Little Girls Innocent Stolen by Darkness

Posted on March 5, 2011

Stalked by Demons Chain Since Birth.

Hi my name is Lilly Nguyen. I’m 27 years old. This is my experience with spirits and demons. Well lets say they’ve been chasing my down since I was a child. Many terrible things have happened to me back to back, in my life. With a help of Gods hand, I was to escape them all. Still today, I struggle from it. Since the beginning of last year, it had gotten worse. With everything that had happen in my Life, I end up realizing what’s the reason behind all happenings throughout my 24 years.

January of 2010 was when I first discover that I could see spirits, without knowing not only spirits I see,� demons too are surrounding me. There are times in my life, I see somewhat of it once in awhile. But I wasn’t sure of it. But now, seeing is believing. Sometimes I see them very clearly but at times I only see their aura. But when it gets dark, that’s when my battlefield starts. I see them more clearly in the dark,� especially when I close my eyes. Having this so call gift is not what I ask for. Ever since last year, my Life has totally changed. Every day I try to stay strong, and protect myself. But how can I protect myself, if my shield go through him. Every night, I get molested by these demons. Last year, my God mother spiritually cleansed me. It went away for a couple months and then one day came back. But this time its ten times worse. And unfortunately, my God mother is no longer with me.

January Vision behind my naked eyes. As soon as I have gotten use to seeing them spirit and demons. This year, I developed, hearing their voice and that’s a lot worse than just seeing, sense and feel their presence. My experience and knowledge about them, got myself into depression. The demons are around me and speak to me, putting such evil thoughts in my head to ruin me. Always trying to persuade me to kill my family, but especially myself. They’ve played with my heart twice already, almost attempted suicide once. With Gods help, it didn’t happen like how they wanted. I used to meditate to keep my mind and self strong. But ever since they hypnotized a family friend, into persuading me to not meditate. I fell for it. And now when I wanna pray I can’t. At this point, they have gotten control of my thoughts in my mind. Little did I know that you have protect your mind until the demons gets to it.

Everyday I struggle protecting my body, working so hard to discipline and win back being in controll of my own mind. So, for those who have this gift or yet I call it a curse / or feel like there are bad spirits in their house.� Remember to take care of your mind. Keep it protected. Since My attempt of suicide incident I realized, when a person is in depression these demons feel your energy. They will stay by your side,� playing with your mind, putting thoughts; targeting the most important part of our body, which is our heart – fill it with more sorrows and pain numbing your heart, persuading you to kill yourself.

We’re human, we know what is pain. A paper cut even hurts us. But when our heart is in sorrows, it takes over your body slightly numbing body. So for those who took out their own life with their hands, also had the hands of demons, they will drain you out, with their words whispering in your ears. They’re touch will finalize, numbing every inch of your body. So when you do kill yourself, you would not be feeling any pain but your heart. And those who would ask why do demons do such a thing. Its all because the devils wants you in Hell. People who commit suicide end up in Hell suffering eternally. People who kill themselves,� without knowing they are handing themselves over to the devil.

With my knowledge and experience in life and meditating. I had a glimpse of what Hell is like. Thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. You know, now I know what’s behind all the bad happenings in my life. And why people who have discovered their gifts from God have a strong soul that glows. With these souls it makes the negatives stronger. People get confused from spirits and demons and the devil. They all have their own role in their own name. Spirits are just wondering souls – Demons are souls who had to suffer in Hell eternally, so much pain causes them to become so negative that they end a demon. And last, a devil is devil. The main role of Hell.

Anyway, “My path – My Destiny – My Life’s – My Path – Destine Battlefield.” The Story of my Life, a little Girls innocence stolen by darkness. With everything that happened never did I ever blame it on God or even be angry at him. As a child I’ve learned how to forgive, forget and move on. At four years old, I learned how to turn every negative no matter how negative things get and turn it into positive. With everything that had happened, never did I blame or be mad at god. Everything happens for a reason. I’m not saying that I’m glad that it happen, what I’m trying to say is that because of my experience in life. My pass makes me a stronger person today and I learn from it. Even though I’m having a hard time now,� Struggle to fight back but I’m still hanging on.

Sent in by Lilly Nguyen, Copyright 2011

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47 Responses to “Little Girls Innocent Stolen by Darkness”
  1. Anna Barlowe says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so much difficulty with this. Whether or not it’s paranormal, I hope you have someone to talk to. Depression can make things like this much worse, so if you are able to get a medical opinion, they may be able to help you deal with it more easily.

