Is There a Demon Inside Me?

Posted on October 20, 2009

It all started when I was real young, maybe about 5 or so maybe even younger, I don’t really remember. I used to see a shadow person in the form of a hat man pacing the garage through a window in my room. Every now and then he tipped his hat to me and stared at me with his piercing white eyes. One day I looked out the back to see if he was there like I had every night and he was gone. I guess that’s when the weirder things started happening.

Around the same time I was taking tai kuando and my parents used to force me to practice by jumping on top of me and basically knocking the wind out of me for a few minutes (all this is relevant by the way) when one day something sparked and I was able to lift my parents who were like 200 lbs. If you knew me back then you would say ‘no way’ because I was like 5 – 6 years old and about as thin as a toothpick lifting my parents.

After that it was easier to use this excess strength but every time I used it I could feel this other being a sort of dark essence inside of me. It craves darkness and hate and that kind of thing.

After a while of tapping into that power I would loose control, someone would make me angry and I would tap into the power and sometimes even black out. I know of most of the time I have blacked out because others have told me. One particular time I do remember I came to on top of one kid who teased me a lot and my hand was at his throat and I was about to wail on him.

The black outs stopped but a new thing started, a hunger for blood. Yes this sounds vampire-like but from the research I’ve done on vampires this is different. I didn’t know what the hunger was until I had a cut in my mouth and the hunger was so strong that my neck even felt like it was on fire. My whole body was aching, craving something until my whole body felt like it was on fire especially my neck so I bit the side of my cheek on the inside to get my mind off the pain and I tasted my own blood.

The blood lust still happens every now and then but it craves darkness every now and then. The scariest part of this thing being inside me is that every now and then holy water burns and itches sometimes. I’m a devout catholic and I research a lot of the paranormal and had always thought that water may have a special power against evil but I was always pretty skeptical about that. My opinion on that changed though when the holy water I blessed myself with burned and itched when coming out of church and had every now and then.

It stopped for a few years but a slight burn and itch from the holy water a week or so ago. I swear to you all of this is true and want to know how to approach this. I have not really heard of anything like this before except for possession but the water only hurts the demon not the person but the holy water hurt me.

Written by Nick, Copyright 2009

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150 Responses to “Is There a Demon Inside Me?”
  1. Jenn says:

    Sounds like you have a lot of interesting stuff going on inside of you. I was wondering about your church/holy water experience.
    Do you take communion when you go to church?

    • athena says:

      i understand your feelings, what is happening to you i also have crazy impossible things happen to me not to freak you out but your not the only one i try to look or find what it all means and whats behind it all i cant stand it somtimes i dont want it, but the feeling in it makes me crave more and want more like, somtimes i feel im getting stronger, i always have the same dream? idk what it means? your either being haunted, or you are possessed by a demon. scarey! tip from me to you, find help like somone who knows all about this. goodluck

  2. Tony L. says:

    You might want to go see a psychologist. I’m serious. symptoms like this might not get better on their own. At least rule that out first.

    • Boo H. says:

      Seeing a psychologist is Definitely a bad idea.. you don’t wanna get thrown in a facility… Believe me.. It’s not fun.. They won’t believe anything you tell them…
      My group of friends have experienced things of the sort.. Strange strengths and powers they can tap into.. They talk to the things inside them as if they were people and the things “come out” so to speak. I could be talking to my friend one moment and then the next, I’m talking to one of the things inside him.. They are strong and they are ancient.. Be careful. But all you can do is wait and hope it moves on…

  3. DarStarr says:

    I agree with Tony L. You need to talk to someone. You never mentioned how old you are, but you need to seek help.

    And I hate to ask this, but were your parents abusive? I can’t imagine two 200 pound people forcing their 6 year old to “practice” by jumping on top of them. If this was an abusive environment, that could also be a reason.

    God bless

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    don’t sound good !

  5. Dionna says:

    the same stuff happens to me, a shadowman with a hat, I’m a girl but actually very strong at times, also I pretty much lost all my emotions, except when I’m with other people, i feed off of emotion. Sometimes I can feel something something strang and freighting.

  6. meli�a says:

    i agree with tony l. and darstarr. that’s a serious issue, and i would get help before this matter becomes dangerously worse, for yourself and others around you. it could possibly be a demon or it could just be you with a serious mental issue, and no offense whatsoever. sorry but i blame your parents for this. you seriously bit your own cheek b/c you were craving blood? did you black out when this happened or do you know exactly what you were doing?

  7. scarygirl67 says:

    If all the possible physical and chemical issues can be ruled out, then I would suggest you contact a demonologist or a priest. Once you know for sure it isn’t something that can be treated medically, then you need to treat it spiritually.

    I don’t believe shadow entities like the Hat Man are positive…I don’t believe they possess anyone, but I am of the opinion they are watchers.

    Hope to hear more from you…I’ll keep your situation in my thoughts.

  8. ash363 says:

    We’re doing literature circles in school so that’s how i discovered your story. I don’t know if you’re lying or telling the truth, but I have no idea not to believe you because i don’t know you. My suggestion:

    has anyone u know died? i think you may be experiencing a spirit but whatever it is, it’s not normal. you need to talk to someone NOW.

    Best of luck,

    • ZegtMorNix__ says:

      Ash363, i know when someone dies he become a ghost in a couple of weeks ( 3 weeks )
      but if it’s a ghost in Nicks body, why does he want to drink blood and didn’t hurt the Holy Water Nick but the ‘thing’ inside of him? This are features from a demon.

      Nick, you have to do something and don’t wait until there’s happening something again and again. I’m sure it might be too late at a time.

      (My English isn’t very well i know that. But i’m from the Netherlands.)

      Goodluck, Bye!

  9. Bonnie says:

    Hi Nick,

    I agree with everyone else. You should talk to someone about what you’re experiencing now. I wish you the best of luck!.

  10. camille says:


    Many of the comments seem to be on the right track.
    1. Abuse of a little kid could have brought to you a protector spirit.
    2.Being “open” to the protector could have created an entry for a dark force.
    3.You should seek counceling for abuse.
    4.You should find a powerful “white light” source for your “dark possession”.

