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It is Always Watching

Posted on July 6, 2011

Hi, my name is Kyra. Ever since I was young I could see things that cannot be explained, but yet I wasn’t interested. I have experienced many things, including when I was little (I have a heart problem) I felt the air from angels wings and heard a prayer that hushed me to sleep, but also I have seen many evil things in my life. This is one of those stories it is completely true.

I was 12 at the time when this happened to me. My room was very, very, very messy. My bed was unmade, my closet over spewing clothes and knick-knacks. My dresser was completely, well disgusting. And mind you there was tons of clothes all over my floor, but I had a small room so it wasn’t hard to make it look like it did.

Anyways, I had one of my friends over, Alle, we were about to leave to go get some candy when we heard a noise from my bedroom, soon my cat ran out hissing. We got really scare, then my brother screamed “SHOW YOURSELF!” Alle and I looked at him with a what is wrong with you look. Then a black disk shot into my room, we left right then.

When we got back I was making us hot chocolate (it was winter in North Dakota) then I heard Alle scream and yell for me. I quick ran into the room and stopped dead on my tracks as I looked around my room. It was clean, my bed was cleared of clothes and the blankets pulled back, my dresser drawers were all pushed in and sorted, my closet was shut and there was a walkway to my bed and my dresser and my closet.

I didn’t sleep in my room for weeks. But I started having nightmares, about something watching me, I would carry on with my day as normal (in my dream) but I was watching from a distance, like I was somebody else, then at night when I go to bed I would walk over to my body and look just sit there and look then I would wake up and I could feel like somebody was near, or in the room.

A couple days after I had my best friend Hunter over as usual, but when were about to leave the coat closet started shaking violently, like something was trying to escape, me and Hunter just stood there, frozen with fear then it just stopped, so we took off. I was so scared I broke our door, I didn’t know that the chain was still on and ripped the siding off completely but we still ran out, we noticed when we were outside and I had half the door in my hand.

The more we lived in those apartments the more I became scared of my safety but we moved out because mold starting growing in my room, and mine only. But me and my friend still remember everything that happened there.

Thanks for reading

Sent in by Kyra Mills, Copyright 2011

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6 Responses to “It is Always Watching”
  1. Jeff says:

    The more and more you encounter these things the FEAR will go away. I’ve lived with them for years and years. When it first started I was terrified! I thought about it over the years and realized that when these paranormal things present themselves we feel COMPLETELY out of control of our environment. We feel like there is NO TELLING what might happen next. After years of dealing with these things I’ve come to see that MOST of them are just doing their thing, whatever the heck that is. I HAVE encountered some malevolent incidents but they are by far in the minority. Usually the mischievous ones just want to mess with you and I think they’re actually having FUN being poltergeists!

    The REALLY BAD ones usually don’t show themselves and manifest themselves in you life NOT in form. Watch out for things like when you have done something like steal or crass another person and you wonder why you did that because it’s not really something you wanted to do. THAT’S the REALLY evil influencing demonic entities.

    They usually DO NOT manifest themselves. They hide.

    The ones that play around will lie and be mischievous but they are for for the most part rather harmless. They WILL introduce you to some that are NOT so harmless if you aren’t careful. Not really sure WHY some of these things mean harm but few actually do. That doesn’t mean that there are NOT some pretty influential entities out there that aren’t. Generally my experiences have shown me that they have a loud bark but not much BITE ! ! !

    They really lose interest when you lose all fear of them. I must admit though . . . I myself still get a scare and a chill when it starts but once it goes on for a while I just sort of treat them like pests and they start behaving themselves.

    Which leads me to the next level. When they go under like that you have to REALLY watch out for subtle influencing. When they can’t get a rise out of you directly they start to curb thing in your life. Don’t let that happen and it’s HARD to recognize when they are doing it. They can really mess up relationships with family and friends and you careers.

    I said recently, “Know what your dealing with and don’t believe a word they tell you.”
    Actually that was told to me directly by one of those things. Not actually my own words.

  2. Jeff says:

    PS . . . . . .
    Has anyone made the correlation that most of this stuff starts happening around us when we are teenagers? ? ? ?

    Not sure what that’s all about but that’s when it all started for me as well.

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Jeff

      Good post.

      My first poltergeist experience happened when I was 22. It continued for 5 years. But it wasn’t the activity of this entity that scared me. There was also a different, more sinister entity in my home, which ‘watched from the shadows’. That was the one I feared. That entity was the one that attached me. That was the one which possessed others. The second entity was demonic.

      The polt actually used to alert me of the other entity’s presence. The polt, in effect, acted like an alarm. About six months after I’d finally managed to get rid of the demonic entity (exorcism) the polt then also left. It was as if it was no longer required to help and alert me of danger, so it moved on. Bizaarly though, although I could still see the poltergeist after the exorcism, the same as before the exorcism, it didn’t actually move objects or do anything else that one would normally expect of a poltergeist.


  3. Elizabeth100 says:

    so you are one of the persons that has the ablility to see things or know things that other people can’t?

  4. Diana says:

    A ghost that cleans….if I was gonna be haunted, I think that’s the kind I would want. :)

    • Nikki says:

      ha ha…I hear ya Diana!

      I’ve heard of them messing things up, but never CLEANING things up!

      These stories just keep gettin’ stranger & stranger! ;)

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