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Max the Entity who Follows Me

Posted on May 25, 2010

Ever since I was little I have been experiencing strange occurrences that have no other explanation than the supernatural.

It began small, things like unexplained whispers, electronics going haywire, my pets acting odd and growling at nothing, the sleep paralysis, and the strange little gusts of wind that came from nowhere. It started a while back, when I was in about fifth or sixth grade. (I’m a freshman in college now.)

The first thing I can remember is waking up one night in the middle of the night, my sixth grade year. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move my head, arms, or legs. The only thing I could move was my eyes. I started panicking and I didn’t know what to do. I laid there for about a full minute when I started hearing a scratching coming from beneath my bed. It started off kind of quiet,and it gradually grew louder until I was surprised that no one had come in my room to see what the sound was. I didn’t know what to do, and at this point I was crying. The only thing I could think of to do was pray, so I prayed as hard as I could until the scratching went away. I was still paralyzed for a few seconds, but I was soon able to move. I didn’t really tell anyone, because I didn’t know how to explain what had happened or if anyone would believe me.
I can also recall a few incidents when I was left home alone and electronics in the next room would turn on, off, or increase in volume until I could hear it all through the house.

I moved a lot when I was young, and it seems like no matter where I go, whatever is with me follows. Eventually I named the entity Max. All throughout high school Max continued to follow me, and my sleep paralysis got ten times worse, even lasting a full thirty minutes during one incident. Again, I didn’t really say anything to anyone for fear of no one believing me.

I finally made it to college this spring. My girlfriend and I decided to room together in a dorm. For awhile, everything went smooth until my sleep paralysis kicked back in. My girlfriend would awaken in the middle of the night to my grunts for help and would wake me up. It went on like this for awhile, until Max got tired of being ignored. My girlfriend knew nothing of Max, because I never mentioned him to her.

Laying in bed one night, she and I were both alarmed to hear a strange bell-like noise out of nowhere. We don’t own any bells or anything that would make a similar sound, yet the origin of the sound was clearly in our room. It sounded like it was literally right in front of us. This happened a few more times, but gradually faded out. We would leave the dorm for a few nights to stay with some friends who lived down the road, and that didn’t make Max happy. I finally told my girlfriend about him after about the third time we returned to the room to find something of mine broken. The cases were chewed off of my DVDs, a goblet that I used to own, which was made from glass that was two inches thick, was found shattered. The odd part was that it was still in the same place. It hadn’t been moved, just shattered. Things in the room would disappear for days, then show back up in an entirely different spot. None of my girlfriend’s things were ever touched. Only mine. That made me believe even more that Max was aiming for me. Even when I stayed at my previously mentioned friend’s house, Max would either follow me there, or destroy my things while I was gone.

I’m not sure what Max is, or what he wants. I’m not sure if he is connected with my sleep paralysis, and I’m really not sure what to do about him. He hasn’t really harmed me yet, but I’m afraid he might. I’m not sure if naming him was a good idea or not, because somehow that makes him more “mine”.

A few of my friends said that a demon may be following me, but I don’t know what to think. I’ve also heard that emotionally unstable individuals are more susceptible to demonic attacks, and I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was in high school.

I’m not really sure what to do or think, but if anyone has any suggestions or information that I may find useful, let me know and they will be greatly appreciated.

Sent in by DestinyBlaze, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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28 Responses to “Max the Entity who Follows Me”
  1. grim reaper says:

    You should visit a priest or sage who can identify and remove this entity. And also go through your family history and the history of the place where it started.Find out about ‘Max’ !!


    • DestinyBlaze says:

      Thank you for the advice. From what I’ve said, do you think he sounds malevolent, or do you think he may become that way? I’m just unsure of what to do. I don’t want to make him mad. I wish I could get the history of where is started, but the location is in Florida, and I have moved since then. Is there any way I could still get it?