    Take care of yourself in every way that you can.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  11. *spirit girl* says:

    Eh my name isent spirit girl for no good reson ya know.Hahahahahahahahahahhaha dont worry dude ive been possesed by 22 demons counting all mighty red skin and horns himself (the 1st fallen angel) from the sky to the ground. Oh ya it hurt big time when i got near holly stuff like bible, holy water, crosses etc. i thought these demonic entities would tear me in two like they did to my uncle but thats aother story. I never got rid of them but i learned to live with them (oh ya i think dracula possesed me too cuz i couldent stand sunlight for years and i almost burned in the sunlight) dont worry ya learn ta love the ugly demonic thing ehem my bad i mean the supiriorly red horned creature. But i know a couple ways to get a demon out, bless your house, bless your family, bless mostly everything, dont loose youre head in the prosses, while you bless youreself meaning oh ya ime gonna say it EXERSISM i know i spell words wrong dont hate.

    thats pretty much it
    good luck
    try to control your temper
    keep youre faith
    stay in school(cant belive i just sead that)
    youl be fine dont worry unless it tries to kill you

  12. Indiangirl says:

    Nick, that is a lot going on. I’m going to be blunt. What your parents did to you is abuse. I definitely would not rule out seeking help in that area. My son saw a shadow man with a hat named Larry. He was in my son’s life when things were bad. Scarygirl suggests that it may not be positive. This is certainly a possibility. But in my son’s case, even though it scared him to see Larry, he was always there when he needed him. He did not do anything, just hung around. In fact, his Dad’s church had a prayer deal hovering over my son trying to rid him of Larry, but my son said he saw him just waiting over by the pews for them to be done. That leads me to believe he was not evil. Larry was always calm. Yours may have been someone watching over you. It’s possible all the negative energy in your family and the negativity you surely felt brought on something evil. Your little soul was probably wide open from being so hurt.
    My blessings to you. Good luck. I hope you find the peace you deserve.

  13. Manik says:

    Hey! ! !The things which i thought to say are Already said by my friends.
    Your parents might be abusive but i can’t believe they forced you at the age of five wierd man!!
    I had a very mean bad temper too when i get angry my muscles will begin to swell and increase in size a few inches it won’t reduce untill i beat the person who made me angry but the creepy thing is I WILL CRY REAL BAD AFTER I BEAT HIM wierd isn’t it. Try to over come evil it will never go untill you face it head on. Good luck with love manik.

  14. Karen M. says:

    I don’t agree, the holy water that sits in those basins, especially here in Europe is stagnant and I myself when I bless myslef that leaves a slight burning sensation on the forehead,thewater is old and lot’s of people have put their hands in it!

  15. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Very good point and I agree. I’ve had the same effect actually, but not so much a burning, more of an itching. Never thought about that fact that the water sits there for who knows how long and that everyone DOES stick their hands in it, now I am grossed out! – and I feel bad, like it’s a sin to be grossed out by holy water!!! LOL!

  16. Karen M. says:

    LOL, Luv ya DarStarr!

  17. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    Luv ya right back Karen darling!!!! ;)

  18. DIAMOND DIAZ. says:

    You need help from a curandero a curandero is a person who can feel deep down in your emotions and cure you. Curandero’s usually live in Mexico and south America. They use retuals, plants, and stones to see if you are possesed or something else. When i was 2 I had to go to one becouse i was cursed and saw things i cant mention, But if you go to one it will go away or calm down. A curandero is a whole lot batter then a psychologist but heary before its too late.

  19. Bonnie says:

    Hi Karen,

    My husband and I were stationed in Europe for about three years, Naples, Italy, back in the late 80′s. Europe is such a beautiful country! We loved it there! You take care!

    Nick, I hope that you’re doing okay. Keep the faith :)

  20. Mellisa says:

    What i can think of is maybe you were possessed by something, only i don’t know if it’s the real demon or another entity that are not demon. you should consult to a demonologist or a priest who does exorcism like scarygirl67 told above. good luck. keep going to the church, control your emotion, and keep your faith in God..

  21. scaredy cat says:

    To spirit girl I am very pleased you told them to stay in school with grammar that you have.

  22. djj says:

    i have a similiar experience… i used 2 have lighter brown eyes….now ther coal black…..i went into a christian store…i felt like i was burning alive

  23. Karen M. says:

    Hi, Bonnie,

    Really, wow my husband is from Italy but we live in France, I love Italy too been there several times!

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I would say,, the first thing to do is not be afraid!! If there is something taking you over, it will feed on your weakneses……. It may be something you just have to live with…..try to stay strong, it is exhausting,, but you have to survive…..

    i have learned to survive!!! its a daily struggle,, not going into detail, but, you can do it.. i am an adult, and i started seeing what i call ( the black man) when i was 4.. i will post about it soon…. he left me in 1993, i will explain in my post…

    could i ask your age???? i am sending a blessing for you to be strong, you are a survivor!!!! This world can be a very bad place at times, but,, us survivors just have to stick together…….

    I have never seen a priest, but, it could be an idea!!! i have thought about it, but am afraid… being a survivor, and dealing with this endless battle has taken a toll on my health…..

    i wish that i had encouraging words for you!!! i totally understand where you are coming from….. i feel that you have a good heart and soul,, stay with that.. make yourself stronger… dont let the negative win,, ever!!!!

    bless you hun,,,,, ktm

  25. Alicia says:

    It Seems Like You Have Alot To Handle, My Advice To You Is To Keep Going To Church & Never Lose Faith. Life Is To Great To Let Anything Stand In Your Way To Live.

    God Bless.

  26. Loso says:

    Spirit girl u crazyyyyyy!!! U gotta be strong to survive.22 of them

  27. matty says:

    your not alone man i know what you mean when you say it feels like theres somthing in you iv felt like that for 3 years now iv blacked out said things to hurt poeple sometimes i cant even be by someone cause it feels like somthing doesnt want you to iv almost hurt a friend of mine aswell but i realized what i was doing im normally nice to poeple but other times it feels like somthing takes over iv been to church and when i was there it felt like some one was watching me sitting next to me when id be sitting alone in the back then i stopped going and thats when things started feeling diffrent like i wasnt myself its as if im a puppet doing the things somthing wants me to so your not alone man and iv just learned to live with it

  28. Nick says:

    hey everyone im 18 now btw.

    my parents were emotionally abusive to me when i was younger and still are today. most people have tried to screw me over. i am told that i come from a line of psychics somaybe that is why i sence al this stuff. i swear im teling the truth every single bit. no joke i have felt dark presences when i do or watch certain things.

    and yeah its true that i did bite the inside of my cheek for the taste of blood. at first i had an idea what the hunger was for but i didnt want to believe it until i was sure i knew that it was blood i wanted.

    im kinda sc ared to talk to people about this cuz most people would think im crazy or just brush me off as some dumb kid so i wanted to kinda ask here how i should approach this.

    about the protector spirit, its weird that you mention that because i’ve Actually seen an angel when i was very young. the angel saved me from being run over by my mother when i was on a family bike ride. also there has been a good essence that surrounds me that i kinda feel protects me especialy when i was just born because i was a premature baby about to die when was born.

    about me knowing any people who have died, i seem to be followed by this curse that every three years someone in my familiy dies. it started with my grand father then grand mother, aunts, uncles, a cousin was poisoned b her husband, and right now it kinda looks like one of my aunts will die of cancer or something soon >>.

    i go to church every sunday and i try to keep my faith and a smile on my face wishing for a better day because if i didnt im sure i woulda killed my self already.

    i’d like to thank everyone for your advice

    • sally says:

      the curse is passed on to the next 5 generations. all you have to do is break that curse there is prayers on the web for this try it. i did.i went through abuse for a long time. one day i look in the mirrow trying to find Jesus when i did it shocked me i saw demons. pray this will help.

