Little People on a South Texas Dirt Road

Posted on March 27, 2011

The story I am about to tell is 100% true.This is not a joke or in anyway made up this really did happen to me and my three children.

We moved from Indiana to come and live here in the southern most tip of Texas so we could be close to my husband’s family. We built a beautiful home on a lot that was the last one before the road went into dirt. We have no neighbors on our left side and the road and empty fields go on and on for many miles. So on this day I decided to take my three boys Austin, 13 Julio, 6 and Emanuel, 4 on a walk down the dirt road to just basically be outta the house for awhile.

We began laughing and chasing one another as moms do but about two miles down the road my oldest son Austin let out this scream that made me immediately turn to see what was wrong. That is when I saw them. My son was pointing down the road a bit and there on the side of the road was four little people.

Now when I say little people I do not mean short I mean about a foot tall and they were all wearing pointy little white hats and white clothes. Two of them were splashing arm in arm in the rain puddles that had collected on the side of the road and one of them appeared to be filling up a bucket with the same water. The last one was the smallest and walked with a bit of a limp and I noticed a fifth one that was much taller than all the rest and wore all black and had a shorter black hat on as well. I could tell right away that the one in black was obviously some type of authority or leader and I watched as he picked the smallest one up and placed him on his shoulders.

Now all this time we are standing there watching them they seemed completely unaware of us. We just stood there frozen and not believing what we were seeing. Then out of nowhere the leader, or one in black, seemed to notice us and he turned to the others obviously telling them it was time to go because they stopped what they were doing right away and followed the biggest one into the tall grass. We walked up to the place where they had been after waiting awhile to be sure they were not coming back and there were a bunch of tiny bare foot prints left behind in the mud along with weird writing that looked a lot like heiroglyphics.

We looked around the area and I gotta tell ya there was no place around there they could of gone without us seeing them or them having to cross the road to the other side where the woods are. We turned around and walked home and later that night I went out for a smoke and I couldn’t believe it there they were again just at the edge of my property staring at me with such curiosity that for some reason made me not feel afraid of them. They began to copy or mimic my movements and when I put my hands on my hips they did so to. I finally sat down on my mothers old wheel chair and noticed how curious they seemed about the chair. I went inside after awhile and in the morning when I went back out there were lots of tiny muddy foot prints all over the concrete patio leading up to the old wheel chair and all over the chair itself. I had to laugh it just seemed so surreal to of really seen them and now this.

Since then I have seen the tiny people numerous times and each time they seem to be observing me. I have never gotten any bad feelings or ill intentions from them so I’m not scared of them anymore but I gotta say this is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of.

I was in the beauty shop about a week later after my first encounter when somehow the subject came up and I couldn’t believe how casual my neighbor was when she said that the little people had messed up her garden the night before. I asked her if she had seen them and if everyone knew and she said that everyone on that side of the street knew about the little people that lived on the dirt road. She said that they were pranksters and liked to cause mischief but are otherwise harmless.

It is truly strange how she had just accepted it all almost as a normal thing. I have looked up these little people and was very surprised to see how many other people have seen them also. Thank you so much for reading my story.

Sent in by Jennifer Lozano, Copyright 2011

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39 Responses to “Little People on a South Texas Dirt Road”
  1. Deja vu says:

    Wow amazing story you should try and take a picture of them if possible or try catch one that would be an incredible story

  2. Deja vu says:

    Wow amazing story you should try and take a picture of them or set up some kind of video device that records in the dark infared. I would love to see those pictures!

  3. Amy says:

    I would love to see little people. If there are little people I believe there will be fairies, wolves, vampires, and all these other unseen or unreal things. I just think they are hiding from us to keep us from harm. Or they are hiding from us so us humans don’t exposed them and the government have to take them away. Then they will however come out of hiding when the world comes to an end and a new generation comes. We will be reborn as these creatures one day. That’s what I believe. Oh and ghost just needs to cross over; oh demons they will come and if there is a generation with creatures like elves or something we will be able to kill them. All creatures doesn’t have to be associated with demons. Plus good and evil is part of the world or nature balance. Yeah… I believe thats whats going to happen in the future.

