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John Tucker the Demon and other Ouija Board Summons

Posted on September 3, 2010

This is my two stories, but it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it won’t effect my memory. I know what I saw, and my opinion won’t change at all.

Here is my first story, I had to include it to tell the second.

My relatives fought in the Revolutionary War, against Britain. My great great great great uncle’s name was John Tucker. He was… a little bit crazy from the war. He survived the war, and soon came home. His mental status was noticed instantly. He would talk to random people (Ghosts maybe?). According to family stories, one of his nephews took him out back with him. He grabbed out of his jacket a pistol his parents never knew about.  He shot John Tucker in the forehead and he collapsed to the ground. His nephew had this all planned out, and reached in John’s head and got some blood on his hand. He then splattered it on a rock that stuck out of their backyard. Then he when everyone in the house ran out to ask what happened, he told them John had tripped over a root, and the first crash (The gun) was  his skull caving in. He said the second crash (John’s musket slamming into the ground) was the nephew falling and hitting two buckets on the ground while in such a hurry to tell them. The family had found a bullet in John’s head, something the nephew hadn’t planned. At the time, the family didn’t know whether to say the nephew killed him, or to believe the nephew. They later found the nephews gun, and the nephew never got a gravestone (That is why I can’t identify him).

Old John Tucker has been seen many times by our family. My brother has seen John Tucker. My grandparents have seen John Tucker, and same with lots of people in our family, including me. John Tucker looks like a man in his twenties, with blood all over his face. He just stands there, holding his musket, and his eyes are drained of color.

I hope you believed that story, it is real. I know it has probably been altered, that’s how old stories work. The nephews name has been forgotten over time. Now here is one of my own experiences, featuring a demon, me, and a ghost that tends to guard the family, John Tucker:

I did not know of John Tucker at the time of this story.

I was 14, at the age where I liked to have fun. I had just call my friend over and he said he’d bring over his Ouija board. When he arrived, he said he really wanted to show me the board. I agreed to play, so we started. We were talking to this one lady, and then something forced her to stop speaking, and take her place. I asked what my name was, and it said, “God’s pain.” I asked if we could stop playing, but my friend said, “Come on let’s piss this thing off, it could be fun! Don’t be a wimp.” It started saying some really mean things, but then it stopped talking. We knew it was a new spirit or demon talking. I asked it who it was, and it said John Tucker. My mom turned pale and ran into her room where the phone was, so she could call my grandparents. We thought John was mental, mostly because he was crazy, and he had a bullet in his head. He could never stay on topic, and couldn’t answer questions right. So we just closed the board and forgot to pray.

Now here is where the fun begins.

I had a nightmare that night. I was having fun at an amusement park, and riding a rollercoaster. Then the coaster broke down, and we sat there. Suddenly this huge winged, black shadow figure flew out from the top of the forest. It flew over to us, and I was in front row. It landed on the front area right in front of my front seat car. Its foot claws slashed and destroyed the seat belt, and it pulled out the bar that goes over you. I could now see its features, pointy, jagged, ugly teeth. Glowing red eyes, wings, and giant claws on both hands and feet. It picked me up  with its foot claws. One foot was on my face so I couldn’t see, and in the middle of the forest hundreds of feet high, it dropped me. When hitting the branches, I could feel a good number of my bones break, and I fell and died.

When I woke up, I went to take a shower. In the middle of it, a shadow figure appeared, and started climbing the shower door. Then I quickly opened the door so far I slammed it into the wall, and it dropped. It was mad and started punching the door to get through. My door closes by a magnet, and is like any door around the house. You can open it both ways because it opens and closes by magnet. I was now struggling to hold the door shut, and my mom shouted, “If you keep thrashing around, I’ll thrash you around.” Then the demon disappeared.

That is my story for now. This happened a year ago, and I’ll keep you updated because things are still happening.

Sent in by Chuck, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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26 Responses to “John Tucker the Demon and other Ouija Board Summons”
  1. Chris says:

    when i was 15 i bought an ouiji board and started playing with it at night and the next day,things went bad…my life has not been a good one and my family lost everything…i am now 29..and nothing has been good…i believe that it might have something to do with the ouiji board..i burnt it a few years ago……i am not the same person i used to be

    • Rosie says:

      Burning it is not the right decision and can only make things worse. The important part is to close the door you opened so that the demons and ghosts won’t bother you any more.