      • Asian Scarlet says:

        Hello there! I am chinese and I’d like to share that i too have an entity with me all the time. I talk to this entity too but I cant exactly prove what this entity is, likely a lady. It’s just a strong force that I know does not come from myself. It all started when I started to study Buddhism and meditation when I was around 20 years of age (now 30+), at that time. I said to this force that if she is here to study buddhism with me and try to gain as much merits and realization, i definitely welcome that we do it together, I do not want to harm anyone and I hope that she would not too.

        Be very firm, stay focus and be mindful with strong determination and u would be in control, be in control all the time, do not have fear. I say this not as a threat but to live in harmony but yet the one to be in control of yourself, your own body.

        In Buddhism, we strive to help not only ourselves, our family but even all beings (living or non-living). It is said that the non-living are the ones living in misery and we living beings should strive to help in whatever ways we can like as human beings have the ability to change things towards the better or worse, as we are equipped physically and mentally while non-human, though still considered as beings (living but in another dimension do not have a physical form. U see, they are like us, yet we are some sort like them, same yet different. The solution is to blend in harmoniously. Some people are borned with strong sense, some developed this sense, some found an affinity with some unknown. Recognise that they are there, do not deny but at the same time be clear headed and in control of your mind all the time. U tame your mind, not let your mind tame u. I am saying these not to ask u to be a Buddhist, its the same everywhere u are, universal. Be in control of yourself, to not lose concentration, n give other unknown negative energy take over u. There are always the good and the bad, human or non-human, black or white. Stay in the middle path, recognise and find a balance.

        Suggest that u find a religion that u can follow, study it and try to purify your mind abit so that your mind would be clear not clouded gradually. Try telling this force that u could learn to do good together, not evil.

        I can feel this force of min strongly when i offer my respects to the Buddha, the energy from her joining palms together is especially strong. Like she really sincerely wants to offer respects.

        Hope all will be well for u….

      • Asian Scarlet says:

        “Iíve also heard that emotionally unstable individuals are more susceptible to demonic attacks, and I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was in high school.”

        From this I think u are not in control, your soul is not as one. Know what u are doing all the time. Example: when a person loses focus, this person startles easily by a noise from behind. Be very firm, have very strong will (thats why i suggest u seek this power of determination from god, be it any religion that u can comprehend and agree to the teachings. Tell “Max” that u recognise his existence but u would never want to do anyone harm and u would not want him to too. Infact, should try to help as many people as possible together. That it is for his good, to turn negative energy to positive by doing as many good deeds as possible. This is called Compassion and having compassion for just about any beings is creating a merit for him to lessen his negative energy. Learnng and resiting prayers help too.

  2. AnNa says:

    i find that weird that (max)is just doing this to you.i think i agree with grim reaper on this.do some digging around on the places.what did your girfriend think after you told her?maybe she can help you out.when you do find some things out let us know.im sorry i cant really help you.thanks for the story.

    • DestinyBlaze says:

      I do too. It doesn’t make sense. You’d think he’d bother anyone I loved as well, so my girlfriend would be a prime target. I guess I’m just something he’s interested in. I’m not sure. I looked it up,and a large majority of the time when people are followed as I am, the people are female. I also find that odd. Maybe we’re more vulnerable?

      Well, at first she didn’t believe me. She tried to tune it out for a long time until she started noticing him too. From time to time, she still tries to ignore him and pass him off as something else, but recently he has been more active,and she hasn’t been able to conjure up any of her usual excuses.

      About two days ago, a lighter of mine that had been missing for days just showed up in the middle of the floor in our room. Also, my sleep paralysis has gotten intensely worse.
      Just yesterday I was taking a nap,and I woke up to find I couldn’t move. I thought my girlfriend was in the room with me,because I saw her sitting beside me on the bed. I soon found out it wasn’t her,because I whatever it was was vomiting something onto the bed and it took my fingers in it’s mouth and was literally trying to bite them off.
      When I finally came out of the paralysis, there was nothing in the room,but when I told my girl about it, she was pretty freaked out. I’m not sure if it’s Max trying to hurt me or scare me, or if he would even do that,or if it’s just a plain old sleep disorder,but it’s getting worse,and it’s scaring me.
      I’m not sure how to get the info on my old place. If anyone could tell me,I would go full speed ahead. I want this over with.
      Sorry for writing you a novel of a comment. :/
      I just need advice. Or someone to talk to.

