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I Predicted My Aunt Linda’s Death

Posted on March 18, 2009

My aunt Linda was born in 1940 in Hamilton County Tennessee in a grey shack house. Linda was born into a southern family with two other sisters and later two brothers. The Williams family had land up on the mountain. But the family was land rich and nothing more.

During this postwar period there was no electricity. Evelyn Linda’s mother would light a lantern at night in the home so the children could see in the darkness. They had a small fire place to keep the house warm. There was a out house in the back yard. But it was hard to see in the dark. Claurence their father would hang a black pot by the fire place in case any of the children had to go to the bathroom in the dark. In the morning the girls would get up and do their house hold chores. This included churning butter, plucking the chickens or picking cotton to help Evelyn out on the small farm.

Clarence, their dad, was an electrician and made decent money, but he was an alcoholic and would disappear for weeks at a time. During these periods the children had no milk or fruit on the table. Evelyn was often left to try to provide for the children with what little she had. Evelyn would make potato sack dresses for the girls. winter was always a struggle. The Williams children often went hungry. There were no social services in those days. One year things turned to worse Clarence got caught robbing a gas station.

Clarence was gone for over a year and the family starved and suffered extreme hardship. When Clarence returned from prison he resumed his drinking and worldly ways. One year in 1946, Ann the eleven year old daughter caught strep throat. The Williams family took her to the Chattanooga Hospital. The hospital tried to save Ann’s life but the years of starvation and hardship had taken toll on Ann. She died of Rheumatic fever in 1946 at the age of 11. There was no antibiotics in the south in 1946. The south was too poor to get any medicine so Ann died. My grandmother could not cope with such a loss.

Each daughter was told to leave at 18. So my Aunt Linda joined my mother Helen in Chicago. My mother was a stripper, and since Linda was only 18 and thrown out into the world with no one to help but my mother she also became a stripper in Chicago. The owner of the night club’s name was Augy and he quickly fell in love with my Aunt Linda. They were married even though Augy was much older than my aunt. The years went by and my aunt went to work at the Flying Tigers, that’s where she met J. Pratt, an east coast business man who quickly fell in love with my aunt Linda. Linda was now divorced and fell for J.Pratt even though he was married. J. Pratt left his wife for my Aunt Linda and they eloped. J. Pratt moved my aunt Linda first to Kansas and then later to Tennessee.

I hadn’t heard from my aunt for a while except for her annual letters or holiday phone calls. One night around December 2000 I awoke from a frightening dream. It was so real it jolted me out of bed. In the dream I saw a woman with brown hair lying in a white coffin. It was a bright sunny day but bitter cold out. I saw my uncle J. Pratt peering down at the coffin. I saw J. Pratt holding a woman’s hand. This woman appeared to be his girlfriend. In the coffin now I could make out was my aunt Linda. It was vivid in detail that I knew when I awoke that my aunt was gonna die.

I called my uncle J.Pratt the next day. J.Pratt please do not tell Linda what I am gonna tell you. J. Pratt I had a scary dream that Linda is gonna die. Please do not tell her just watch over her. I am afraid something is gonna happen to her. Please do not let anything happen to her. My uncle thought I was crazy.

Several months later Linda called me and told me to pick her up because J.Pratt was being mean to her. My boyfriend Lorin talked me out of it. He said not to interfere with marital problems. I told her I had no way to come and get her. Six months later I got a phone call from my uncle that Linda had died of a heart attack. J.Pratt asked if I could come to the funeral. I told him I had no money to get there. J. Pratt inherited my Aunts pension and estate. J. Pratt quickly settled in with his new girlfriend. J. Pratt told everyone that called he had no money for any of them.

J. Pratt now lives in my aunt Linda’s house with his new girlfriend’s family. I only hope that my aunt Linda is haunting his house, because I regret not picking up my aunt Linda. My family verified that J.Pratt brought his new girlfriend to my aunt’s funeral even though he was still married to my aunt. So the dream of my Aunt Linda’s funeral came true. I guess blood is thicker than money. At least in the afterlife.

