I Think Im Being Tormented by a Demon

Posted on September 19, 2011

Hey I’m 19 and I think I’m being tormented by a demon. I came to you for advice because I really have no other options. Furthermore, I did give this spirit permission to enter my body. It messed with me mad bad to the point where I seemed as if I was bi-polar or pytsofrantic. That said, I obviously know the difference between these 2 mental disorders and a spirit/demon/the devil taking over your body and that’s what’s trying to talk to you and not yourself.

I’m finally back in my right state of mind again the problem is the demon is still inside of me! I heard if you come from a broken home or meditate that this can open the doors to being possessed… well I do come from a horrible childhood and I been meditating for 4 years and on top of that in Buffalo, New York on the news they were showing people getting possessed. Now I’m controlling everything right now. But this thing does play with my insides and out… know what I mean like tingles. And I no its playing with my negative energies. I try to turn them into positives. That said, I’m lost and I want this thing gone.

This is mad weird for me, but I was staying at my aunts during a bad time and she thinks ghost live with her. I’m trying to do good in life. I’m going to ECC College in 5 days, I’m going to see a councilor and be sober because I’m into partying. But yaw I do have a lot of defensive mechanism which I know this thing is playing on.

Also it said it was god before it came and attacked me. And in the spirits world book it said the devil will come in the image of god or deceive you or something mad crazy like that. I really need your help man because this thing is driving me nuts. I know I might sound dumb but this thing is for sure playing on every single insecurity in me.

I think I need an excorsim soon because I cant this thing in me anymore..its been like 6 months now Help!

I’m being 110% serious



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20 Responses to “I Think Im Being Tormented by a Demon”
  1. Martica says:

    You should see a docter and see if there is anything wrong with you medicaly if the docter says no and if your willing go to a church and ask to get blessed and have an excersim pray alot and dont give up God will protect you just pray when you feel like its jn controle good luck

  2. moya says:

    I am sorry you are going through this but i too thijk that you should pray and get devoted to GOD JAHOVAH,repeat his name over and over and tell him to help you, and when u do, let me know what happens. We will pray for you. God bless.

    • Leta says:

      I totally agree. He needs to learn the name and have faith in Jehovah God. Its his ONLY saving grace. I speak from personal experience.

  3. sunny says:

    I was here to enjoy some good ghost stories but looks like people are bringing in real life problems which has little to do with the paranormal….

    Believe me – there is no demon inside you!
    You probably suffering from some sort of neurosis or psychosis – its difficult to reach a proper conclusion -you havent mentioned much about your problem.The good thing is that you do realize you got a problem and trying to find an explation.You mentioned that you are into partying and I suspect there are other vices that you dont want to talk about.You feel guilty for your vices and you are trying to punish yourself in your subconscious.This internal conflict may have led to mental problems and this is not uncommon with kids at your age.
    You did your research on mental disorders and I think you are embarrassed to admit the fact that you have mental problem, after all mental patients are looked down upon by most people.So as a defence mechanism you are trying to find some fancy explanation(like demon) to your problem which would perhaps draw more sympathy or at least generate awe in people.
    Remember if there is a demon inside you – it is the mental disorder and you certainly need to get rid of it.Try to bring some discipline in your life, be true to yourself.Never try to attribute your problem to something phony like spirits or demons, you will lose your touch with reality and it will only make things worse.Do not spend too much time alone, try to be with friends/family as much as possible.Go to the gym everyday or get involved in some other sports – make sure that u are very tired before u go to bed everyday, a good night’s sleep is critical.Concentrate on your studies.Your mental problem will get weaker with time.Challenge yourself – you can come out of it on your own, you dont need help.

  4. Chelsi-anna says:

    Ask the real god to come in your life take over your body and fight out ask for forgiveness. The catholic church is the devils success and house. Go 2 a pentacost like me im praying 4 you right this sec as I rite this.

  5. Chelsi-anna says:

    You are not nuts dont listen to that othr 1. Go ask god to come in your body to save you

  6. Ms. Keys says:

    Alot of time when you allow a demon to take over they try to possess you starting with the small things then it trys to take you over completely to where you have no control. You cant fight something spiritual with something natural. You have to know your not dealing with something physical. If you truely desire to be free and with out a shadow of a doubt you want to be free I want you to first allow God the Father in heaven to come into your life. Start with repenting to God for allowing this thing to come on you. Then tell God that you need Him in your life and you no longer want the devil to have a foothole in your life. Then you Have to denounce the spirit and it works and allow that thing to know that you dont belong to satan and that you belong to God. Here is a prayer that I want you to speak loud and know within your heart that if you say this prayer that you will be freed: GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS I GIVE MY LIFE TO YOU. FORGIVE ME FOR MY SINS, COME INTO MY HEART AND LIVE YOUR LIFE THROUGH ME. I DENOUNCE ALL OF SATANS WORKS AND DEMONIC POSSESSIONS IN JESUS NAME. I WILL BE FREE AND NO LONGER TORMENTED BY THE DEVIL AND HIS ENTITIES. THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING ME AND MAKING ME OVER. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN. You have to believe that you are free and healed. Im praying for you and your freedom, that it will remain and that you will no longer entertain these entities again.

