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Is it Just Me?

Posted on March 14, 2011

My names Desiree and I move into this house with my family when I was nine years old (I’m 15 now). I’m not exactly sure if its paranormal or not, but my family and I have been hearing foot steps during the night(they sound like some one is walking around bare foot).

Anyway, it all started about a week after we started living here, my brother and I were in my room one night and we heard what sounded like foot steps coming from the hallway then into my room and it came by my bed then walked out a few seconds later. We were pretty freaked out and we looked over at each over has if to ask if we both heard it too.

Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning and my closet door is cracked open a little bit and its always cold in there (my closet and the hallway is connected to the attic). I’m not sure if the closet door is opening from the pressure in the house because it’s pretty old, but it still kind of creeps me out. My parents have even heard the foot steps as well. Some times when I go to bed at night, when I hear the foot steps coming into my room, when they get near my bed, sometimes I can feel a light breeze touch my arm or move the hair out of my face or the covers being pulled back up and sometimes being pulled off (when this usually happens I start praying to God). My parents have experienced some of these things too besides the blanket one.

Strange things would also happen to who ever is alone in the house at the time, like one day over the summer I was home alone and on the computer and I heard a low scream coming from my room and I was too nervous to go check it out. My dad also experienced this just last week, he heard foot steps coming from my brothers room while I was at school and my mom and brother was at work, when he went to go check it out, he didn’t see anything in the room. My friends even get uncomfortable to come over for sleep overs and they say they feel weird going into my room so we wind up sleeping in the living room. On my tenth birthday, I had a sleep over and one of my friends cried when it was time for bed and we had to call her mom at 11:00pm to pick her up because she was afraid and she wouldn’t tell any one why.

Another strange thing that happens to me, is that I’ll have dreams about useless things like I’ll be wearing certain clothes and doing something and it’ll happen a few weeks later. Or I’ll have dreams about something that’s going to happen and it’ll be on the news afterward. Once I had a strange dream, it was during the night at my house I was standing at the beginning of the hallway and down in front of my door there was a girl standing there looking at me, she was really pale and was wearing a white night gown with long sleeves and she had long hair, she went into my room and as I started following her my mom woke me up. I’m not sure if the dream has anything to do with anything but I just thought I would share it.

I would like to hear others opinions on it to see if it’s something really going on or not, and I’m sorry for jumping around a lot it was the first time I’m posting something about the things that have been happening.

Sent in by Des, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “Is it Just Me?”
  1. Rosie says:

    I don’t think it is just you, your house is haunted since evrybody in that house has experenced something. If it bothers you, ask a priest for help.

  2. Minxsoul says:

    Whatever it is sounds harmless enough.

  3. Sealtiel says:

    Nice story, by the looks of the things you’re experiencing i don’t think that this is a ghost, if you’re having dreams with meaning, there’s a big chance that we’re dealing with an elemental spirit rather that a spirit of a dead person, you can prove this by asking them where they came from, they can’t lie to questions about their origin, and it’ll blow away their secret, second, if the haunting is really evident, try to acknowledge them, don’t like you’re scared, tell them that you’re going to rest and you don’t want to be disturb, tell them to go away, hope this helps you, let me know if you experience any other haunting

    • Des says:

      what is an elemental spirit?? and i was always told that i shouldn’t really try to communicate with things like that because it could cause something to happen. and i’ll make sure to keep posting things, but the stuff that happens is usually the same thing.

      • Selatiel says:

        Elemental Spirits are spirits that came from nature, in short they’re not actually human in any way, acknowledging them doesnt actually mean your communicating, its just letting them know that you know they’re there and you just want to live in peace and harmony, you mean no harm to them and hopefully them to you.

        • Des says:

          ohh okay, so how exactly do I communicate with it?

          • sealtiel says:

            Tell them the idea i mentioned above, when you feel them tell them to let you be, you mean no harm to them and they should be no harm to you as well, God be with you.

