similar effect. I don’t know if either way matters, I think what matters is a strong, brave state of mind. What also seems to work is standing up to the ghost; not in an antagonistic or insulting way but in a firm commanding way. Speak clearly and sternly that this your home, your rule and it can not be here because it keeps trying to scare you and your children. Let it know who is in charge.

    If that fails or the occurrences get worse, I would recommend finding some sort of demonologist or paranormal team to help you out.

  5. Bailee says:

    Maybe you should further examine with a psychic? Cause if you just moved away, then there is a possiblity that it followed you. Individually ask the boys what they saw, and to describe it. Then ask them why they are afraid.

  6. trolldoll says:

    i totally agree with alot of the above comments!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you,
    for all your insight I will try the above suggestions and get back to you as my little dog is now also starting to act weird, it is almost as if she is scared and it almost feels like she is trying to talk to me lol if that makes sense, she whimpers and whines when she comes inside and runs to and from the children’s bedroom in a panic state…

    I think things are just getting worse.

  8. Aims says:

    It sounds like a demon to me. They can be anything your boys will imagine, thus why it makes sense that it is a little boy. You may not see the boy version of the demon because it can be something completely different through your eyes and you may not have recognized it just yet.
    Good Luck and you will be in my thoughts.

  9. Jerry says:

    I would have to go with the eyes, for they can’t get the human form right and this is by some kind of law… they, not ghost, never get it right

  10. Chasity says:

    I have studied a lot on the paranormal and various belief systems. I find it highly unlikely that you would have two different homes with similar hauntings. There are a few things that fit.
    First, its possible one or both of your boys are sensitive. Spirits good and bad alike are drawn to sensitive people, which can effect the rest of the family. If thats the case you can seek help or work with the boys your self on facing thier fear. It doesnt seem as though this thing is hurting anyone, so you could explain to them that mayne this little boy is lonesome but cant hurt them.
    Another possibility is that the spirit became attached to one of the boys/ or both, so no matter where you move it will follow, also instead of a spirit it could be demonic, although id be very hesitant to call it that because nothing you have described sounds violent or dangerous. It soumds like a basic haunting/attachment. If it really bothers you I would suggest doing a smudging, not just blessing your home or doing prayers but do a ritual or prayers or whatever your more comfortable with to specifically ask it to leave your home, it is no longer welcome.

  11. candice says:

    it could be a demon pretending to look like a little boy , the reson why i say that is because it happend to me befor its horrible . ask the boy nicly to leave you and your boys alone , i hope it workes .

  12. Anonymous says:

    do not make contact with this thing. to do that is to give it something it wants-power. definatly find some one to understand who it is and how to get rid of it. it sounds evil to me,dont trust it. keep your boys close to you,they are young and impressionable. good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Pray in the Name of Jesus for protection for your sons, your dog and yourself. It’s the only solution. If your faith is in Jesus He has said that He has given us authority to command demons. So, you can tell the demon to go in the Name of Jesus. The demon cannot take what you will not give. Don’t give ANY room in your life or home for it.

  13. Tim says:

    I believe that this ‘Hank’ has followed you to your new home. there are some cases where the demon or whatever is not after the house but after the people themselves. Their have been cases where the evil follows them when they move. I would suggest having your new home blessed as well

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