I Saw But I Dont Believe

Posted on July 1, 2010

I live in the surrounding suburbs of Sydney, Australia. One day years ago I was at a friends house for dinner. Before I go into detail though I would like to mention, I’m a devout Atheist and although this memory is vivid, sober etc, I still don’t believe it myself. (But it freaks me out).

I have been close with his family since I was 5 years old and know them all quite well, which will explain some things later. This night no-body was home accept myself and, let’s call him Bob. Bob was in the kitchen fixing up dinner whilst I was in his bedroom playing his guitar. From that position I could see clearly out of the door to the hallway, which lead to the left into the dinning/kitchen (joined) which is roughly a meter of wall between my sight out of the door to seeing Bob in the kitchen.

As I played away at the guitar I saw a figure walk past the doorway (and by now the time is roughly 10 PM). Seeing as how I presumed no-one was home I quickly put down the guitar thinking it was too loud and began apologizing. The figure stopped with their back to the doorway and I could see them from behind clearly. It was female, so I presumed it was his mother, also with short light brown hair, a red and white ‘flannel’ dressing robe and slippers. After apologizing it quickly walked off, this was strange to me, we were normally pretty close so straight away I got and took a few leaping steps into the dinning room where Bob was standing there looking at me puzzled.

Before I could say anything Bob asked who I was speaking to so I replied, let’s call her Mary. He remained quiet for a time then responded that we were alone and that his family were away for the weekend. So me being me, I called his bluff and went searching for his mother presuming it was all a joke. Now I know that house pretty well, and I can safely say, there was no-one else there. Cars were gone, bedrooms were not touched etc. After an hour of searching I sat to eat dinner when Bob tells me exactly what she looked like. I was relieved to think it was a joke but he told me he didn’t see it, in fact the last few people to come around to his house, have experienced the same thing. Still to this day Bob dislikes when I talk about it, and it was the eventual reason he moved away from home.

To me, I think it may have been hallucination or something similar, but my state of mind was calm, relaxed and nothing different from normal. No horror films or drugs or alcohol and as far as I’m aware, no gas leaks. So as a firm believer of science or bust, it’s difficult to even consider the experience as fact and continue to think I had a mental ‘accident’. In the end, all my sensors that could determine it as real, did, so I suppose that is why I’m sharing it here.

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23 Responses to “I Saw But I Dont Believe”
  1. Pete says:

    Hey Sparky!!, I reckon you saw yourself a ghost mate, don’t disbelieve it, people have
    been seeing ghosts for eons, I’m atheist as well but that doesn’t stop me in believing
    in the paranormal. we’ll all be spirits eventually, then you’ll believe. thanks for sharing
    your story.

    Pete (UK)

    • Sparky says:

      Hmm, I suppose it has no impact whether it was or not a paranormal encounter at this point in time. In the end I felt like I wanted to share a little of what I had experienced to a place that respects these encounters, archives and possibly make use of them later. Thanks for the read and reply though.

      - Sparky.

  2. Pat says:

    First, I am sorry to hear that you are an atheist. I pray that sometime in your life you will come to realize that a great and loving God created everything. However I always respect people’s beliefs and you sound like a quite wonderful sane person. Since your friend stated others have seen this person/entity; this may have been what is commonly referred to as a “residual haunt”. This person/thing appears at a certain time with or without anyone present. If it is a residual haunt it is unaware of anyhting as it is not an intelligent haunt. I do not have all the answers but there is a realm on our earth where some type of existence does come in and out of our world in what we deam the paranormal; you just got a glimpse of that world….

    • Sparky says:

      Sorry to say this, but being sorry for me is an insult. Yes I belief in a negative or absence, why does that necessitate sympathy? But it’s OK, we won’t dwell on beliefs instead I want to thank you for the read and comment. There may or may not be other worlds or plains of existence, this is however an intriguing train of thought.

  3. Christina says:

    Good story. That’s how it goes, huh? Even when we do see something like that, it’s hard to believe…..years later. I’ve experienced several things before the age of 8 two circumstances happened in the wee hours…so, one can possibly attribute to being half asleep. The other vivid one, (I was approximately 12), happened after school while myself and others were messing around in the church that was attached to our school. Sometimes, it just can’t be explained away.

