Is It Possible To Carry Spirits With You?

Posted on June 24, 2009

Is it possible to carry a spirit or multiple spirits with you? I believe my ex-girlfriend does. I’ve experienced things that cannot be explained, and I’m not lying!

When my ex and I were together, we lived in a house with her mother and little sister. There was an abandoned house next door. One night, when my ex and I got home and started walking up the path to the front door, all of a sudden music started playing from the house next door! Remember, this house is empty. Then as we kept walking, a very bright white light showed up out of nowhere and illuminated the whole house. So at that point we could see clearly into the house. We could see shadow people walking around inside the house and on the porch. And we could also hear them talking. I stopped to look to see if I could see their faces but I couldn’t. This is going to sound strange but eventually one of the shadow people invited me to come over. I don’t know if I was in some kind of trance or what but I started to walk over there but my ex grabbed my arm to stop me and we then went into the house.

Another time, it was night time and my ex’s mother and sister were gone and my ex and I were upstairs in our bedroom sleeping. All of a sudden a voice was calling my name waking me up. It sounded very clear like it was in the same room we were in. I tried to wake up my ex but she wouldn’t wake up. I finally answered the voice and it told me to come downstairs. Our bedroom was right next to the top of the stairs so all I did was poke my head out of the door and looked downstairs but it was completely dark! I immediately closed the door and took our desk chair and propped it up against the door and went back to bed.

The last story includes my ex and I laying down in bed taking a nap but this time it was during the day. I wake up to hearing someone whispering. It sounded like it was coming from directly behind me (I was laying on my side). I look at my ex because she was talking while still having her eyes closed (She was laying on her side facing me). She kept saying things like “No” and “I told you I said no.” Everytime she would say that, I would hear the whispering from behind me but I could never understand what it was saying. Then when she said no for the last time, I heard the voice say very clearly, “F**K YOU!” By then I jumped up to look but of course no one was there.

Also at night, I would look at the bottom of my bedroom door and always see feet standing outside my door. That always freaked me out! For those who believe in ghosts will find these stories true. Others might be skeptical but I have no reason to lie. My ex’s best friend told me about a similar experience (Voice calling her name) she had while spending the night at my ex’s house when they were younger. So, maybe it is true… you can carry a spirit or spirits with you.

Sent in by Michael, Copyright 2009

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41 Responses to “Is It Possible To Carry Spirits With You?”
  1. AJ says:

    Yes, it is very true….spirits are just attracted to some people, and can follow that person around for life.

    • erem says:

      yeah am scared of spirits :( i hope they go away

    • val says:

      Im pretty sure i have someone following me. They seem very curious as to what im doing and ive seen the same orb at a bunch of different places. I have pircings and when i wear then lately i feel like someone is mad at me for having them and i feel i should take them out. Ive also felt like someone else is just sitting in my room minding thier own buisness but still i can feel theyre there. I dont know what to do.. Its not bad but i feel wierd.

    • steve says:

      hi aj im followed round 24 7 365 and touched all the time i feel that i am blessed

  2. Sabrina says:

    That seems really freaky! I kinda get what you mean about feeling like you have to go somewhere, I have never felt that way but for some reason I have had very ( VERY ) vivid dreams like that, I would wake up and find myself at the bottom of my bed near the door, like I was trying to get out of the room.

  3. cortney says:

    Yes, spirits can follow you and attach themselves to you as well. Ive had it happend so many times i cant count it all. What was around me was demons, ive had simular situations as your self so I know your not lying. if you want you can read my stories submited on here called The Offer From Satan and Many Demon Experiences.

    I hope you can get breaks and peace inbetween your attacks.

    God bless you.


  4. Moralthea says:

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be your ex that had spirits attached to her, but it could also have been the house, or even the land itself. That’s not to say that she doesn’t have them around her, but it’s just a possible solution to what happened.

    To answer your question though, yes, spirits can attach themselves to a person. Certain people that have psychic abilities or are sensitive to the paranormal can be a beacon for the afterlife. It’s sort of like we’re a lighthouse and they’re drawn to us because of the light we give off. Not everyone will be surrounded by spirits, but those who accept their gifts or are just more in tune to the paranormal, even those that just give off more of a light will get spirits to come to them or attach themselves to them.

