I Killed Myself in a Dream

Posted on April 25, 2011

Okay I don’t know if this is paranormal or not but I would like some answers. This is a dream I had a while back that hasn’t left me alone. I remember most of it as if it was reality.

I was at a restaurant with family. I don’t know who was there, I only remember my mother being there. I went into the bathroom and started washing my hands. Strange considering I hadn’t been to the toilet or anything. There was a man in the bathroom, but he didn’t stay in there.

I remember watching myself through the mirror, I could clearly see another man wearing: A red hoodie (hood up), blue jeans and sunglasses. there were 3 cubicles, he dragged me into the middle one. He pulled out a piece of plastic, about a quarter inch thick with a pinkish colour to it.

He said: “break this with a karate chop if you want to live”. Normally when you want someone to break something, you hold it horizontal with both hands (one at each end) but he held it vertically with only one hand (at the bottom). Being an idiot, I swung at it and it just swayed in hid hand. He said sorry mate, and pulled out a gun and shot me in the ear.

I remember this last part of the dream so well it scares me. I remember the pain of being shot, imagine being punched in the ear but a hundred times worse. I remember seeing it, (I don’t know whose eyes I saw it through) the bloodied mess on the side of my head. Now normally when you die in a dream you wake up right? Well I didn’t. I fell over and lay on my side watching people come in and out of the bathroom like I was invisible.

A few months back I was trying find something to wear to a party. I settled on a red hoodie, blue jeans and a pair of sunglasses. A few hours later, it hit me that I was wearing the exact clothes of the guy who killed me in my dream! I went into the bedroom, with a full sized mirror. I pulled up my hood and put on my sunglasses, and I was right he stood there in the mirror looking back at me.

I really need answers, was it really me in the red hoodie? And does anybody know what it meant, because I haven’t been the same person since that dream. Thanks guys!

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17 Responses to “I Killed Myself in a Dream”
  1. Stephie says:

    Thats very Creepy. I woudnt say that it was you in the red hoodie though. Some dreams I believe have a signifant meaning as well. Good Luck and I hope you find the meaning of yours. God Bless!

  2. Big Barney says:

    it probably means that you are going to kill yourself in real life

  3. A J Ryder says:

    Interesting dream!

    Death usually means new beginnings, rather than actual death.

    To interpret the dream correctly, you really need to assess your life at the point of that dream. Were you feeling out of control, or anxious about something? Had you done or said something which you later regretted? Were you being supressed or bullied by someone? Were you addicted to somethiing?

    To dream of being killed, then becoming the killer most likely means you’ve taken control over something which, up until that point, had been in control of you.

    Physical pain in a dream, daft though this may seem, might be because you were lying awkardly thus your ear was actually hurting you as you slept – not enough to wake you up, but enough to register that it was hurting you in your dream.

    Guns being shot generally are warnings to be on your guard against someone who means to harm you – not to be taken literary, rather harm you in a broader sense – your reputation for example.

    I wouldn’t worry about this dream too much if I were you. Dreams tend to be surreal adaptations of things that are actually troubling you in your every day life. The key is to marry up the surreal with the reality. Then you will be able to interpret the dream for what it actually is.

  4. littlemiss says:

    I completely agree with AJ rider, I do however it is poor judgement for someone to reply to this and say “yep you’re going to die”, it just seems really untactful & without much thought.

    Dreams are usually a representation of something, and aren’t usually a true representation of what will happen.

    Seriously Big Barney, be a bit more tactful? If this guy is that scared, that’s the last thing he needs to hear buddy.

  5. Diana says:

    Killing yourself in a dream generally denotes one or more of the following: You feel some part of your life is being stifled, you are anticipating starting a completely new chapter in your life, or, there is some part of yourself that you don’t like, something you desperately want to change.

    It could mean other things though…unfortunately, I’m not hugely familiar with dream interpretation. I would try not to worry about it too much. I highly doubt it means you’re going to kill yourself. But, if I may ask, are you depressed? Because if you are, I think you should seek help right away. Self destructive thoughts are nearly impossible to deal with on your own. If you are, please, do not hurt yourself. You are worthy of life, and you deserve to be happy…if you’re not, you should definitely do something positive about it. Suicide is never the answer.

