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Just a Warning

Posted on August 4, 2011

This is not technically a story, but I may post my experiences on here after this. I know that there are people on here who post stories that are made up, just for the purpose of being special. But the more you make up, the more that comes true.

There are also people on here who read stories on here, because maybe you like to be scared, though nothing has happened to you. If you are reading this and you are doing what I mentioned above, possibly wishing that something might happen to you, then listen to my warning. I know what it’s like to truly fear, and it’s nothing like what you feel when watching scary movies.

I don’t know about others of you who have gone through terrifying things, but for me, true fear is not wanting to be awake, but not wanting to be asleep either. It’s wanting to close yourself in a small space and curl up into a ball, but at the same time wanting to be with everyone. For me, the thought of being outside is terrifying, but being inside is even more so. I don’t want to hear or see, because what I can hear and see is evil. And knowing that at any moment, it could come back for you is what drives you insane.

Fear is different for everyone, and yet probably so similar. Please listen to what I’m saying, and believe it. To those of you who know what I mean, I’m sorry that whatever happened to you did, and I hope that it gets better for you soon (well, if it can, at least).

Sent in by Maya, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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32 Responses to “Just a Warning”
  1. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Maya

    Wise words!

    I spent 5 years ‘in hell’ thanks to evil and, believe me, I wouldn’t want to wish that on my worst enemy. //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/5-years-living-in-hell-in-quaint-english-village/

    The worst part for me was not being able to talk to anyone else about it because they just thought I was ‘imagining’ the horrible things which were happening to me. I guess the same happened to you?

    Please do share some of your experiences – it will help others understand.


  2. jacibo says:

    when i was a young child i had weird dreams and saw strange things

  3. Martica says:

    True one time I got obssorbed by the paranormal I spent all my time thinking and reading about it, it got to the point where I would start seeing a black shadow in the corner of my eyes even in day light I got freaked out cuz it was getting harder to sleep so I stoped looking up paranormal stuff for awile and things went back to normal, I think you open a door way for things to come in when you open your self up to it and not everything is good

    • LMC says:

      Hi Martica

      Paranormal stuff was going on in my life before I knew what it meant… all my life I delt with it. I am in my 40′s
      now and a couple of years ago I started looking for answers cause I was tired of thinking I was crazy.

      People would come to me ask questions about this & that… When things came true or I got it right they would ask, “how did I know” I would always answer, “I don’t know, it just comes to me.”

      Like one time years ago 2 of my friends became missing in Mexico everybody was looking for them. One night I had a dream… I was walking around a house all white with lots of windows & doors I saw my friends each in a bedroom… All of a sudden the doors & windows started slamming closed & flying open I tried to stop the doors & windows from opening & closing… I looked out one of the windows it was dark no lights at all I can see the sky filled with stars and silhouettes of mountains everywhere. I heard the devils here… I started praying the Lord’s prayer until everything stopped then I heard my friends say we have to get off this mountain. Then I woke up. My friends were found when they came back we started talking I told them about my dream. One of my friends asked when did you have this dream? I told her about 2 nights before you two were found… They both started crying. They never told anybody what happened. Apparently they went out to a bar in another town on the way back these guys gave them a ride they passed out. When they woke up they were in a house with lots of windows & doors all white…. In their own rooms… The guys wouldn’t give them any rides. They knew they were on a Mountain or high up… So one night they snuck out it was dark all they could see was the stars & the silhouette of other mountains… They kept thinking that the guys were coming… But they didn’t… When they reached a place to ask where they were the person said Mount Diablo ( meaning Devils Mountain ) after telling me this they asked if I saw what they were wearing I described their outfits to the t… They got goosebumps & said, “how did you do that?” I replied, ” I don’t know, it was in a dream”.

      It happens all the time.

      Have a good day :-D
      LMC aka Lisa

      • LMC says:

        I forgot to tell you the night I had the dream was the night they escaped.

      • Martica says:

        Thats an amazing gift I use to able to have daja vu and things happn in my dream that came true but it stop I dont kno why I use to thin I had a gift bit now I think mayb it waa just coincedince (srry cant spell) cuz now I feel like I cant even remmber a dream :(

        • moki aka LMC says:

          Thank you Martica

          about your deja vu dreams, sounds like premonitions to me (seeing the future or in your case dreaming it) :-D don’t worry about having them any more they haven’t gone away, you have to relax meditate they will come back. Is everything ok, stress sometimes can cause your gift to go dorment.

          Don’t worry about spelling I suck at it too… My grammar needs help also lol :-D I am on my phone right now it has automatic spell check so that helps allot lol yup I’m cheating on the spelling :-D

          Well what I wrote was about one of my experience… Maybe one day I’ll write more…

          Have a good day… Don’t forget to meditate,
          LMC my initials before I was married I’m thinking of changing my user name to Lisa or Moki???