  4. Kelly.T says:

    Thats awesome and crazy!!!! Are they called elves or fairies or something? I’m glad they are nice!!!!

  5. knowme9471 says:

    Have you tried speaking to them?

  6. Art says:

    Not trying to be a skeptic, but if these little people are “real” why don’t your or your neighbors take a picture of them.

    • Jaybee says:

      True, a photo with no flash, would they even know what you’re doing? Or a video. It does seem odd that everyone is talking about them, everyone has “seen” them, but not one person has made any effort whatsoever to videotape or photograph? Seems highly unlikely.

    • jennifer says:

      Well i am gonna anwcer your questions on the little people the reason why i haven’t any pictures of them is because they never turn out.Always in the photo where they are standing the just apears a white blurr.My neighbor says she gets the same results so im sure its them doing somthin an not wanting their presence to be made known.My neighbor did however record the tiny prints of their feet an hands all over her sliding glass patio doors.She followed the tiny trail with her video camera and it stopped right at the entrance to the dirt road.Since as I said before i am new to the area I have just heard of a supposed legend about that dirt road.It is said that a woman was preagnent and was walking along the dirt road one day looking for her cattle that had wondered away to far when she was attacked by someone and brutally injured almost ending her very life.The unborn child however did not make it out so lucky and it is said that the mother cursed the road turning lose all types of super natural beings.I dont know how much I belive of all that but the person who told me said it was her grandmother who did it. In the future i will continue to try an capture these tiny beings on film and hopefully oneday somthing will turn up.

  7. PJ says:

    That is so interesting…..

  8. trolldoll says:

    i have a feeling taking a picture would scare them away. i don’t even think they would show up in one. i say just leave them be. they mean no harm, they are just curious!

    • Diana says:

      I would agree with you. If they’re not hurting anyone, why bother them? I’m actually a bit jealous…I want to see them too! *sobs* But, really, I think it’s an amazing experience you’ve had…and proof that we really don’t know as much about this world of ours as we seem to think.

      • Caretaker says:

        I wasnt really saying that people should (or should not) take pictures of them but that it would be inevitable that someone would do that.

        • Dianak1106 says:

          I agree in that respect.

          Though I probably wouldn’t do it myself for fear of scaring them away…it would be pretty cool to see what they actually looked like.


  9. Margarita Cavazos says:

    Brownies maybe?
    Look under fairies called brownies it says this

    Brownies: They are lovely, spiritual beings of about a foot in height. They sometimes wear clothes, especially around humans. When they do, the female Brownies wear tops that are flattering, but not particularly lowcut. Their skirts are flowing so they have freedom of movement. They often don’t wear shoes, as they want to feel the Earth beneath their feet, but if they do wear shoes, they are lightweight so they can feel the Earth as much as possible. They sometimes wear cone-shaped hats made of soft materials which are rounded at the end. The hats rest on their head in a relaxed position, and you can see their hair flowing out from beneath the cap. Within their hair is always a braid, either in the back or the front, and within the braid they weave flowers or leaves or feathers or some other item from nature, depending on the area where they live and their particular focus in helping Mother Earth. Their clothes reflect the colors of the area where they live. Sometimes they may also wear vests. There is an upward point at the tips of their ears, which turn down just a bit at the ends. They always make sure never to cover their ears with their hair, as they are proud of their ears and consider them a point of beauty. Their eyes are almond-shaped with an upward slant, and their eyebrows are finely shaped and reflect the upward slant of their eyes. They have beautiful singing voices, and they always carry some sort of musical instrument, often a flute. They sometimes create drums or flutes from hollowed-out branches. They are fond of imitating sounds of nature in a musical way, and they do so often with their voices or instruments.

    Source –

  10. Christina says:

    That is pretty astonishing! I truly believe that there are SO many other life forms on this earth that we barely touch the tip of the iceberg when ‘bumping’ into them.

