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Killer Imaginary Friend

Posted on September 4, 2010

This story is absolutely true. It happened to me and my twin sister, Charrol. She and I where six, and loved to play dolls. Our family moved to a house in southern Ohio.

Charrol and I began to share an imaginary friend. Our parents thought it was super cute because we would always fight over who got to be “Tara’s” friend for the day. Tara would play dolls with us and drink tea at our tea parties.

After about a year mom and dad decided to tell us that Tara wasn’t real. Charrol wouldn’t have it. She said that Tara was real and that she was very nice. I never thought that my parents would lie to me but didn’t want to give up Tara. I believed my parents.

That night I heard a voice that said, “How dare you Believe your parents! They are wrong! I am here!” And after that I felt something grab my hair and pull it. I screamed “CHARROL GET OFF OF ME! MOM! DAD!”

Mom and dad ran in the room but Charrol was sound asleep.

“Now Beverly, you don’t have to yell. Charrol wasn’t hurting you!” Dad said.

I decided it was a dream. Charrol remained silent most of the time after that. She said one night that Tara was mad at me. She said ” You shouldn’t have stopped believing. Tara is very angry. She wants me to…..” Charrol’s voice dragged off. “She wants me to kill you. But I told her No! I would not kill you! You are my sister I said.”

At that moment Tara appeared once again. I saw her blonde hair, flat as paper. Her eyes were red. It was strange because her eyes usually were blue. Tara grabbed Charrol and slammed her against a wall then grabbed Charrol’s hair and slammed her head into the foot of the bed. We have metal bars so it made Charrol bleed. “You will die if she won’t then!” Tara yelled as she grabbed one of Charrol’s favorite baby dolls (It was 3 ft long and very heavy) and she whacked Charrol in the face with it. Charrol had blood running down her face. Tara pushed Charrol down and stomped on her stomach.

I ran to Charrol’s side and pushed Tara. That only made her angry. She disappeared though.

About a week later me and Charrol were playing mermaids in the bathtub. We were splashing and having a ton of fun. Suddenly, Tara appeared. She pushed me under water and held me there. I thought I was gonna drown! Tara lifted me up and slammed my head against the faucet. I think I blacked out because I remember waking up in a bed in a white room. Charrol was there too. Mom and dad said that they hired exorcist and taken care of Tara. When we left the hospital Mom looked up old owners of the house. There was once an 8 year old girl by the name of Tara. It said that she died at the age of 8 by parents who beat her to dead. The parent’s said that they killed her and hid the body in the house. They said no one will ever find her.

We moved out of that house but 15 years later Charrol and I bought back the house. We searched through out the house. We only found a diary. It said Tara’s name on it. We read through the diary. Every page made us cry. The poor girl had abusive parents. On the last page we found that her mother took it from her. It said ” This diary! I hope you read it when you are older! Oh wait you never will get older! Your buried beneath concrete in the basement!”

That made Charrol and me think. We took some drill bits and dug out the basement. We found a small necklace with a red ruby in it. Now I can’t remember if Tara wore a necklace. We did find a skeleton though. It wore a muddy pink dress and small black boots. It held a doll. I bet you can’t guess which doll. I bet you can. The doll had a blood stain on the dress it was wearing. We took the skeleton and buried it in a proper gravesite.

This probably seems like a fake passage from a horror movie but it did happen. It is true. It is real. Believe it or not.

Sent in by Beverly West, Copyright 2010

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61 Responses to “Killer Imaginary Friend”
  1. big barney says:

    uhh….you two found a skeletal system under the house from a murdered girl and didnt even notify the police???? wow. and yah this story does sound fake but if it is true you two really did the wrong thing….

    • Steph says:

      I agree! Why on earth did you not inform the police that you found the little girl’s skeleton?!

      • Suzi says:

        I have to say I as well agree with them you should have called the police so those parents would not harm another child. And I feel bad for the little girl, it was sad too I hope shes in a better place now.

