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I Heard Real Names!

Posted on June 17, 2010

I have heard lots of words out of nowhere during the past several years, mostly hellos and a few others which seemed to be random, but the following, taken from my notes, were real names.

1/7/02… I heard perfectly formed words, a whisper…Barbara, Barbara, Barbara.

12/2/09… Finally hit it big time…got back into bed around 3:15 this am after a visit to the powder room, and about 10 minutes later I heard “Philip Munroe.” I finally got an entire name!  First time! I was so excited I had trouble falling back asleep. Now maybe I could identify more fully one of the spirits who was communicating with me! I checked old Cincinnati death notices in the Enquirer that morning but there was no Philip Munroe (the list goes back several years)… so I also checked Monroe. Nothing showed up, so I checked newspapers in Scottsdale, Arizona and San Diego, where I had also lived, but nothing there either.  Who was Philip and why did me make himself known to me?

12/6/09  I heard a female say an Irish name, McTavish or something similar, but by the time I got around to recording it in my computer, I couldn’t remember exactly what it was.  My grandmother came from Ireland, but I don’t know what her maiden name was or the names of any relatives who are probably still there.

2/24/10… I heard a man’s voice, very clear, very distraught, saying “Mary, what am I doing here? Where am I?” I told the spirit he was dead, that Mary probably brought him to me because she knew I could hear him, and to cross over where he would see his deceased relatives and friends, and most probably Mary. I hope he made it okay.  I don’t know if this works but I don’t know what else to do.

3/11/10… I got another name, although it was a partial one… a soft female voice said “Louise.” I asked if she said Louise…15 seconds later the voice was a little louder and more insistent, and she repeated “Louise.” I asked if that was her name, but I got no response.  I am taking it on faith that I was visited by a spirit named Louise this morning.  I now occasionally say good morning and good night to her and Mr. Munroe.  This is way cool!

Sent in by Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

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82 Responses to “I Heard Real Names!”
  1. AnNa says:

    did you ever find out who they are?lucky…. lucky.. ..lucky….thats all i can say.and ya cool too.lol.thanks for the story.i was wondering when you were going to post more.

    • Sandy says:

      I never did find out who the spirits were, and I was so hopeful when I got the complete first and last name. AnNa, I was hoping with your hidden desire to be a detective, you might have some suggestions I haven’t thought of in how to track down Mr. Munroe.

      • AnNa says:

        i re-read your story and maybe philip munroe’s last name really isnt munroe.it could be louise.and was married to barbara.maybe check if it was louise for the last name.my mind does wonder alot.so if it doesnt make sence thats o.k.but what about if mr.munroe isnt saying who he says he is.im not saying he’s liying to you.have you heared of mary since you told her to cross over?how long did you say he died?im sorry and how long did you say he’s been with you.because if he’s been dead for years and years maybe you would have to check in the 18 or 1900′s.i dont know how far you checked the names but maybe.my mine again.you could check both names or even barbra.well that all i can go on until you comment me back.i hope its not stupid with the info i gave you.thanks.

        • Nameless says:

          check every name you heard from the spirits in the internet or something

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually, Nate found one of the names on a family tree web site…check his post here on August 9…I only got one which could be checked as the spirit gave me both a first name AND a last name. All the others were just first names. Philip Munroe died in 1790! My grandparents all emigrated from Europe, so I doubt I am related in any way to Mr. Munroe unless it goes waaaaay back!

  2. Pat says:

    You can certainly HEAR spirits! I would try to find a group that has these gifts and hone your gift..I think you are doing the best thing by telling them to either go to the light OR that they are dead; I guess sometimes they don’t know that they are dead and how horrible would that be? You have a gift- use it for good!

    • Sandy says:

      I have frequently wished I could communicate more with spirits, actually having a conversation where they would answer questions I ask or getting more information from them intuitively. I need to do research to find out where I can receive training in broadening the gift I have been given but only know how to use about 10% of, and which is accidental..

    • Dionna White says:

      yeah about half the time there is a haunting the spirit doesn’t realize that they are dead

  3. trolldoll says:

    just hearing a voice out of thin air say a name and know it’s not a radio and tv would be unsettling!