    With all the stories and the various people in many different cities/states/countries encountering such different life forms, there’s gotta be something to it. I myself have never encountered any little people, but I believe they are out there. I can go with the concept that they are meant to be seen, but not recorded.


  11. JW says:

    Please take a picture and post it here for all to see, I can’t wait to see them.

  12. Ashley says:

    i want to c pic of them! share! <3

  13. jk says:

    Sounds like some sort of interdimensional critters. Many people would classify them with extraterrestrials but it is my belief that all extrterestrials are actually interdimensional and not really from other solar system but the spiritual realm. They are not human and they are not angelic. If you believe in the Bible there is only one think left and that is demonic or they are manifestations of fallen angels and their minions.

  14. Alberto Del Rio says:

    This storys fake.

    • JW says:

      Makes you wonder how many other stories on here are exactly that………. stories.

      • Caretaker says:

        The stories (and comments) on this site come from many different people and from all over the world. There is no way that we can prove the stories are true or not. You can believe, or you can choose not to believe.

        Naturally there are those out there who would make up stories to entertain or to get attention for themselves but I am also sure that there are many true stories here. Very difficult to be a judge as to what is and what isnt true when it comes to the personal experiences of others.

        I think it best to give folks the benefit of the doubt for I have my own stories to share that most people do not believe or even give me that strange “look” when ever I talk about them. I know that they are true because I was there yet even most of my friends and family look at me sort of odd and say well…..

        We never know when one may be convinced that someone who is telling a lie are actually telling the truth.

    • K. Smith says:

      I have read quite a bit of the stories on this website, and this story of the little people does not strike me as being fake. One can see that you have never studied or researched how Europeans have documented their experiences with trolls, fairies, brownies, elves and leprechauns. If you read these European accounts they would mirror Jennifer Lozano story.

      Sharon Osborne, the wife of the devil worshipping rocker, Ozzy Osbourne who was the lead singer of the band Black Sabbath stated that her husband Ozzy had �little people� living in his head.

      In an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 on November 6, 2002, Mrs. Osbourne stated that her husband has little people i.e. a demon living in his head.

      �He�s just got this DEMON inside of him. He just can�t get rid of these �little
      people� that live in his head.

      Have you ever read the King James Bible that tell stories of giants, talking donkeys, teleporting, chariots of fire, virgin births and human hybrids.

      Or the fact that God is not human and he can hold the entire earth in his right hand or the fact that God is bigger than the universe.

      Two Billion Christians believe the bible and you want to challenge Miss Lanzano�s story about her encountering little people.

      There are supernatural things on this planet that would cause your toe nails to curls and cause you check yourself into a mental asylum because they are beyond human comprehension.

  15. MFT says:

    Hi. Greetings from Malaysia.

    There are several stories in my place regarding the small people. I’m not sure if there was any specific name for them. ‘Awang Kenit’ was a popular name term for them.

    One of the story I heard was when I was having a study trip in Endau Rompin National Park in the state of Pahang. A tour guide told a story like this-

    A group of special force was looking for a group of poachers from neighboring country inside the National Park. However they not just found the poachers but also a group of little people, as tall as the length of human knee.

    They just wearing ‘cawat’ or loincloth and in a blink of an eye disappeared when they sensed human.

    It cant be one of the natives that lived in the jungle of our National Park since they are very very small that make that group of little people can considered as inhuman.


  16. Leceyy says:

    WOW ! that is amazing ;D
    i would love to encounter a little person . have you ever tried to speak with them ?? or like interact with them ? its astonishing with people seem too run into . &&’ im curious , you said your neighbors were just reacting as if it were an everyday normal thing ? why havent they like reported it too like a science thing to observe them or something ? j.w. cause normally people would , ya know ? but thats good no one has . just let them be < 3

  17. trolldoll says:

    alberto, do some research before you say that someone is not telling the truth. this site is for people who want to believe and anything is possible. there are many experiences of sitings of these small beings out there. people think before speak, would you want someone to tell you you are lying!!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Thank you, sometimes people need reminders and when it comes from someone other than the “admin” it really helps out.

