Ideas and Theories about Ouija Boards

Posted on March 8, 2010

I took an interest in Ouija boards not long ago; I haven�t experienced any contact with �Zozo�.

From reading all the posts and various stories about Ouija boards, I�m starting to come to a series of conclusions. I hope this is helpful and at least interesting to you.

The more you focus on negative things, the more involved they become with you (this ranges from simple bad habits to� demons). Demons require an invitation to involve themselves in your life, and giving them a certain amount of focus or attention grants them this invitation. *Also, merely sitting down at an Ouija board with the intent to play grants them invitation, as Ouija literally translates into �yes yes� (French �Oui�, German �Ja�).

So, a game of YES YES is probably not what you�d want to play with a demon whose aim is to destroy your soul.

(To reiterate: as soon as you start to play and subject your attention and focus to the board and start a dialogue, you�ve subjected to yourself to a small invitation contract (English is not sufficient for these concepts) where the length of the contract probably depends on a variable such as how often you think about the negative realm of demons, and how strong these thoughts are. The strength of your focus.) (I�m so interested in the technicalities of all this!)

It is my opinion that you cannot �close� a board; once you open a dialogue/exchange (for its not always words that are sent to you� motions, images, and physical forces are sent as well obviously) it STAYS open until your contract expires, or you forcefully reject its presence with positive thoughts and actions.

From the posts I�ve read, people seem to complain of closing a board and doing little cleansing rituals and finding them impermanent and flimsy for their defensive needs, and are confused about why this doesn�t work as well as they�d like. Cleansing rituals are only effective if there is an intent to cleanse, the stronger the intent, the stronger the cleansing. Human minds are often limited in their capacity for the manifestation of intent (short attention spans certainly do not help), if you do not discipline/train your mind. So, people do their rituals with a mediocre force of intent, and it holds for a short time, but fades soon after.

*Side note: In my personal studies and observations of people, intent manifests in a tangible manner � if you stare at someone from behind, they often sense this and turn to see the source of the tension. Remember hiding from people when you were young, and looking out from a hiding place? You probably felt as if there was a certain magnetism in your sightline or presence that was able to betray your stealth.

If you focus on an object near a person and associate feelings with that focus and project it onto the object (such as curiosity), people (if they are not overly preoccupied) will respond to it in the manner you chose. Thus, demons, who are not as limited in their capacities to feel strong focus or intent (they are not preoccupied with bodily needs or sensations), can summon powerful atmospheres of fear and cold (the sensation of coldness is their focus upon your ability to perceive temperature, and they concentrate upon an impression of coldness).

The best defense, in my opinion, is a strong heart, one that can remember the sensation of love and of giving kindness. Summon those energies to you when you feel overwhelmed, and you should be able to quell whatever assaults you.

PS I�m an idiot and still want to try playing an Ouija board to see how I�d handle an encounter/test my spiritual strength� oh the stupidity of youth. I�m 19, female, Canadian.

I�m SO SORRY if this was a little out-of-the-blue (but� this is the internet� ) or overwhelming�. I just have a massive interest in this stuff, and have amassed a ton of plausible ideas and theories.

Sent in by Rade, Copyright 2010

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9 Responses to “Ideas and Theories about Ouija Boards”
  1. Krysta says:

    I used to have a ouija board. let me just give you a little warning, be careful. those things are rediculously addicting. especially if you are very facinated by the paranormal. or, at least it was in my case. imnot gonna tell you not to do it, because i doubt you will listen to someone that you dont even know lol, but just please be careful. :)

  2. Nana says:

    This is certainly very interesting. The theories you mentioned do seem to make a whole lot of sense and explain a whole lot. Especially the things you said about the ‘intent’

    About wanting to try a Ouija board, I would advise you not to, but it seems that you are well aware of the consequences. Just please, pleas, PLEASE be careful. It would be terrible if something happened!