  6. stan says:


    Interpreting dreams is probably outside the scope of training, education and experience of most, if not all, of us. If it is really upsetting you, and it certainly sounds as though it is..I think seeking out professional advice is very appropriate. I hope you find resolution.

  7. trolldoll says:

    i don’t know much about dreams, but these folks make sense out of it!

  8. BekkieLassy says:

    I agree to some of the commenters.

    It means that you are going to turn your life around. You are going to change who you are and the persone you were is going to die.
    The pain you felt. I think that you gona have to make some sacrifices in life for you to become the new you and its going to be hard and sad to make the sacrifices.

    You most surtanly will not kill yourself unless you are “suasidle”.

    I think that you sould get up and stand up for yourself. Take controle of you life and don’t let it get to you, or get you down. I think its kind of exiting to think that some where in your life you are going to become a new stronger person. New beginning and stuff.

    Stay strong!!!!

  9. Sean says:

    You said that you haven’t been the same since that dream, so I think the dream was symbolic of your subconscious changing things around internally.

    So yes “you” “killed” an aspect of “yourself” but I think another way to look at it is like an internal reorganization.

    You said about the dream “being an idiot, I swung at it” — so I think that means that you wanted to get rid of parts of yourself that were “idiotic” in favor of a more effective way of being.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very strange dream dude. I’ve had a dream where i watched as i, myself killed myself. I was standing in the mirror and i was in my room. I pulled out a knife and it was like a scene from the movie Mirrors. I ended up stabbing myself in the chest, and i didn’t wake up either. I laid there and felt as the blood was streaming out. It’s strange because i never felt it before, though it felt tremendously horrid. I don’t think it has to do with too much paranormal though paranoia could be a part in your dream. Normally when I have those dreams something a little bad. No worries tho, it may only be me.

  11. aaron says:

    thanks everyone i appreciate the help! i have changed alot since then, but i still feel like something bad is coming…

  12. jamie vaughan says:

    the same thing happened to me

    i was in my room then a 2 ft cerael kill came to kill me so i jumped down my stairs and when i reached the bottom i woke up in my parents room alone my dog appeared and the killer was bag so my dog attacked him and i jump down again but i was back their so me dog jumped then i woke up so i swore if i see him again i would kill him myself

  13. Mahoney1993 says:

    Premunitions. That’s my best guest when it comes to you wearing the same outfit. I’ve also experienced this “dieing in a dream” and not waking up. Oddly, it wasn’t me who died, it was someoen else, only I was looking out through his eyes, so to say, AND I was the one who killed him, stabbing him with a spear. Next day, I threw a music stand at him (as if the stand was a spear), breaking his jaw (long story). My freind had one with him, me and a fe wof his freinds running form a giant monster (yes, godzilla :3), and I was the only one who got killed. Next week, we get into a fight (found out a garbage can lid isn’t the best weapon when it’s twice the size of your body). Anyways, premunitions happen to everyone.

  14. Kunuk says:

    It’s a sign. You are ”over your old self” or something. You are changing. Becoming A New You. Did you hate yourself for some reason? Something that you’d done at some point earlier?

  15. gregorybrown says:

    While we are talking about dreams, I have one I’d like to mention. I was dreaming of an area far west from where I lived. I think I was about ten years old at the time. I was looking at the moon from the edge of a very high cliff. I was vaguely aware that some others before me had jumped from this cliff. Next thing I know, I’m falling. I didn’t have much time to think about it. When I hit the ground, I was still conscious. I could feel blood coming out of my ears, eyes and mouth…, however, my mouth was full of dust and I was coughing just a little, mostly choked on the dust. I couldn’t move. I started to panic and I woke up. Very strange dream.

    I still dream, but I have not been able to recall anything for the last few years. I know that we have different kinds of dreams. Sometimes, our dreams are our way of problem solving. I really miss being able to recall my dreams. I’ve learned that “REM,” rapid eye movement is evidence that we are dreaming. I don’t really know what is happening to me.

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