    Take care,

    • Sparky says:

      Thank you for the read and comment, also for the sharing of experiences. Yes it hard to understand something that is beyond our comprehension, perhaps that is the reason we are drawn together in places like this, to combine experiences for understanding.

      - Sparky

  4. AnNa says:

    SPARKY—have you told others in what happened?maybe the guy doesnt want to hear it because it hasnt happened to him and knowing is making him scared.did you find out who that was you saw?thanks for the story.if you have anymore stories you want to scare we would like to hear them.

    • Branden says:

      To me it sounds like he does know about it but he did not want to talk about it, like he’s hiding something. :P or maybe that is just the feeling I get

    • Sparky says:

      Thank you for the read and comment. For a few years after this incident we didn’t speak of it again. One day the topic came up and he spoke of her again. I think at this point he had forgotten it was me who had experienced this but he repeated it almost word for word. What he added though was a little eerie for my liking. Now I’m not one to question anyone’s belief or experience, he added that some time later he had his first experience with her, but what he experienced wasn’t ‘residual?’. He spoke with it and from what I gather, she was shocked to be seen by a male. (I don’t get it either). And that only one male had seen her before but that’s what she wanted. (I presume this would be me). Although this isn’t an exact transcription of the conversation, it’s an idea of how it went. I do think there is more to it then this but we haven’t spoken in a few years now.

      - Sparky.

  5. trolldoll says:

    you saw what you saw. bob knows it is in the house and that’s why he moved out. if others have seen her, then you should believe what you saw period. thanks for posting!

    • Sparky says:

      Well I believe that I experienced something. I can’t go further then that, maybe at times I speculate but that’s just curiosity. Thanks for the read and comment.

      - Sparky

  6. Arrwyn Odhalt says:

    Sparky, let me give you a scientific explaination. Let’s start with a “rule” of physics … “Energy can not be created or destroyed only changed in frequency or amplitude.”

    Living people are walking electromagnetic batteries. Wood and plaster or plasterboard are “porous” and are capable of holding an electromagnetic charge when exposed for a long period of time.

    A “residual haunting” is simply the wood and plaster giving off the “recording” of a highly charged electromagnetic imprint it picked up from a former resident. Rip out the woodwork and plasterboard and replace it … no more haunting.

    However, if the “apparition” interacted with you intelligently then it is not a residual haunting but a discorporeal person. A ghost.

    The total of the electromagnetic charge of any human body is greater than it’s several parts should be capable of generating. That means that there is something greater than just the physical generating that charge. This is what “survives” the body death. The religious call it Soul … I call it sentience. Some people just simply do not know they are dead or they refuse to leave for reasons of their own.

    You’ve either seen a residual impression or a ghost. I’d bet the former as it has been seen by others and seems never to react to the viewer.

    • trolldoll says:

      my boyfriend and i saw a victorian woman twice in one week. she was walking away from us and was a whiteish color. where she was walking there may not have been house there in her time. i know now she was a residual. we have never seen her since.

    • Sparky says:

      Impressive explanation. I see how that makes sense, I can’t comment on it because I lack either knowledge in physics or paranormal. It does seem like a valid starting point of research though. What I would like to research, from my understanding is the human sensors. Now I could imagine that if certain variables/conditions are met, e.g. the colour of the sky at certain points in the day, may share the concept with our visual sensory detecting these ‘sentients’. Whether there be enough electromagnetic/radiation (insert variable here) presence in the atmosphere to produce the apparatus in a physical environment. If so then it one could presume that they may be able to recreate conditions to force encounters. Maybe I should start with researching in what conditions are most encounters experienced.

      Thank you,
      - Sparky

  7. bigbarney says:

    you saw a ghost…. i dont understand extreme skeptics…..ghosts are real, there is too much unexplained things in this world

    • Sparky says:

      If we believed everything without thinking about it, then we would have problems like people jumping off cliffs cause they can fly by flapping their arms, or walking upside down along the atmosphere. I find it safer to start with no belief, then with proof I can believe. But believing before hand is a very dangerous thing.