  29. Nick says:


    yeah i do take communion. the only thing that i dont do too often is go to confession cuz i usually tealk to god staight up and appologize and stuff for what i’ve done on my own time

  30. Nick says:


    i knew what i was doing the whole time, the only times that have blacked out were the times when i got into fights with people that my friends or other people had to yank me off of people. what happened was i had a pain that like hurt all over my body and bit the side of my cheek kinda like when people used to bite a belt ot something durring amputation in the old days. and after i found out it was blood i was craving i would bite the inside of my cheek to get the rush for football or just to feel the dark pressence or something

  31. Nick says:

    *spirit girl*

    i’m kinda still trying to get used to him or her. its just kinda hard when hit wants to like take copmplete controll of my actions and like then bloodlust and like burning in my neck come at full swing. and to deal with 22 DAMn! u gotta be strong. i

  32. xyooj xiong says:

    hey there…it seems like you got much trouble going on. How’s it still going. still crave blood and stuff. My family is shaman and i really don’t know anything about it but i kind of feel the same. but not with in me around me. sometimes i feel like it’s inside me. When i fight it almost happens like instincts. I can’t lift people like you but im really swift and quick and powerful hits. I can break an army easy and the sight of blood makes me soo hapi. i just smile and laugh. I feel stronger and more demonik. But i don’t see it as a curse and i can use it to my own advantage. i don’t go out and do bad things to people. I use it to protect people. you should do the same cause the world needs more people to stand up for them…n__n

  33. Nick says:

    xyooj xiong

    yeah still crave blood sometimes. it tends to happen mostly when i lick my wounds or get a cut in my mouth. but the dark pressence feeling comes out when ever it feels like, sometimes when im scared,watching scary movies, watching dark movies, or at random. i’ll say this it feels like its inside me and that it comes out.

    blood and people dieing in movies sometimes makes me laugh but it kinda depends like in scary movies i laugh a lot cuz the way people die in them is kinda funny.

    i was kinda cautious on using the power for good cuz i get this strong will to fight or kill anything near by for the fun of it and stuff but if i have to use this power to save someone i will XD and thanx

  34. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nick,, thinking back to when i was very young,, i used to lick my wounds.. if i had a cut on my finger, my dad would say, just stick it in your mouth, and it was no big deal… it just tasted like blood…. and nick,, i really liked what xyooj said,,,,, people do need strong people to stand up for them,, that is so true!!! so,, maybe you can put all of this power to good use… what do ya think???

    when i was young, i was very little and skinny,, and i was a girl……. i got picked on by the boys for being so small.. i wish i had , had someone like you guys to stand up for me, with all of your strengh… i know you have been through a lot,, but,, we learn many lessons in life, and we can put them to good use!!!

    maybe all of you that feel no pain, or are stronger than normal, would be wonderful soldiers….. maybe not in the army, or services, but in life!!!!! i think you all have a very powerful gift !!!!! use it for the good of humanity… may not be demonic at all,, have you guys ever thought of that…??? maybe you where made they way you are on purpose, so you can take up for us less fortunate…..

    God bless you all,,,,,, ktm

  35. Nick says:


    i can seriously say that i never thought of this essence as a gift. XD the feeling just doesnt feel exactly like a good pressence but yeah i definitely like that idea. could deffinitly try to use it for good and to stick up for people.

    thanx xyooj xiong and KNOWTOMUCH

    God bless

  36. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nick,, maybe i said it wrong!! you can turn your power into a gift… thats what i have learned to do…. i know it feels very negative!!!! i have dealt with the paranormal my whole life,, i wish i didnt have to, but, thats what cards i have been dealt….. so,, i am using it for the good……

    gift,, was the wrong word to use,, i apoligize for that….. i have turned my ( knowing of things) into a gift, of sorts.. not sure what it is,, my dad always said i was a (sensetive,),,, my hubby calls it my ( knower) i tend to feel, smell, taste, touch, see, and so on, the living and the dead…… so,, i cant get away from it…..

    Nick,, like i said,, sometimes people are just born a certain way,, i dont know if thats your case or not… and, im sure that situations in my life have only made me stronger to it.. not what i want either.. but,,, its here, so i deal with it, and use it for good purposes…

    i know many things that i cant tell my loved ones,, thats the hardest… at least i can warn them,, but, i have to be careful, how i do that….. i also see and know good things,, now, thats a pleasure!!!!

    i have learned to write a lot down on paper,, then,, later on,, when i go back , its proven… i just understand it,,, but,, something i live with… may want to keep a journal,, make sure it is hidden, this is private,,, unless, you decided to share it with someone you trust very much….

    maybe if you keep on posting, it will help, it has helped me a lot….

    god bless hun,,, ktm

  37. Nick says:


    that sounds like a good idea XD yeah i’ve thought of turning it into a gift but as i’ve said im kinda cautious cuz i might black out then come to on top of someone beating them up but i have tried to use it for good.

    and i cant really see the dead i can sense them and feel them but not see or hear them. I’ve thought of keeping a journal but that was for a different reason. when i go to bed sometimes i’ve seen images or scenes of what will happen in the future either months or weeks later and i cant really remember them all too much so i’ve thought about getting one to see if i can remember these visions.


  38. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nick,,, can you explain to me about the blackouts???? My neuro. has tested me for epilepsy, and so far it is negative… i also have , i guess you would call it blackouts.. not sure how to explain it….i do know,, when i am under a lot of stress, it gets worse… 2 of my nieces have seizures, and they black out…. so far with me, my doc. doesnt think thats what it is……

    Yes,, start keeping a journal,,,,,, i try to, but there is so much going on, its hard to keep up with, i have told my neuro. if i kept a journal, i would be writing constantly…….. luckily,, she is a very spiritual person also, so, she understands.. but,, i have also had extreme situations in my life which makes me more suseptable.. i think you are a lot like me!!!

    i also feel at times like i could explode… i have had to get this under control with meditation… you can do it.. you just have to stop and get in touch with your body and mind.. you can do it, i know… its amazing what you can do when you get to know your body and mind….

    its taken me many years to even attempt to try to get all of this under control,, and there are still many days it gets out of control.. the past few months have been very difficult….. as i deal with issues that i have not talked about, and probably wont…. some things cannot be said…..

    i wish i had more words for you!!! let me know what your experience is like… the build up of rage, and the blackouts????? i may be able to relate, or at least help you through the rough times…..i am still working on dealing with past issues, and that is very hard….

