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Life Long Haunting Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis

Posted on June 10, 2010

Okay, Ive been a long time reader of this site and only now have decided to post my own creepy experience with the supernatural. I really need help figuring this out please, because I can barely sleep and its really starting to wear down on me seeing as I go to college full time (I dont work but I still take 18 credits).

Anyways, ever since I was a kid, around 8 years old or so, Ive always felt this presence in my room, either right next to my bed or at the foot of my bed. We (my family and I) had moved to a new house and spent a few months there when I had just gotten back into bed after getting up to get a drink of water. As mentioned above, I was about 7-8 years old. I lied back own on the bed (my back was to the wall) and closed my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard my name being whispered right next to my ear. It was so clear, I knew it wasnt just the wind. I snapped awake and sat up in bed, completely terrified. After I could not sleep.

Things got worse when I hit the age of 13. I started having sleep paralysis with hallucinations. Or hypnagogic hallucinations. Every night, I would lie down (it always happened around 2 – 3 am) after having gotten up either to use the bathroom or get water and then I would go into this weird state. I would honestly twitch and move my head as if possessed. I couldnt control my body. I was completely paralyzed by the time I opened my eyes an when I tried to scream I couldnt make more than a wheezing noise. I could feel my covers being pulled on either side of the bed, pinning me down. The only thing I could move is my head, and when I would glance to the side of my bed, there was this dark-shadowy figure in the shape of a man just standing there, looking at me struggle. I could feel as if he was a male. I couldnt see any facial features and I know it wasnt human. Whenever I would fall into this sleep state, I would not being able to pull out of it the rest of the night. As soon as I would wake up gasping and scared to death, I would fall back into it, and unless I got out of bed, it would repeat itself 10, 11, 12 and even 13 times.

Things havent gotten any better and after years of vanishing, these hypnagogic hallucinations are back, along with the loss of control of my body. I often lie awake until 5am, feeling a dark presence watching over me that gets closer every time I close my eyes. I tried a night light and this helped for a few months, but then it provided no comfort, and I was lying awake again, feeling watched. I opened the door to my room, in order to let the hallway light in. Sometimes this helps and I fall asleep quickly, and sometimes it doesnt and I feel terrified all night. After 5am I usually feel safe enough to fall asleep for whatever reason, but as a full time college student, this isnt healthy seeing as I have morning classes.

Sorry this was so long, but please, I really need some good help here. Whats happening to me, and whats the dark presence I keep feeling? My friends tell me that if it hasnt hurt me yet, it wont and that it is a guardian spirit. Please Help!

Thank you!

Sent in by Ivy Garcia, Copyright 2010

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39 Responses to “Life Long Haunting Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis”
  1. Dylan says:

    Wow thats scary..I have that sort of problem where I can’t sleep at night(I always stay up until 12am) and I would read a book to help me sleep but whenever I read I can always feel a cold spot on my left shoulder. Try performing rituals to help the spirit cross over to the other side and for “him” to stop bothering you. I hope my suggestion is good enough :)

    • Ivy says:

      Of course it is! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and comment. I really appreciate it!

  2. Dana says:

    I don’t know much about sleep paralysis and what causes it, and I don’t know whether your seeing hallucinations or real entities, but I do know that if your suffering from it, you must seek help. Many people who have similar experiences to this seem to stay in the dark and avoid seeking real help. Maybe they don’t know who to go to or are afraid that people will think they are insane, but there is still no reason to suffer alone.

    If you think your “paralysis” is something that your body is doing on it’s own and it’s not being caused by some powerful being, I would guess that it’s probably a medical condition and it would be best to see a doctor. There may be medication to help you with it, or you could at least get more information. Now, if you think that your paralysis is being brought upon you by an unseen force, then I would suggest contacting a psychic or any kind of expert on the subject. At the least, you could just have a medical condition, or you could very well have been possessed.