  18. trolldoll says:

    Leave Ozzy and Sharon alone!

    • K. Smith says:

      Now why would a simple post using Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne as an EXAMPLE elicit such a response from you? I only REPEATED what Sharon Obourne told people on national television about her demon possess husband. Please note that you do not see me telling you or anybody on this site to leave God, Jesus and the bible alone when they make negative comments about Christianity.

      In the future you leave me alone. I came back to this site and I have had NO problems with anyone. So do not tell me what to do or try and censor me. You stay in your corner and I will stay in mine which I have been doing.

      • Diana says:

        I think people are upset with the fact that you are always very quick to condemn anyone who doesn’t share the same religious views as you. I’ve seen several comments that you’ve made about Ozzy and Sharon being Satanists….which I believe to be a baseless accusation. TrollDoll wasn’t attacking you, she was merely stating that maybe you might benefit from a bit of religious tolerance.

    • trolldoll says:

      you are saying things exactly as you said them before and belittling people whom you have no knowledge of. have you watched the show The Talk? with sharon ozbourne? have you seen recent interviews of ozzy? you are going to far in the past. they are a very close loving family and i’m sure you are not the only hater of people who don’t fit your descriptions of good christians. you don’t have to be a christian to be a good and loving and just people! you push your god way to hard. where is he now with all the disasters and war. i truely believe your god want man to kill himself off!

  19. eileen says:

    I know a woman, level headed in almost every way…and she says there were ‘brownies’ in living in her house…they were about a foot tall, and often hid in the heat ducts…but she said they were not nice…who knows?

  20. phil says:

    i cannot believe the border patrol hasnt caught them yet

  21. a.c says:

    Don’t take pics of them. They think you nice, if you take pics of them they might think it obtrusive.

  22. Christina says:


    I doubt the border patrol could do a thing since they are so ineffective with ‘regular sized’ people/beings. :p

    The story – wow! I think that is simply out of this world! I, for one, have no doubts this is a true account being that there are just TOO MANY stories regarding these beings. It must be hard enough digesting what we SEE with our own eyes, but to share must be even tougher. This world, our oceans, space, etc., much to vast for ANY of us to really KNOW what is out there. Who are we to judge? We are such a speck in our own galaxy.

    Have a great day….to the little people out there, too!

  23. Ld Loco says:

    I grew up in South Texas. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I used to see a little person sitting in my window staring at me. I only recall a few times this happening. I remember him wearing a hat and shoes on. His eyes were almond shaped and seemed to glow a little. He had pointed ears. I was never frightened of this creature, he would always sit there staring and smilng at me. I can’t remember if he ever said anything. Being as young as I was I considered this encounter to be normal and no one believed me when I said anything about it. I believe these creatures exist, perhaps someday we will truly know what they are.

  24. Anonymous says:

    so where is this place that so many people have seen them? …round about of course. not looking for exact addresses here.

  25. Red Elk n wife says:

    May i join in? As a Med.Man and knowing many in my “feild”…i can say they certinly DO exsist. No..ive never taken Peoty or Any drugs…nor do i drink.
    Had a ‘lil guy liveing with us for over a yr.. A trickster. Loved to hide things. Family geting up-set, so ‘layed rules’ if”you want to stay”. He agreed….then i guess he got bord…”no fun”. Left, but not untill he heid my false teeth! i KNEW where i had placed them Been over 3 full urs now and still not located! Being :”bald mouth” keeps me humbel tho. ( :

    Ive had MANY incounters. In USA and Canida. Other Med. People do as well.

    Any “bad”? most ARNT. a few typs are tho. MEAN buggers! dangerous. Areas Native Indians stay way from.

    To the orriner of this site: ALL seem to like SILVER. If a perticler place u see them often…Drop a siler coin. This honors them and sure pleases as well. We all do. Med. or not.

    Yes, alot “out there” you ‘whits’ know nothing about. Dont judge. You’ll KNOW in time. Aho? re

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