      • AnNa says:

        i know this isnt really a thing to do,but what about asking max what he wants?have you ever yelled at max?what about a priest have you thought about that?i hope everything gets better for you soon.i was talking to someone on this site and said that i would love for something like that to happen to me .weird i know.but not the evil one just good,but you cant pick and choose.thanks for commenting me back.and let me know what happens.until then,pray alot.sorry if thats not much what i gave you.

        • DestinyBlaze says:

          It’s fine,girl. I’m just trying to take it day by day.

          It’s very confusing and scary,and I’m not sure how to handle it. Lord, I would never yell at him. I wouldn’t want to make him angry or anything. I have told him to be quiet before. I talk to him all the time. My girl thinks I’m crazy. Haa. Maybe I’m just sensitive.

          You said that? Honestly,I don’t blame you. I used to say that all the time before Max actually came along. I thought it would be cool. Sometimes it is,but sometimes it’s not.
          It’s complicated. :/

          Thanks for the comments.

          • AnNa says:

            is max the only one you talk too or is thereanymore?if so i would like to hear.what about your girls what do they think of all of this?thanks for commenting me back.

            • DestinyBlaze says:

              I think he’s the only one. So far. I don’t know if i could possibly attract any more or anything like that.
              Ah,she thinks it’s scary too,even though Max never really bothers her. She just doesn’t like seeing me go through it. She wishes she could do something,but I don’t think there’s really anything she could really do.

              You’re welcome,and thanks for commenting me back. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.

  3. big barney says:

    you are doomed….he will be with you forever, and it will only get worse for you!

  4. Shilo says:

    If I were you I would do some digging around but not go to great lengths. If he hasn’t hurt you count yourself lucky and leave it alone. Yeah, its hecka creepy to be paralyzed and not be able to move while having your senses running. You could try paying attention to him but the problem with that is if you want to start a family he might get jealous and things could get out of hand. I’m sorry that you have Max following your around, it must suck to take showers…

    • DestinyBlaze says:

      I’ve paid attention to him before,actually. I’ve actually tried talking to him. I’m not sure if that was the smartest thing to do,however. He was a bit more active after that.

      Lol. Idk if he takes showers with me. Lord,I hope not. Haa.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have an entity that has followed me for most of my life as I can remember, as well. Everytime I move, the visits stop for awhile, but he always finds me sooner or later. He visits me in my sleep, and it is as real as me sitting here, now typing this. I say “he” because I only know it is a male entity, nothing much more. He is always a large, dark shadow that eminates evil, and I always have the impression he is grinning at me in a very snarling, evil manner. When he visits me, I first hear a loud, whirring noise that alarms me that he is coming. Then objects start flying from off shelves and around the room. I have had pillows fly to my hands and a suggestive voice will come in my head to smother myself, and when I throw the pillow down, it flies back to my hand. I’ve had a razor blade fly to my hand with the same suggestive voice in my head to harm myself, and as the pillow, when I threw it down, it flew back into my hand. I am neither nor have ever been diagnosed as depressed, schizo or suicidal, but am rather the exact opposite. There are no previous triggers, such as events, tv shows, movies, nothing to suggest that these ‘visits’ are brought on by some stress~related happening or lack of sleep. I do not scare easily, but I can tell you that when ‘he’ visits me, I am terrified. I have learned to become angry and shout at the entity to leave me alone, and I have quoted the Lord’s Prayer. Although I can tell the entity doesn’t like me praying, it doesn’t leave. Although I know this doesn’t help you Destiny, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

  6. DestinyBlaze says:

    Actually,it made me feel a little better to know that I’m not alone.

