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Little Girl or Demon?

Posted on January 30, 2011

OK well it all started with my sister’s friend Gina. My sister was staying with Gina for a while with her baby you know, and one night Gina and my sister and there other friend Tina were sitting around in the living room and the baby was sleeping in the bed room, all of a sudden they hear a crash sound and then over the baby monitor they heard the word ‘Sorry!” and then giggles. Besides that night they have heard talking from the baby monitor and giggles, but the baby cant talk yet. Things have been misplaced, such as baby toys and electronic al stuff.

Then Tina started to be able to see the source of the giggles, it turned out to be a little girl about 10 years of age, (so it says). Tina started to talk to the girl to find out why she was there, where she came from, how she died, and her name and stuff like that.

The girl gave us this info; the boy said I could come here, the truck ran me over, Jenna Cote, and reason for noise while the baby is sleeping is she wanted to play.

A couple of days later after finding this out and looking up the name that the girl gave us we couldn’t find any leads, so Tina tried again. this time she got the name CarolAnn Marie and that she got hit by an ice truck. They started to communicate with her and she would ask to play with something and they would let her. We would take pictures like what happened at our Christmas party, orbs showed up in the pictures.

A couple of nights ago Tina had a dream (vision) about demonic creatures, and this (little girl) being one of them and that they had a lamb up side down draining its blood in to a cup and passing it around and that she was tied to a wooden pole and cut with knives all over. Now Tina is Wiccan so she got freaked out. Our other Wiccan friend finds that Tina did something wrong and opened a door to the other side. And I think something followed us home because one day when me, my dad, my sister were cleaning a remote fell down the stairs but we were all down stairs, and my dad has this mother Mary statue that is on his radio speakers (it is normally facing the TV) but when we all went back up stairs that night it was facing the couch but yet no one moved it of touched it.

And that night I was sitting in the chair in the living room and everyone else was in bed and the garbage can just like falls over and I hear footsteps moving away from it and going down the stairs. I have felt like something is watching me when ever I am home alone. Never used to be like this until Tina had her friend help her try to send that little girl away cause it started a fight the fact that she did not like yelling and some of us didn’t find it right that we have to change for someone that is dead. But come to find out it is a demon like I was thinking the whole time, I had told Tina the night before she started talking to it to be careful cause spirits can be deceiving and tricky even more so the demonic ones. And they can feel and know when a person can tell weather they are good or bad so they block them selves from that person which is why I couldn’t tell that anything was there. And these things tend to go to the weak minded and the non-believers first, because with a believe and a strong minded person it will take longer for a spirit to take over the body. They are more alert that something is there so they can fight against it.

But ever since that day that Tina talked to it I have been looking up ways to protect my self and my family(my niece that is a year old) and my sister that is prego again. I’ve seen some black figures in our apartment lately and I don’t know what it wants from us but I don’t want to wait and find out.

Sent in by DeathGirl2012, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Dreams

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19 Responses to “Little Girl or Demon?”
  1. sharayah says:

    please take care of the people you bring around you and your family. with your little friends in the occolt playing and pray too so called gods and goddess they are bound to attract something unclean around there self or you, like what’s pretty much is going on! about that statue of mary it has no repect for the statue because you or dad should not have that praying,looking, believing in statues is a big no no. you are so smarter then most people.to not just fall for these spirits or let demons lie too you.having spirits around is not ok even if it’s a so called nice. i think we all know why we should never be ok with a demon in our lives. well please take care and look too GOD,pray with your family be strong. :)

  2. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    watch those baby monitors – they do pick up transmissions from other baby monitors and transmitters – I used to talk to my sister in the next street over my baby monitor while she was on one of her son’s walkie talkies! It also meant I could pop over to her house to borrow milk etc and still listen for my baby. If someone has heard you talking to them on the baby monitor…………..they could be having a bit of sport.
    Plus having placed such frightening and scary ideas in your head, its very easy for the sub conscious to translate them into dreams which scare you even more! You seem to have an excess of ghost children with poor pedestrian skills which seems coincidental.
    Being a new mum, the thought of kids being run over would leave you highly upset and suggestable. So I’d be thinking someone is having a bit of cruel fun via the baby monitor………unfortunately, at your expense. It would also mean they can hear YOU in their house and probably listen to every word you say – if you can change wavelengths I’d suggest you change them or look at another model and ensure its different,

  3. Charmaine says:

    That’s creepy! Did you find any protection for your family? Maybe it’s not the girl that’s doing this? Maybe when you communicated with her, you let some other thing “in” too? Keep well :)

  4. Stephie says:

    Yea thats sum scarey stuff! I wud most definately get sum kind of Spirtual Help and Protection for yourselves. Thanks for Sharing and God Bless!

  5. Tina says:

    I agree with the baby monitor theory. I used to leave my TV on tuned to a channel with white noise, because it helped me sleep by blocking out all other sound. One morning I woke up to hear 2 men talking, at first I was afraid, but then I realized that their voices were coming from my TV. I heard one of the guys mention that he had just made it to a bridge near my home, and thats when I realized that somehow the TV had picked up their conversation via their cell phones, walkie talkies or CB radio. I agree that someone picked up on the baby monitors frequency, and was just having fun at your exspense. As for the comment about watching who you let in your house, Wicca is in no way associated with the devil. It is merely the celebration/worship of nature, and I hate it when people link it to devil worship. No I am not a Wiccan, I am in fact a Christian, but I have made it a point to learn as much about other religions as possible.