    • Sandy says:

      trolldoll, funny you should mention radio. Many times I have heard what sounds like someone turning a radio dial which lasts for maybe half a second, and I pick up half of words spoken at the beginning and half of words spoken at the end of what is coming through. I wonder if there are small openings in the time/space continuum (I don’t know what that means but it sounds like I am very smart when I say that) where the spirits can come through without making a lot of effort.

      • trolldoll says:

        i know what you mean too. i have heard of that being called white noise. like snow and static on a tv channel that goes off the air. some ghost hunters have used a device that creates this noise and when they ask a ? they get short answers.

        • Sandy says:

          I’m actually impressed with the K2 meters…when the ghost hunter asks questions, they ask the spirit to light up the meter if the answer is yes. That seems to work pretty well if you have a communicative and willing spirit. I’ve also seen the new box used by I think it is Zak, Aaron and Nick, on one of the ghost hunter TV shows, where the spirit can manipulate the box and talk words and phrases through it, and the words are also shown on the screen on the box. So many gadgets I would like to own…..

          • Dionna White says:

            after i watch ghost hunting shows Al (a demonic spirit that tries to injure me on a common basis) gets extremly upset for some reason…

          • Amy007 says:

            I know its so impressive the equiptment that people come up with. Zac, Aaron, and Nick are on a show called Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel and I think I know what device you’re talking about they either have a handheld box or glasses, and the box contains thousands of words that entities can pick from if they want to communicate. The word then appears on a screen and it says the word that the spirit selects. Its awesome and seems pretty accurate. Great story I enjoyed it alot. Thanks
            p.s – Spirits have also been known to attach themselves to objects aswell maybe you purchased something that they had owned previously?

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes, that’s the box! I’ve also been watching the new shows that Ghost Adventures is now showing. As a matter of fact, I watch all the shows about paranormal activities and investigations. I did buy an antique armoire, and I took a picture of it and in the middle of the door it looks like a closed fist and part of the arm is coming out of it. I don’t know if it was just a reflection of the flash, or if it was a spirit fist!

  4. jw says:

    Is this taking place in Cincy?

    • Sandy says:

      Yes, I’ve lived in an apartment in Westwood since 9/08, so any dates you see after that happened in Cincy…before that I lived in San Diego for around 22 years.

      • jw says:

        So this has gone on in the Westwood apartment? How often do you experience odd things like this? Thanks in advance for your answer, I live in Cincy and am very interested in this sort of thing. I am a 100% skeptic but love talking to those who have had experiences.

        • Sandy says:

          jw, instead of places I’ve lived being haunted, it appears that I am just open to hearing spirits, so they kind of talk to me no matter where I live. However, impish spirit is still around…about a week ago, a touch lamp I have in my living room went on twice by itself when I walked out of the room for a couple of minutes — I found it turned on when I returned. Sometimes I hear nothing for a couple of weeks or months, then voices/things will start to happen again. I think they pack their little spirit valises and go on vacation for awhile…or maybe they just go to the other side then come back to see what I have going on. I lead a very dull and boring life currently, so I don’t know what the draw is as most of them do not seem to have any ties to me.

          • Dionna White says:

            well i have spirits that are constantly following me around but if ur life gets hetic then they sometimes get a little more active, like my sis and dad are dying so now the spirits in my house are getting more known like right now my dad almost died….. srry im ranting and having a little trouble typing right now cuz im starting 2 cry I’ll do some research 2 help u but i g2g right now…

  5. big barney says:

    wow sandy…. i think you might be doing powder in the powder room staying up all night hearing voices ya know? actually now to think of it, i have done that before too! hearing voices and seeing shadow people

    • Sandy says:

      Big Barney, it’s really cool to be anonymous and be able to admit to committing indiscretions and no one knows who you are…but since my name is on this post, I must insist that I lead the holy life of a blessed Catholic nun!

  6. Sandy says:

    AnNa, I haven’t heard Mary’s name since I told her friend to cross over. The spirit who had been following me for 23 years in 1999 told the psychic he died in the 1950′s and his name was something like Razzo or Rizzo, so I don’t think this Munroe fellow is the same spirit. However, Mr. Munroe could have been married to Barbara or Louise — good catch! Barbara and Louise are both first names, so I don’t think either one could be a last name. But I will check Barbara Munroe and Louise Munroe (also spelling Monroe) to see if anything comes up (could be wife, mother, daughter — you’ve got me thinking now). Another problem is I don’t know in what city or state to check the obituaries. I will be bold and do a search of the entire United States, if it’s possible. Wish me luck. And thanks for your suggestions — I hadn’t thought about checking the first names of Barbara and Louise with the last name Munroe.