    Recently, he has been acting up more. Just yesterday I came home to find a makeup compact of mine smashed in the middle of the floor. My sleep paralysis has gotten worse,and just a few nights ago, I believe I actually saw Max. I was having an episode of sleep paralysis when he appeared to me,and I know I can’t be sure,but I believe with all my heart that it was him. I felt really connected to him,and I know that this is going to sound odd,but I believe he was trying to make love to me,because he was kissing me and being very sensual as if we had been together for years. He was dressed in really old fashioned clothes,and he looked to be about my age, which is nineteen. He was tall and had dark hair. As for his facial features, they were sort of a blur,but for some reason there was something in my head telling me it was him.

    Also,the other night out of nowhere, I accidentally called my girlfriend Ben. I do not currently and have never known a Ben. I can’t think of one logical reason that I would call her that. I’m wondering if that may be Max’s real name. I’m also wondering if somehow he and I are connected. He seems to be a jealous entity,and I’m scared of what could happen if I don’t figure out what he wants. If he even wants anything.

  7. DestinyBlaze says:

    I also forgot to mention, I was at a friend’s house less than a week ago and we we’re discussing Max. Everything was really quiet because the power had gone out and my friend’s roomate was trying to sleep. I went to use the restroom and as I was walking back out, everyone in the living room screamed and piled into the bathroom with me. They asked if I had heard anything and I told them I hadn’t,which was the truth. My friend said it sounded like something had been thrown in the kitchen. I figured it was Max,so I walked into the kitchen and there was a spoon in the middle of the floor. I asked my friend if it had been there before and she said no. Everyone was panicking,so I asked them for some alone time in the room. I asked Max to please calm down and leave my friends alone,at least for the night,and for the rest of the night, nothing happened. I also prayed over the room a bit, and I’d say that helped also.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats creepyyy….O_o

      maybe you can get a priest to sprinkle your house with holy water…and if this ‘max’ gets mad I only personally think that he’s getting weaker…

      oh and, please do not fear him…fear only makes him stronger…

      Good Luck, Sophie :D

      • DestinyBlaze says:

        Thanks for all the comments,guys. He hasn’t been all that active lately,but when he starts up again,which I’m sure he will, I will let you all know.

  8. Batman says:

    Oh dear, I do hope that you figure out what this entity wants soon. Perhaps you can communicate with Max nonverbally- there are certainly lots of Google results on the subject.
    I take it that Max is an intelligent being with quite a lot of energy, and it’s a good sign he has not attempted to kill you. If anything, all these things he’s been doing appear to be intelligent threats: you could try writing down what you were doing before his displays and see if there’s a pattern.
    As to getting rid of him, if you very much wish to do so (I personally would try to figure out as much as possible about him, but to each their own) you could look into religions like Wicca, Christianity, or other strongly spiritual ones about which I do not know.
    There’s also science, though the fact that not only you have been made aware of Max’s presence makes it seem that scientists have not yet dabbled in this area. Nonetheless, there is a post on one of the sleep paralysis stories here that speaks of electromagnetic levels and their effect on the mind. Perhaps you could visit a place with very little electricity and see if Max follows.
    Best of luck, good sir!

  9. Jeffrey says:

    I think this entity is a demon it doesn’t want u to be have a girlfriend and it wants u to it self don’t ignore it or it will get even angry don’t invite it or play around wit it cause it will get stronger and don’t fear it show it that u are not afraid of it and that u are strong pray alot and good luck

