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I Need To Know What Happened

Posted on June 22, 2010

I’m a 17 year old girl. Last night, I couldn’t sleep well. Right before the strange activity took place, I checked the clock on my phone. It was 3:14 am. I looked back over to the only source of light in my room, the faint light coming through my window, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I sleep with my door closed, so it wasn’t any of my family members or pets, because I never heard the door open. I figured that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, and tried to focus on getting in a comfortable position to sleep in. I only had the sheet to cover with because it was hot in my room, as always. I have a standing fan that I use to blow cool air on my face at the end of my bed that always stays pointed in the same direction. I tucked myself into the sheets and pulled my knees to my chest, which I find comfortable.

After a few moments, I noticed that I could no longer feel the air from the fan blowing on me. It was as if someone was blocking the path of the air. I looked around the room without actually moving my body or head, and saw an oddly-shaped, pure white light to my left. The light was a thin, white arch (like a crescent moon) with a white oval on the inside of the arch. It hovered near the bed, but I was not frightened by it. I relaxed when I felt the air on me again and closed my eyes, hoping that I could pretend it was just an illusion.

However, a few minutes after that, I felt a light caress on my arm. I froze immediately. I opened my eyes to see that the light was still there, but across the room now. And something was still stroking my arm. It felt like the tip of a very soft fingernail. It wasn’t sharp and it was barely noticeable at first, but it continued on steadily and precisely. I tried looking at my arm, but all I saw next to me was a blurry swirl black and dark gray colors, like someone had done a bad job at editing a person out of a picture. I instantly felt that whatever the light was didn’t want me to have to see the thing that was touching me. I instantly thought that this light was truly an angel sent to protect me from a demon. In a sudden burst of bravery, I pulled my arm quickly under the sheets and closed my eyes tight.

Then I heard what I assume was a soft ‘tsk’ing from the demon. Not a minute later, the air stopped blowing on me again. It stayed at the end of my bed for a short time, before it apparently moved from the path of the air. I tried to convince myself that I was imagining it, but the stroking started up again, on my cheek this time. That thing was either hovering above the bed, or on it. I was so spooked that I didn’t notice the slight tugging at my sheets at first. I used my feet to bring the sheets back up from where they had been pulled tightly flat towards the end of my bed, meaning that the fan wasn’t moving them. I used my hands to cover my cheek with the sheet as well and I heard the tsking again. I heard it every time I made a move to escape the touches. I realized sometime before I fell asleep that this was a warning. For both me and the angel. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I think it might have been the angel again, mercifully granting me a dreamless sleep, but I had no dream.

So here’s what I believe was happening. For whatever reasoning the demon had for being in my room last night/early this morning, the angel had been sent to protect me. I don’t know why or how, but the presence of the angel prevented the demon from doing what it had originally planned to do, so it settled for simultaneously freaking me out and taunting the angel by caressing and touching me. There is a possibility that the angel could not stop him from only doing that. I also feel like there was a past between the demon and angel. It was strange, but somehow, I just KNEW.

Today, I noticed some changes, mainly in my senses. While I was driving, the car felt like it was going 55-60 mph, even though I was going 45 mph. The music in the car seemed too loud, even though I’ve listened to it louder than that before and it never bothered me. As I walked through my house, I heard the creak in every floorboard that I walked across, and every squeak in my ceiling fan. In the shower, the water temperature seemed too hot, even though it was almost on cold. I also kept glancing at the ceiling above my shower, as if there was something there. It did not scared me though, it just put me slightly on edge. You know how if you catch a person looking at you across the room, you have to look bad every so often to see if they’re still looking? It was like that, and I’m pretty sure it was the angel coming back to check up on me. It’s as if my senses have been heightened all day.

I need to know if this kind of thing is normal among people who have had demonic encounters, or if I’m just crazy. Can anyone help me, maybe give me some advice. Is this typical of a pre-possession or is this possibly a one night thing? What should I do if it gets worse?

Sent in by Nikki Allen, Copyright 2010

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22 Responses to “I Need To Know What Happened”
  1. Riah says:

    Its probably was just the fan. when your half asleep, weird things happen. Something scary always happens to me when im half asleep, and in the morning i debunk it. And mabey it was one of your pets. My dog(chihuahua) sneeks in my room and scares me by popping up from under my bed. If you have a white pet, the light yoi probably saw was their fur. If i turned out the lights it would look like a white shoe were crawling across the room, but its actually my dog. A piece of your sheet mabey got caught in the wind of the fan, and started tickling you arm. Any ways, hope its debunkable and not actually a demon… :! Goodluck

  2. bluesman87 says:

    whoa scary story lady :-) – im no expert but , the changes in your sense you say you feel are very normal , they are just a result of a more concious mind brought on by fear . I have the same thing , hearing every little bump or noise or creek . Thats nothing to worry about its your bodys way of keeping alert and safe from danger when we were still roaming wild . Ask your self do you know anyone whos been possesed ? Do you think you did anything to cause you to be possesed ? I think the very first thing you need to do is keep a rational mind and keep confident in your safety , doubting your own sanity is a crappy feeling . If it happens again, just get up , turn on the light put on the TV and chill . You WILL know when smoething truly dangerous is happening . lIke you said you beleive there is an angel or positive force protecting you . So? Use that as an anchor to keep yourself calm unafraid and safe . Dont doubt your self and dont let it cause you any more negative feelings , itll make thing worse . I beleive your story and obviously you do or you wouldnt write it , but its more important to beleive in the power of yourself .Keep confident you have the power of right on your side no matter what – you got nothing to fear! :-)

    • bluesman87 says:

      ok sorry to say this , but dont let over dramatic crazies freak you out , if they cant spell dont take supernatural advice from them dude . If there is something you WILL know ….