  4. trolldoll says:

    i agree, i think it is harmless too. you know what to do. look up the history of the place!

  5. yumi says:

    A very strange title ‘is it just me?’ since all your family and friends experience it all too. lol A little contradictive to say the least.
    Well quite obviously its not just you. lol I thought this story would contain something maybe perhaps something explainable, not as many obvious paranormal experiences as you have discribed! I’d try and do some research on the house, internet or local libraries and so on. See what you come up with. It sounds pretty harmless as said, but things can get worse, but they can also disappear with time.
    If you dont like it, try sitting down with your family and asking firmly if it would please leave your house, that it’s your house now and to move on.
    Sometimes this works.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Des says:

      lol by the title i meant was it the house. plus i typed this in pretty late at night i couldn’t sleep very well. i have tried doing research on the house, but haven’t found anything. how exactly would i communicate with it though, i don’t really know a lot about this stuff. and my dad just passes stuff off saying its his imagination or the house settling. and thanks for reading

  6. Pete says:

    Hi Des, it sounds like a harmless haunting, nothing to worry about, try talking to whoever
    it is, tell them they are scaring the family and please back off or leave the house, it’s
    worth a try. as for the dreams that you have that happen a few weeks later, they are
    premonitions, I guess you can say you can see into the future if you like. they happened
    to me lots when I was younger, I once dreampt I was involved in an Auto accident and
    it happened next day exactly as I’d dreamed it.

    • Des says:

      its not that its scarring me, more like creeping me out. and my dad doesn’t believe in ghost so he just tends to pass things off as his imagination or the house settling, even though when he was younger, he would also have dreams like i do. i have also had a similar dream like you had, i dreamed one of my friends were going to get in an accident (i wasn’t entirely positive it was him, but it looked like his truck) then a few days after he got into a major accident.

  7. Lindsay Walker says:

    Yes, I think there is something in ur house… I don’t think I could live there but if it does not bother u or ur family, more power to you and ur family

  8. J.J says:

    its not you your house is haunted. if it hasnt done anything to hurt you guys it just might be a good ghost.

    • Des says:

      okay i guess that’s good to know, but i have noticed i experience more things than any of them do so i just wanted to make sure. thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    it coud be a friendly ghost or a demon if you hear foot steps there is something there so if i wer you think about the energy u feel when ur in the house if its somewhat watched but not hated then just say im here to coexisted with who ever is here please know that i am liveing here and if u dont want then to apper tell them and if u dont wanna hear them tell them buttttttttt if u feel hated watched like ur about to die like their breathing down your neck scorning u anything bad get the house blessed

    • Des says:

      i don’t really think its a demon or anything, i do feel like I’m being watched all the time though. and thank you for reading

  10. emigrate2007 says:

    if it you dream and your dreams will, in a manner of speaking, i think you are dealing with some elemental force in your sleep. my only suggestion is try techniques to improve your “dreams”.

  11. Krisha90 says:

    It’s definately not just your house. My house has this too!! Whenever i sleep in the old section of the house (we had an extention put on etc etc) i hear footsteps late at night that come down the hallway, around my room, right up to the bed, then dissapear. They are really heavy footsteps too, like that of a 6′ solid man or something!! Also if i or my sister are home alone and we have a shower we hear them up and down the passage, i’ve jumped out of the shower with shampoo still in my hair to investigate but never found anything. I’ve just learned to live with it now, whatever it is has been hanging around since I was 8 (i’m 21 now), so if it want to hurt me it would have done it by now, i just think it likes to make itself known. It’s been super active now that we’re getting renovations down to the original part of the house!

    • Des says:

      I dont really feel like its going to hurt me either, but thank you for sharing. The things going on at my house doesnt happen every night though. Every time I go to investigate, I also find nothing. Almost like as soon as some one goes to look, its already stopped. It also sounds like a 6′ solid man here too.

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