    God bless you hun,, you are trully special,,,,, ktm

  39. trolldoll1681 says:

    ktm i know the feeling!! i’m on a medication for anxiety, its only 10mgs but it keeps me sane. i have this little thing call pmdd – i won’t go into the definition, some women get it and some don’t. that’s why i don’t work, i have social anxieties and don’t like to be around a large number of people. which mean my boyfriend pays for most of the bills, he’s really patient with me!! anyway good luck to you nick, i wish you all the best!! you too ktm i’m always here for ya’ll!!

  40. Nick says:


    i used to meditate but i kinda stopped cuz i would meditate because i had nothing better to do. I am a pretty recluse person but im trying to break that so im keeping active and i guess its kinda makes it really hard to focus on stuff like mediation XD.

    its weird. i stil fel the pressence but its kinda of distant know cuz i’ve kind of shunned it a little as well as tried to avoid it. im sure if i meditate like u said i should be able to gain it back and control it better.

    the black outs are like this. i get angry or someone really pisses me off and after that point i dont remember a thing its as if i went to sleep right after that point. i seem to be able to talk to people and stuf but i dont remember anything after its over and the next day i cant remember the fight at all. the only thing i remember is that some guy made me mad or sometimes i dont even remember people or that i got angry. for example my friend told me about this fight that i got into with some kid in a jumper who made me angry and that i whipped him. he showed me which kid it was and i was like well i guess that explains why he is scared of me cuz the kid would always stay as far away from me as physically possible. the last thing i remember from that party was that i had wanted to go into the jumper and thats it.

    the rage build up just happens when im fustrated. i just get aggitated easily like most people but its hard to get rid of kinda. its just like i wanna figh smash things and use this power that i have to destroy everything in sight. also when i get aggitated and rage builds up the blood lust kicks in and adrenaline rushes into my head. my sences kick it into high gear and i see, hear, smell, and feel things better than i normally would. if that doesnt happen then the my body heats up like scorching hot metal is touching my skin but mostly my neck and the blood lust kicks it into high gear and i want to do anything to stop it. some times though when my body feels like that it will feel like there are either wings are trying to sprout out of my back or like knifes or swords are either being pushed into my body or trying to be pulled out. but yeah it varies from time to time but a good majority of the time i just have this strong hunger for the taste of blood when rage builds up and my senses heighten


    btw thanx and god bless



  41. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Trolldoll, and Nick,, you would not believe how much i relate to your problems…..being reclusive, social anxietes,,, thats me too….. and i understand the rage… Docs. call it manic,, but, thats a doc. for ya!!! i really feel like there is a demon of anger………..

    the demon of anger is very hard to control,, such is the demon of anxiety…. i really enjoy the paranormal, but also enjoy the medical fields, mind and body.. i guess thats why i relate so much to medicine… i have learned the ins and out the hard way!!!! the docs. just hate it when you know more than they do, especially about meds. and the side effects…

    trolldoll, i also take a small amount of meds.. i tried the whole phyciatric route,, oh boy,, that guy was killing me with drugs,,,i fired him 2 years ago, started getting me meds from my family doc. again,and am taking what i need.. my doc. knows, that know my meds….and my body..

    my mom always calls me the doctor in the family.. people even ask my advice.. i have thought about medical school,, but,, no way,, not with all of those people!!!!! i have taken some courses, and did very well… my sis has always told me,, when i get old and sick, i want you to be my doc. i dont trust anyone else,,lol.. i tell her, well, you had better be a good patient,,,lol.. we always joke like that,, but, i will be there for her, for sure…..

    i have many stories of doctors and meds, but thats not what we are here for… i am just rambling….. but really,, Nick,,, i go through times with the anger,, not as bad lately, well, i stay at home a lot…… but, there have been times… i am a very kind person,, but, if i see someone treating another badly,, oh boy………….. just cant stand it….

    ok,, Nick,,,, now i am about to contradict what i just said….. not all docs. are bad,, you just have to find the right one, that understands you…. the meds. that me and trolldoll take seem to help a little…. its a thought!!!! i am lucky,, i have found the proper mix of docs. for me through trial and error,, lots of error………

    you know,, maybe its not so bad to be us….. maybe we just feel very deeply !!!! i think i am just one of those,,, deep feeling,,,painfull people.. does that make any sence?????? i do feel that i was made that way,, it was all in the plan…. not easy,,, but who am i to question!!! i could go on and on,, but,, Caretaker is gona take off my head if i dont shut up,,,Lol…..

    take care you guys,,,, live every day like its your last… think about that….. deeply…. ktm

  42. Manik says:

    Yea Anger is very hard to control coz i tried to control it from my child hood but i didn’t manage to be completely control it. Now i controlled it to a considerable rate, getting angry is rare for me now.

  43. Nick says:

    yeah i know what u mean by feel deeply i kinda feel feelings to the fulllest. and i trust docs lol i’ve been to the ER more than once XD for many reasons and the docs there havent tried to bs me so im fine. also the docs i’ve had have have helped me and my fam out a lot.

    lol and i am the same way im a nice guy but if someone nudges me the wrong way watch out XD

  44. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nick,, i feel that you are a trully nice guy, and just hate all of the crap in the world!! just be careful…. you are very sensetive to wrong doings of others…. i know!! one day at Walmart, a couple of years ago,, mom and i where shopping and got in line to check out,,,,, well, here was this little woman in front of me, and her hubby was raising h….. at her, and jumping all around like he was jacked up on something… well, everyone seemed very afraid, and the poor woman was trying to get the stuff out of her buggy as fast as she could.. i felt so sorry for her…

    Now,, he looked like he was possessed by something!!! anyway,,, i could feel the heat coming up my neck,, and im saying to myself,, ok,,,, chill out!!! well, forget that….so,, without knowing what i would do,,,, i put my arm around this little woman, as she looked up at me,, and i said,, very loudly, so everyone around could here,,,,,,,,, ( next time,, lets go shopping together, and leave him at home))) oh boy!!! did he start cussing me, and raising more h……

    what i dont understand is,, at this point,, no one was calling security!! everyone seemed terrified….. i just smiled at him,, which really p….. him off…… anyway,, i told the cashier to call security to take me and mom out to out car,, as this guy was trying to get me to go outside!! now here i am,, a middle aged woman,, and him, a stringy haired, red neck…

    his wife finished, and they went toward the door, he was still yelling at me, and telling me that he would be outside!!! finally,, the security guard came,,,,, he was a short little guy,,lol… i told him the situation,, he looked afraid.. he walked me and my mom out to the car, and even put our stuff in the car.. i watched all around to make sure this guy wasnt following me….. then,,, i started shaking!!!! I realized that i had put me and mom in a bad situation…

    the guy was no where to be found!!! he was just a loud mouthed bully!!! i really hope that his wife didnt get it,, for me opening my mouth.. i have thought about this so much.. maybe, she just kicked him in the b…….. lets hope so……

    thats just one story,,,,,,,, i guess,, the point is,,,,, be carefull because, others may not know who the bad guy is….. and you could get in lots of trouble….