        • Shadow says:

          This diary! I hope you read it when you are older! Oh wait you never will get older! Your buried beneath concrete in the basement!

          anyone else think that it was a bit convenient

        • Andrew says:

          actualily chanches are that the parents died long before the body was found

  2. Loe says:

    This is one of the most interesting life experience I have ever read yet. This just goes to show that you really got to be careful around imaginary friends from now on.

    • nicky says:

      i agree i think parents should do some research on their house if their kid says the yhav an imaganary friend.

  3. Loe says:

    Also, I think I understand where she’s coming from somewhat.
    After being killed by her parents, who knows how long she was lonely.
    With a friendship like yours, I’m sure she felt that feeling of warmness again. So when your parents tried to tell you she didn’t exist, she could only think that she didn’t ever want to be alone again. After all, once a spirit mind is made up…there’s no turning back/convincing them. They start to lose their way. So…instead you have an evil spirit in place of that spirit. She probably already had thoughts of killing you guys so you would always be together. To gain the friendship of a spirit who plays the role of an imaginary friend and then to deny it’s existence after it was getting comfortable, is really a dangerous thing to do that you should always take caution of.

    • trolldoll says:

      after all the violence she suffered at the hands of her own parents, i can well imagine she was angry enough to be that way on the otherside!! hopefully she has moved on!

    • not important says:

      i totally agrre with them but i think that this is 100% true paranormal expeirience try to contact her and help her cross over to the other side….anyway i LOVED hearing this

  4. AnNa bites back says:

    i hate to say this but i agree with big barney for once.you should of called the police and told them what you found and show them the diary.i cant believe you bought the house after everything has happened in the time you lived there.well i hope the girl is in peace now but you should of called.thanks for the story.

    • Rob says:

      yup. have to agree with big barney and u too. Now wait….. so u take a drill bit and drill through how deep of concrete? how did she know where to drill…. basements r large. Than u dont tell the police….. ummm yeah

      • AnNa bites back says:

        lol.that is weird.i find that funny too.

        • not important says:

          no matter wat yall say tho i think its 100% true

          • Seth says:

            No way it’s true. It takes a jack hammer to bust up concrete. They have concrete drills but you can’t find a body with them. Unless somebody seriously got their equipment messed up, I think this one is busted

  5. Kevin says:

    First half of the story, top notch. Great writing, loved the situation. Once I got to the part about the mom’s entry detailing the location of a body maltreated after its death, I lost the ability to take it seriously. The parts about finding a possibly unrelated necklace and then going “owait, i forgot to mention I found a body too” made me absolutely hysterical with laughter. That entire last paragraph read like the author was just tacking on ideas as they came to her and her linguistic skills deteriorated. Especially where she tried to tie in her sister’s doll to the story. Did it appear from no where in the house some day and suddenly become a favorite?

    • lunawatsername says:

      i totally agree with you. who was the mom writing to? and y would she write evidence like that down when there was sure to have been an investigation? yeah right. besides the fact that if the body had been there long enough to be a skeleton the clothes would have been seriously damages, not just muddy. im sorry but i just have to call fake on this post lol

    • BeautifullyScarred says:

      she never said “owait i forgot to mention i found a body too” just sayin…;)

  6. trolldoll says:

    i can’t imagine what the poor little girl went thru! there has to be hundreds of bodies buried beneath basements all over this world. some people didn’t know what to do with them and figured that was somewhere no one would look. some just wanted their loved ones close to them. can you imagine how many people are buried in corn fields and the like from pioneers traveling across the country. i do believe this one! thanks you and it was very good of you to give her a finale resting place!!

  7. Sarah says:

    I cant decide if i believe this story or not. It sounds like something out of a horror movie, like you said. But how would I know? I’ve only had one reallly small experience. If it was true I’m really glad you got out alive. If you made it up for fun then well. . . . at least you hav a good imagination.

  8. Hunter says:

    What happend next? Did a magical talking pig appear by your side and and fly away to unicorn land?

    • not important says:

      thats really mean what would happen if it did really happen and u just make fun of it i think its 100% TRUE!!!!!!