  5. ivy janella (philippines) says:

    you know what, i have that experience too.. that someone’s calling you suddenly with a loud and clear voice!!! this happens to me when i think i was 14 yrs. old.. ma and my sister where sleeping at our room, then suddenly i heard the voice of my mom calling me “so loudly!” that i really jump out of my bed really fast!! coz’ i heard her voice and she was mad.. that’s what iv’e heard.. so when i asked come up with my mom’s room, “i ask her why? what is it??” she just said to me, “what? what is it?? do you have any problem? maybe your just dreaming okay?, go back to sleep”… and when my mom tells that to me, i got really freaked out! what was that? i just ask myself… that was weird..

  6. rebecca h says:

    Yeah thats the thing about spirts they will follow you they may have something to say or do which will involve that person and where ever they go it will go just to be with them it may be an old love or family member maybe friend , could be somone who dies cause of you and wants there own back you never know who or what they are but they will contine to follow you. But it did it follow her when she went on holiday or places if not it could be attached to the house.

  7. Robin says:

    I had someone die in my home. I have been working with an EVP recorder and the other day I captured my first clear EVP. I asked the ghost it they liked me and the reply was “Yes Robin, honestly. Then the other night I was asking questions and while I was talking, the ghost replied “Dean” in the middle of my sentence. I know and have known their was a spirit in my home. I think there are more than one though because I have recently heard my name called in a womens voice. These spirits dont appear mean, I hope they are not.



  8. nikki says:

    in my home we have 7 spirits but they are harmless.
    no one has ever lived in our house as my mom an dad were the first in when they built it.
    it was only after my dad died did things start happening (apparently in my family we have the gift either to hav preminitions, feel spirits, or see them)

    two years ago a voice would wake me up alot at wierd times during the night.
    or you would hear someone else walking in the house when you alone my one cat would go bilistic she refused to go into certian rooms of the house and her daughter would watch the passage as if somene was walking up an down.

  9. Ashley says:

    That is like some thangs that i have expirenced. When i was younger i always wondered if some one ever died in our house or around it.

  10. Angila says:

    I dont think it is safe to just pick up a recorder and start doing evp work…IDK what is going on in my life but sometimes i just know things before they happen and i have seen things im not experienced in anything and i dont chose what i see but im just asking please be careful when doing your EVPs.

  11. james says:

    be carful

  12. Aliza Mebaraks says:

    hey M

    I dont know why im saying this but i believe in GHOST,SPIRITS and i always see ghost, believe or not and i dont tell anyone cuz they might think im MENTAL thats what my parents said to me so……..yeah..

    and i gotta say something i do believe you….no mtter what
    people believe you or not I DO! cuz…….um


  13. cyn says:

    I have a spirit that has followed me around since i was a little girl. he always sits on my bed with me, one night i felt as if i was levitating, its is really scary. i was told by a psychic that this was supposed to be my guardian angel. i think it is something different. my indian heritage suggests that it is a spirit. i want to know what kind and why did it choose me. so yeah they are real. i also feel things. i have premonitions also. very scary stuff! i wish i had some insight as to why these things happen.

  14. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    im not sure what it was, but, at 4 years old, when i lived in another country, i remember me and my sis sharing a bedroom. i woke up one night, and there was, ( what i call) a black man, under my bed… black meaning,, like a coal miner…. i could see that it was a man, and he was covered in black from head to toe, as he came out from under my bed…. my mom remembers me screaming and had to sleep with me that night..

    i think this is where my first paranormal expereince started,, with the black man…. when i was almost 5, we moved to another country,, strange things happened to me all the time….

    when i was 6 we moved to the usa,,, everything got stronger… when i am around others, they also expereince strange things, so,, its not just me… i am now 51……

    i had a daughter in 1976 when i was almost 18, she also started seeing the black man at age 2… she told me that he would come in through her window and try to spit in her mouth.. we lived in a mobile home,, no way to come into the window…. so now, she also lived with the black man….

    my daughter and i moved a lot, every house we moved into, we would see the black man,, he seemed harmless,, but he followed us,, it almost became a joke of sorts, as all of our friends and family knew about it..