    • AnNa says:

      did psychic say what kind of cloths they were wearing?and go from there.sometimes when they were certain kind of cloths they lived in that part of place.maybe its a hint.i dont know.i dont know why but check london.just popped in my head.im curious now for you to find out the information.cant wait to hear more.

      • Sandy says:

        The psychic said the lady who was with him was born in Wisconsin, so I would imagine they both lived in the United States. She didn’t give me any info on where they lived or where the male spirit was born. I think there are cities named London here in the US — maybe your intuition can help me find more info. Thanks.

        • AnNa says:

          well when you find out i will be hear.but the london it was just a thought and just jumped in my head.if im wrong sorry for it but if im right holly crap.cant wait to hear from you.what if barbra and louise are the kids.i dont know.well go on what you have first before we jump the gun.

  7. AnNa says:

    SANDY-im just wondering if you found anything out.its been a couple of weeks and please dont take it that im rushing you,im not.like i said just curious if you found anything.

    • Sandy says:

      AnNa, tried putting several combinations in the computer to find information, but nothing has popped up which seems appropriate. However, I’ll keep trying. I appreciate your trying to help.

      • AnNa says:

        well i will keep trying to and if i come up with anything i will forsure let you know.what about hes a brother to those other people or hes adopted,he never knew who is parents were.or the mr.munroe is the dad.its far feach i know but its something.but i will get back to you in awhile and see how it goes.if i were living by you i could help you a little bit better then over the computer.is there anything i can do?if so let me know.thanks for commenting me back.

        • Dionna White says:

          to bad I can’t go to the area this is happening bc i would probably be ably to get info out of em….

      • AnNa says:

        i tried going on the computer and just did a little bit checking and founf nothing.but i do want to help as much as i can.im curious to know who he is.

  8. Dionna White says:

    I know what u mean, i usually hear either a female or male voice that either sounds like it’s coming from the distance or right next to my ear, it is usually saying my name or nick name, and if it’s not that it is Zu (a little girl ghost who got beaten to death by her father, talking to me, the conversation usually only last about a min tho…. she usually stands behind you saying “what are you doing?”

    • Sandy says:

      My spirits are still on vacation. I’m wondering if maybe they only show up in a big way if/when there is turmoil in my life, and everything has been calm in my life for awhile. I haven’t really taken note of this before, but I will in the future. I think it’s really great when you know who your spirits are and their background, like you know one is Zu and what happened to her. I also hear the spirits say things a couple of inches from one of my ears. I read on the internet that the psychic who came to my place in Ocean Beach (San Diego) around 12 years ago has several psychics working for her who do investigations/readings over the phone. If things pick up here again, I might give them a call to see if they can fill me in on who exactly might be visiting me.

      • Dionna White says:

        Well her name isn’t actually Zu her real name is Suzy but I call her Zu. She is about 8-10 yrs old about 4 ft, maybe taller, wears a tattered pink dress that goes a little below her knees w/ white stockings and blond wavy hair that goes to her mid back. Al is a “shadow hat man” who tries to kill me on about a monthly basis then there r a couple other ghost, like this woman who was raped, gave birth 2 the child got beat by her father 4 being pregnant, the mother gave the baby away and she wanted the baby back when she went to plead 4 the baby she died.

        • AnNa says:

          thats sad about the rape.no-body deserves that.and about the baby.i would be scared if someone tried to kill me at a month basis.

          • Dionna White says:

            yup she is still searching for her baby, all i know is that she never even got to see her child and she often communicates w/ me through dreams. And my parents think im completly nut when i tell them about Al even when i standing there telling them and scratches form on my arm right in front of ‘em!!!

            • AnNa says:

              thats weird that your parents think that about you even though something is happing to you infront of them.so i take it your the only one in the family that has the gift?