    take care hun,,,ktm

  45. trolldoll1681 says:

    thanks ktm!! i’m really glad you know what it like!! there’s a place here in town the for drug abuse and mental problem for people like the mentally challenged. but when i went the gave me a huge quantity of some kind of drugs, i took em back. i read the side effects and that was enough for me.. i can’t take alot of meds cuz i get sick from em. besides these people there at crossroads like to label you just from looking at you. i know a girl who went for counseling for her son after her daughter drowned at the ymca and they asked how long he had been sexually abused!! there more crazy then we are!!. anywho thanks for the understanding!! luv ya always ktm

  46. trolldoll1681 says:


  47. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    trolldoll,, ya know!!! i just remembered something….. when Amber was about 12 and was starting with her depresion,, i remember taking her to the doc. , and them taking her into another room…… when we left,, Amber said,,, you wont believe what they asked me,, i said what?? they asked her if i had been molesting her!!!!!!!!!!! i said,, OMG,,,, where in the h…. did that come from,,,, needless to say,, we changed docs.. i had forgotton about that…..after that,, she had a wonderful doc. and we started in therapy, in another town.. it went very well….. as we found, Vickie,, she was a wonderful therapist,, we got lucky with her.. we had to drive a ways, but it was worth it.. and we kept it to ourselves…..

    wow,, i cant beleive that i had forgotton,, just a long time ago….. just thinking about it, really shocks me,,, again!!!!!

    did i tell you that i found your pics???? they are so cute hun.. i just loved them…. and i bet the party was so much fun.. nothing like dressing up and acting goofy,,,,lol….. and i just love your house,,, and the caption,, me and you are from the same generation,, thats for sure!!!!!! you remind me a lot of myself…

    take care hun,,,,,, hugs to you,, ktm

  48. Summer says:

    things like dat have happened 2 me though thet’re increasing the closer i get 2 my 13 b-day.every since i was little i could see wat appeared 2 b ghosts but now im not completly sure bout that.i can bearly take da sunlight now its just seems 2 get brighter as time goes on.n all day long i feel tired but wen da sun sets i feel like i ‘ll never have 2 sleep agian.even da sound of rain sends a small chill a fear down me idk y but it feels like somethin from my past.{wich sucks cause it rains alot here}water is da only thing im scared of n i have been since da beging of this year.n jist like dionna i only feel emotion wen im by people who r feeling emotion.da 1st time some1 wanted 2 fight me da 1st thing dat poped in2 my head was dat this was ganna b fun{though they never did fight me they backed out in the end}i’ve always liked 2 fight since i was 4 n wen i was wressling with my bro i remembered wanting 2 win this time wen i blacked out a reason i no i blacked out is cause my bro said i fell 2 da ground 4 a min then wen i got back up i hit him n letfed a bruise dat was purple 4 almost 2 weeks n he is 14 years older than i now try 2 stay out of siturations like those now

  49. Shi Wolf says:

    alot of this stuff happens to me mostly the blood and darkness carving. I am a girl but out of nowhere ill get a thirst to kill something. me and my friends have a little habbit of wrestling and ill suddenlty black out and when i wake up im on top of my friends grabbing their neck to where their gasping for air. A lot on full moons (NO JOKE) me teeth and finger nails grow until they are almost claw and fang like. Instead of a person with a hat i see a wolf (i think) with large red eyes. (i can also understand what animals are saying) my senses instead of getting weaker get stronger at night and i can hear the faintest breath and smell everything around me.

    i also rearly feel any emotions sometimes it will be friday and i thinks its tuesday and i dont remember anything for the previous days

    one last thing im 12 and i dont feel comforatable in churches or around anything holy. usually in churches i her a mans foice in my ear saying �get out beast� and it really freaks me out

    ok cant resist commenting. whe i feal the thing inside me my teeth and nails also grow and i actually like the fealig it gives me for some reason like even when its not inside me i summon it my self cause i like the feeling of strengh and darkness. it does scare me when i blak out tho(unless im hurting someoe i dont like) cause its usually friends or family and i only com bak from my black out when i lose the crave for blood or death. lots of people cant stand to look in my eyes cause they say they feel a bad sence or think something is daring them to make me mad. when i was five i ould pik up things almost 200lbs. i also think my brother has some of the some problems cause whe he was 3 her lifted a 100lb tv over his head will he was play fighting my dad. he can still remeber it and says he blaked out (he is 9 now) he love to play baseball and can easily hit a ball almost 300ft away. I think there is something about my dad cause we dont share the same mother and my 3 year old sister is starting to act the same. its either our generation or our dad cause he is like us two.

    tell me do you think im being possed by a demon or i am a demon cause i have dreams (barley rember them when im awake) that im chasing someone i care for trying to kill them or some stange figure (hidings its identity) is talkingg to me, telling what to do or trainig me to fight and kill. Please help im scared to tell someone but i want to tell my Nana i want to see a shrik but she will probobly ask y i need to kow what 2 say cause stuff like this she tries to aviod. like 1time my mom said that i woke up the week after her mom died (no one had told me) and said that �mommys mom died� and i also apparently told her that i saw her in my room talking to me.

  50. nick says:

    well if you and your siblings are experiencing the same things, chances are that it is a blood-line thing. so if your dad is open about this stuff ask him if he has believes in ghosts or something like that to kinda see if he knows what you are talking about. he might know more that what i can tell you.

    but here is what i know. when i experience these things i feel this unquenchable lust for darkness. my friend has told me that she sees spirits around her and that she can communicate with them. she told me that these spirits sometimes sense that she is in danger (whether she is or isnt) and take over her body forcing her to black out. she told me that, chances are, that is what is happening.i cant see spirits anymore so i dont know but i take her word for it.

    the reason i say it is a bloodline thing is because i’ve talked to my cousins and they have experienced the same thing, but they cant really see spirits now either. oh and my friend also said that the spirit that are around us, follow us, keep us company, guide us, and even protect us. the thing is is that they have a mind of their own and are different people who might have been alive at one point.

    i guess you could call them spirit guides if you want to. yours seems to be a little overprotective. the voice you hear saying get out beast might be your spirit guide or one of the other spirits that are fond of you. oh one thing i forgot about the spirits, some arent exactly the holiest of spirits. as i said they are kind of like different people. for example my friend has one spirit who hates goig to church and holy things cuz he feels unwelcome there. and another was prosecuted by the church so he isnt fond of holy things either.

    if you have ever felt the feelings of “wings on your back too then i highly doubt u are demonic or anything. and i say that cuz one thing that me and my friends who experience these weird things, differently but the same none the less, have felt this. i guess it means we are special XD.

    also if yo see any animals that tend to be oddly fond of you that are not your pets or that seem interested in you but you really dont know them, chances are these are the spirits who are follow you or are your “spirit guides.”

    about the talking to animals and teeth/nail things. i have no idea but to say bloodline, its something special that your lineage experiences. cuz i only feel my body getting hotter, becoming more aware of everything around me, and the lust for blood.

    one last thing. dont fear this, try to understand it and embrace it because its a part of who you are. later in life stuff like this will come in handy, XD im finding that out now. im pretty sure it might be a form of possession that is not permanent, as i said i think these spirits are trying to help you but int heir own ways. whether they are good, neutral, or evil.

    with me im guessing i have one evil one cuz my mom says i used to talk about this dark figure that i used to talk abut when i was younger that was in essence a shadow person, a “hat man” shadow person to be exact. and he always kinda just lingered there but yeah try to research as much as yo can about this, ask your dad, friends, and sites like this. so you can better understand what it is you are experiencing.