    As for your “hallucinations”, you need to try to figure out if your seeing things that really don’t exist, or if there is something is really there. If you believe your hallucinating, then the best option is to start on one of those prescriptions that help ease the severity of your attacks. If you think that these things you see are as real as you and I, then it would be best to find someone that actually knows what there doing and try to bless the house, or you, or whatever the source is. Also, you should see a psychiatrist to help you deal with the years of suffering this must have caused you.

    The last thing you can do if all else fails, is to do more to ensure your comfort at night. You could get a pet to sleep with, or maybe find a family member that understands enough to come stay with you and sleep in the same room as you. You could put crosses and such in your room and try things like smudging and other do it yourself blessings, I don’t know much about them, but I know there’s a lot different methods.

    I really feel for you, and I fully believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer through this. It’s NOT normal and NO ONE should have to go through that, ever. I really do hope you can find help. Just keep looking and don’t lose hope. I wish you the best.

    • Ivy says:

      I will def. be talking to an expert about this, because I know that’s just not rational to have such a fear of the dark like I do =( Not to mention is really has caused me a lot of stress. Thank you for your advice!

      • Liz says:

        I had a horrid fear of the dark until I was about twenty-five. I was so terrified of a dark bedroom that I kept a light on and the TV going all night, every night- to keep the ghosts away! Or at least, that’s how I felt. Embarassing, but I slept in my mom’s bed until I was eight because I was so scared. But even with my mom right there I was afraid- I was worried my mom would turn into a demon, or that I’d see something awful and not be able to wake my mom up. It’s an absolutely horrible fear to have.

        I think what did it was a lot of exposure to scary movies and music videos when I was a kid. It sounds so goofy now, But MJ’s “Thriller” video, with all the zombies, terrified me for years when I was a kid. I was afraid I’d see something like that in the dark. I also watched a show on HBO called “The Hitchhiker”, which had an incredibly creepy theme song and some scary episodes. “Tales from the Crypt” was the same way. I watched “Poltergeist” 1 and 2 as a little girl and it was kind of eerie to me. I have blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes just like Heather O’Rourke had, and I’m just a little younger than she was, so I identified with her character. The preacher in the second movie, especially, terrified me and gave me some nightmares. Watching “The Exorcist” wasn’t smart, either…

        My mom didn’t stop me from watching anything I wanted to, which was fun but not necessarily good for me. Did you have any similar experiences that you think may have lead you to feeling the night terrors?

        I will say the fear does dissipate with age. I’m not sure why, but eventually you just lose the fear of the unknown in the dark. At least that’s how it was for me, and I hope it’s that way for you.

        Peace & Blessings,

  3. AnNa says:

    i feel bad for you.maybe get a cross for your room.you could always try that.wear a cross.what about this might sound stupid but i dont care but what about a dreamcatcher those are supose to work.go to the priest and talk to him about it.i dont really know what to say because thats never happened to me.sorry.im not much of a help.but thats the only thig i can think of.let us know if anything changes.sorry again.

    • Ivy says:

      Things have actually been calm since my grandmother came to stay and since I got a cross for my room. I’ve also taken to leaving my bedroom door open so that the hallway light comes in. Maybe I was just scared of that dark? Thank you for commenting!

  4. Honeybee says:

    Thanks for sharing your story- I am sorry you are dealing with such a difficult challenge!
    One thing I would like to suggest to everyone who might be dealing with such things-
    in Traditional Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture- diet/nutrition- herbalism- they understand that the body/mind/heart/spirit is interconnected. There is a concept of diseases being a manifestation of a “pattern of disharmony” in the energy ( life force or chi) that runs through the various systems of the body. One of the concepts is called Shen- and it translates to spirit- it interestingly resides in the heart. when you “shen” is disturbed- or out of balence and you can expereince- any number of things like night terrors, anxiety, insomnia etc. maybe getting some acupuncture or consulting with a traditional doc of chinese medicine could balence your system. I was told by a energy healer that many times in life we accumulate negativity in our energy field- and this attracts futher bad energy and energetic TOxicity in our lives. there are ways to cleanse our energy field of such things- more later

    • Ivy says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my story! I really appreciate all the unique ideas and will def. be trying them all. I will let you all know how it goes! Thank you!