    • sharayah says:

      any person of God would never be ok with so called pagon gods. don’t be fooled that is what wicca worship socalled gods and godess. the one true god of the bible tells you plane as day NOT to follow the pagon gods and there ways. two i strongly believe if your not with God then the devil has you but many people don’t know that or may not believe that,well im just going of f of what the bible says.miss christian. do you even know Gods words ??? if you knew God you would know the evil ways of man really upsets him. lol :)

      • littlemiss says:

        First of all, to say that people that are NOT christian are inviting EVIL, is just a cruel and stupid thing to say.
        The Pagan religion was one of the first that ever existed, and whether you believe it or not, the christian/catholic faith stems from it.
        I was baptized catholic, and the reason I do not follow it anymore, is because of fundamentalists like you.
        And that guy was right in saying that wicca is not devil worshipping, and if you judge anyone just by their difference of opinion, lady you have a serious screw loose. And to add to that, an English education wouldn’t go astray either, as your spelling is appauling.

        • Caretaker says:

          :) ! you misspelled worshipping, and appauling. As usual when someone criticizes others spelling or grammar they make the same mistakes. No offense intended, I just thought it was funny.

          I do agree that Catholicism originated from Babylonians but there never was really a “pagan religion” Pagans were/are a very wide range of different people with different beliefs and religions. The idea that there is a “pagan religion” actually came from propaganda by the Catholic church as they attempted to label anyone who wasn’t in agreement with them as a pagan.

        • sharayah says:

          now on to your madness :) . i never said if your not christan then your inviting the devil in. i was clear on what i put down.but let me say it again.”if your not walking with God then your walking with the devil some people may know and some may not.god tells us NOT to follow pagan so if any church base there faith on what the pagans then they are wrong and they have came in His name but are not of him.judaism was around far longer then christans they came from jew. christ was a jew.

          • Diana says:

            IF what you’re saying is true…then people who don’t understand the concept of God because they are mentally handicapped are walking with the devil? That seems a little far fetched to me.

            I’m just saying….Clearly this is not a black and white issue and there are a TON of gray areas.

      • sharayah says:

        hey i know my spelling sucks. i went through a very hard tima at a young age and didn’t have proper education.so all i know now is because of me i can read books and understand it and i can wright also it may not be up to your stander but im happy with my self.because just 10 years ago i was pretty much on a 4th or 5th grade level but now i can read books above12th grade level and understand. i couldn’t even spelle before now i can put my feeling down and be understood.so im real good. and happy. you hater :)

  6. mystery peson says:

    that is right having demons are not alright around the house because it effects u and your family i would be under the covers every night if i had ghost,demons,or devils,in my house i bet my dogs would be barking like they never barked in there life p.s that some creepy story there

  7. Stan says:

    Deathgirl? Let’s start with that…why would anyone choose to be called Death – anything? Are you infatuated with death? Death means no life, no light, no happiness, no joy – it means evil and distance from God, your family and anything good and wonderful you’ve ever known. Real death is not glamorous, or pretty, or fun, or cool. You are responsible for everything happening to you. You say you are looking for ways to protect yourself from these evil entities – there is only one way to do it, and you don’t have to search for it – you just ask for it and it comes to you. (you know what i’m talking about already). You are giving evil beings a legal right to enter into your life and the lives of those you love by being associated with WICA, witchcraft, OUIJA boards, death music, attempting to communicate with the dead, or anything else that Satan uses as a trap to ensnare people like you. You need to run away from all of that stuff and stay far away from anyone that is involved in it. Next, you have to confess to God that you’ve been doing these things, swear to never do them again, say you are sorry for disobeying him – and ask him to cleanse your life, your home and everyone that you love from evil. It may take several attempts to get it done, especially if you’re not sincere, because God knows if you really mean it or not. If you don’t, you risk becoming enslaved by demons forever. Yeah, it sounds like a fairy tale…yeah it sounds like crazy talk and hard to believe – but it is very true – how can you believe in demons and not believe in God? To use Satan’s own arguments against him- how can there be darkness without light? How can there be cold without hot? How can there be evil without good? How can there be demons without God? God is just as real as those demons that are after you. He loves you just as much as those demons hate you. He wants to help you and rescue you from them – but he won;t force himself on you.. It has to be your choice. You have to ask for Jesus to enter into your life and displace all of the evil and bring you into his protective custody. Go to your minister, any minister, and tell him your story. Ask him to help you – he will tell you exactly what you need to do. If you wait or ignore it, hoping that it will go away – you are making a huge mistake – and one that Satan is really hoping that you will make. It will never get better on it’s own and it will never go away on it’s own. it may lay low for a while to make you think it has gone – but it will never leave you unless you take away the legal right that you gave it. And only Jesus Christ can do that for you. I really hope that you are able to get away from this…so many people die and go to hell every single day…please don’t become one of them…it never ends….

  8. IheartYETIS! says:

    I have heard that demons can mimic anything they chose, so it could be pretending to be that girl…

  9. Anna Mossity says:

    So just because someone had a bad dream, admittedly an ickier than usual one, that automatically makes the ghost a demon?! Wow…
    And Sharaya, the only word you need to worry about spelling correctly is “Intolerance.”

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