    • Ms. Keys says:

      One more thing and ima say this and be done. This is a true statement, Demons fear the name of Jesus and they will flee. Use that name and watch that thing begin to loose you. You will be free I speak it in Jesus name you are free.

  7. Manss says:

    “Also it said it was god before it came and attacked me”……….”.it said the devil will come in the image of god or deceive you or something mad crazy like that”……… The rubbish and cursed demon. say to him : Hey cursed,….. god will avenge you soon and send you where that you have to go there…where you will not find except ovens full of great and hard fire forever …How you could be so fearless that effrontery to king of universe and your creator. ….so wait…it is not late and not far …..god see you and hear your pretense …but you don’t see him and his great horrible anger…..Someday your shriek…will din in all universe ….you has been god ? yes ? ….so wait …cursed ”
    Tell him thus by all will and anger he will understand what you say… and if has has a bit wisdom it is enough to die of fear…..

  8. Chelsi-anna says:

    did u push reply on the other ones comment? Mine is there

  9. sarah says:

    well i say i’m sorry i no how to get rid of them write back i’ll tell u frist i got to know you r there

  10. khush says:

    dear shane i think d only way to get rid is to listen to HANUMAN CHALISA it will surely help you i can tell u as i hav experienced it n i m watchin many ppl in india believein on this god for a fact d president of u s a obama also listens to hanuman chalisa n he is a devoote of lord hanuman try it for sure n u wil get rid of it

  11. Chelsi-anna says:

    Dont listen to any other god but yourown God. Im praying for you a lot lately. Tell it that your God will come in and attack it if it doesnt leave. The president isnt a christian like the law says he should be. The word religion means false witness not a different belief. The devils deseption again. Im spiritual not religious. I have the only spirituality excistant.read the bible it will leave u.

  12. Chelsi-anna says:

    Who will u listen to us people or God? Sure, people are smart but God’s even smarter. Read His love letter. No matter what it takes you. Even the time to read it.

  13. Chelsi-anna says:

    First ask jesus for help then tell khush who really helped you. Its a good way to spread the saving truth.

  14. Chelsi-anna says:

    This is your purupose in life. God wouldnt have alowed it in you if it wasnt the reason because you thought it was God. Am I right? God wants you to tell khush (a person who commented) to stop worshipping the wrong god. This is a beautiful purpose in life. Everyone has one. God wants you and I to help people on this site. I know that God wants me to tell you this. It would make scence.

  15. Chelsi-anna says:

    Theres a girl who likes this demon.it told her its name was jose. Her names maria. You could tell her what its trying to do to her (what that 1 did to you). both demons lied about being good. This is your chance to change beliefs and lives of the false witness beliers. Not to sound corny like a movie or anything but God alows bad things 4 good reasons. You are the only person I can count on to tell her to believe me.

  16. MAGIK MAN says:

    word to the wise never ever answer a demons question especially if it appears to be a female,A demon cannot be in two places at the same time,so you never know who or what you are dealing with,you may let in a crew of 1000″s thinking you are dealing with one particular demon.do not deal with demons,I know what I am talking about,jose,why do you think that when you foul up a banishment and cannot send back what you have conjured and I dont care what esoteric grimoire you are dealing with they always tell you to plead the blood of jesus,and beg his angels for protection,these dorko ghost busters bring these ghost up and never send them back and our ‘HAUNTED”areas become more and more active for idiots with battery testers,I have dealt in the arts for many years,leave the demons to hell ,do not ,do not believe anything our dear Mr.crowley says,do what you wish but harm no one,Magik Man

  17. Chelsi-anna says:

    I coulnd have found a better reason explaination for this.

  18. Leta says:

    Demons fear the name of Jehovah God the Almighty. Psalms 83:18. They shudder in fear at the very name of the Almighty. Only mere fools believe they as humans can banish a demon or demons. Jehovah detests divination & witchcraft of any sort or form. Pray to Jehovah for help and seek His Kingdom.

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