Sent in by Carri, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “I Predicted My Aunt Linda’s Death”
  1. Jackie says:

    That is very sad and you really shouldn’t blame yourself. You didn’t cause her to have a heart attack.

    Lots of people dream about someone dying, it’s horrible isn’t it? I once dreamt vividly of a friend in a coffin, but that didn’t come true thank goodness.

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. roogatif says:

    Ifeel so sorry for ur loss hope do feel better after what happened dont blame ur self

  3. Stephanie says:

    Weird. My Uncle died very recently and when I seen him in the coffin, I flashbacked to a dream I had when I was a very young little girl. I had dreamt my Uncle dead in his baby blue coffin wearing a baby blue suit. (very retro, I know) He was not buried in a baby blue suit but he was buried in his baby blue dress shirt and in a baby blue coffin.

  4. Alpha says:

    Hey that’s sad but this sort of injustice occurs all the time in the world. A person marries another person and that other person dies so they inherit the money, elope with another person and abandon them completely….but you know what the say. What goes around comes back around….
    Always be good and true…

    Anyway terribly sorry for your aunt but your boyfriend was right in saying not to get involved in other people’s marital affairs. All sorts of legal complications could arise….

    Take care (and don’t blame yourself for your aunt’s death. You were put in a very difficult situation and acted rationally. That’s all she would have wanted from you)

  5. Kid says:

    that is sad, and sorry for your aunt.

    i once dreamed in december almost when chirstmas was near, about my
    grandma’s spirit leaving me..LONG STORY but in a way i kind of stopped
    my grandma from dying. i’ll try to post up my dream about my grandma sometime soon.

  6. Kyleigh says:

    Thats very sad and i’m sorry for your loss:*(

    I once had a dream that my dog and me were playing out in the yard and something fell off the roof and hit him.And the day he was hit by a truck:*(.


  7. Jason says:

    Sorry for the loss. And I have alot of those dreams to. I call them future dreams cuz I see the future. And I once dreamed about a freind of mine commiting suicide and a week later he did.

  8. stephanie says:

    all maa sympathyy twew yuu…..justt dontt blamee yuur selff forr daat….itt wasn’t yuur intention (:

  9. stephanie says:

    ii believee daat itts justt DEJAVU or somethingg likee daat oncee i dreamt maa friend killed hiss step dadd andd a monthh later hee did….

  10. Angel Z. says:

    Hi listen dont blame your self for your aunt’s death.
    this could happen to anyone but i can tell you that one day
    my big brother dreamed about he been kidnapped and been
    tortured by 3 man and cutting his stomach out.
    My mom told him that, it means someone will die, well she was told
    by my grandma when she was young.but anyway after 4 days we had a phone
    call and my aunt told my mom that my cousin was been murdered
    they found him dead at the streets with his stomach cut out

  11. ANGEL_IN_ARIZONA says:

    I always have thes dreams!!
    I just got chills! When I was around four or five I dreamnt I was sleeping in my grandma mildred’s house on her couch and I saw her walking towards me. I looked up and I just knew that she was dead and I started to cry. She said to me “luuluu, (that’s a family knick name since I was two)always be there for your mother.” I nodded and said “ok” and she dispaeared but I swear I could still see her.I woke up and knew that my grandma had passed that it wasn’t a dream. At the time we lived on the next block Hadley st. My mother used to visit mildred every morning since she lived alone. Even though my mom had divorced her son, tyrone.
    She went to mildreds and five minutes later ran back crying. she ran to the phone and called 911. When she.hung up the phone she looked at all four of her kids and said your grandma has passed away. My brother and sisters. Started crying and after a few minutes with us to make sure we wereent taking it to badly she had to call her husband and the rest of mildreds kids. I didn’t cry I was in shock and disbelief about my dream the night before.. Chills ran down my spine because I knew that my grandma had visited me in my dream. . .

    Sorry so long but your story reminded me so much of my experience it sent the same chills down my spine.
    I have had a few more of these “Dreams” where either a few days prior to a death or even sometimes as long as a month. Its weird. Anyways very good read!

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