Little Elves Haunted Daycare And The Clown Doll

Posted on July 12, 2008

Ok when I was 10 my mother worked at a children’s daycare. This daycare was named Little Elves. And I promise that everything I am writing is true. This daycare was haunted. It was a big place. It had a huge grass field with playground equipment, a pool, three other outdoor playgrounds, a trampoline, two mobile homes on opposite ends of the grounds, a small outdoor cement slab for skating, shack classrooms, and a row of classrooms with huge windows. Now this place was very old. Oh, I almost forgot that there was a mysterious little rock pile out there too.

Now, the woman who ran the daycare had told us that it was haunted, but we figured that she was telling us this to scare us into behaving. She was not. I don’t know what took place on this land before the daycare was built or even during the building of this daycare. But I do know that woman was really strict with all of us. We were scared of her. So, that is why we never asked her questions about the place. Just to explain ‘we’ means my sister, older brother, old best friend, and his brother, who is now my husband. We will never forget the things we saw and heard there. We still talk about it to this day, and I’m 27 now.

I’m not at all sure how things started. I used to see shadows there and was always afraid to use the bathroom cause I could see shadows in the mirrors, there weren’t any stalls there. My husband lived in one of the mobile homes on Little Elves’ lot. He would tell us stories of seeing blood in the tub, voices calling his name, things being thrown around his and his brother’s room, the radio station changing. Then one day they moved to the other mobile home on the other side of the lot.

Well, we were playing tag outside, me and my bestfriend and my husband and sister on teams. We thought it would be fun to hide in one of the classrooms with the huge windows, but the door was locked. No surprise cause it was a weekend and the daycare was closed. And no one had a key except the scary woman who ran Little Elves. Then we ran around the buildings to try and hide, but when we came back to the room the door was unlocked. We figured that we didn’t try hard enough. Well we went in to hide. There was chalk and chalkboards on the walls so we decided to draw. We said if they tag us we’ll say were not playing anymore. They did find us and asked how we got in cause they were gonna hide in there and scare us when we went in. We told them the story of how it was locked and then it wasn’t. We all just drew and snooped around.

We heard a strange noise and all jumped. Now my husband was always trying to scare me, still does to this day, so I yelled for him to behave. He told me it wasn’t him. The look on his face told me he wasn’t joking. Then for some strange reason this stuffed clown doll caught our attention. We had just been in that classroom the previous day and none of us had ever seen that doll. The doll didn’t look scary, but we swear that the noise came from his direction. We walked up to the doll, picked it up,and threw it into a corner. We were all a little spooked so we decided to play outside again.

I know for a fact that no one could have got back into that room because I personally locked the door and tried to open it again. It was locked shut.

Ok, we started to play again. They were chasing us around the building and when we all ran past the classroom that clown doll was in the window looking at us. We never saw it move, but that’s the only way it could have gotten to that window. It had a weird smirk on his face too. No one was going to sew a smirk on a clown doll that was just smiling either! We screamed and ran. When we all calmed down we asked each other if the other had done that, but no one had. We had all been together from the time we left the room and the door was locked. We got up our courage and went back outside to the classroom. The clown doll was gone! We were all scared that it had got out of the room so, we ran to check the door. Still locked.

That Monday we went back into that classroom and looked for that doll (we weren’t scared cause the teacher and her class were there). We could not find that doll anywhere. So we asked her if she’d seen it. No she had never seen that doll. She even asked her class and they had never seen a clown doll there either.

To this day we talk about that doll. We still ask each other if the other had played a prank, but the answers are always the same. NO.

Now this isn’t the only time we experienced something scary at Little Elves. I’ve got lots more scary, but very true stories. I know a lot of you won’t believe me, but I know three others who know it’s true.

Sent in by Angelica Olvera, Copyright 2008

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45 Responses to “Little Elves Haunted Daycare And The Clown Doll”
  1. Jett says:

    Interesting. I always like a good haunted clown doll story.

  2. Simone Mefford says:

    Urgh…I hate dolls and I hate clowns. They are creepy enough as it is without being haunted. But a haunted clown doll would have me looking for charcoal starter and a match.

