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Malevolent Shadow Person At My Retail Store

Posted on May 13, 2008

I started managing a small retail store about six weeks ago. One night before closing I was in the stock room when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone, or something like a blur, rushing at me from the doorway of the adjoining utility room. When I turned to look at it, it was gone. Up until then, I had never felt uneasy or afraid to be in the store alone at night.

After this first experience, my feelings changed and seeing this “blur” became an everyday occurrence to me. At first, I thought I was just seeing things, or that I was just tired and my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then, I started seeing it every once in awhile during the day, even with other people around. I’ve never seen a face. The only detailed portion of the blur appears to be an old fashioned type of hat. It’s movements are usually the same – it appears to be rushing at me, in a menacing kind of way. There has been a few times though where it appears to be stationary, almost as if it is sitting and watching me.

I’m not a person who is easily frightened, but twice now, it has appeared so rapidly and so close that I have actually let out a small scream. I have resided or worked in places before where I could feel a presence, but none of those ever made me feel afraid. This one scares me. Its presence does not feel friendly.

I’ve also noticed too that this store tends to get messier than other stores I have worked at and that the angrier I become, the worse it gets. Now I’m not talking normal messes that shoppers make. I’m talking about things that seem to have been done maliciously or things that seem impossible for a customer to do without being noticed by the staff. For example, we have a cup filled with collegiate pens that sit on the counter right next to the cashier. They are watched because they are expensive. Yesterday, I was finding these pens everywhere in the store, stuck behind things or underneath things.

Recently, I hired a young woman who use to work for me at a different store. It was rumored that that store was haunted. One day I looked up and thought I saw a man in jeans, and dark jacket and a baseball hat leaning on the counter like he wanted change. In a split second he was gone. I started to tell my clerk what I had just seen but before I could finish she said “….and he’s wearing a dark jacket, baseball hat and leaning on the counter like he wants change, right?”

When she agreed to work for me at this new store, I did not tell her what was going on. I waited to see if she could feel or see it too. After a week there, she mentioned she was noticing things, and her experiences were similar to mine. She admits that it does not feel friendly, but to her, it feels aggravated, but not as hostile as it does towards me.

Several weeks have now passed and my clerk does not like to be there at closing time when I am there. She said that the aggravation of the presence seems more intense when I am there, almost as if my presence disturbs it more than my staffs presence does.

Can anyone give me some information about what is possibly haunting my store? I am severely understaffed and my store needs a lot of work. Unfortunately, the best time for me to work extra hours is at night, but honestly, I am too afraid to be there alone now. Why does this presence dislike me so much and not my staff? Or is it that I am more sensitive to it, and therefore, it only feels more hostile to me? I tried talking to it last night. I told it to knock it off, that I had work to do and it wasn’t going to scare me away. In the next aisle over, a boxed item hit the floor! When I chuckled and said “You’ll have to do better than that!”, a few seconds later, I felt this tingling sensation that started in my feet and progressed slowly up my body!

Can someone tell me, what the heck is going on? Thanks!

Written by Kathleen Lyon, Copyright 2008

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13 Responses to “Malevolent Shadow Person At My Retail Store”
  1. Lena says:

    I would start looking elsewhere for employment if I were you.

  2. Deon R Colvin says:

    You might want 2 bless the place. It just seems like 2 me whoever is there it is going to hate them, that’s just the way certain spirits are. You were the 1st one there so most likely it will hate you more

  3. Liam says:

    Heh… Well, for a start, I wouldn’t try antagonising it anymore – a lot of spirits react badly if they don’t get the effect they desired.

    Try looking into the background of the building or ground where your shop is – maybe this spirit died in or around that area and feels resentment to you for being the owner.

    If you can find out information about it, even if you have half a dozen names of who you think it could be, try talking to it using the names – it may just want recognition.

    A lot of spirits are (forgive the poor analogy) like animals – they sense fear and dwell on it. It may be one thing saying you’re not scared, but it’ll be looking for a reaction

  4. Jas says:

    Not good, Oil could work its a little stronger then water I would rather you not bless the place until after you got ride of you Mr.Blur, If I was in your shoes I’d just get a knew job but then again I don’t know why you stuck with it, and I’m sure you have your resone. So why don;t you buy some Christian music, something about be covered in blood and it should go away in a week, if not find a priest but it’ll take a few weeks.

    As for WHY he is made at you, I’d guess its because you work there the most. You might even be his main target in truth, what did you do befor it started to happen, what did you say? What Items have been sold? Did you Fix anything? Like broken door window?