    I’m not a big believer in hell, myself. I think that God is a loving God, and my logic is that I personally would never send ANYONE to hell, no matter what they did wrong – and I figure that God must be at least nicer and more enlightened than little old human me, so I’m pretty sure that he would not do so either. I think that hell is a concept invented by humans, not by God, in order to help control one another.

    I think that we come to earth to learn things and have a physical experience, and sometimes it goes better than others. If it does not go well, we are not necessarily punished, but given the option to come back and try again until we get it “right.”

    Just imagine yourself to be stronger, and cleaner, and higher than anything that seems to be attacking you. Surround yourself in a bright white light, and imagine them repelled by it. This should help to protect you when you feel negative energies around you. Hang in there! You are loved by many good and kind entities, so let them protect you from the bad ones.

    And please do NOT stop meditating. That, and exercise, will make you feel better than anything else possibly could. Good luck!

    • Faithfulelect says:

      Definitely. You’re meditation is leaving open doorways.

      • Texture says:

        The writer of this story needs to STOP meditating. Meditating opens up the sub-concious and allows anything and everything to enter into you. Those THINGS that enter you are called demons and demons are never friendly or nice.
        If she STOPS meditating and repents, then stands up and tells the demons tormenting her to get out in the name of Jesus Christ, then her torment will STOP.

        When her God-Mother cleansed her (or when she was originally delivered), she stopped meditating (this is assumed). That is why, during those blessed months, she was not tormented. THEN, she began to meditate again.. which opened up that doorway and allowed the demons she once had and then seven more stronger demons to enter into her.

        She needs to STOP meditating to regain her freedom. The Word says to meditate on what Jesus says. The Word never says to open your mind up and to clear yourself of all thoughts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow sorta sounds crazy and impossible but ok , i belive you.

  3. Sharayah says:

    I believe you and I’m so sorry and alot you posted I really understand. Sadly :( buy there is a God and I know there is a hell and if we are not strong in this life we will fall. These demons come at us in all kinds of ways head on or under handedly ,but what ever way they come at us they are really good at what they do! I hate them (:( oh and to the first comment! God dose Hate! It says that in the bible. He (God) will deal with all wickedness man or other. Stay strong a I will try to be strong in my life too. You said you can’t pray so maybe you can read this. Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we for give our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; For thine is the Kingdom,and the power,and the glory, for ever. Amen. The lord Christ said to say that prayer. May God be with you.

  4. Buds420 says:

    Anna, that’s your opinion. But to Lilly all you have to say is “in the name of Jesus Christ I demand you to leave forever”. Just stay strong like you are and God bless you. God is way way more powerful than the devil. That quote will make this evil vanish instantly. Just stay confident, faithful and persistent.

    • Smiley says:

      Stands back from the keyboard in azmeamnet! Thanks!

      • Moya says:

        When you cannot pray any more, try this, Jahovah God Please protect me , Please send your son , my brother Jesus Christ and your angels to fight this battle with me. And please Jahovah give me the strength to live each day.

  5. Ian says:

    Even if you feel you can’t pray, you could try to say ‘God be with me’. And I will pray for you. God bless.

  6. Anna Barlowe says:

    Of course its my opinion. Everything is just an opinion, because nobody really knows anything, do they, until they have seen the other side themselves.

    But everyone has the chance to form their own view of the world, and I choose to fill mine with love and light rather than fear, and to believe that God is made of light and love as well. That was certainly the example that Christ himself set – he was quite tolerant and forgiving in his words and actions, generally speaking.

    Obviously there are bad things in the world (most of them made by frightened, confused people), and if our own energy is dark, then we may tend to attract them. So by all means do send them away in the name of God, because his love IS much stronger than anything else, and everyone deserves to live in peace.

    But there is no need to fear hell or punishment just for being an ordinary human being with ordinary problems. I live with a ghost myself, who is quite kind to me and clearly NOT in hell, and he is Jewish. Or was. I don’t get the impression that anybody cares what your religion is once you get to heaven.

    And yes, that is just my opinion too.