  5. jk says:

    Hey Pal, if you are truly desperate for rest (this is why it is classified as torment, slow and consistant) you will do what I say. Really you will do what God says. If you can speak say these words loudly or think them loudly in your head, “Jesus rebuke you! or “get out in Jesus name and stay out!”. If you were to read the thousands of similar stories on this site you would come up with the same answer. I am saving you a lot of time. If you do not want it to come back, get a Bible if you do not have one. Read it before bed. If you have never had a Bible go and by The Message or The Message Remix. It is written in todays language and paraphased in language that is very easy to understand. Pray before you go to bed and leave your Bible on the nighstand open. What can it hurt. You say this happens every night, do it tonight, say what I wrote jere and it will leave quickly and God will give you the peace to rest. Do it tonight and let me know how it goes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I agree with you jk.Also another option would be to have a small am radio and put it on a spiritual christian radio show.Leave it on kinda low but enough where you can hear it so that your focus is on the teachings of Jesus and not on the negative entity.Also this should help to keep any bad energy from your room.

    • Ivy says:

      Aww, thank you for this comment! =D Actually whenever I get that weird being watched feeling, I start praying and it goes away and allows for a peaceful sleep. Thank you for commenting and helping out!

      • sunny says:

        I have had this same issue for many many years and also have woken up with bruises coinciding with feeling things grab me and pull blankets breathing right next to my ear. Also in the same state which u describe of not being able to move and it seems to be in the moment that you arent yet asleep but almost, but still concious somewhat. I think unfortunately some of us have a connection to the different astral levels and i’ve tried praying leaving the t.v. on christian channels. rebuking in the name of jesus to no avail. i’m also taking sleep meds and anxiety meds for it but it doesn’t seem to help. sorry no advice but ur not alone

        • Liz says:

          Sunny- I am sorry to hear of what you experience. And you are right, some people can access the astral realm w/ great ease- the flip side of that is that astral beings also have better access to YOU. However, very few beings in the ASTRAL realm would actually physically harm you in such a realm. What you are referring to is activity typically done by beings in the lower realms. Not demons, necessarily. They’re more like an astral form of bullies & pranksters.

          Have you ever thought about turning to some protective exercises against harmful beings that live in the astral (or lower) realms? If you do a Google search for “psychic protection exercises”, something may come up there to teach them to you. If not, I’d recommend reading a book with that information in it. Ted Andrews’ “More Simplified Magick” (not a book about Wicca or Paganism, I must point has) has several terrific protective exercises. They worked wonders for me years ago when I was suffering from some problems of this nature. I mean no disrespect to anyone’s religion, but these exercises are more empowering & typically more effective than prayer or going to church. If it is so bad you’re being bruised & have to take medication to sleep, you MUST be proactive. You have to be utterly determined & strong, but you can get rid of this problem for good.

          As I pointed out to Ivy, too…please ask yourself what turmoil is going on in your life & in your own mind. I’m not saying you brought this on yourself, not at all. But you must be open to self-analysis to overcome something like this. If you truly are living a happy life, it’s unlikely beings of this nature would be interested in you. I’m not trying to judge or pry, just advising that sometimes we unintentionally attract these beings through our own weak defenses. It’s like a having a low immune system & then getting sick all of the time, except it’s in our psyche. Keep a journal, exercise, spend time in nature, get out with loving & supportive friends, do what you love in life- anything that builds up your spirits & your physical body. I wish you the best.

          Peace & blessings,

  6. Liz says:

    Ivy- I am very sorry for the terror you’re experiencing, and of course the possibility is there that these things are supernatural, demonic, whatever in nature.