  51. nick says:

    (to shi Wolf)
    one more possibility is that u might be a psi-vampire. in all the research i’ve done to kind of figure out what i am, i’ve noticed that all these things we feel are similar to psi-vampires. i highly doubt that i am one because im not white or pale at all. it may or may not matter because there are stories of vampires in many cultures other than the most commonly know ones in europe, Russia, and Asia. but something tells me that im not a psi-vampire.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Nothing can attach it’s self to you if you fill your heart with love. Serious. I know it sounds weird. I’ve been possessed I’ve had supernatural experiences since 5yrs I’m 52 now. Seriously love in heart. do it. You’ll get your soul back. I swear.

  53. Anne says:

    Love in your heart. Will end your possession. Love in your heart. Do it. Keep it in there every minute of everyday, (not as hard as it sounds) You’ll be fine. I gaurantee. They can’t possess you if there is love oozing from your soul. I swear it’s true.

  54. Anne says:

    I have to make one more comment. Some of these posts are so ridiculous. Your not a mythical creature. YOur a human and spirits good and bad can possess you. Been there. Your human. And Love in your heart will keep you in charge of your own soul.

  55. nick says:

    The fatal flaw in that theory is this, since i was born i have had nothing but love in my heart. in fact i have so much love for people that i get hurt easily whether people intend to hurt me or not. if i did not have this much love in my heart for people i would probably be another statistic in jail.

    people treated me like trash my whole life and each one of them i have forgiven. something people even your age have trouble with. i harbor no malice or malcontent towards anyone, and some of the things that have happened to me are probably down right illegal.

    im a pretty strong believer in god and i’ve even asked him to make the people who have wronged me to have a wonderful life. The only thing i ask him in return for that is that he make sure that they dont ever make another feel the same way they made me feel. and believe it or not so do the friends i talk about in this story.

    there are things that are beyond human comprehension. the thing that saved my life from almost getting serious injury to my chest and neck area when i was 5 is proof of that. so before you go commenting posts as phony open your mind and think back on your life, maybe you have experienced something similar.

    im not saying anyone is or isnt anything. im posing possibilities that i have seen come up after days and months of trying to find out what it is i am experiencing. if you did any
    research you would see where i am coming from.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, stay truthful and dedicated to your faith, and your power will only benefit you.. However, you must also realize you have a responsibility..

  57. the souless one says:

    not all demons are evil, lots are the angels that didnt fight in the heaven vs hell. god dont interfer with humans. a demon saved me a few years ago i was ridding my bike and the chain snaped clean and i crashed my bike im to a sign, it cut my arm up from elbow to wrist blood was all over the ground but then i saw something hooded and robed with blood stains on it and my cut up arm started to heal. i dont even have a scar.

  58. nick says:

    wow, i can honestly say that i didn’t know that XD. also at the same time kinda sheds a new light on this hat man shadow person i used to see when i was younger. never got any bad vibes from him but he surely didn’t look anything like an angel.

  59. the souless one says:

    nobody on earth knows how many angels did not fight in the war but i know he wasn’t gonna hurt me because i saw him 3 months ago when i was bitten by a strange dog. it didn’t really look like a dog and were it bit is healed but still sore. i think it bit my soul.

  60. john says:

    i understand everything you are saying,i have been like it for 30 years now,i avoid trouble at all costs.i learnt karate trained for eight years{1st dan} to calm myself down,and fight my demon inside.which helps,but if i lose it now im a killer with deadly force,i cant afford to black out anymore.two saturdays ago,a drug dealer approached me,told me he knew and sold my son drugs,i lost it , blank, my friend told me i picked him up like a rag doll,and threw him to the wall about 25 ft away with mininum effort,i cant remember nothin,next day my son seen him,he had 4 stitches in his head,and said he had no problems with me.i can only remember my friend screaming at the top of his voice,telling me to stop.
    this is just one thing that has happened,but it only happens when im stressed,cause of this was me marriage break down,and my son doing drugs
    so yes i do understand
    take care

  61. lilly says:

    that is scary and i was 5 when my nick nacks started to be movedaround on to my bed and bodys speperated and one night i had the erge to lookout the window and there was a ghost running over to my window!

  62. demonsR4REAL says:

    i have the gift of discernment of spirits and am a healer-laying on of hands, wisdom, counsel, etc. What you have described is demonic oppression close to possession. If you want to be free of it/them, you need to get serious and take action.And btw, ALL demons are evil.

    First, pray for protection, read this site:

    Go to a priest, tell him what’s happening and get the anointing for the sick-it’s a Powerful sacrament. Get holy water, bless yourself and your room, do what the priest says.

    Nick, I just went through this with a very close family member who was mentally tormented, physically assaulted, heard horrible voices, saw demons, couldn’t sleep, was hateful, angry, sick-black eyes-scary.

    I’ll watch this post and see how you’re doing, answer questions. I’m not trying to push religion on you, but you are Catholic and our church is the One when it comes to fighting the enemy.

    don’t think for one minute you can control this ‘power’ for your own good-that’s a lie. Demons lie. They want your life and soul. Look into your family tree for anyone who was involved in freemasonry-that’s a curse on many generations. Best of luck and many blessings to you-now, go save your life!

    • CodyR says:

      Hello DemonsR4REAL.
      I have a demon, that I can talk to. But he says he’s good, and just wants me to help him find his family.
      I’m not sure how to go upon this. I’m not sure if I can believe him. You say all Demons are evil and lie. So I’m gonna need some help, and you seem like the person that can help me.

  63. the souless one says:

    what not all demons are evil the good one are there, if you can see them you will no i amolst died and i saw hell i saw demon killing people over and over a never ending cycle but i also saw demons torchering other demons thes demons looked like they were half human.

    • Big Chief says:

      Hmm, interesting. Demons can be good or bad. Some demons have been known to aid humans and others have been known to hurt humans. I agree with you on that. So, how did hell look like to you when you almost died. Do you believe in humans being demons or just demons as fallen angels? How were the demons killing people in hell? Describe the tortures that you saw in hell if you can.. What did the demons face look like, the one that saved you? What did the half-human demons in hell look like? Were they huge??