  7. Mackala Carrasco says:

    It’s not a curse unless you go on and on and on rambiling to your self that it is as in your case you got the bad side of it. My Family sees ghosts but i see the worst sides of it too but yet some of the best. But Lilly this is by far the closets to crazy and weird ive every read! I understand but it kind of seems to me you havnt seen the good side yet if you ‘See’ Demons you also see spirits angels and so on but no one can have so much negitave activity from demons spirts or whatever you belive it is that puts off so much negitave activity around you look for the good side of the gift because it’s no a curse as i said before unless you say it because then on you have trick’d your self into beliveing it is a cures and things go down hill from there. Trust me i know I would spent months alone in my roon not eating not talking because the more i had my normal life the more i thought they wanted in. Turns out if you pay any atti. to them thats when it can get bad but dont completly out them off. As i was saying i would spend months in my room no eating no talking just writting on the wall. My mother took all writting things from me and so i began carving things into the wall that they would show me the conversations we seem’d to have in my mind. My grandmother came to me cleans’d my home and my body and from then on i slowly again became my self. So please try a heal’r and then go around with holy water and say as Buds420 said but i do belive it was put a little diffrent.

    • Concerned mom says:

      Yes, demons are real, my teenager is experiencing them now and it is horrible. She is dealing with several. A lesbian demon is one of them and it is killing her and causing her to get into so much trouble. Until you have gone thru something yourself, you wouldn’t understand. I truly understand.

  8. Mackala Carrasco says:

    Oh and by the way Lilly you kill yourself by your own hand you for sure DO NOT go to hell why would you even think that?? I think you got to ryal’d up about the gift being a curse O.O,….

    • Texture says:

      I disagree. When you kill yourself, you basically tell Jesus, who holds the keys to Hell, Death, and the Grave, that you are god of your own life. You destroy yourself and, because the Holy Trinity PERSONALLY made and formed you in your mother’s womb and then, gave you Their breath to breathe, you destroy a piece of God.
      ANYTIME that someone confronts God and says, “No. I’m going to do it MY WAY because I think my plans, my ways, my wishes, my wants, my desires, my needs, etc are better than Yours…” is sinning. Sin, unless forgiven of, condemns you to Hell.
      So, yes, suicide gives you a one-way, there’s-no-way-out-of-it (unless you do not go through with it or SURVIVE suicide because you CAN be forgiven of it) ticket to Hell.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i think you have schizophrenia .

  10. Anonymous says:

    hey Lilly Nguyen, I am not going through what u have been going through but I did have some difficult times. n when u r afraid in that manner their r no words to describe the fear.
    Okay I don’t know if u have ever worked with a witch, I understand ur God mother passed I’m sorry, but i will give ome advice n pray for u….
    first:kosher salt, now u have to keep thi up understand it rains, we clean n it goe away.
    kosher salt is blessed by jewish rabies n salt is a natural sort of energy used in like for ever to ward off evil.
    okay u will make a circle, i advice with the salt surround ur home and pray outload who cares what the neighbor think they r not living the hell u r.
    so pray whatever u r comfortable with our father, but in general surround urself in this circle that will keep eveil out.

  11. Christian Guy says:

    Christ gave His believers dominion over demons. If you believe in Christ, forget all the conventional wisdom you hear, the false idols of using holy water and crosses, etc. and simply use your position in Christ to command them to leave, and they will! You’re under spiritual attack and until you use your authority given to you by Christ Jesus you will not get peace. I was haunted by demons as well, but the experience proved to me that hell is real.. and gues what, if hell is real then heaven must be as well. If anything, my experience brought me closer to God as I will never forget what happened to me and how I was able to overcome it through Christ Jesus.

  12. Natasha3195 says:

    the same thing kinda happened to me except it stole my first kiss.i come from a family of phsycics (father) and royal witches (mother). i started developing my powers when i was five. at five years old it wa a small burst of power then it hid. after my last year of middle school i started to feel my power again it was the summer of 2008 when it happend after the time i relized i was in trouble i built up my strength and mental power. I sleep with a bible now but when i was weak it would always sleep with me (it would spoon me) andit controled my anger it made me blame god i stoped going to church and eventually one day i got so angry i took my cross and broke it in half after that god kinda punished me for it. my friend gave me a wooden cross to hold on to so she could go talk to her boyfriend. the minute i touched it my hand felt like it was on fire i droped the cross and when i picked it up again it didn’t burn. thats when i started fighting back. on the last day it could be with me was in a full moon. I was asleep when i woke up i couldn’t open my eyes and my hands were next to my head. i felt something on top of me and holding my hands down. i strugled then i felt cold lips on mine. then after that it left. i don’t know what it was or anything but i’ve kept my powers strong ever scince.