  4. LMC says:

    Hi Maya

    I’m fine, everything that I experience is true. I’ve been going through since I was a kid, when we couldn’t talk about it cause people thought it was demonic ( if you guess must’ve been Catholics… Your right )

    I use to be scared until I started understanding more about my gifts. I was especially glad to come here & find others who understood. I am no longer scared. :-D it happens so often to me, it’s almost normal.

    Thanks for the warning :-D I believe it can help those who don’t understand, I also think people should share their experiences to help others to understand & no longer fear the unknown.

    LMC aka Lisa
    Thinking about changing my user name.

  5. Moya says:

    I am glad that my happenings are not like some I have read but I can say I have seen and heard things in my life, and ur right it scares you

    • Caretaker says:

      Moya please dont type in all capitals. I retyped this comment for you but I cannot do that to all of them. Not typing in all caps is one of the rules and I cannot approve comments that are written that way.

  6. Elise Gingerich says:

    not to brush off all of this paranormal stuff but: can’t anybody or anyone anyone or anybody Please talk about Some Thing Else! for awhile please! like butterflies or rabbits or rabbits or butterflies Please! It does get a Little Creepy after awhile! and Why the Heck am I Still Up here in Lawrence Kansas Usa right now anyways?? speaking of the Spooky Hour, here in the Midwest! i think it’s like what about 130 am or something here in Kansas! i think it’s about 130 am, in the Midwest, and i am getting tired now, so maybe i Should get Offline off of Spooky Sites and Get The Heck To Sleep, before the next few Hours, of the Spooky ooooOooo boo! Hour goes by! because even though i live in a pretty Okay and Safe or safe and okay Apartment, I’m going to end up Spooking Myself! yikes!

    • moki aka LMC says:

      You do know your in true ghost tales a paranormal site??? Your comment is like a kid going to a toy store then asking why are there toys here???

      • Janna says:


      • Elise Gingerich says:

        i know that! it’s just that i Think Was Starting To Creep myself out a little Too Well a few nights ago is all! Boo! and then i think that some Thing! fell onto the freaking Floor, like a plastic bag or something, and It just kind of Spooked Me is all, I’m sorry… Boo

        • Moki says:

          I see Elise :-D why do you keep writing Boo?

          You know it’s a thin line between understanding, believing, imagination & proof.

          Understanding for people who need answers, having compassion for those who are afraid of the unknown. Believing in those who can help & need help, looking for rational excuses & finding natural causes or proving it’s paranormal so they can fix what needs to be fixed.

          Try not to get too scared… BOO!

          peace be with you,
          Moki :-D

          • Elise Gingerich says:

            ok ok, no more Boos, i promise! but i still creeped myself out that night, or whatever hour it was, or something something….zzzzzz

            • Moki says:

              Oh I see :-D
              I use to get spooked… Once I understood what’s going on… I just say I need my privacy or laugh at myself :-D

  7. Janna says:

    Hi Maya, I’m fascinated by the paranormal and have been for some years now. I pray o never see anything, but I am so curious in life after death. I want to know how and if my loved ones are ok and if they think about me. When I started to chill out (not watch so ma y shows) is when my paranoia calmed down. Is that a coincidence? I experience deja vu very often too, and I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a link to the paranormal and deja vu.

    • moki aka LMC says:

      Hi Janna
      Answer to your question about deja vu & paranormal I would think so… Yet I am not that knowledgeable to the paranormal realm to know what’s considered paranormal or not. I am pretty sure there is someone here who would know more than me.


  8. Janna says:

    I experience deja vu as often ashonce a week, once three times in one week. Its always the same, its about future conversations. I’m a bartender and just four days ago was my last experience. I was tending bar, and it hit me : this has happened before; same conversation same music, same two men,(one a regular of mine and one a new customer). This just intrigues me so much bc its always about conversations. Never anything in particular that can help me I suppose. Only thong is I know what we are all going to say next….. I want to know about deja vu. Maybe I need to submit a question to the question and answers category. Idk. Thanks for the reply.

    • Moki says:

      Your welcome :-D

      Maybe someone already asked the question or wrote about it in the questions & answers catagory??? Well I hope you find your answers :-D please do share what you find.

      Walk with peace & love in your heart,
      Moki aka Lisa :-D

    • Moki says:

      Your welcome

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      much like some Thing! out of an Episode of star trek….maybe We’ve All Been Here, Before, More Than Once?! you all think that could be it?! like some spacetime or timespace loop or twist?! like a twist, like a loop?! or a bounce or a boing? maybe a boing or a bounce? isn’t there stuff like this, in enginering books, much like all this ghost stuff, too? actually, if you read some of those star trekky kind of books, the science books kind of sound like all of this ghost stuff too….hee hee! maybe we’re all just going around in circles….yes, going around in circles….