      Note from admin – please do not use profanity

      • Caretaker says:

        bluesman87 – Spelling ability is not at all related to a persons knowledge about the supernatural and the value of their advice. If someone gave bad advice but used perfect spelling and grammar what then? The people on this site are from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. A degree in English is not required. And by the way I see spelling errors or typos in some of your comments too so be careful before you criticize others ;)

        To all – In the future comments that seem to do nothing more than to complain about spelling or grammar will not be approved. This is not school and this is not a gathering of professional writers.

        • Kind Skeptic says:

          Well said CT — even with the years of education I’ve had, typos are just a fact of life. Some of the most intelligent people I know are horrible spellers. Primarily because they grew-up w/ spell check options! LOL

          • Caretaker says:

            thanck yoo Kind Skeptic we do git a lot of complaners goin on bout spellin and grammer stuff quite a bit an ites rediculus.

            And yeah, I know quite a few like that myself.

            On the other hand a person can be a perfect speller and still not be an expert on everything of which they speak ;)

            • bluesman87 says:

              Sheesh sorry guys didnt mean to come off sounding snotty .. Tried to bring bit of rationality and normalcy to the table . Some of the comments can bring old testament style fear to an already scary situation . anyway peace.

        • Johnny Ireland says:

          Well that’s all Big Barney does on this site, is to complain and comment on other peoples spelling mistakes. Never any input, so why don’t you just ban him.

  3. mimi says:

    I have to say you are a very brave person. From what you wrote, I feel there are 2 ghosts at your home. A good protective one and a bad one. I am not sure if it is proper for me to say that since the bad one has not done anything really bad yet.

    You may need some special help to find out what is really going in the house so that you have some peace of mind.

  4. Pat says:

    Scary!!!!!!!! YIKES! From the way you described it; it does sound like an angel and a demon were at odds with each other; thank HEAVENS the angel was there. I would talk to a minister (or priest if you are of the catholic faith). I would IMMEDIATELY find some sage (smudge sticks work great) smuge (smoke) your WHOLE house even porches… also I would get some Holy water and keep it beside your bed. If that demon/presence returns splash some of that Holy water on it! You do NOT want to even RISK possible possession! Good Luck!

  5. elizabeth leon says:

    I know you have a 6 sence and you are able to sence spirets and see there ora you have the 6 sence like me and my family me I have well im an inpath my mom as all you can imagin both my sisters can see and feel them so can i but i could feel what they feel and my dad con see and hear them i can hear them 2 but your sences will get stronger and so will you.

  6. melissa says:

    That probably was a gardian angel or somthing protecting you from that demon I absolutally believe you. I dont know if you are a christian or not but I am a pentacostle apostolic and I suggest you pray and say to the demon if it comes again “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ “.

  7. AnNa says:

    i think part of it is just in your head.no offence.it seems like your on edge.you notest everything that should of been that wasnt happening.if that makes sence.im not trying to be mean at what i so.for the fan its probably nothing but if it is what you think it is then pray maybe it will go away.thanks for the story.

  8. Bridget says:

    I think if this happens again, like Melissa said, pray. I’ve had a similar experience and my own guardian protected me. But you MUST pray. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  9. kanin says:

    i think ur guardian angel is following u and protecting u as best as it can.

  10. jk says:

    Not to scare you, and it appears that God has gifted you in some way, like site. You would not normally notice or see an angel at work. I have to say that if it is paranormal, it was a performance to make you think exactly what you are thinking and evil can and does manifest itself ass white and pure to deceive. Honestly, you should not be seeing anything in your house. If you see or feel it coming around again just say Jesus rebuke you, get a Bible, read it and leave it open by your bed at night. Goopd will not keep you awake at night and if you were being protected the evil would have not made it to your room.

  11. naina says:

    helo… watever i will tell u is pray a lot may be u can get out of this problem….

  12. person says:

    i think that your angle is a very great person and that ur demon was a great too tell it took the wrong road….

  13. Kind Skeptic says:

    There is a very definite timeline between sleep and the conscious mind wherein anything can be imagined realistically. We’ve found that during this semi-conscious state, many “halluncinations” seem to occur that seem very real and even tactil in nature. There have been sleep studies made in an attempt to track just exactly when this happens in the sleep cycle. I would recommend that you first not overreact and believe you are about to be possessed. I would first look into ways to relieve stress before going to sleep and see if this works better for you. I am a strong believer in meditation and I think this simple approach would be very helpful. I suggest you either look into this online or purchase a “how to book” for instructions on how to begin a meditation and how to protect yourself first before you give yourself to this wonderful state of “openness”. YOu will also learn how to affirm control over your space and this will be much more emplowering to you than immediately jumping to the conclusion that you are dealing w/ demons or possession. Let’s start out w/ something positive for you and see where it goes. Live well….

  14. Zig says:

    Next time use the phone or other camera. The arm thing is usually always related and in the same exact spot as the light shape on the ceiling. What ever ghost or supernatural is there, close your eyes and take a photo of yourself, part of you at the photo will be the entity that you became part of for a few hours or moments. Hope this helps. Everyone is always giving advise but no one always have to deal with things. Take the photos, especially of yourself and you will know. When you do that write me back and I will tell you how to deal with voices you hear.

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