    • sarah says:

      A lot of people would say you have schizophrenia but who are we to label each other, we are not doctors. When I was being molested, I was 11 years old, I was asleep in my bed when I felt a very lustful spirit go on top of me.. I could not move. But I prayed in my head and it went away. So I dont think that is crazy. We attract different spirits in our lives, has a lot with what we go through. Our minds have a lot to do with it, but how can people say that is schizophrenia? we are spiritual beings too. See If i never experience those things and truly seen and felt things I would say we are crazy too.. when we experience things like that, it just means we are more sensitive spiritual and its a beautiful thing if we use them for good.

      • sneha says:

        Nice opinion You have!!!

        • sarah says:

          Yes thats all it is, an opinion. I am not a god. Us humans know nothing. Just what we learn in our lives… our experiences. This site is developing into a great encouragment for many of us. So lets be kind, but realistic. There really might be a person on here who needs someone!! So please no name calling, who are we to judge. We dont know what is really in each others minds or hearts. Trust me we really dont know…lol. I am the happinest person you will ever meet, but my heart can be dark!! So keep this site for helpful tips and great opinions… thats all we have. :0) cheers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    sounds more like schizophrenia… sorry!

  14. BekkieLassy says:

    Yeah it does sound crazy….. Sorry but you sound realy parrenoid with the wole matter of paranormal. I understand that you are patrified by the demons trying to take over your soul for the devil. But I asure you. If you just trust in God and keep him close to you at all times, continueing to try and pray and read the bybel youl succeed I promice you. Like they say practice makes perfect and in no time youll be able to pray and medetate again. To me the ability to see, feal and sence the presince of a ghost or demon is a complete gift. I know what going on around me in life and I understand the unexplained more. People who don’t have the gift or curce as you say, live in a one way world with nothing but science. to them if they see sumpthing happen witch they can’t explain they are clasified as being crazy and most likely end up in the loony bin. I realy do hope that youll see and find the light in all of this. It realy isnt all that bad.. Keep strong

    • Concerned mom says:

      You know what? Maybe you need to experience something like this in order to believe that it is true. Not all people experience demons. Therefore, why are you reading about this if you have no concerns?

    • Concerned mom says:

      You are ight, it’s not all that bad if you are not the one going thru it.

  15. LtCol Morris Elijah Victor Jr. USMC (ret) says:

    Hello, I am an old guy. How old? I served in the war during the Vietnam war conflict (1960 to 1964) and served with the mighty BIG RED 1. I lived through things and seen things that would make a pig puke.

    Anyway, I have this problem… I wake up in the night and I see this gray slate colored face about 2′ from my face… //

    • sarah says:

      Remember this is only my opinion. My grandpa went through the war and experienced nightmares. So I dont think its spiritual, I think its in your mind from what you went through. I know I mention that I was molested over and over again in my comments, but I just want to say that because of what I went through, that torment as a child, as an adult I developed all different types of behaviours….example: not wanting to be in public, thinking I was ugly, thinking of suicide, nightmares etc etc…. but I went to a doctor, now I am the complete opposite. So maybe go see someone… our minds are powerful and with tormenting experiences in life our minds get abit screwed up!! you are not alone.

  16. bkenline says:

    I have always had oddities happen, such as known things a split second or two before they happen, had phone calls that called my name, I knew who it was (others were there to witness)and hear my immediate comment…I was correct when I talked to the person soon after, but the person who called was actually unable to make the call, and my comment was right on. Many things happen like that but always to inform me. A medaphysics professor said I am an since nothing bad has happened I just accepted the ability. The haouse and situation I am in now is rought with chaos… There are sounds in the house daily, nothing frightening until earlier this week…I was taking my granddaughter for a stroller ride, I braced the screen door open, as I bent down to push the button lock on the side of the old door out of the corner of my eye I watched in terror as her stroller went down a flight of 4 cement stairs with her strapped in it. I heard no sound as a stroller would make kerplunking down a flight of stairs, she injured the palet of her mouth badly and I had trouble getting her unharnessed. It happened in the speed of lighenining, not the slow-mo that you usually see in an accident and not one planter on the steps had even moved a single 1/4 inch it was as if a gust of wind hurled it

  17. Adhinferno says:

    Rather than a curse, I would say that I am Gifted for having that ability. Not many human can see the spirits and interact with them. Isn’t it fun if you can make the residents in 2 worlds, this world and the spirits as your friends? I am getting used with this kind of thing.