              • Dionna White says:

                yeah they were also there when a knife came flying at me and and the drawer the my jewlery box, u wanna kno their excuse “it’s just the vibrations from the washing machine. A washing machine can’t make an object come flying across the room!!!

                • AnNa says:

                  dont you get upset when they dont believe you?i know i would.if my son would come and tell me he can see or here them i would not say its nothing.well your parents might not believe you but i do.

              • Sandy says:

                From what I have heard, most parents don’t believe their children see spirits, and men don’t believe their wives or girlfriends when they are told they see spirits. I think in those cases it is because the parents/husbands/boyfriends think they are supposed to protect the others and they can’t protect them from something they can’t see, so they deny it exists, thus taking away the threat they are helpless to fix. They only finally admit it 20 years down the road when something ghostly happens to them personally and they can’t deny it anymore.

        • Sandy says:

          Dionna, do these spirits reside in your house? Is it a really, really old house? Did they bother the people who lived there before you? Is where you live built on an old graveyard? I’m trying to figure out why they are bothering you.

          • Dionna White says:

            They are bothering me bc i have an unusual aura, and spirtual enegry, the house is only 35 yrs old, not built on a grave yard, only I’m the one that is haunted (but sometimes my rabbit growls/attacks air) and basically for some reason I’ll go somewhere where the is ghost activity and one if them some how follows me home (i kno i sound nuts)

            • Sandy says:

              No, you don’t sound nuts to me, you are just extra sensitive to the paranormal. There must be a way for you to develop your gifts so that you can communicate with the spirits, find out why they are here, and send them to the other side. Unfortunately everything is just in a jumble right now that you don’t know how to control. I wish there was on-line help so both of us could figure out how to do that.

  9. AnNa says:

    i had once 2 people man,and woman saying my name.just once.i though it was weird but i wasnt scared.found out later that it was the owners parents that passed away.but why would they call my name.i was doing my job.

    • Sandy says:

      I think the spirits call our names to let us know that they are really there and are with us in the present. This is different from the residual hauntings where the spirit does the same thing over and over and doesn’t interact, like a tape recorder rewinding and playing back over and over, totally oblivious to its surroundings, such as a spirit walking up the stairs every night at 11:00…something they may have done every night for 40 years while they lived there.

  10. AnNa says:

    why is that,for me for instaint that i have seen 2 spirts(same day)heared 2 voices in one day and another voice another day.and nothing after.why wouldnt it be all the time.

    • Sandy says:

      AnNa, since you say the spirits who said your name were the owner’s parents, maybe they just came back for a short visit to see how the house was being taken care of. They might have tried to contact the owner also, but some people can’t see or hear spirits…but for some reason you were able to that day. It may never happen to you again…you probably have to be at the right place at the right time…and the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself again.

      • AnNa says:

        when i told some workers that they thought i was crazy.well i am.lol but no really they thought that.and they have been there over 20 years.but ya you are right.since you know more about it then i do.

  11. AnNa says:

    SANDY-i havent heard from you inwhile.well it seem along time.just wondering sorry if im bugging you,but if you heard anything from you ghosts and if you found out anything,since we talked last?

    • sandy fuersich says:

      AnNa, I really have pretty much given up on finding any of these people. However, I am convinced that you have a big brown folder, about 3 feet thick, wth numbers at the top of the dividers in tshe folder which represent the days of the month, and you put little notes in there — on the 15th you put in, check with Sandy, on the 16h you put a note in to check with TrollDoll, etc., then you check it each day, pull out your notes and send follow-up emails. There’s no other way you could remember all these posts and responses. You are amazing! P.S. I saw the landlord and asked him if anybody died in this building, and he said he has owned it for 15 years and nobody has died here during that time. I don’t know how to check for what might have happened before he bought it…

      • AnNa says:

        thanks for the comment and i wish there was some way to find out but what can you do with just a little to go on.i guess im just curious people would think its annoying for asking so much.but by any chance if i do think of something is it o.k. to ask you or tell you what i think.if not then i will see you on the board and hopefully you have other stories to share.by the way i really enjoyed them.