  64. demonsR4REAL says:

    souless one & nick,
    All demons are bad, and they all follow satan-there are varying degrees of power that they have. Demons are fallen angels. Angels are a separate creation from people. Angels are created by God and they have free will, but not a body-they are not constrained by the physical realm. Demons are fallen angels and they have no chance for redemption at all. They roam the earth looking for a way to get a human soul or even an animal’s soul. They can haunt a place,too, even possess it. It is a huge danger to misunderstand or underestimate their power. However, all demons, even satan, *Must* bow to the name of Jesus Christ. They must obey His orders, and the Name of Jesus Christ is necessary to cast them out. You can cast them out in other ways, but they will be back, usually more and stronger.

    People think they have to be nuns or saints to be free from demons, but guess what-demons go after the religious so much that they know to expect it, protect themselves and stay out of danger. Do not call a demon, provoke one, look into the eyes of the possessed, do anything occult, etc. The site I posted before is the best one to start learning real, solid spiritual warfare.

    People are often very surprised and may react w/ fear when they see an angel of God, but when they know they are real angels, they are so happy and see the difference.

    Demons CAN appear to be angels of God but must reveal that they are not of God if commanded by the name of Jesus.

    See, it’s complicated?

    Demons Can and Do do ‘good’ things; they can give you what you want-especially if it makes you feel good-anything to separate you from God-anything. They say and do anything to get you to look at them, listen to them, etc. You must not! You can call a priest anywhere and they will talk to you, help you.

    Souless one,
    You may have been attacked by a demonic source-talk to a priest. Be very leery of these online exorcists who say they can get rid of demons on the phone. Even in the catholic church, there are not enough exorcists -it is very hard to become one because you put your life in danger each time. Not to mention exhaustion.

    Keep writing and talking..I have been led to help in this way and will keep praying for protection for all of us.

    I wish I could give you a more optimistic report. I think most people want the real story. In the last 3 days, I have seen 3 people say holy water, that I blessed them with, burned their skin. One is a child, the other is a catholic. Nobody’s exempt. Love in your heart is a sacred thing but it won’t protect you from evil. Love for Christ will never lead you the wrong way. Ever. Ever!

    • Big Chief says:

      Hmm, interesting stuff. So your saying that animals have souls? Do animals make it to heaven or hell based on their actions/beliefs on earth?? Demons are fallen angels?? You sure about that. Demons can be casted out in many more ways other than calling on Jesus Christ.. Before Jesus and Christianity, ancient civilizations casted out demons in their way and it worked. Demons existed before Jesus and Christianity. Calling on Jesus is one of many ways to caste out a demon!!! Jesus wasn’t even his real name by the way..

      • Wendy says:

        If all demons are not fallen angels then what are they? I don’t claim to know anything other than what I feel and see. I fully believe in God, however I need to get rid of what haunts my family and I. Its strong enough to cause deep scratches, knocks on doors/windows, makes our four pit bulls bark/growl at dark corners, scares my 1and 1/2 year old daughter, causes automatic writing, casts huge dark shadows, changes music, coughs, laughs, comes in human and dog forms; and frightens me to death. And I do believe animals have souls and are here to protect us from what means us the most harm. I love my pit bulls and they love me. The deep love in their eyes and the absolute loyalty proves they have souls. But just like humans they too can be mean and choose their own path. I have tried salt, praying, asking what it wants, and telling it to leave but nothing works. I wake up in the middle of the night every night to dark shadows nelt next to me and I can’t sleep all night at times, out of absolute fear.

  65. the souless one says:

    you are nuts right ?, a demon saved me a long time ago and it was NOT an angel, i know because i saw its face, some demons didn’t fight when hell went to war with heaven, and don’t BS me i know i was a demon

  66. demonsR4REAL says:

    “i know i was a demon”

    You meant to say, “it”

    Demons, by their very definition, are evil. They can do ‘good things’ to manipulate you, but their destructive goal is clear and never changes.

  67. nick says:

    well since i feel like my interjection is needed here i will speak.

    i am neutral in the demons are good/bad idea. all i know from the research i’ve done is that demons have existed since man was able to create stories about the reason for things being the way they are. most creation stories tend to have some sore of battle between good and evil. demons and omens even existed before the idea of both poly-theism and mono-theism.

    saying that i have seen my fair share of what i thought were demons but had no “evil essence” surrounding them. for example when i was younger i used to see this “hat man” shadow person and i had or gave him some name with an R, so my mother said. i did not fear him even though explaining his features to my mom go white in the face. also i saw some cats a couple months ago with all black eyes and they seemed playful. they basically kept in front of me until i was almost at my dorm the other day and ran off.

    neither evil nor demons have approached me, so its hard to say anything on this topic. i only know of my guardian angel that saved my life when i was younger and has continued to watch over me.

    one last thing that i have to say is that with al the bad luck i get i feel like a jinx and with the craving for darkness, i almost fel as if i was evil or something like that in a past life (yes i believe in multiple lives, just because im catholic does not mean all my beliefs are canonical to those of the church, i believe more in jesus’ teachings of loving thy neighbor, trusting in him, and loving god). with this it is almost as i have been seeking redemption for something since day 1 of my life

    one note on my powers. i believe even though they can be a curse sometimes, that they are a god given gift. i, personally do not get to control them, only god does. he shows me bits and parts of the future and sometimes even gives me knowledge enough to figure out what will happen. i will say this, i dont like knowing or seeing the future because it takes the fun/ surprise out of living life so i try hard not to believe the things i see and put together. also god has noticed that so i see less and less of the future unless it is a key point in my life and it is information that he needs to show me.


    i have never been nor fully been “in controll” of these “powers” no animal,angel,demon, or being of any sort has ever came up to me and offered or asked anything of me and gave me something in return. i used to meditate and talk to god one on one a lot, but that is the extent of my spiritual experiences ,until recently, besides church. i have had the anointing of the sick before and when i first noticed i had some control over these powers in high school, and then i used to say the prayer of st michel the arch angel. so i guess if it is demon “oppression” then he is pretty strong and im totally screwed. as i said im truly only worried about the fact that once in a blue moon holy water burns, and being catholic i do know that when holy water burns and itches, it really is not a god sign.

  68. demonsR4REAL says:

    Big Chief,
    I don’t believe that animals have souls, yet they and property, homes, etc. can be demon possessed, oppressed. And I do believe that exorcism is the most reliable way to cast demons out so they do not go to someone else or return.

    That demons are fallen angels also is within my beliefs.

