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Little Psychic Girl

Posted on May 3, 2009

I was talking to my mom one day about the weird little things I did when I was younger. She told me stories of how I would out smart my brother just to make him mad and annoying things I did. But she also told me a few stories that made me wonder, did I have an overactive imagination, or was I psychic. I’ll start with this story.

My mom, myself, my brother and a bunch of other people were at a reindeer farm, I lived in Maine at the time, so it wasn’t as uncommon as it may seem. Everyone walked up to the fence, but the reindeer walked away. The kids were disappointing, so they went back to the car. As a child, I was always determined, I still am. So I stayed. Just as everyone started to walk away, the reindeer started back toward the fence, and right to myself. The kids were happy and started running back to the fence. The deer again, ran away. They finally gave up and my mom called me to the car.

“Hold on mommy, they are talking to me.”
My mom gave me a funny look but waited. “Okay Steph, it’s really time to go.”
So I walked to my mom. “Mommy, they want to come with us.”
“They want to come with us, they don’t like it here, they want to be free, they told me mommy.”
“I’m sure they did, but they have to stay.” She told me.
“But they don’t want to!” I gave up after that.

Another time that my mom was a bit weirded out was when I was suppose to be going to sleep. I came out and told her, “Mommy, the dolls wont stop whispering about me. They are laughing and pointing at me. Will you turn them around?”

My mom walked in the room and turned everyone of them around. I fell asleep within no time. The next morning I walked down stairs and said,”They stopped talking after you came up mommy. They knew they were in trouble.”

Though I don’t remember these stories, they are true. To this day, I am still partly psychic. I get strange vibes that I can tell if a couple was meant to last or not, I also can at times, tell you when we will arrive at a place.

I remember my youth group was running HOURS late from retuning from a concert. It was snowing really bad. We had to drive slow. We were suppose to be home by 11, but we had only just left the concert at 11, and there was at least a 2 hour drive home on a school bus. I was sitting with my friends and asked the time. It was around 1 in the morning. “Okay, we will be back at 2:59.” I said, everyone laughed and said things like, ‘yeah sure’ and ‘I’d like to see that happen.’ But just as I said, we arrived at 2:59. That was the moment the bus parked and we all crowded out.

I also predicted my trip from Connecticut to Maine exact. Arriving at my aunts at exactly 5:01 like I said when we hit the highway in Connecticut.

My vibes are pretty good also. I’ve gotten two couples together and they are both Engaged and waiting to be married. One couple has a 2 month old baby and are planning the rest of their lives together. They always tell me “I owe you so much.” But I can’t let them repay me for a gift I was given.

That’s my story. Thanks so much for reading everyone. Comment please.

By Stephanie Vermette, Copyright 2009

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23 Responses to “Little Psychic Girl”
  1. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Thanks so much for posting my story.

  2. rebecca says:

    hi stephanie nice story.

    i hope you dont get offended by me asking you this. ive been with my husband for a very long time, childhood to after highschool sweethearts. anyway for the last couple of years and most recently we’ve fought so much. ive noticed ive been angry alot too and have angered more easily. his mother or sister, i forget which had said they had seen a “curandera” spanish for witchdoctor and had said not to worry that he and i were going to get divorced anyway. why we were the subjects of their conversation, i dont know. anyway, do you think you can see whats going to happen with us? do you have any suggestions? if anyone else does, please let me know.

  3. rebecca says:

    caretaker, i saw you on another site, cant remember which one..i recognized the hat. just wondering why you dont use the same name? :)

  4. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Thanks. There were some more things that I didn’t put up there. I guess it just wasn’t the right kind of story to put with those haha.

  5. Alpha says:

    Nice story.
    Seek a medium to enhance and master your true psychic potential

  6. Blue jay says:

    Stephanie, as you probably know by now, I’m new to this site, and to be honest, somewhat sceptical to certain stories.
    This could very well be true, just as much as it could be false.
    Could you prove to me that you have physchic abilities.
    Tell me my middle name or something, or which state I live in?
    I will appreciate it very much if you reply!

  7. star says:

    cool! write more!

  8. tyra says:

    I think my feet have powers…i can tell when i step on a different colored tile than the restof the floor….its weird i asked my mom if she could do that too and she said no.