  10. Virginia says:

    The ONLY way to get rid of this entity, is to appropriate the power of the Almighty by using the name of Jesus Christ, because he has been given all authority over everything to deal with these issues. I have worked in Psychiatric wards where patients are under attacks from entities and doctors are giving them drugs and calling them paranoid! But I have taken them aside and given them the weapon to deal with these things, and they have been set free. Under NO circumstances communicate with this being at all, or own it. For its primary objective is to possess your body by stealth, as it does not have one of its own. It will become stronger if you encourage it. Now, in order for this process to be truly effective, you need to examine your own life – repent of any ungodly lifestyle and accept Christ as your Saviour from sin, and from these entities. You will then receive His Holy Spirit, the promise he gave before he left this earth, as the power of God to defeat the dark powers. Get a Bible. Get baptized. (Demons HATE water and to be reminded of the blood of Jesus Christ) go to a Bible thumping church! This is the secret. There is no greater weapon in the world, yet the world does not want to accept it because the world, believe it or not, is controlled by these entities, and they don’t want you to know the truth! It works every time. Kind regards for your deliverance.

  11. Ella says:

    I love ur story, thanku sooo much ;)

    Hope ‘Max’ calms down or Go’s away as he seems evil!

  12. Trevor says:

    place blue things around your bed,never ever picture this thing in your mind if anything picture it covered in blue,this is the only thing ive found that works at all,people of old used to put blue things around new born babies it was mostly done with boys,the good news is it works and works well,picturing these things and naming them is not a good idea history tells us nothing but bad can come of it,when ever Max comes to mind begin to think of something nice that you can remember or something nice you would like to happen to you, make Max your trigger for those nice thoughts,enjoy your life i hope i have been of some help.

  13. Anonymous says:

    well im not sure but you could try to befriend “Max” if i where you id try checking what he wants from you even if it is an evil entity you could befriend it
    in wich case he would stop being a problem and actually become helpfull

    if not try a blessing

  14. Briana says:

    This is only an opinion of what might be happening, but it sounds like Max is jealous of you and your girlfriend and may be acting out like ..well.. a jealous ex girlfriend/boyfriend would who is still in love with you.. the only advice I can think to give is to stay firm with your words but be almost sympathetic with his feelings. After all, he is an energy just as we are an energy and deserves to be treated with respect. The next time Max comes in contact with you maybe you should try calling him Ben, and if he responds positively ask questions. Take every action he does as him trying to tell you something. You may have already tried all of this and realized it’s not the case but if not, I hope I’ve helped and hope to hear feedback. Stay safe, xo

  15. scarletprince says:

    Do not have fear. If “Ben” wants to harm you, it would long time ago. It just wants its presence to be recognized. Be friends with “Ben” and tell it that you would never want to harm anyone nor scare anyone. If it wants to be around, it should respect you too.

    Stay to a faith and religion to gain merits for “Ben”, pray for it so that it’s energy would be released soon. Chinese believes that an energy leaves the body of the dead after a few days after the body goes into various stages from dying till the energy leaves the body. The reason this energy stays back in this world is because the last moment of the body’s passing, the soul was still clinging on to matters in this world right before it died, where the energy would continue from there, not able to go back to where it belongs and reincarnate.

    Ask “Ben” to do good and gain merits together for him to lessen its bad karma, when the time comes, “Ben” would be able to leave. Have no fear, be in control of your mind , be firm wuth yourself, never waver. Must have strong will power. You have body & energy, if you do not lose concentration, nothing can take over you. For example: if your mind is constantly thinking about things and not being mindful about sorroundings, someone from behind who who calls out might give u a scare, that is when u lose concentration. Being mindful is being aware of sorroundings all the time. Then you have a strong mind.

    Take care!

  16. Anonymous says:

    This really creeped me out… I have always been intrigued by this sort of thing, and am currently reading about Wicca and magick. I will do my best to help you, and if anything related to this pops up, I will be sure to tell you. I think I am slightly scared, yet intrigued about these sorta things is I always feel as if I’m being watched, and out house (for about ten years) seemed almost…haunted. Nothing really happened except for at night you could always hear someone walking around, everyone could hear it…but it just stopped one day. Now, when I’m upset it always seems as if there is someone hugging me, as if trying to make me feel better.

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