  3. Amy says:

    That is so scary!! After I saw IT I was never the same way around clowns or clown dolls. I could only imagine how y’all felt!! VERY SCARY!!

  4. et says:

    i tottally agree with you amy clown dolls scare the heck out of me! I saw IT that movie freaked me out.

  5. (can't say) says:

    i hate clowns!!!!!! that is just so creepy. reminds me of IT.

  6. v-nizz says:

    omg that was creepy…dolls scare the heck outta me! i cant be in a room with them!!! scarey!!!

  7. nameless says:

    i h8 dolls they friggen scare the crap out of me, i have allways hated dolls every time im in the same room as a doll (especialy porclein dolls) I lock them in a closet . i just wanna dump dolls into gasoline and throw a match at ‘em.

  8. Nick says:

    I had the same experiens but not at that daycare it was at a diffrent one in mccook nebraska

  9. lindsay14 says:

    wow this is weird but i belive u 100% bc i had this lil clown doll that i threw out and a week later it was back so i took it to school and threw it out there and againit was back so i finally just burned it then i got a pic of it laying next to me while i was sleeping!!!!NO JOKE!!

  10. Loki says:

    I have an experience similer to that, I am a little curious though what was the exact feeling you got from the clown, was it one of malice? Also was the window sill the doll was on a higher position then you (in other words was it looking down at you?). If so on both cases its likely whatever was behind the dolls movement enjoyes hurting others. Funny thing about this sort of thing is that cases where someone is accualy hurt is extreamly rare. Basicaly getting to the point where the force can show itself to us is as far as it can typicaly get.

  11. Kitten says:

    Scary biscuits.. I do love a good clown doll story. I was always terrified as a child that my toys were going to come to life while I was asleep and kill me, ever since I heard that porcelain doll story with the nails. Good grief.

  12. Chad says:

    Dolls and clowns scare the living day light out of me x,x.. nice story

  13. Eva says:

    Tell more please? i reely wanna know. i may be only 11, turning 12 next week but i still have a good intrest in occult PLEASE TELL MORE!

  14. Beck Duggleby says:

    What state did this happen in? I’m working on a book full of ghost tales on the internet and I want to know were this happened.

    I hate dolls, I hate clowns. That probably shows you what I would do if I was there. Scream bloody murder and get the heck out of there.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I have had a fear of clowns since I was a little girl. I was sick and had a high fever, in my delirium, I could see a clown that I could only describe as evil, standing in the corner of my room waiting for my mother to leave my side so it could get me. As a child, some family members thought I was being irrational and would scare me with a porcelin clown doll that laughed when you pulled its string. (Shudder) To this day, I get nervous, and panicky when I see a clown.

  16. connie says:

    I have always been scared of doll specially if they have a creepy face and I agree w/ kitten I hate porcelain dolls they look all pretty but creepy. I would also like to here more of your stories Angelica.

  17. valery(a.k.a Izzy) says:

    that is a relly scary wont you tell us more i would love to hear more of this passage!!!!!by the your story is really cool beans

  18. Myth Expert Extrordinare says:

    I’ll keep it simple. I. HATE. CLOWNS. the doll can’t really hurt you (yet….). once it gets a bigger and harder body, then I would get scared. But I would have destroyed the doll anyway ( I am a part time Pyrotechnician, and I love what I do).

  19. Miranda says:

    y dont u tell ur other stories???

  20. mickela says:

    this is so scary im having a feeling i am going to faint

  21. RIANNA says:


  22. Jemma says:

    Wow i hate dolls and clowns! Clown dolls 0.0 if i saw a clown doll at all i would run away. If i saw one change position, i would never return there.
    Great story, you should tell us more, i would believe you.

  23. andrew says:

    creepy clown doll

  24. Delias Darkside says:

    That’s freakin Awesome! I love scary creepy clowns….I collect clown dolls I wish mine would do some crzy stuff like that!

  25. amber says:

    oh my god delia you must be crazy

  26. Alpha says:

    I hate clowns too…but my fear of clowns wasn’t the result of a paranormal experience or fever…
    I was 6 years old and i went to my best friend’s birthday party and her mum dressed up as this lady clown… It was a really convincing costume!!! She’s always such a pretty lady and lo and behold, there stood a crazy clown.
    I was eating ice-cream and her mum came and picked me up and started swinging me around. I was so scared i wet myself… No Joke…

    To this day my mum and her mum (they are best friends) joke about it…

    Clowns are definitely scary!!!