    However…my first question to you would be what, if any, help have you had in trying to deal with these issues of the sleep problems, visions and hallucinations? Have you spoken with a close friend, a counselor or a doctor? If you’re religious in any way, have you sought help from a leader in that arena? Are you taking good care of yourself otherwise? Not saying you do these things, but poor eating habits, not exercising, drinking alcohol, smoking or doing drugs (recreational or even prescription) can really mess with your mind. And are you getting the emotional support you need in your life from family and friends? Do you enjoy college? Are you generally happy otherwise?

    The next thing I would have to ask is about your environment. Studies have shown that when people are exposed to high EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) levels, that they can experience hallucinations, headaches, the feeling of being watched and more. This can occur if you sleep or are near a circuit breaker (sometimes those things aren’t wired right and have an EMF that’s off the charts), a bunch of electronic equipment (computer, printer, etc.) or anything else like that, it could be the cause of your issues. Be aware, too, that it’s possible you could be breathing in chemicals that can cause the same issues. Without knowing your household, it’s hard to say. But things like paint thinner, varnishes, harsh cleaners can also weaken the mind and make you feel strange. They can come through vents from a garage, basement, workshop, etc.

    You don’t have to answer me personally, of course, I just would think of these things if I was in your position.

    Additionally, I found this article a few days ago and it seems to answer some questions I’ve always had regarding the electricity/electromagnetic issue and how certain parts of the brain react to it. I hope this helps in some way.

    “In September 2006 it was reported in Nature[2] that Shahar Arzy and colleagues of the University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland, had unexpectedly reproduced an effect strongly reminiscent of the doppelgnger phenomenon (or paranormal activity) via the electromagnetic stimulation of a patient’s brain. They applied focal electrical stimulation to a patient’s left temporoparietal junction while she lay flat on a bed. The patient immediately felt the presence of another person in her “extrapersonal space.” Other than epilepsy, for which the patient was being treated, she was psychologically fit.

    The other person was described as young, of indeterminate sex, silent, motionless, and with a body posture identical to her own. The other person was located exactly behind her, almost touching and therefore within the bed on which the patient was lying.

    A second electrical stimulation was applied with slightly more intensity, while the patient was sitting up with her arms folded. This time the patient felt the presence of a “man” who had his arms wrapped around her. She described the sensation as highly unpleasant and electrical stimulation was stopped.

    Finally, when the patient was seated, electrical stimulation was applied while the patient was asked to perform a language test with a set of flash cards. On this occasion the patient reported the presence of a sitting person, displaced behind her and to the right. She said the presence was attempting to interfere with the test: “He wants to take the card; he doesnt want me to read.” Again, the effect was disturbing and electrical stimulation was ceased.

    Similar effects were found for different positions and postures when electrical stimulation exceeded 10 mA, at the left temporoparietal junction.

    Arzy and his colleagues suggest that the left temporoparietal junction of the brain evokes the sensation of self imagebody location, position, posture etc. When the left temporoparietal junction is disturbed, the sensation of self-attribution is broken and may be replaced by the sensation of a foreign presence or copy of oneself displaced nearby. This copy mirrors the real person’s body posture, location and position. Arzy and his colleagues suggest that the phenomenon they created is seen in certain mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, particularly when accompanied by paranoia, delusions of persecution and of alien control. Nevertheless, the effects reported are highly reminiscent of the doppelgnger phenomenon.[3] Accordingly, some reports of doppelgngers may well be due to failure of the left temporoparietal junction.”

    • Ivy says:

      Very interesting! And yes, I have read up on this EMF study and plan to get a sensor for my room soon to see if that’s what’s been freaking me out. I am a very happy person, I’m about 5 foot 1 inch and weigh about 95 pounds. I eat well, take vitamins, do not drink excessively and exercise. I am not taking any drugs (prescription or otherwise) but I do happen to take Advil for the occasional headache and menstrual cramps.

      I breathed in a lot of cleaning chemicals back when I used to work a year back (not intentionally), but this has been happening since I was a little kid.

      Thank you so much for your help!