  18. sarah says:

    We really dont know the truth about anything to be honest. I think we all have our own opinions about what we want to believe or the way we were raised. I was raised in a christian family and I experience good spiritual things and really bad spiritual things. I was molested growing up so I was tormented by demons.. because those doors were opened for them from all the molesting that was going on. I was also told there was a curse on my family from an old medicine man from along time ago. So you know what I did when my son was born… I stood up and I said out loud ” I BELIEVE IN JESUS NAME THAT THIS CURSE WILL STOP NOW IN THIS GENERATION” and I believe its no longer here. So if we believe strong enough and have faith in it, we can make mountains move. Im sure you’ve all heard that saying. (Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains) So from the first story, just tell those demons out loud that they have no right to be there and say out loud, scream it and believe it…… (I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER MY BODY, HEART, SOUL , MIND AND MY HOME, IN JESUS NAME) say it over and over and over. There is nothing more powerful then our own beliefs, our own faith, our own hope!!!! Just stop it yourself through Jesus’s name. Believe me, you dont have to be religious. Im not, but I just know from experience what works .If you yourself believes. We all go through our own spiritual journey in this short life… so really, try to enjoy it, before your really old and regret not enjoying even the little things in life. Get out more, be kind to people, listen to people, look at the flowers, how detailed each one is. The little things make you realize that life doesnt have to be about being tortured by demons and focusing on that all the time. Im sure god just wants us to see the beauty in the world he made as well. Im not just typing out my butt, Im also writing from experience. But because of the darkness I was in for so long, you try to find a way out and when you find it, you dont want to go back. You just want to maybe help people along who are surrounded by this dark cloud too. Just be kind and ask Jesus to guide you and he will you know. :)

  19. Sharmila says:

    I think you are suffering from schizophrenia. Get help.

    • sarah says:

      Well all I can say is we are not just body in this sad world, we are soul too. But yes I agree maybe the mind has A LOT to do with it. But there is a spirtual side for sure people. If a person doesnt think so, they live in a small box and are to afraid to look outside of it. But some people are a lot weaker then others I guess!! doesnt matter what we say… everyone has there own faith and hopes… then it just turns into a arguement.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to hear that somone has experinced this. I have never heard of a gift, or curse like this. Try going to church, keep faith in god and don’t let the deamons control you, think of god when they bother you.

    God bless you.

    • sarah says:

      You are right, maybe it was my family who put these terriable things into my head about the family being cursed. Its aweful how a child can be molded into whatever family decides to make you. But as an adult, I try my best to think positive and pray a lot and do good things for people. Seems to make a difference. Ive been thinking of a good church.

  21. Moya says:

    I am sorry you have to go through something like this at such a young age. But please be specific on the god you are calling, Always, always say your fathers name for protection, His name is Jahovah. The devil fears his name. use it , use the power of just his name alone, remind the evil ,that when Jesus a comes they will be put in hell forever.

  22. Texture says:

    Oh, hun… I have been able to hear, feel, and see demons for all of my life so I understand what you have been going through. Know this, though, meditating is bad. It opens up your sub-concious and allows anything and everything to enter and, the stuff that enters is demons, which is why your torment came back. So, I would say to stop meditating and just ask for forgiveness from Jesus.

    You have quite an understanding about suicide. I wish that everyone knew the repercussions of accepting that horrible spirit and, hopefully, with your story, many people will come to know. Demons, though, are not souls. They are spiritual beings that were designed for one purpose: to kill, steal, and destroy. They bow only to their king (Satan) and only to the One True God (Jesus). To stop your torment, stop meditating and turn to Christ.

  23. Anna Barlowe says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, there is nothing wrong with the practice of meditation. The medical community has long established it as a highly beneficial method for calming the brainwaves, lowering blood pressure, relieving pain and anxiety, easing depression, and many other excellent things.

    I have meditated daily for many years (somehow managing to avoid being possessed by demons in the process), and it has essentially cured me of many physical and anxiety disorder symptoms, including clinical-level OCD. I simply could not get by without it, or might have to take medications to replace it. So to hear people maligning it here on religious grounds is patently ridiculous, and only shows me that they don’t have a clue what it actually is.

    As with most things, it is the INTENTION of your meditation that matters, not the practice itself, and it does not belong to any one religious tradition exclusively. Guess what prayer to God or Jesus is? It’s a form of meditation. You’re simply quieting your mind so you can hear God speaking to you.

    Catholics use rosary beads to focus their meditations, and Buddhists do something similar, which accounts for their peaceful and nonviolent (not to mention nonjudgmental) philosophies and practices. They just sit around being nice and calm all the time, so it’s no big surprise that you don’t see too many wars being started by Buddhists (although you would think the demons would love that, wouldn’t you?).