    What are your thoughts on this? Are you Native American Indian? I have studied Shamanism a bit and have shell, sage and feather for help clearing & purifying during healing sessions. When I visit Blackfoot, ID, I’m going to try to visit the reservation even though my sister said I may be killed. God/our Creator will lead me there if He chooses and will reveal what He wishes.

    And yes, demons have been cast out since the beginning, in many ways that pre-date Christ.

    Excuse my ethnocentrism. My intention is to help. Nick appears to be Christian,so my feedback may resonate with him.

    • Big Chief says:

      No, I am not Native American. I just picked the name from out of thin air.. I believe demons are fallen angels and humans. Once in hell, I believe they’re all considered demons from what I’ve heard. If you read many ouija stories or do many ouija sessions you will see that most of the contacts through the board are evil spirits. Most of them will outright tell you that they are demons and will tell you there birth and death date and how old they were when they died. I know alot of people will say “That’s the demon tricking you and trying to make you believe that they’re a human soul” but I don’t think so.

      From what I’ve realized, most of the evil spirits that you come in contact with through ouija board are human demons who are being influenced or controlled by non-human demons. I believe humans and fallen angels are demons. Everyone who lands in hell are demons I believe..

      • Anonymous says:

        i know this is a bit off topic big chief but when you mentioned humans being allen angels it crossed my mind.

        do you know anything about a “wing feeling” i have no idea how top explain it but feeling as if wings are on your back, or are coming out of your back and that highly react to your emotions and inner feelings.

  69. Big Chief says:

    Souless One, I see your reply to my questions in my email but it is not posted on this site for some reason.. Anways, you said the demon had a sword. Can you describe the sword? Was it a regular sword? What was the demon doing with the sword? Was it dark or extremely hot there? Did you go straight to hell or did you go to a preliminary stage first? Were people naked in hell? Were people screaming in hell??

  70. the souless one says:

    srry i know some things that i should not know it started when i was a hit by a truck, the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel that is when i died, and the sword was twin sided with weird marks on it, it was tapping it on a rock, i think it was bored l would be to if i had that job haha, and it was not that dark and it was warm were i was but it looked like there was ice forming on the floor but i also saw fire burning in the distent and it was BIG, i am starting to think that there are cold places in hell, i could see that the demons were confused i don’t think i was ment to die from the crash, and there were half naked people i didn’t see fully naked people, yes there were people screaming there heads off in hell.

    • nick says:

      that must have been a scary sight ><

    • Big Chief says:

      Yes, I’ve heard of there being cold places in hell too. i heard there are many different parts of hell and some parts look like regular neighborhoods here on earth. Did you get ran over and sent instantly to hell? How did you know that you were in hell? Did someone tell you so? What kinds of tortures did you see? Were people burning in the fire? Why were people screaming? Were they being tortured?

      • anna says:

        see one thing i dont get is when your dead and someone goes to hell why would they burn in the fire if they are already dead?if its the soul how would they feel that.curious.

        • Big Chief says:

          Your dead physically in the flesh but your not dead, dead. You still feel pain and you can basically do the same things that you can do here on earth. You ever hear of haunted houses where people hear footsteps and see imprints of ghost sitting on their beds.

          Also souless one, what color were the peoplel in hell? Black, white, chinese, Native American?

          • anna says:

            thanks.i rather ask a quetion that i dont know then pretend and make a fool of thanks.

          • the souless one says:

            all the races, i think they were being tortured by the hell there religion believe in

            • Big Chief says:

              Huh. Explain that one for me please. How can they be tortured in the way their religion believes. Suppose they never believed in any religion. How would they be tortured then? How did you come to this conclusion? How did you know that you were in hell/

  71. Demon Child says:

    don’t call me evil or anything but i killed someone once, he broke into my home and stabbed me, i blacked out and he was dead when i came to also i had a burn on the side of my face that hurt like nothing i ever felt like before, his face was ripped up and betten his leg was broken in 2 places, it is forever in my thoughts of what i did, i whent to jail for three years for man slarter but they found out that the wounds were not what killed him it was fear, what kind of bloody animal do i become when i am in pain.

    • anna says:

      you killed someone? can someone die in fear?how bad were the stabb marks?that must of been hard for you to say that.when they found out that he died from fear did they let you get out of jail?or did you still have to do the 3 years?do you know why he broke into your place?thanks.

  72. DemonsR4Real says:

    It’s pretty disturbing to those who are demonically tortured to have to recount their hellish memories. What they need is support and solutions. Anyone fascinated with the machinations of hell may benefit from speaking directly to an exorcist or stydying religious theology. Many who are affected by demons have serious emotional problems due to the powerful effects.

    Big Chief-with all due respect to your curiosity, please learn about post traumatic stress disorder before triggering demonic victims’ pain and memories with your explicit questions and cynicism toward their personal experiences.

    Demon Child-there are people who go into blind rages where they get crazy violent and are blacked out through the whole thing. Clearly, you feel great remorse for what happened. I wish you peace. Please pray and talk to God about ALL of it. Have you had a brain MRI? You may have a condition that causes you to white out during a rage. I have seen it happen. There is help available and no, you sure don’t want to hurt another living thing. I can coach you a bit on how to present your need to the Dr. so you can get a referral to a neurologist. How very sad for you and the victim. Please get therapy or speak with a religious leader you trust.

    I wish all her who have been tormented, and still are, full deliverance and exorcism if needed. Don’t tolerate any of this demonic harassment. Know I am praying for you and know you can be free of it all! Once free, you will have a new life and can be filled with the Holy Spirit who loves you and is a pure, perfect gift from God. It’s beautiful!

  73. Demon Child says:

    now days i know what caused me to black out it was my instinct, when i get in pain my darker side takes over, i whent to the doc but he said i was great nothing bad about me but one of the docs said that i had to were a strange brain scanner thing for a week, i got stessed once more when i was hunting for pigs i was loading my cross bow when it when off and cut the side of my leg, i almost black out from the pain, it turns out that i have a very strange condition were i go into an instinct state and my brain scan goes 2 times what is normal for a person in pain and that i can’t be punished for what i do when i am blacked out, the doc tried to lighten the mood with a joke saying that i should be in the army, i was 23 when i blacked out for the first time and i am now 27 i am still in pain from the thourght of ripping someones face to bits.

    • anna says:

      you should stay away from sharp objects because if you did that with the cross bow who knows what else can sorry your going through that,but i guess its a part of life for you do anything to distract you when you feel like that?thanks

  74. demonsR4REAL says:

    Demon child,
    What was the Dr.’s diagnosis? Is it a seizure type disorder where you blank out during violence? There are meds that can control the brain’s ‘electrical short circuits”. I’m not a Dr. or anything but have seen people get treated for similar conditions effectively.

  75. anna says:

    i hope you do get better.and if there is a doctor that can help why not.right?

  76. Demon Child says:

    no doc can help, they said that i should be dead but i moved on with my life, i moved to my brothers farm to see if i can live in peace.