    1993,,,,, my daughter and i had lived in this townhouse with upstairs for about 7 weeks… every night, we waited to see the black man appear in the hall, or walking into one of our bedrooms.. he never came, and we wondered why… he had always been with us…

    August 19, 1993,,,, my daughter was murdered this morning by her x boyfriend in her bedroom…. i will post the story soon…..

    i have not seen the black man since about June of 1993,, i feel now that he was watching over us, and was a good spirit….. he kept us safe!!!!

    Do i think that a spirit can follow us around,,, YES

    take care, ktm

  15. ghost says:

    I belive that spirits can travel with you it’s just that some don’t really tell you their there. But you can always feel their presents. You can feel them watching you but when you look theirs no one their. That is why you have to be careful. I belive that their are more good or nice spirits than evil or bad. And recently I felt as if their was someone watching me and when I look I can only see an outline of a figure. Also I’m writing a story about these apperences. And btw I loved the story. (it even gave me goosebumps)

  16. jyothy says:


  17. 613 says:

    i totaly belive what ghost said and the same things happen to me. i was at my high school and it felt like someone was watching me then when i turn around no one would be there and i always got freaked out. and really one of my friends told me we should do a project on ghosts and i said ok. so i went home that afternoon and statrted looking for a website that had ghost expirences and ever scince i got hooked onto this website.

  18. Carri says:

    Yes it is possible just look at the people in the mental wards. or state hospitals . a lot of them see paranormal stuff then the doctor or nurse thinks they are crazy. my ex husband had a friend his name was Dan. we went to his apartment. I tried to sit on a couch in his apartment. As I was tried to sit on the couch he cried out do not sit on that couch. I said why. Dan said my dead grandmother is sitting there. Dan was drawing social security for
    Skitzophenia. He would always see his dead relatives floating around him where ever he went. But Dan was a real funny person, I had a great time being one of his friends. No one believed Dan probly but me. Dan’s mom was real mean she would take his social security checks for herself. One time my ex husband went into the mental institution In Elgin Illinois. It’s called Elgin State Mental Institution. Doug went in their for a drug addiction. But Dan came over asked me where Doug was. I told Dan where he went. Then he begged me to drive him to Elgin State Mental ward. I was laughing untill I was crying, it was so funny Dan went in the institution just to see his friend and they admitted him. It was real funny time.

  19. Adam says:

    I believe ghost can stick to people…my granda haunts my house and I’ve noticed she’s been interacting with me more than usual and since I’m moving soon I believe that she might do so.

  20. Adam says:

    Hey, People. Okay. I belive in ghosts and I do belive that certian spirits can follow one around. :)

  21. darronbe says:

    Hi Guys. I just joined this site this morning and I have to comment here about ghosts following people. My other worldly friend, Hazel, has been with me for years, through many moves and across 1000′s of miles. She is such a big presence in my life that I miss her when she goes AWOL for a few weeks. Her warnings have saved me countless times. If ever there was a Guardian Angel, it’s Hazel.

  22. Mei Horton says:

    Yes ghosts can fallow you home or hitch a ride with you I have seen them sence I was a child and let me tell you. If you tell a sperit you will keep a peice of ferniture don’t let your dad bun it. I was grabed around the neck and screamed at for it. I will never do it again.

  23. lucy says:

    funny because iv just randomly looked this up on the internet & it has ’23′ replies excluding mine. i believe numbers follow people and 23 follows me everywhere i go. Is this normal????.

    • JD says:

      I believe numbers follow you. I have the number 9 follow me and also 6:09. What strange is I was born on 6/9/60.

  24. anna says:

    WHY is it that spirts follow some and not others?

  25. beth says:

    Now that’s spooky! 23 follows me everywhere too. I was really intrigued when Jim Carey’s movie “23″ came out a few years ago. Is there something unusual about this number?