  9. L. M. S. says:

    Wow, that’s really cool. I have a great-aunt that can tell things like, if the phone is ringing she will name exactly who it is without even glancing at it. My whole family and I even tested her with it. It’s really cool that you can do that sort of thing.

  10. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Okay. There are many kind of Psychics. People who can read minds, see future are will and so on. Me. I get feelings, sometimes I can predict times, but I can not tell you what state you live in or your middle name. Sometimes I can tell you exactly who is calling.
    Nothing can be so sure.really, you have to sit and talk to him. My boyfriend and I argue like crazy, I get really mad at him a lot. Yeah I am only 17, but I deal with some of the problems you do. He’ll stop talking to me for 2 days but that’s all he can handle, he comes back and we make-up. We have our fights, all couples do. But the only thing you can do is sit down, talk to him and see what you can do to make your relationship better. I tell all my friends the same thing, I am advice girl even though my relationships in the past suck, I somehow know how to make everyone feel better.
    I don’t get bad vibes or good vibes. And it’s odd taking advice from a 17 year old over the internet, but just sit down and talk. It’s the best you can do for now love.

    @Everyone else.
    I don’t want to force you to believe me, nor do I want you to think you have to disbelieve me. It’s your opinion and I can not change that. You believe what you want and don’t make anyone tell you different.

    With love and care

  11. Blue jay says:

    I never said I did not believe you.
    I just said I found it HARD to.
    I believe you, I suppose. Since you can’t prove me right or wrong, and we are on a ghost and paranormal site, I might as well, no?
    So, I suppose you have my trust. Use it wisely, please.

    There is also no point in arguing about it. I will never be able to figure out the right or wrong answer, so there is no point in wasting my time on a silly argument. Better to just believe.
    I hope you dont misuse my trustout of the kindness of your heart?

  12. Brackette says:

    when i was young i would freak out my family by saying the phone was going to ring before it did. To this day i’ll be with people and out of the blue i’d say “what?” and they’d say they didn’t say anything, they were going to but decided not to. I’ve also noticed that when i think about an episode of my favorite tv shows (like Seinfeld, etc) that episode i was thinking about would always be on tv that day.

  13. Stephanie Vermette says:

    I would never misuse someones trust.
    You have my word love.

    I’m a better advice giver then a psychic I can tell you that haha

  14. rebecca says:

    hi stephanie, thanks for your reply. i know about having to sit down and talk about it, as we have several times.. i guess because im not seeing results from empty promises and im getting pretty desperate to know the “outcome” so to speak. Thanks for the advice anyway. have a good day:)

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    you definately have a gift my mom had that sort of thing too anyway glad you chose this site to relate your gift thanks and do tell us more

  16. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Hey everyone.
    Nice to see you again love.
    You know, one day I was watching a show and it was the first time it appeared and was a game of chance and strength. Endurance it was called. I remember watching it thinking of the possibilities. But the strange thing was, when I said a team was going to fail at the mission, they did. And the exact moment after I thought it. Then when it came to the last challenge, where 2 teams go to the “Temple of Faith” and picked an element {water fire or wood} and had to beat the other teams element. Water beats fire. Fire beats wood and wood beats water. I remember saying every element picked. And I wasn’t just rooting for the other team, my prediction was that MY favorite team was going to lose in a head to head battle, they kept tying that round.
    Either way, I can predict some TV shows. Even some Music videos without having seen them before.

    Well love, all I can say is that there is a perfect match out there. They were born with a name ready for them. It’s this whole process I can’t explain. I believe in things beyond our imaginations. But there is someone that picks who you are to be with once you are born. There is this feeling you will get when you find them. It’s hard to explain. I am lucky enough to have experienced it. To be honest my boyfriend is the one to tell me about it. He knew a few matches and those matches are ones I picked.
    Aka his brother and his fiance. I got them together and our Friend Ali and Matt, they are together. Both engaged.
    It’s confusing and sometimes can take time to find the right one. Mistakes in relationships are possible but it’s fate. You were meant to be in that relationship, you learned things from it and you will take that on to your next relationship. So really it wasn’t a mistake, it was just another dead end in your path of life. And each time you hit the end where you can’t go any further, you learn more.