    If you meditate on evil or demons, then yes, you might just attract them. Meditate on God and love and light, and you’ll attract that. As with anything, use a little common sense, and please stop bashing things you don’t understand without investigating or trying them first. This sort of intolerance and misunderstanding is what leads to unpleasantness in the world to begin with. We would all be better off without it.

    Below is a guest post I wrote recently on how to learn to meditate quickly and effectively, even if you’ve never tried it before. Hopefully it may be helpful to someone. I highly recommend the practice to absolutely everyone, regardless of religion, because it is a physical rather than a mystical process. It’s just good for your health, whatever you may believe in.

    P.S. Please do not tell me that this is “just my opinion.” By now it is SCIENCE. Look it up.

    • Texture says:

      No, ma’am, prayer is not a form of meditation. I do not empty my mind when I talk to Jesus Christ. I see the words I wish to speak to my God and the memories I wish to talk to Him about very clearly in my mind.

      I have had the pleasure of talking to people who meditate and once, I meditated myself. Yes, science has proven that meditation calms you down and releases good health, but while true meditation does that, it also opens your sub-concious up to allow the demonic in. Why do you think Satanists meditate?

      It is your opinion that meditation is great. It is my understanding that it is not. Again, the Word states that we are to meditate (or think) on the Words and commands of Jesus Christ, NEVER does the Word say to open your mind up. And ma’am, I’m not Catholic and do not and will not ever own a rosary-I advise against them. I am not a Scientist and do not believe in and advise against some of what science calls, “good.” Also, I am not a Buddhist and advise against some of their practices. I am a Christ-follower and I try my best to advise people on what to do BASED on the Word of Jesus Christ.

  24. Anna Barlowe says:

    You will notice that I did not say anything about emptying the mind – I said “quieting,” which is not the same thing at all. What meditation actually does, scientifically speaking, is to calm the brainwaves from the short, faster beta waves associated with the waking state, to the longer, slower alpha or theta waves more closely associated with sleep.

    This is a calming and healthier state for the mind to be in, and not a mystical condition. The meditator always remains aware of his or her surroundings, and completely in control of the experience. It is not a form of hypnosis or mind control in any way.

    In fact I don’t believe it is really possible to empty the mind, or to create an “opening” for anything you don’t want to create it for. I have never heard of this notion, nor experienced anything like it myself in all my years of meditation. I have far more control over myself than that, as I think most people do.

    People use meditation for whatever uses suit them – in my case physical and mental calming, and communication with the divine in whatever form I am comfortable with (always positive, and never demonic).

    And I am not familiar with meditation being a common practice of Satanists, but if it is, that certainly does not negate its benefits for others who use it with better intentions. That’s like saying that no one should ever use frying pans because someone could potentially hit you over the head with one. Most people just cook with them.

    I am all for allowing people to use whatever methods work for them. If you don’t find value in meditation, and don’t want to use it, then by all means please do not. But I take issue with vilifying it in religious terms when it is a natural process that has immense benefits for bringing about better mental, physical, and spiritual health for those who use it for that purpose.

    I am certainly neither evil nor possessed, and I meditate several times a day. It has done nothing but make me a better, happier, and more whole person, and nothing will convince me that it can be harmful, any more than anyone will convince you that it isn’t, since you clearly fear it. But perhaps others will come to view it more scientifically than theologically. That would be my hope.

  25. sarah says:

    Can I just say… this will not go anywhere people. Religion is a aweful thing to talk about on here, that is what causes wars!!!! Remember its OUR own personal opinions… ONLY. STOP judging each other… but its nice to hear other peoples views. Because if we are molded a certain way, nothing can break that mold. We will follow what we think and feel is right.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Get help from both the kinds
    The church and the doctor
    It can be a demon or maybe you are suffering from schizophrenia
    Take care and do not loose hope

  27. cesar says:

    well a gift can also be a curse if meditated before and when i stopped i took in a deep breath like hhhhhhhoooo i like went into another state

  28. sunny says:


    This sounds like a case of schizophrenia.This poor lady needs psychiatric treatment.

  29. Teri says:

    You clearly have a mental illness. I believe in Demonic possessions & the Supernatural but this story is one of many from people that are suffering from mental illnesses. Just like Concerned mom, her daughter is not possessed. It’s a mental thing probably caused by Concerned mom herself.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey Teri – You are the know it all who sees everything so clearly yet seems to understand so little.I am getting very tired of your insulting comments here. Step down a bit from your judgement throne

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