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Is Our Place Haunted?

Posted on June 1, 2011

I’m hoping to get some opinions on whether or not our place is haunted.

We live in Wilberforce, Australia and we live in a shed that has been turned into a home the place isn’t old it’s probably 6-7 years old we only built the house inside a couple years ago.

When we first moved in everything was fine and still is but over the last 10-11 months I have been noticing odd things, there have been times when we have been looking for certain things and we end up searching the whole house then when we have given up it’s they are basically right under our noses, this can be put down to just us not looking hard enough. there have been occasions when I have been cleaning the house on a Saturday morning and I’ll be in the kitchen and all or a sudden I’ll hear a “Hi”, “hey” or “hello” one occasion I heard a laugh, this has been when I have been there alone, one time I was getting dressed and we have a door that goes into the front part of the shed sort of like a garage, anyway I was getting dressed and I heard someone knocking on the door so I went out to open it and realized that the garage part was locked and no one there, I just brushed that off as hearing things.

Another occasion was just the other night we were watching TV and I had made myself a drink (JD and Coke) and I heard “can I try some” I looked at my partner and said yeah of course you can have some and he looked at me and said “what I don’t want any” and I said to him “You just asked if you could try some” and he said “no I didn’t” and I said “I’m positive that you just asked me that”. we laughed and he said it must of been the ghost (as we had been joking that we had a ghost in our place).

My partner has told me that he’ll be doing something then look up and he said he has caught a glimpse of something walking into a room, I have also seen this when I was in the kitchen making lunch I went to ask my partner what he wanted and caught a glimpse of what looked like an elbow like someone was walking into our room and I thought it was him so I went in there and no one was there I came back our to find him sitting on the lounge.

Once we were over having dinner at his parents house (which is just across from our place, it’s on the same land and you can see our place perfectly) and our light was on inside and we just looked over there and we both saw someone walk across the front of the door so my partner ran over there and there was no one there.

Also at night when I go to bed it sounds like someone walking around the house and I have heard what sounds like a light switch being turned on but when I open my eyes it’s still pitch black (our place is small so if a light was turned on then we would see it no matter where we were in the house) at night as well I can hear noise like the TV is turned on, but all those things at night could be put down to imagination the house settling all those kind of things.

We have a dog and she follow something around every now and then and stare at one spot but I have been told dogs can see ghosts? but she never barks at anything inside the house, does she like our ghost? If we have one from the voices I heard they sound like a male, I don’t feel scared or feel that it’s evil or mean I feel that it’s nice. My partner and I think it may be one of our grandfathers.

Sorry it’s a long one but I would love to know what you guys think

Sent in by notsure, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Is Our Place Haunted?”
  1. tazmanian says:

    Thats alot of stuff going on. I’ve heard that sometimes when homes are renovated that it disturbs ghost and they start haunting maybe that’s what’s going on. You should ask it to leave your home if it gets worse…

  2. denise says:

    Have you thought about finding out some history about the land that the sheld is built on or the sheld it self. some time a spirit can stay atach to a place that is well known to them.

  3. Angela Ervin says:

    Yea I think its huanted but there is no such thing as ghosts. They are demons descised as humans I would move out asap because it will just get worse I pray god will protect you god bless

    • Pete says:

      I don’t believe that for one minute Angela Ervin ghosts/spirits do exist and they aren’t all evil monsters.

      it sounds as though you have some sort of haunting “notsure”, it doesn’t
      sound evil or unfriendly, try talking to him, ask who he is and why he’s there, you might
      not get a responce but it’s worth a try, you never know you might learn something.
      Good Luck.

    • yumi says:

      Angela Ervin – Yet more useless advice from someone who pretends to know what they are talking about. Not everyone who lives somewhere ‘haunted’ has demons and should move out, dont be so idiotic and irrational! There are plenty of people living quite happily with spirits in their homes.

      Sounds like a a very active friendly spirit to me, does the voice sound old? (like one of your grandparents) is it loud and clear? Very interesting indeed. If it ever does become bothersome, usually telling them to leave works, or to stop doing something that you dont like. Explaining why you dont like it and talking to them like another human being often helps. If its truely a relative or just friendly it should understand.
      If it turns and gets worse i suspect you’d know where to turn if you read the stories on this website.
      But my real advice is to just carry on as usual if its not really bothering you.
      Thanks for the story. :)

  4. A.J Ryder says:

    Oh for goodness sake, Angela Ervin, stop being such a drama queen.

    Hi notsure

    It sounds to me most likely explanation is that someone, formerly connected to that land, passed away about 10 – 11 months ago and has returned there because that is where they felt happiest during their life-time.

    Yes, sounds like you do have a ghost, and quite a jolly one too. The reason you’re dog isn’t frightened of it is because animals tend to accept spirit much more readily than we humans do. If it is kind to the dog, the dog treats it as just another friend.

    I agree with Denise, try to find out some history about the place; who owned it, what did they do on the land – work? holiday place? live? Someone living in the area may well know quite a bit of history concerning your land so it might be worth making discrete enquiries with a few locals.

    Demonic hauntings, although a fashionable explanation for everything at the moment, are actually quite rare. Your chum is most likely to be an earthbound spirit – that means someone who, after death, did not move on to where they should have gone, for some reason.

  5. notsure says:

    Thanks for all the advice at least im not going crazy and now know it’s a ghost, it does sound like an older male voice and doesn’t sound threating at all my partner and i actually think it may be one of our grandparents, it is very clear and sounds as though they are actually right near you, sometimes i feel as though im being watched especially in the kitchen, as i mentioned in my post when i had the drink and thought my partner asked if he could try some when he didn’t say anything it was as though it came right from him, i have talked to it as when i heard that and it wasn’t my partner saying it i said out loud you are more then welcome to have some.
    he doesn’t bother us everyday (not that he bothers us at all) but we don’t hear him everyday. but next time i hear him i will try and talk to him. i was even thinking of buying a recorder and setting it up at night to see what i capture.
    as for our dog just the other night she was in the lounge room with me then all of a sudden she looked up towards the spare room barked and went in there then came out like she was looking for something then went back in there and stayed in there the whole night, i feel as though the spare room is the ghosts room and everynight after this happened our dog goes in there and sleeps in there, i feel as though she is going in there to sleep with the ghost.
    i tried to find out things about the land and i couldn’t find anything, but i will ask around the area see if anyone knows anything. i really do believe it’s one of our grandfathers as both our grandfathers passed away when we were both 3.
    if antyhing else happens will sure to write about it
    i don’t want to get rid of it as it doens’t fell evil and it hasn’t hurt us or done anything to us in a bad way or our dog, i actually think that they are really good buddies and keep each other company

  6. Taylor says:

    Wow.Thats all i can say.If it hasn’t hurt you yet thats good.I can kinda relate.In my house was a murder and a lot of weird things are happening.Maybe you should like maybe try talking to the spirits?

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