      • Liz says:

        You’re quite welcome. It’s nice to share information that may help someone. Take care :)

        • Ivy says:

          Aww you guys are so sweet! I thought I was losing my marbles! *hugs*

          • Liz says:

            Ivy- What you’ve experienced is EXTREMELY common & is almost never indicative of any mental illness. The brain & hormones of anyone who’s approximately thirteen to twenty-two years old are quite powerful & are in a period of near-constant dynamic change. This doesn’t mean a person’s hallucinating or ill if they experience something beyond the normal. Quite to the contrary, it can actually mean that the person experiencing this is actually just more “creative” mentally as opposed to being more pragmatic. Many such people are great musicians, artists, actors, etc. Maybe this “extra” bit of life force and/or inner turmoil & excitement, as we lose your childhood & enter adulthood, invites supernatural activity.

            But more than likely, it is the chemicals in the body being released and causing all kinds of new feelings & experiences, some of which can be quite strange. Many people experience high “paranormal” activity from ages 13-22, and then it dies down, often for the rest of their lives. And paranormal only means something we haven’t yet identified as within the normal realm of human experience. An ex.- centuries ago, electricity was within this realm. If only parents, teachers, scientists didn’t dismiss these happenings or say they’re caused by some inherent flaw in the teen/young adult themselves, and instead studied it so that we all may understand the phenomenon better!

            What CAN make things worse is the young person turning to occult practices that they really don’t understand (and then it gets way out of hand- the Ouija board is the most common example); they become depressed, suicidal and/or anxious because they think they’re not normal (so not true) OR they start developing an obsession w/ belief in ghosts or demons attacking them. Anneliese Michel is a very sad, famous example of the last thing I spoke of. And sometimes parents (especially very religious ones) can guilt the young person into thinking something really IS wrong with them, feeding on an already-weakened mind. While religion can help sometimes, it can be equally harmful if it’s used to shame the young person and/or control them.

            I write this so that hopefully, anyone reading these posts & experiencing things of this nature realizes they aren’t alone, relief will come if they’re afraid & that there are resources for dealing with such issues.

            Peace & blessings,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all so much for your help! I will take a piece of each comment and apply it to help me getting over this. Thank you! :D

  8. Ivy says:

    I thank everyone who commented on my story, you have done wonders for my peace of mind! *hugs you all* also, just thought I would let you guys know that if this is supernatural, it seems that he likes attention because he’s been quiet since this was posted! =D

  9. Abbi says:

    I feel sorry for you and I suggest maybe getting a dog as people say that they can detect spirits. Maybe try falling asleep by reading part of the bible and recite St micheal the arch angels prayer before going to bed. Try keeping a rosary and if possible show it to this spirit(s).Get a preist to bless your house and try go to church as often as possible. I feel sorry for you and I think NO ONE should go through the things and emotions you do.Consult a preist with this problem.

    • Ivy says:

      I am currently going back to chruch and certainly going to talk to a priest to see what he thinks =) I got me a puppy and it’s true, sometimes in the middle of the night he’ll bolt up from where he sleeps at the foot of my bed and start whining.

      Thank you!

  10. Jeff says:

    Hmmm maybe you should ask about the history of your house or dorm, if someone died in it. If you really feel uncomfortable, you might be able to switch rooms if they allow you too, but or else you can have someone come in and exorcise the place. See if that helps if not and your just hallucinating, maybe you should talk to your doctor about a sleep medication it always helps me because Im an insomniac, Im sure thats probably part of the reason with you and a lack of sleep can also cause hallucinations, so try getting a good nights sleep and see what happens.

    • Ivy says:

      I have visited a doctor and I was an insomniac without cause until they figured out I had an over active thyroid. I’ve been medicated ad now I sleep a lot better! No more black figures!

      Thanks for your help!

      • Liz says:

        That’s good to hear, Ivy. :) I’m glad you took the initiative to get yourself physically checked out & were proactive about eliminating your fears in various ways. A lot of people are just convinced they have a haunting or demonic activity and refuse to go to a doctor, get a pet or examine their physical environment for alternate causes. If only everyone was as proactive and rational as you are!