    • jacibo says:

      emm that is really rude if you had an experiance like that you wouldn’t like it if we all just made fun of you. be careful what you say:-(

  9. rikki says:

    its real!

  10. Goose says:

    Yeah, I agree the story was moving along wonderfully up until that last little section. It went from interesting to LAME-O. C’mon now… buying back the house years later simply in hopes to find some sort of evidence, then magically finding the entity’s life story up to post-murder in her diary?!?! Then to top it off with the silly ending of two women digging through fondation concrete with measly drill bits to find a little skeleton for a GRAND FINALE?!?!?! … Please don’t tell me any of you folks were duped by that hokey ending.

  11. DoubtingTomasina says:

    The Fiction Writing Contest is located elsewhere on this site

    • Caretaker says:

      The Fiction Writing Contest is NOT anywhere on this site. We sponsor the contest but it is run by a different website – http://www.TalkParanormal.com

      • Camila says:

        LOL @ caretaker’s reply. I am not sure if I believe this story or not but I’m not here to judge everyone has their own experiences so if the girl took the trouble of writing it then let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Overall, great story!!

  12. miss tee says:

    yea, i find it hard to believe that you didn’t go to the police if you found the body of a murdered child and i’m sorry, you find her diary and her mother who killed her wrote in it how she will be buried in the basement? O.K…….

  13. Olga says:

    Like the others, I would have 2 say Dat the story was believable all the way until the end…..I’m confused as 2 why U guys would buy Da house & Den dig out the skeleton (supposebly) & not notify Da police. It’s a bit confusing. I’m curious as 2 why U guys decided 2 do what U did @ the end of the story after all U guys have been thru @ Dat house? Please clarify

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love what the mom says haha
    This diary! I hope you read it when you are older! Oh wait you never will get older! Your buried beneath concrete in the basement!
    Sorry, but that sounds so fake. What person would EVER say that?

  15. Seth says:

    Great story had me on the edge of my seat, but you completely blew the ending. If this is true, it’s the most unlikely circumstance ever. But it’s impossible to be true because a couple of people with drill bits couldn’t find anything in a concrete slab. You tried, you almost succeeded but you ignored the stop sign at 3rd and went for home. You’re out

  16. David says:

    Sorry but I believe its fake. Something from a Stephen King Novel poorly related back. I do not buy the fact that willingly disturbing a Crime Scene and not calling the Police on discovery of a body would wash with any one. As for the reburial of the Body without notifying the authorities and cause of death not really plausable. I maybe wrong here but most countries have laws about burials that need to be obtained properly. Especially ones dealing with Morticans and Funeral Homes. My opinion the whole story is faked.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It seems to be inspired from the movie ‘The Ring’

  18. Olga says:

    Is she ever going 2 reply 2 us? If not Y wudn’t she? I mean if Da story is true she shud be on here responding 2 every1 & trying 2 put her point across but apparently she hasn’t & Dat leads me 2 blieve more Dat Dis may be a make believe story….Don’t U guys agree?

    • Caretaker says:

      Olga – there are all sorts of reasons why the author may not be replying. Just because they arent coming here and posting replies doesnt mean they are not telling the truth.

  19. Drew says:

    How can you push a ghost/Imaginary friend?

  20. B says:

    The start of the story sounds interesting & I thought it was going to be good and true, But I think you have gone a bit over the top with some of the things you are saying, Like her tryin to kill you and your twin sister, what you have wrote sounds like a story! Plus by saying her mum wrote that in the back of her diary and then you found her body in the basement just makes it seem less true.Sorry but I dont believe it one bit

  21. *jessika* says:

    i like the story but i dont get the ending??? why would someone write down where they buried a body??? i believed the beggining but the ending seems completely fake:/

  22. Cynthia says:

    Okay, I am confused. You said in the beginning your sister’s name was Charrol, but the part with the How dare you believe your parents! You screamed, CHARROL GET OFF ME AH!!! And its like, why would your sister attack you? I am just confused..

    And tara Your name was Tara I thought and where did the name BEVERLY come from?!

    please reply

  23. Kittochan says:

    This can’t be true.