    • MARY says:

      CHRIS STOP IT NOW! You have let this fear and worry take up entirely toooooo much of your life. Even if you are being haunted , even if that is the case you are also a creature of choice God made us that way FIGHT OR FLIGHT you are doing neither. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you get to the church and speak to someone about an attachment possibility so they can put this right. But you have to think in your own head THIS IS MY LIFE and no haunt is going to ruin another blessed day for me. Be gone , I am free of you and will have nothing more to do with you. You are free willed Chris will this time in your life to be done and get some help . You will be in my prayers , I’ve been there but only for three years not 14 I finally said NO THIS IS MY LIFE I DON’T WANT TO FEEL BAD ANYMORE DAMN IT NOW GET AWAY FROM ME! As soon as I realized that the feeling of being in a black cloud was coming from another entity and not myself I got HELP , for my whole family and it made all the difference. I don’t want you to waste another minute NOT ONE MORE SAY NO go tell someone and get that help PLEASE! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are . Or if you have any questions I will help in any way . Blessings to you and yours , you are your own boss, Peace to you Chris , Mary

      • Christopher king says:

        Hey guys just need to say …. My name is also Chris strangely enough and this exact thing has happened to me. My sister spent a year in a haunted house and I found my self intrigued and attracted to the house . So one night we decided to use the quija board to see what would happen…. Nothing absoluting nothing….. But … I believe some thing has gotten through… In the last year I lost my mom… the last drink I ever had with her was in thAt house… my life has been shit and I have contemplated suicide… But I read and research and know I cannOt let them win…but your post has really enlightened me … Thank you humbly

  2. Rosie says:

    Well, I just feel sad for your relative John. Wars are cruel and can drive people crazy. People should understand soldiers better. It is sad for John to suffer the pain from the war and sadder to know his cousin killed him. What can we do? Pray for his soul to be in peace.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      i agree its really sad.i hope hes a peace now but he could be out there somewhere.maybe he doesnt even know hes dead because his life went so fast.

  3. AnNa bites back says:

    why would you want to make the demons or any spirts mad at you?well if something bad happens dont come crying to us and ask what you should do.im sorry if im being rude but there is the consequnces when you play.ya not all the time things happen when playing but it just takes just one time for your life to turn upside down.i just hope you know what you twoi are doing.thanks for the story.

    • Coral says:

      AnNa…you are SO right ! I completey agree with you ! Some people are clueless as to the dangerous after-effects of messing around with a board, and unknowingly inviting something in… With its sole purpose of causing as much negativity /fear as possible in order to sustain itself.People think ‘It’ll never happen to me” (yadda-yadda)…until it does.

      • AnNa bites back says:

        i dont understand why.i never played but i read enough of stories.i just takes once for your life to go from a to b in a matter of seconds.

  4. Reasoning says:

    Flaw in story number 2- You said story number 2 is before you knew about John Tucker, yet you said this, “We thought John was mental, mostly because he was crazy, and he had a bullet in his head. He could never stay on topic, and couldn’t answer questions right. So we just closed the board and forgot to pray.”

    No offense, I just don’t believe it. I mean, the story of John Tucker is possible, but I think you let your imagination run wild or just ran with his story.

  5. Steph says:

    I didn’t think that you could dream about yourself dying??! I thought that you always wake up before you die in your dream…

    • AnNa bites back says:

      i heard that too but it you do die in your dream you dont wake up.i dont remember were i heard it from.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Thats not correct. I’ve dreamt I’ve died countless times. It’s weirdly surreal.

      I’ve also had dreams where I’m falling and I’ve hit the bottom and not woke up. Old wives tales I’m afraid ladies.

      Steph xx

      • AnNa bites back says:

        all i said was thats what i heard.i didnt say i believed it.

        • GirlRacer says:

          My reply wasn’t directed at you, but I simply stated my experience with that type of dream. I wasn’t trying to offend anybody!

          Its like the white light tunnel experience. I’ve never experienced it (and I’ve died twice!) so I can’t comment on it. But the ‘hit the bottom’ dream I have, so I can forward my experience. ‘Opinionated evidence’ if you will!

          If you were offended, it wasn’t directed at you, and the comment originator needn’t be offended as its not meant to be an offensive comment. Opinionated Evidence like I said before!

          Steph x

          • AnNa bites back says:

            i wasnt offended all i said was what i said.sorry if it sounded like it.sometimesi myself can get mixed singles by what we say because we cant see the look on the faces.

            • GirlRacer says:

              Ah! Gotcha!

