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Little Blond Girl with the Pink Dress

Posted on February 8, 2010

My paranormal experiences began when my mother died when I was thirteen. My father married to my step mom Stella and they decided they wanted to have more kids and raise them in the south. I was the oldest at the time.

We moved to an old Victorian house that you always heard footsteps in and that was falling apart and my father swore he’ll fix it. The house had two stories, five bedrooms, and three bathrooms. On the first night, my youngest sister Taylor went to sleep in the second largest room that had its own bathroom and French doors leading to an balcony. (The room that I really wanted, but my bratty sister convinced my dad to give it to her).

At around four in the morning, Taylor ran out of her room screaming. My whole family woke up to the sounds and we found Taylor crouched in a corner of the living room. She was wide eyed and frightened. She said that she saw black shadows standing over her bed. I didn’t believe her story because my sister loved getting attention and making up stories and she wanted to be an actress.

The next morning, my father was trying to coax her back to her room. She began whining and I took the chance to get the room. After a few months, when I was sleeping in my room, I heard whispers and laughter and I thought that was my sisters playing a joke on me. I told them to shut up and I threw a pillow at the direction of the sounds. I fell asleep and then woke up late for school.

After school, I confronted my sisters to tell them to stop going in my room and making noises. My sisters Taylor and Caitlyn both looked at me confused and told me I was crazy. I decided to forget about it and later when it was time to go to bed, I locked the doors. I woke up at five in the morning because of a soft childlike laughter and saw a girl that looked about five standing beside my bed. She had long blond hair and wore an old fashioned pink dress with bows. She smiled at me and I froze. I couldn’t breath or scream. Then she disappeared and I ran out of room and went to sleep on the living room couch because I didn’t went to bother my dad and step mom because my step mom was a few months pregnant at the time. My dad woke me up and asked why I wasn’t sleeping in my bedroom. I lied and said I had a nightmare.

I used to see the little girl in my parents house and now I don’t feel afraid anymore. I don’t know about the black shadows that my sister Taylor saw and years later, I’ve asked her about it and she says that she wasn’t making it up. I’m twenty two and in collage now and my step mom gave birth to my twin step brothers Lucas and Jonah who say that they hear whispers and hear the stairs creaking.

My second youngest sister Caitlyn said she sees the same little girl that I saw because she sleeps in my room now. I believe them and this changed my view of the paranormal and I believe in ghosts now.

Written by Cassidy Mason, Copyright 2010

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Tags: Shadows, Victorian Houses

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7 Responses to “Little Blond Girl with the Pink Dress”
  1. Believer says:

    Awesome and freaky story at the same time! I have seen a little boy before without any eyes and he was carrying a knife

  2. anna says:

    I think that cool.A little girl.I probably would talk to the ghost.Since she wasnt mean.She didnt bother anyone so that was o.k.the thing happened to us was when our son was couple months old we had a moniter and we heard a man talking to our son.

  3. anna says:

    thats cool that you have a ghost.I wish I could have a friendly one.but the evil thats scary.

  4. Grey Wolf says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your story…sounds like the ghosts that are there in your parents house are not mean or causing any harm…and that your family has learned to all share the same home.I was wondering have you seen or heard anything else paranormal since you are now in colleage..and I’m guessing that you ‘might’ live at school.Also have you or anyone in your family ever done any research on the house or the land where the house is at;to find out what happened in the house or on the land in days gone by??Please let us know more..Blessed Be!

  5. Karen M. says:

    Iv’e seen a ghost before and it was just a white misty figure of a man…………….Didn’t know ghosts appeared in colors!

  6. sarah says:

    hi my name is sarah. when i reached harmones i always wanted to play goast games such as baby blue,bloody mary, and stuff of that nature. so one time i was callling spearets with my cusins. we were calling my cusins grandpa cause she claims that she always sees him in her room soo we were calling him with a candle and soo my cusin got a needle and pricked her finger and droped theblood in the candle string and all off a suden the candle went oof. then she said hes here but then we didnt get too finish cuse her dad was comeing so we hid the candle. so, theres this ledgen i play with my friends, its called blond girl, its a game where we haft to skip and start on our right foot and skipp and say blond little girl, and soo if we say that for at least 40-50 seconds ull see a blond little girl apear with a pink dress, so one day me and my friends were playng the game after school at the play ground and all my freinds saw her but i was the only person who didnt see her. so when they saw her, they ran off screaming there heads off and i told them i didnt see her. so we played agian and they said that she was right in froont of me! they said she was 1 inch away from me! soo all of a suden i felt a swift of air right in front of me as i someone ran i front of me. i freaked! when that happend i smelt all kinds of flowers so i told my friends wat happend and the said that she had a ponny tail and she was whipping it in my face. i told them i didnt feel anything like that. but untill this day im going to try to find out what all that was about. i loved your story by the way.

  7. Tony says:

    Alright dude I have literally just had a dream involving a house like you describe, and a little blonde girl as well. All I got out of it was that her name was Anna, and that she hadn’t been noticed by people in years, idk if it’s the same girl or the same house, but ….it’s enough to make me not want to sleep.

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