    1. How could a bunch of messed up psycho parents kill their daughter and expect to get away with it. Hiding the body in the house… -.-

    2.Why would the mom say that?! You keep putting in mean parents

    3. How could you be so stupid! Move back into the house where your life was threatened?! No human being would do such a thing!

    I’m sorry, but this is fake.

  24. itzWendy! :) says:

    Wait wait wait hold up. Here is where you went wrong:

    Ya moved back into a house where your childhood life was threatened. No human being would ever do that.

    How can people dig into concrete with drill bits?
    YA CANT you must made this up


    • Caretaker says:

      1. Why do you keep commenting over and over but with a different user name every time?

      2. You seriously dont think concrete can be drilled into? Of course it can.

      3. You never know why someone may move back into a place they may not want to. People do not always have much choice.

  25. Andrew says:

    they probaly used something else to break the concreate but when she bought the house back she was 15 teens do stupid things and the parents probaly died long ago so telling police wouldent matter i belive this story

  26. Anna Mossity says:

    Every story that includes the parents calling an exorcist to (successfully) rid the home of an ‘imaginary friend’ is fake, fake fake. Catholic Priests don’t do such triflin’ work!
    And yes, I have to agree with the inarticulate but discerning chorus of folks who think that the “Kiss-Off Note” from the Murderous Mom was just W-A-A-Y over the top! And i’m a believer!!

  27. Cynthia says:

    OH okay so your name was Beverly, your sisters name was Charrol, and the ghosts name was Tara and you thought Charrol was attacking you. Okay I got that little mixup cleared up now. :D

  28. wolvie says:

    Fake! Far fetched! All ghost stories are made up!

  29. hello says:

    i know you are soooooo wrong

    • Caretaker says:

      You do not know – you only assume – I have encountered ghosts myself personally and once was even with a witness. Now I am not going to argue the point any further you can believe whatever you like.

  30. Kyleigh says:

    Do you think you could reply to this comment with a page from her diary? I am very interested in hearing it.

  31. Danny says:

    Caretaker is right.
    It is a matter of opinion and if you are a skeptic or a believer.
    I for one am a believer in the paranomal. I have also had my share of paranomal experinces.
    Who Knows maybe this story is true and maybe its not.

  32. Seth says:

    The problem I have, and I think most others have with this story is that towards the end the progression of logic breaks down. I have no problem with the diary per say, it could very well be the mother was a psychopath and used the diary entry as a way to vent or a way to show off as many sociopaths do. I even understand the idea of burying the body in a proper manner rather than report to the police. This was her friend and it was a sign of love and respect. Also reporting it to the police was complicate things as the first question would be ‘why had they dug up the basement floor?’ and unfortunately many people aren’t believers and would have labeled the girls as insane, or worse. Even the doll being in the grave is not too unbelievable, as something similar has happened to me. Digging up the floor with drill bits is the only thing that is completely off in this story. And body who has worked with concrete knows you need a blade make for concrete or a jack hammer, which in the hands of an unskilled person in highly dangerous. Perhaps the author misspoke, I can’t be sure. I think that all of this happening just like this is slightly far fetched ( while not impossible or improbable even) and that makes it easy to have doubts about this story. I’m not skeptical on it nor do I completely believe it, it’s an interesting story that I’m not sure about…

  33. Danny says:

    Nicely said Seth

  34. Ian says:

    I think Seth is right. However, there probably might be a bit of truth to this story; many young children, in the absence of the “perfect friend”, make up their own. But as far as this story goes, there are many parts that conflict with facts about ghosts:
    1. the only two types of spirits that can physically touch people and objects are poltergeists and demons. the former are characterized as not having a physical appearance, while the later are sometimes seen, but mostly make their presence known through direct attacks on the living. The thing you described seemed like a typical sprit caught in the in-between, and those ghosts are incapable of harming humans unless they are forced to by a demon. Angels are more likely to hurt you than demons; demons are actually beneficial to mankind unless you do something to anger it, in which case it might attack you. The glowing red eyes thing is crap; demons appear in their god forms, if they appear at all, and none have red eyes.

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