              See, it happens. I got confused too! Totally get you on the mixed signals no faces thing!

              Haven’t been here long. Enjoy reading your comments along with trolldoll, Big Chief, Midnight, KTM, Caretaker and Jessica’s comments.

              Steph xx

              • AnNa bites back says:

                that is funny.i wish we had those yellow faces so we can pick what kind of mood we are in.since you havent been here that long you will enjoy it.alot of the people are good here.good stories.

    • Bex says:

      Dying in a dream is like the ‘death’ card in the Tarot. As modern society we link death to be scary and bad. It is an ending. That’s all, an ending. To dream about it and you dying signals an ending about something in you. In this case I believe perhaps the dream would mean the his carefree childhood (amusement park) has reached an end by playing with something that was mean and unknown (ouija board represented by the winged creature) and it dropping him and his dying showed that he will most likely not experience the innocent scary moments that our youth contains but be more aware that we no longer have a safe house in our parent’s house or presence.

    • lisa says:

      not true about not being able 2 die in dreams. Most my life i have dreamed of the end of the world, angels, demons, dying….going 2 heaven and hearing the angels singing. Dreamed of terrorists and being shot in the head. Feeling my body being pulled up 2 the heavens as well as seeing my spirit leave a dead ‘body’ as i go 2 the sky….course I have always been spiritually in tune….

  6. Anonymous says:

    first of all u shouldnt have messed with a Ouiga bord in the first place! havent u seen the movies? srry. now u cant show fear. ive seen and read tons of stuff about demons and Ouiga boards. if u show fear, they get stronger. and wont leave u alone. i think u should prey as much as possible and if this stuff gets worse, call an exorcist or someone like that cuz they can definetly help. dont yell at it, that will just make it really mad. good luck with ur demon! hope u follow my advice! :/

  7. nicky says:

    dont ever mess with a Ouiga board ever again! never burn it either. dont show fear or yell at the demon. u will make it mad. prey as much as possible. it might be the kind of demon that follows u.get an exorcist or somebody like that to help. they will definetly help.

  8. johnny says:

    im really skeptic about this one IMO. you really act like john tucker.. you dont know how to make a CLEAR sentence… i dont really think there was a relevance on your first story to your second. and also that.. i dont think you would call a scary experience to be “FUN”

    • Caretaker says:

      You didnt really make a clear sentence either Johnny – I mean read through the comment you just wrote… Why do you criticize others writing when you can do no better yourself? No offense meant but just saying…

    • GirlRacer says:


      That’s quite a rude comment to make. I saw another comment made by you in another thread where you made references to somebody telling their experiences and giving advice too harshly, and that you thought they were attacking people. I think you should take your own advice to be quite honest. If you can dish it, be prepared to take it.

      On that note, I also want to point out that people have different opinions. Whilst you may not agree with them, it costs nothing to be respectful of them either.

      Hope you enjoy your day

  9. carolemarie says:

    What you. Need to do is get a sage stick and burn it and do a smudging you can read what a smudging is from this sight or Google it. But it won’t close the door you opened but it will force negative energy out. You can also put salt( sea salt works best ) at both your front and back door outside and around your property as well negative spirits aren’t able to cross the salt. Both may help
    But it may not help in the long run you might have to have your house blessed by your church. You can also try holding a prayer session with a few friends and family. If it is a demon the prayer session might really up set it and could cause more harm then. Good I really suggest you close the door you opened and telling the demon in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave.
    The boards are not always bad I have had some good experience with using them and I had some bad experiences the key is say a prayer before you begin and ask mother mary or Jesus or one of the saints yo watch over you and if something comes on that you may feel evil tell it to leave and make it go to goodbye that’s the only way you can close the door by going to goodbye and if they won’t go to goodbye force the pointer to goodbye and make sure you start from the g and move all the way through to the e and flip the board over that’s how you close a session and every. Time a spirit moves to goodbye flip the board over and after the door is closed say another prayer. Ouija boards are not toys there is a save way to go about using them and you have to keep in mind that demons will try to pass themselves off as good to gain trust and never believe a thing the board says unless you can back it up with Prof your self. For an example my friends and I did a session and contacted my grandmother I was taking the notes so I didn’t have my hands on the board they didn’t know what my grandmother used to call me and the doll I had kept at her house I asked what my dolls name was and the board was right and the board was right about what my grandmother used to call me too which there was no way that my friends would of known. I hope this helps you and anyone else that may come acrossed this.

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