  26. KIller Dude says:

    ya its true…
    me myself also had d same xperinc.
    it was about mid of d day When I was travelling through the Graveyard of my town I heared some Hissing. noise around me & from that day I m feeling uneasy & some super Natural spirit is believed to stay within me & according to people it used to contact me when i am alone , in a threatful way..
    Plz help me out.
    I Would be avating for ur response , to relief me ……………….

  27. sam says:

    heyz guyzzzz
    im so interested in ghostzz
    and its really interesting when ghostz actually scare you more then hurt you
    im so lucky that ghost never tryed scaring you
    even if they didnt i still believen ghost

  28. jaypee says:

    yah! my ex was deid already but why is shes still not appearing any of my dreams since before?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ive had to deal with that sort of thing since i was a kid,being woken up in the night by someone shouting in my face,the bed shaking,being kicked. Im not the only one neither,anyone who sleeps in the same house will experience the same things. Whats worse is when they get in your dreams. I cant remember the last time i had a dream that didnt envolve total horror. The nightmares im use to,i learnt to control the nightmares.

  30. Peachy says:

    I once was terrorized by a spirit. It followed me how after I saw the night before. Even though it was a man the night before it pretended to be a little girls calling for her mother and trying to get me to go outside. I have the full story in my blog. I think this was demonic or something bad trying to get me.

  31. FollowTheWay says:

    Of course, spirits can follow people around. The important thing to note is that these spirits are not disembodied spirits of the dead, but are indeed demons, whose goal is to take your spirit to hell. “I am the way, the truth and the light” (St.John 14:6), follow Yahuwshua, who is the way, and these demons will never have power over you.

  32. Saniya says:

    I have a spirit with me too , but it is kind of good and rather interactive . she follows me every where and helps me when i am tensed and want to get out of a sticky situation . To this day i dont know who she is , or why she is so connected with me , but year by year , i can see her more clearly and she becomes friendlier

  33. JD says:

    I have paranormal activity around me all the time. My 2 daughters are as well and recently, spirits have been bothering them quite a bit. Even their boyfriends are receiving scratches when they sleep. We have been feeling these spirits for years and wonder about getting answers about it. Any suggestions about who to talk to about this?

  34. Southernrebel says:

    I was always totally opposed to there being such a thing as ghosts and blah blah so i mentioned to my dad one day about it i dont believe in that crap. He told me be careful what you say cause with challenging spirits which are always around us some people are just more sensetive and can feel them where others can but by saying that he told me to be careful because they could decide to show themselves. I later moved out and my daughter who was 10 months would not go to sleep in her room you would have to put her to sleep in your arms and lay her down in her crib ( this was not normal, normally id just lay her down she would self sooth and fall asleep) No matter what time we layed her down if it was 10:30 exactly 11:30 she would wake up screaming and would not go to sleep. One weekend the kids were gone and i was alone, as i sat on my couch i seen something move down the hall from the bathroom to her room, but before i seen it i got this really sick feeling in my stomache and every hair on my body stood straight up. I ended up leaving that night and went to a hotel we moved out a week later. Since then however some places i have lived ive felt things, so i am currently being followed, i dont know why but i know what i feel. Also since these occurences started happening i have tuned in more with it, and literally you can take me to a new city state whatever blind fold me and i can tell you when we are with in half a mile from a grave yard. Its a little scary at times but its been at least 7 years and ive never been harmed, scared a few times but never harmed

  35. laura says:

    i went to a hauted house and nothing happened at the house but when i went home to sleep i had the ghost in my room and it stoped me from yelling it tried to suffercate me i was so scared my hole room went cold then all ov a sudden it went and i could breath again and my room went back to normal what does that mean do u think the ghost followed me back from the haunted house

  36. chevelle says:

    Yes I believe in spirits, ghosts, demons….whatever they are. I have had many weird experiences since I was young. I am almost 31 now…and numbers do follow me too….10:13…as in the time and I was born 10/13…..dont know what it all means….i also have dreams that come true….really scares me sometimes….

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