  9. Kim says:

    I see things for a long time now off and on.. & i was starting to think it was my imagionation because everytime I would run to my parents frightened my dad would snap at me and say i was making things up until finally my mom & sister started telling me they too was seeing things, some of the same things i was seeing. It really scares me & I even get frightened for my 9 month old daughter sometimes & wont let her sleep by herself. I really wish I could convince myself that its all not there just like my dad does..

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      wouldn’t it be really cool, to Literally open up Other Dimensional Gateways, using all of our Mechanical Technology people? not to knock down the people on the Spiritual Side of life, but, perhaps the Moment Has Arrived, to use all of our Mechanical Technology, to Open up All of the many different Spiritual Sides, of different dimensional gateways, and maybe be able to Actually view the supposed Afterlife too? maybe we could all use technology, to open up the gateways, to the afterlife also? Imagine All Of The Mechanical Abilities, people! all of these mechanical abilities, to Play with the universe and reality or play with reality and the universe! That Would Be Way Cool! the supposed universal beings do it all the time, why can’t we all do what the universal beings, do all the time? we should all be able to do all of that stuff, that the universal beings do too! heh heh The Time Has Arrived…..

      • Janna says:

        Elise, I like. Your ways of thinking about bringing science into this realm to get us there to study it. TBats reaLly cool.

    • Moki says:

      Try going to a reliable psychic & ask for a reading… You can go to the library or bookstore and get some books to read about what’s going on and what can you do about it.

  10. chan says:

    I agree with what you are saying. As a kid and growing up, the paranormal stuff never stopped. I started with having the lights on to sleep at night to running into my parents and sleeping with them. Or sometimes I would just stay up all night too paranoid to sleep. All of middle school 6-8th grade I never went to sleep at night and I would go to school, then i would fall asleep on the couch when everyone was awake during the day and then I would do my homework blasting up music so I wouldn’t get scared at night.

    What I was going through, you couldn’t possibly use logic to any of it. For most of my childhood years I was scared and very alert. I’m not sure if it followed me or if I’m just more in tune to this stuff because I am now 24 years old and I still sometimes have to sleep with my lights on. Only because then I can sometimes see shadows in the corner of my eyes at night before I fall asleep.

    On top of that I got a dog that could help keep me company at night when I get scared. Sometimes when I talk to my dog at night my dog would just ignore me as if it was focusing on something else. As if someone else was in the room that my dog is paying attention to. My dog is very laid back and the shy type so it’s not the kind to bark at anything so when I think something is in the room my dog either runs into her cage or runs and sleeps with me.

  11. Elise Gingerich says:

    To The People On The Zozo Side Of This Web Site That Don’t Believe Zozo Is A Real Being: How Do All Of You Non Believers Know, That Zozo, Isn’t A Real Being?! Is Your Car Really A Car? Is Your House Really A House? (How Do You Know That Your House Is Really A House? How Do You Know That Your Car Is Really A Car?) Is A Can Of Coke Cola Really A Can Of Coke Cola? (How Can You Non Believers Be For Sure, That Your Can Of Coke Cola, Is Really A Can Of Coke Cola?) What About The Toilet You Go To The Bathroom Upon? How Do You Non Believers Know, That Your Toilet That You Go To The Bathroom Upon, Is Really A Toilet? How Can You Non Believers Even Know, If There Is A Zozo Being Or Not? (I Mean Really Now, Non Believers, Can You All Really Know For Sure Or Not, If There Is A Zozo Being Or Not?) And What If The Evil Board, Really Is One Way, To Open Up Different Doors? (Can You Non Believers Really Be For Sure, That The Evil Board, Really Doesn’t Open Up Different Doors To Other Places?) Maybe The Evil Board, Is Like Keys To Doors, Like Here In This Reality….Do All You Non Believers, Ever Stop And Ask Yourselves, If Maybe Using An Evil Board, May Be Much Like Using Keys, In The Reality That We All Live In Too? what is beyond the fleshly life? is the fleshly life the only life that we all know? (i mean really, to all the non believers on the zozo side of this web site: is the fleshly life the only life? what is beyond the fleshly life? is there disease once we all leave our fleshed bodies? (you all think there could be disease, once we all supposedly leave our fleshed bodies?) is there happiness out in the universe? do you all think there could be happiness out in the universe? is there suffering or peace in the universe? do you all think there could be suffering or peace out in the universe?

  12. sunique says:

    Hi Maya,
    You speak wise words, it is better to be ignorant, the paranormal in a true sense is not as glamorous as it seems.

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