  3. John says:

    Hey there, this is kinda off topic on the ouija board subject. I just had something to say about the “intent” section that you published. It is possible to almost communicate with an apparition during a close encounter using this invisible force of “intent”. From what I have read, apparitions are like masses of energy or as some would describe as an aura of a human being, and they use this energy to manifest themselves into visual spectacles or to move physical objects; i.e.poltergeists. If a living person can hone in on this, then they could communicate using their own energy or aura or as this article explains as “intent”. I believe it can be safely done without the use of a ouija board, however it still holds levels of danger unknown to anyone who tries. It seems like a lose-lose situation, but any alternative to the ouija board for contacting the otherworldly is always safer in my opinion. Sorry so long, you just got my mind going for a minute there:) Nice article.

  4. anna says:

    I dont think if you do play with the ouija board your going to follow in what you just said.Nobody knows how they will act after playing with it.if that makes sense.I tell so many ppl hear Ive never played with the board and I dont want to because thats me and I hear everyone else on this site say what had happened to them so why would you if you know whats going to happen or what could happen if you play.If you do play do let us know what happened.thanks.

  5. Rade says:

    After a bit more poking around, I’d like to add that it’s possible that people have such a deep level of fascination about Ouija boards because they are looking for/feel starved for contact with higher agencies (God).

    Being too caught up in the idea that contact is limited to the material plane makes you more disconnected from the higher agency you seek… so you feel more and more inclined to seek contact through boards and the like. You become dependent on material contact, because you think that is all there is… and Satan lords over all that is material in nature. Light is conveyed to one through the heart… everything that is not material.

    @John, it wasn’t long at all – anything coherent with solid thoughts isn’t imo – I think I know what you mean. A projection of intent is in itself something that can be responded to… the first move in an exchange or dialogue. (Sort of poetic… ‘dialogue of intent’) And you’re right, I was so totally off topic with my original Ouija response that the mods made it into its own article hahah… -_-

    (btw I was a hardcore Buddhist until last week. I still feel semi stupid about talking about God in such an reverent manner.)

  6. Darren says:

    I enjoyed this submission very much. You have a natural ability to convey your thoughts, very well worded and expressive. Indeed laws of intent weave into the mind’s role in all of this. Laws of recognition, invitation, and attraction are of equal significance.

    I have had some thought provoking experiences thru Ouija Boards, Some were even quite comical. But most involved circumstances surrounding what I have coined “The Zozo Spirit Phenomena.”

    My research has led to film negotiations, radio talk shows, para-conferences, and book deals. You have a talent that should not go unrecognized, I hope you continue to seek what you desire, (Intent) You might be invited to pursue your dreams. (Invitation) In doing so you identify yourself with purpose. (Recognition) Your fulfillment embarking into that which you draw unto yourself. (Attraction)

    I sense that you have a gift, use it wisely.

  7. Ouija says:

    It’s nice to know someone else has the same thinking as I do.
    However, people do not come in contact with demons most of the time, it’s called a “watcher” made to enslave humans.
    Sometimes, people DO come into contact with demons, and usually they’re not friendly. This is because people think low of them.

  8. Desertfox says:

    Nice dialectic approach. I’ve read a lot of these Ouija board stories as well and my theories on them are similar to yours. Your idea on a “contract” is a way I’d put it as well; I would add–from what I concluded from my own readings–that when Demons, spirits, etc. change the physical environment (I.E. temperature, flying objects) or communicate in a cryptic, frightful way; their intent is to instill fear into the Ouija board players for then it is more likely for the users mind to linger on negative thoughts (going off your assumption negative thoughts dictate time of contract) and much harder to return to a state of mind where their thoughts are more positive and fearless (which would in this premise shorten a time that needs to be elapsed in order for the contract to terminate). It’s probable it’s a two birds with one stone type deal too, the amount of fear, and power over the physical environment a Demon can exercise, is likely proportional to the length of contract and amount of fear already existing in the Ouija board user(s). Thus, whatever is being contacted can lengthen the contract for its own agenda (usually to open up a portal, which I suppose would take some time and a favorable atmosphere of terror) by means of manipulation and intimidation.

    Pretty much agree with you that a counter to this would be a disciplined mind which would be able to hold up against a terrifying event and not get carried away in a flood of fear. Otherwise, you’re on a slippery slope.

  9. Pao says:

    Hello Rade, I don’t know whether you will be able to read this as it has been over a year since you posted your ideas on ouija boards but I am also very interested in these things and was wondering whether you have had any experiences with ouija boards since then…

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