        Peace & blessings,

  11. Anonymous says:

    i had the same experience too…i woke up at 3am in the morning and i cant sleep until 5am…i dont understand yet i dont feel tired at all…i had several encounters with supernatural before so i dont dare to get out from my room…so i just read books till i sleep

    • Ivy says:

      Sometimes I’m like you and for some reason, I canot sleep! However as I’ve mentioned all the advice on here has led me to calm down a little and understand what’s going on, thus giving me peace of mind. Thanks!

  12. anna says:

    IVY I’m so relief that i found someone with same exact story and experience with me.
    I also experienced the sleep paralyzed ever since i was 10. I’m 21 now and still having it.. i actually prefer to call it Suppression.

    I have written my story before here (//www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/one-weird-day/#comment-33042) in the comments section but I think still waiting for moderation.

    i experienced the same thing you described above. in my case after I could take control over me normally i would wake up feeling very tired, my body feels sick and lethargic, too weak to get up and then I will fall asleep again and experienced it again and it can happen three times or more until I decided to wake up or continue sleeping or praying or cast it away in the name of Jesus.

    one thing I believe is that what’s inside me is more POWERFUL and GREATER than this thing.

    I found this website only a few days ago and I’m very happy to know that many are experiencing things that I experienced:)

    • Ivy says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! =) I’ll read up on it just as soon as I can find some time.

  13. fizzy girl says:

    Let me to be frank about the matter ,there are things that u need to get understood
    1.try to know about the history of the house 2.is there anybody who is closer relative of yours who happened to die right, before u making u to become oppressed & unbelievably left in pain 3.have the consultation with the psychiartist once , 4.don’t pour urself b4r paranormal story books all the time 4.if u come to know that ,there is some ghost really then do what i say
    1.have the salt spread all around the house especially ur room.
    2.get the holy water from the chappel and sprinkle everywhere
    3.offer rituals in the name of jesus
    4.have the belief in “TRINITY”.

    • Ivy says:

      It’s been a month and while I can still sense the thing there, following the advice on this page has really led to things calming down.

      Thank you!

  14. terisunshineee(: says:

    have you tried sage, or bringing a priest in?
    ive also heard psalms 23 aloud helps.
    try saying that he’s not welcome, that you
    believe in god, and whatever it is should
    leave. best of luck.

    • Ivy says:

      I do pray whenever I feel it standing there and that really seems to help. I do hope it’s not demonic though,..that would reallly scare me! =(

  15. Emme Toaye says:

    I read your story and hope you have had some peace since that writing. I have an entity who only sits on my bed, gets up and sits over and over about five or six times. He never speaks, makes noises and I can never see him. Even my hubby felt his presence as he sits on the bed, you can feel the bed move. And yes we bought a new bed, new house even.

    I have had some interesting success with Lucid Dreaming techniques and sleep paralysis when it has happened and the training helps me to come out of that paralysis sometimes and sometimes when I can’t I can “edit” things to make it less scary. You might check into Lucid Dreaming techniques. IMO

    • Ivy says:

      Thank you for commenting! I fell so much better now that I see I’m not alone in this. I thought I was =( either that or going crazy. Now that I’ve started sleeping in the dark again I just feel him there, but he’s calmed down, certainly.

  16. me says:

    i had this problem, i basicly became nocternal. but then i put holy water in the 4 corners of my room and in my bed. then i pray every night. it helps. hope this info is useful.

  17. Trevor says:

    Wow u have a lot of comments,please u all need to listen to a simple trick i picked up while trying to find an answer as to why i was waking up pinned to my bed by some evil force,in the old days people put blue things around new born babies to keep away evil spirits,it was mostly done with boys but the point is i think they were on to sumthing it seems to work and work well all i ask is spread the word, i dont want this thing to keep feeding off us or what ever its doing needs to be stopped.

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