  5. Hazel says:

    Honestly I think that everytime you feel his presense call on him in the name of Jesus Christ that whatever it is to go back to where it belong’s that it be washed in the blood of christ. Or you can get the Bible that’s if your catholic and open it to Psalm 91 and leave it there read that Psalm and you will read what it say’s Or you can say this as well. Angel of guardian my sweet companier never leave my side at night nor morning in the spanish version is nice don’t know the right words to say. I hope things change just pray and ask for it to leave you alone get a Bible and put in the store or office on Psalm 91. but leave it open


  6. Krystal says:

    Bizzare indeed. D:
    You should have a professional help you.hire a psychic or have someone who can get in contact to the “otherside” at see if you could communicate or try to talk to the spirit, to find out who, what , and why.Now, for your sake:
    remember: when you are dealing with the unknown[especailly if it is an unfriendly entity] You are basically “playing with fire” –it is best to treat it with respect.
    there are many people in the field of paranormal who are willing to help you for free. but you should try your local clergy and see if you could bless the place to get results.. if not, you need a specailist for these things. try google, and google some good ways to banish a spirit.( either by yourself of by a professional.)
    I will try to find you websites to help your search, if need be. just contact me at my email for anymore info.

  7. Melanie says:

    Obviously this spirit is trying to push your buttons to see how far it can take you and what reactions it can get from you.
    I agree that the LAST thing you want to do is provoke/aggitate this spirt.
    It is apparent to me that this spirit has a dislike for authority, probably because of something in it’s life or death that never sat well with him. I believe this is why he focuses his energy against you.
    Because he didn’t try harming you so to say until you agravated him, it tells me he is calling out for attention, and has a great dislike at being told to go away.
    Instead, try talking to him. If you can’t locate a name, announce to him that you want to be friends, and since you don’t know his name you will call him … Even if he doesn’t respond, keep talking to him. Explain to him that there is no reason to dislike each other based off of who or what you are, and if you can you will help in if it is within your power. (And not a rediculous request)
    I believe this should provide a more friendly approach from him. If I am wrong, and he becomes more aggressive, then call a priest, but DON”T try to “drive” him out. This will only anger him more, and may give him cause to try to hurt you.

  8. Jackie says:

    Hazel, I don’t mean to be rude, but you don’t need to be Catholic to read the Bible, anyone in the whole world can read it.

    Anyway, I agree, please don’t antaganise it, you need to pray, i only very recently was helped by prayer after i was locked out of my daughters flat whilst looking after her son. (My daughter was at Uni and her fiance was at work). There was only me there. After about an hour of looking at my grandson’s face through the glass door whilst trying to work a piece of wire through the keyhole and up to the latch that needed pulling down in order to let me back in again, i thought about prayer. I was desperate and prayed, the next thing, the next door neighbour (over fence about eight feet away) appeared, who you never saw, he was a druggie and only came out at night. I said hi and told him what happened. He jumped over the fence and pulled at a small window frame, which came away slightly and then we could push the wire up through the gap and push the latch up. Ahh!! window open, he then reached through and opened the door by turning the knob on the inside. Coincidence? well, i don’t know.

  9. Jackie says:

    …Sorry, but must add to that last message, when i say the neighbour was a druggie, yeah he was, but on weed, nothing heavy apparently, but he was the loveliest person ever. After he helped me, he just turned to me after i praised him and said, ‘It’s nothing sweetheart, you take care of Charlie now.’ He was like a flippin’ Angel or something. Felt bad, because, my daughter and i had always thought he was a bad sort…just because he smoked weed – not the case at all.

  10. Kurt says:

    Demons can haunt stores also.

    When an evil spirit enters a place for whatever reason (commercial places like stores and especially the movie theaters, are full of them. Demons can use bad objects and people as a gateway of sorts to somewhat escape hell. When a person a demon is latched onto goes into a store, it could stay. Although they usually jump from one person to another, they can also stay in the store if they wanted.

    Now evil spirits hate people who are generally good. Saints never talk about the devil but when they did they had some pretty horrific stories. There was this one monk that wouldn’t be able to get to sleep and in the middle of the night he would hear all of these pots and pans banging in the dining room which was close to his quarters. Everyone else was always asleep. He went to check things out once and sure enough there were pots and pans floating, banging around.

    You can try to bless the place but you really need the manager’s consent for an exorcism. Try to ignore it and carry around a cross, St. Benedict’s crucifix would be the most applicable. Keep on making the sign of the cross when you feel a presence.

  11. Gregory says:

    I have been reading a lot of accounts about these creatures. I have no idea about what kind of spiritual life you have. I think it is obvious you are dealing with something of a spiritual nature. I’ve had my own experience (at 19 still living at home) with one of these beings. I discovered later that the other family members were being “visited” by the same beings as well. I think that strong negative emotions attract these things. After leaving home, getting married, I never encountered one again. I did re-visist my parents home about a year later (in 1977). I discovered that the house had just been cleansed and blessed by a Baptist minister, and it changed everything. The whole house looked brighter, and the atmosphere was much more up-lifting. I think the “haunting” stopped. A word of caution. If this process is used, and you or whatever else continues to go on “business as ususal,” this thing will go get several more spirits like itself and then you will have a real mess to clean up. I agree with others when they say, don’t provoke them!

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    there are many people that are more sensitive to the spirit world… whatever it is, it does seem either angry,, or just playing tricks on you!!! i would also be afraid to be there alone, as you dont know what might happen next..


  13. Jessica says:

    I think that the spirit might have worked there at a point in time, either had a boss like you or it has an authority issue.

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