      - Sparky.

  8. chantelle says:

    i agree with big barney lol love the name but yeah there is ALOT of things science just cant explain, i think if you had done a little research on the place you might have been able to figure out who she was and how her ghostie relates to the house.
    I think you should acknowledge what you saw as a GHOST and there are stacks of other people who have had the same or Worse experiences so there are plenty of people who WONT call you a looney :)
    How cold is Sydney right now!! just sayin..

    • Sparky says:

      If I take that concept of ‘believing’ because it happened to others. Then I would also have to believe in Zeus, because people have had experiences with that deity. Maybe someone somewhere had the same experience as me, but instead of wondering if it was a ghost, thought it to be a … well cookie monster, then I would have to also believe it is a cookie monster that I saw. Believing just ‘because’ is stupid and naive. Before anyone inevitably rants on this let me add, that my experience only affected sight. There was no hand prints or physical evidence, thus I cannot comment on whether I can believe it or not. My problem is that there was an experience and I cannot comprehend its logical existence. I’m not seeking scientific research here, but as Arrwyn had stated, there is information and cause of investigation. Telling me to believe cause it happened to others, is simply preaching ignorance.

      • chantelle says:

        wow.. just a thought . Im not preaching lol and im not telling you to believe what others do haha cookie monster.. OBViOusLY you are not going to believe the cookie monster is real or being able to jump off a cliff a fly duhh. But the ghost theory has been around forever and countless people have had same or similiar experiences as yourself. I honestly believe some people ‘stick around’ after their time here but that doesnt mean im forcing you to believe it, just try and have a bit more of an open mind.
        ill admit i myself havent had any experiences and i REALLY didnt want to know about them till i googled it randomly a while ago and i find it really interesting, i know friends and family who didnt believe but have had eerie and unexplainable things happen in their homes. Again just because countless others have had happenings doesnt mean you should believe, and im only talking ghosts i dont bother with the gazillion other mythical creatures out there! :) Any ways, i hope you find your logical explanation :)

  9. Gregory Brown says:


    What I belive runs across the grain of what nearly everyone here believes. I’m not trying to scare you. Just take the memory of it, and save it for a while. I don’t believe in “Ghosts.” When people die they live in the hereafter, in one place or the other, but the dead are confined. They don’t come back home, or go to work, or the movies, or to the beach, you know what I mean?

    So, that leaves us with what we already suspect, they are spirits. We live in a world of good and evil. Angels, Demons, Man, God, Satan…, we are all here. The deceased are not here. Bible says that when we die, we cease from doing our works. We’re finished, nothing left to do. Whatever you did, it is left that way, you won’t be back to finish it.

    Your story was very entertaining. I think you are also very poised, and not easily upset. You’ve got a good mind. I pray that God will touch your heart.


    • Sparky says:

      Thanks for the read and comment. I relate to your statement ‘against the grain’. See religion is a faith system based on, well paranormal activities. Dating further then records. Now what alot of people fail to realise is that this tie in can have two outcomes. One being that say, a certain religion is right, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Scientology or Star Trek, is actually right, and all paranormal activities witnessed are apart of said ‘universe’. Then what we argue or believe is interpretations of that rearing at aver 50% miss-interpretations. Two, is that we all religion is based on a miss-interpretation of said entities or experiences and that no-one is right and we are back at scratch of not actually knowing what’s going on.
      Not to attack your faith, i apologise if it seems that way, I’m also speaking outside my own faith of Atheism so give me a break :P . If religion is right, then how do we explain all the experiences we have? Are they all angels or demons or are they in fact, explainable human error (physical and/or physiological) or natural occurrences. Or is the bible incorrect and that spirits are able to remain in our plain of existence, but parallel dimension crossing over by, well whatever cause that allows them too. It’s all intriguing, truly.

      I apologise if anything seems to be an attack, I truly don’t mean for it to come across as that.
      - Sparky.

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