  27. rebecca says:

    that is creepy and scary

  28. giselle says:

    I hate clowns!when I was 1 my mom was at a friends giting something her friend was fliping through the channels and went to help my mom I was left in the room with the tv runing it had a creepy clown movie on I have hate clowns my hole life

  29. We says: says:

    Make that four peaple who believe you.My ten year old cusin goes to a haunted daycare[Sleepers to sneakers daycare]

  30. larissa says:

    i am creeped out of this stupid scary i am going to dream about it and i’m going to be wining to my mom about it.

  31. lucy hoppercot says:

    freaky i was in my friends attic and we saw a woman walk past us and we looked back and no one was there she had blue eyes brown hair and red cheeks

  32. Azteca says:

    ive seen scary things 2 when i was a child but didnt get scared bcuz i didnt know it was paranormal till i got older

  33. alisa:p says:

    holy crap i hate clowns i had two little galss clown dolls when was 5 and i was up stairs alone and playing with barbies when i heard a evil clown laugh i freaked! it came from one of my clowns (true story)

  34. Jamie says:

    ugh, I have a very good imagination, and imagining that story scared the crap out of me… omg… I can’t imagine the fear you felt…

  35. Blanca says:

    im scared of clowns after i saw the movie “IT” :(

  36. diana96 says:


  37. XXXNightOverDayXXX says:

    I hate dolls espiceally ones that are clown dolls. I actually have a procelin doll in my closet on one of my shelves and every night I make sure something big and heavy is in front of the closet ( I always hearing the closet opening ). I sound so childish but I hate dolls and I can’t seen to get rid of the doll. A few Christmas ago my younger sister recieved a life-size doll as a gift and I remember begging her to put it in the hallway closet and I begged my mom even more to throw it away. I’ve been afraid of those since I saw my cousin ( years ago ) cutting her life size doll in bits after claming the doll had moved and played a strange music.

  38. Pat says:

    Freaky, creepy place. I think the land is haunted… the fact that the locked door unlocked then a creepy clown appeared is really scary. I am so glad no-one was in there alone and that you all have each other to back you up! Clowns are creepy as heck especially those little clown dolls with tiny teth- EEK! Tell us more scary stoires of that place please!

  39. cowboy13 says:

    Yes,very scary story. I just din’t like very much clown masks and dolls. If you can please tell us more stories about that place,I will believe you (you maybe published more stories but I didn’t noticed it for now).

  40. D.R. says:

    Ugh! Creepy! I hate clowns, too, like everyone above. Like XXX, I also have a porcelain doll in my closet. My Grandmother gave it to my daughter. We share a room and it was on her dresser. Neither one of us could stand looking at her creepy face so we put her in the closet. I’m getting creeped out thinking about her right now! A few of days ago my daughter went in to the closet and told me to come look at the doll. She is laying on her back a little tilted and her eyes appeared to be to the side looking at us. It’s probably just how they are glued in but it still freaked us out.
    Ugh… I’m scared now! haha

  41. mary says:

    i collect dolls, and have over 400 of them…the old ones are full of personality..i feel they have little spirits and do not scare me at all…i think the clown doll just wanted to play……

  42. francs says:

    now jus to let u people know i am not afraid of clowns as i have 2 clown dolls but my cousins collection does creep me out at times an im not afraid of dolls unless its my moms doll Danielle i hate that doll

    she is over 50yrs old an scares me my mother use to put her in my room as a child an i’d have such horrid dreams about this doll killing me an for a 5yr old to dream that its not right but everytime i put her out my room mom would put her back (there is nothing wrong with the doll she looks like any type of doll jus at times i got creepy feelings from it) she still creeps me out but

    she now lives in my moms cuboard at the very top lol
    so i dont really see her often

  43. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    Tell us more stories, that was a good one!

  44. noneofyourconcern says:

    wow tell more i personally knoe you qot more

  45. Anonymous says:

    i belive you

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