    Gosh, I sound like a babbling teenager. Though I really am, but still. Look at this relationship as a lesson, one that you needed to learn and it has helped you. Don’t take it as a bad thing, move on and try to find your soul mate. It may take a couple tries, but he is out there and you will find him. :]

    My great aunt was an amazing psychic. She saw the future, really saw it.
    One night that changed everything about what my family believes. We wont use any sort of Ouija board, they are dangerous.
    But as I was saying.
    One night my mom was visiting her, with my real mom and my 3 uncles, one a baby. My great aunt had a vision, she saw a car accident, only fatal to the women in the car. But there was going to be a women with her young daughter, and then 3 boys or men, She couldn’t see faces. But she thought it was my mom, so she made her stay.
    My aunt went out that night, her daughter in her lap, 2 boys from down the street in the back, and a man driving. They got in an accident and only my great aunt died. The accident went as she saw it, driving slow on a road and not seeing what they hit, but they hit hard that part of the engine came through the car and into the woman’s stomach, killing her. But not before she pushed her daughter under her to the floor saving her life.

    My family has powers, but only some of us try to use them, my mom wont and no one else has tried. But I always did. I am trying to make them stronger, but it’s not an easy thing

  17. Arthur Borges says:

    When living in France, I could tell who was phoning me before lifting the handset, though I could not tell when it would ring. If I couldn’t tell who was phoning, then the caller was invariably a stranger. This faculty does not work for me here in China where I have been living for the past six years.

    There have also be a few prescient visions. The last came in a dream where I saw a house that I was to live in and knew I would live there. It came true within a year.

    As a child aged somewhere between eight and ten, I had a dream about four key events in my life and I knew on the spot that each of them would occur. Three have come true over the years. The last is that I would have enough money at the end of my life — which hasn’t ended yet.

  18. Lawliet says:

    Brackette, hi.. I’m glad i found someone like me.. You know what? I scared my family so much when I told them the same thing as you said about the phone.. before the phone rang i would tell my mom or my dad even my boyfriend that someone will be calling and there! 2 or more minutes later it rang..

    I myself can’t believe it but now My family is used to it.. sometimes people said that I’m weird and no one even dared to talk to me but as time goes by I keep on telling other people about them and it will leave them thinking “HOW DID I KNOW THAT?” I was shocked though.. I didn’t know why as well..

    But now Im still trying to control myself not to use this gift.. but It seems that I can’t..

    Stephanie, CAn you control yours?

  19. Arthur Borges says:

    I am hardly gifted for psychic phenomena: I suspect that if everybody came out of the woodwork about this, you would not feel lonely at all, Lawliet.

  20. Aubrey says:

    I would like to share my own experience. ..

    One night when my boyfriend and I were about to go home from the market, he told me to wait in the burger store cuz he’s gonna buy some medicine. When I glanced at his eyes I knew right away that he’s gonna buy me flowers and I was right. Sometimes when people share stories to me it’s as if I can see everything. For example: My friend was talking about her life in the province. I can describe to her their house and some dead people who used to live there. It freaks me out and I’m afraid that people might think I’m crazy or some sort of freak. There was even a time when my friend was talking about her grandfather who was murdered by rebels, I described to her what her grandfather wore the day he died and that he was thrown in the cliff. She freaked out and had goosebumps cuz I was right. Every time we start talking about unusual things she would look at me and remind not to say anything cuz it would surely scare her. I have tons of experiences like this. I’ve even forgotten some.

    Is this some sort of gift?? what am I experiencing?? I would really appreciate if I hear from you guys. This is the first time I dared to share this to people I’m not close to.

    Hi Steph!:) I actually grew up thinking this “ability” I have is normal.. that other normal people experience these things.

  21. Aubrey says:

    By the way, when you are sharing something to me like what had happened the day before, I can tell what you were wearing and I can describe the place you were in. It’s that weird! sometimes I would even try to ignore it cuz I’m confused if it’s just my imagination or if it’s real.

    I think I need to be educated..


  22. LilPrinsess says:

    good story i get something like this too. thankz

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