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Magical Experiment into the Underworld

Posted on December 17, 2010

I do not recall exactly the date other than it was in the late 90′s. I was introduced to a book that had come into my hands by the name of ‘Initiation into Hermetics’ by a deceased author who claimed to be a practitioner of magick from Europe by the name of Franz Bardon.

He left behind before his death 3 manuscripts of instruction ranging from magical formulas to evocational and invocational magical rituals and practices.

Having experienced first hand the site of an apparition in my very early years as a child, I was already a believer in the supernatural. Having access to Dr. Bardons works allowed me over time to follow his system and build up a certain degree of mental discipline and understanding of the subject.

Late one evening, I was about for the first time to conduct an experiment where I was to leave my physical form and mentally and emotionally take on the image of a type of being that exist in great numbers closely tied to the earth. for the sake of convenience, Dr. Bardon refers to these class of entities as gnomes for lack of a better description.

I sought to place myself into a self hypnotic trance, I imagined my consciousness as vividly as possible to shrink into the dark spirit form of these creatures and imagine with great intensity to fill my being with its element/energy vibration which was very dark and heavy.

After the greater part of an hour, I finally was satisfied with my mental achievement and began my descent into their realm, letting my consciousness and focus drift away from my body until I was able to observe their kind moving about. At first, they took no notice of me and passed by without incident. I observed them for some time before their curiosity in me became peaked.

Dr. Bardon had warned not to speak to these entities, but I having foolishly allowed my mind to become excited at the result of my encounter did break this rule.

I felt myself suddenly paralyzed and unable to move, mentally, I could not imagine myself having any movement whatsoever and my imagination had been caught in a type of very slow motion dream state that I was unable to escape from. I found myself unable to return to my physical form and could see myself not breathing. ( See Sleep Paralysis )

I am not ashamed to admit that fear had overtaken me and a prayer to my higher power to force these creatures to release me was the only thing that caused the forfeiture of their hold on me. I was jolted suddenly back into my body with a great force and upon my waking consciousness found myself feeling heavy and unable to breathe without much difficulty.

The air in the room was thick and heavy and the atmosphere weighed heavily upon me as I could by my senses feel myself being watched.

I had never before experienced telekinetic activity, but was taken by surprise when a dark necklace of beads used for counting and hypnosis that was near the symbol of the entity who controlled these beings had shifted around on its own accord without any influence from a physical source.

I had immediately begun to dissolve the energy as Dr. Bardon had instructed in his work to do. This did cause the energy to abate, but ever since I have random moments of increased sleep paralysis and the distinct feeling of being punched in the head and face which jolts me to awaken sharply.

My question is this, does anyone ever feel an attack like a punch to the head or weight so heavy on their chest and limbs that it startles them into wakefulness suddenly and without seeming provocation?

If so, I am interested to know of your experience so that I may compare it to my own. Veracity is highly appreciated in regards to this event. Thank you

Sent in by Michael, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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4 Responses to “Magical Experiment into the Underworld”
  1. sharayah says:

    why did you do this to your self, you have open a door.you are a fool to play with that stuff.

  2. Sean says:

    I don’t have any experience with this, but when you filled yourself with dark, heavy energy, it looks like you connected yourself with a realm of very angry beings, who are now using you as their “punching bag”.

    Since the prayers worked to get you back to your body and breathing again, it’s probably best to keep praying and create so much positive energy that you become insulated from these beings (IE they won’t be able to stand your energy so much they can’t get close enough to punch you).

    If this is the result of your experiments with this guy’s work, I would find something much more positive to focus my time and energy on — next time you may not get off so lightly.

    I get that you are curious, but why not focus on good things and good beings? That is what spirituality is all about?

  3. Carri says:

    I would stop doing the stuff. you have opened a portal to wicked things. these things are demons. If they punch you and hurt you. you must close the portal to stop these things.

  4. Otherworldly Apple says:

    It’s funny you should ask. I did recently (about a few months ago) have an experience where I attempted to mediate and without any provocation I was “slammed” into wakefulness by a sudden “attack” from an entity that I had never seen prior! It looks like a stereotypical Christian depiction of a demon: It was small, had muscular arms (a large torso build, but small lower body) and long horns that curved upward — I didn’t see the face too clearly cause it was dark where I was trying to meditate but the experience was brief and amazingly real. Real enough to startle me to awaken — as if he was RIGHT in front of me to assault. But he wasn’t. (Like it was another realm.) I didn’t provoke this at all, what I do know is that I was finally relaxing after being chronically tense for quite some time … so my theory is that I MAY have something feeding off of my negative energy and it didn’t like that I was finally raising my vibration for quite some time. Prior to that, I sensed something in the room, but even after that I completely dismissed it to relax and finally feel good. Which was working….

    I decided to send it love when I realize that this intimidating creature was actually a pathetic little parasite feeling insecure about my leaving it forever. Poor thing (muah!)

    So that’s pretty much all it is. My Shaman friend suggested that these creatures are here to test us on our journeys and make us stronger — which I find to be VERY true.

    Please don’t listen to the dogmatic individuals claiming “It’s your fault! You opened a portal!” blah blah blah… Their minds are trapped in the perpetual concept created by old men who wanted to ensnare humanity’s spirituality to depend on their Churches (or priests) for Spiritual defenses (instead of using what Nature has given us to grow in knowledge and expand, just as the Universe continues to grow and unravel in many ways.)

    Just my two cents. Just as not everyone is Pagan, Jewish, Mormon, etc… Christians need to realize that not everyone is Christian… So their principles don’t apply to everyone. Just as our principles don’t apply to them.

    Good luck on your journey. I hope you’ve had much rest and progress since Dec of 2010.

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