      • AnNa says:

        i have a good memory.tell me something and i will know a year from now.tell me (im just saying for an example your b-day and i will remember a phone number,i have moved 10 times in 10 years and i remember every address.weird i know.all my friends cant believe how much i remember.thanks again

  12. Nate says:

    I don’t know if this will be helpful but it is what I found .Philip Munroe was the son of William Munroe and Joanna Russell .He was born on Feb. 26 of 1717 or 1718. He married Mary Benjamin and had a daughter named Mary Munroe. He died dec.14 1790

    • sandy fuersich says:

      Wow! You are wonderful! Did it say where he died? Were they from Ohio? I would imagine that it would be possible for the Philip Munroe you found to be just as likely as any other spirit with that name to speak it to me. I’m really excited now to know that I might be visited by a spirit who has been around for that long. Thanks!

      • Nate says:

        He died in Surry,NH and was born in Lexington, MA,.Mary Benjamin was born somewhere in MA.

        • sandy fuersich says:

          Seems like a belief I’ve had for awhile might be right — there are spirits that are just passing thru and when they find someone receptive they decide to make their presence known. My grandparents came from Europe so I’m sure I have no relatives in the US from that far back. However, they are all welcome to say hi when in the area.

  13. AnNa says:

    that is awsome.sandy see others want to help too.

    • sandy fuersich says:

      I so much appreciate any help I can get. I get little pieces that are like puzzles and I try to interpret what I hear in my sphere of reference, but they may have nothing to do with me. Holy cow, I guess it’s not all about me!!!!

      • AnNa says:

        it kind of is about you.your curious in who is in your house,you did the research as much as you could.its cool that mounroe is from 1717.maybe you can talk to him now since you know alittle about it now.if you do let us know how it goes.i wonder how Nate got the info from?

        • Nate says:

          I got the info from a family tree website and then searched for hours to find other websites that suported the info.

          • AnNa says:

            i would of never of thought that.good job.

          • sandy fuersich says:

            You should start your own business doing that kind of work you are so good at it. Thanks so much for devoting so much time to finding the information for me. I haven’t heard his voice again since he said his name, though. About two weeks ago I had fallen asleep on the couch, and as I was waking up, a loud, deep male voice said “silly.” That was the first time I had heard that voice, but I wouid recognize it if I heard it again. I don’t know why these spirits pick me to say weird things to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

            • AnNa says:

              maybe there is something about you that they like.do you think maybe he was recommened to see you or maybe talk to you?i dont know.sounds weird.well let me know if anything else happens.curious.thanks

              • sandy fuersich says:

                I’ve been trying to catch EVPs. I hear words mostly w/o my digital recorder being turned on. I asked the spirits the other night to make a sound of some sort, I will know someone wants to say something and I will turn on the recorder so I can play back what they say. Yesterday morning and this morning I heard a sound like the old-fashioned clavichord (sp?). I goofed and didn’t turn my recorder on yesterday, then heard a lady say “tada” a couple of minutes later. I swear they read what I type on my computer because I had written that in an email a couple of days before. This morning I heard the same musical chord sound, turned on the recorder, but it slipped and was buried under stuff when I heard words which I couldn’t understand with my “naked” ear but might have been able to make out if it was louder or slower. However, I’m on a mission and will not give up! P.S. The lady’s voice who said tada sounded like the one I heard in San Diego saying the name of my landlady.

                • AnNa says:

                  what do you think that could mean about the ladies voice?I hope the ladylady is o.k.i was going to say try recording it but i have been saying it alot and someone thinks its over played.i cant help it.what about pictures?have you thought about taking pictures while you hear the voices maybe you can get something with that.i cant wait what happens.let me know,if you find anything out.thanks.

                  • sandy fuersich says:

                    Haven’t tried pictures for a very long time. I really don’t want to see anything paranormal…that would make it way too real! .

                    • AnNa says:

                      i understand, but arent you curious just a little who or how they look?well when you do hear them tell them i said hi.lol.do you remember your first incounter with them?

                  • sandy fuersich says:

                    I’m going to buy a digital voice recorder with rechargeable battery this weekend so I will be able to leave it on most of the time to capture the things I hear and I can recharge it every day. I hope to get proof of some of the things I hear. If I get anything good, I will send it in.

                    • sandy fuersich says:

                      AnNa, the first date I wrote about hearing real words from spirits was in my computer log on 1/7/2002 when I decided to keep more detailed notes…I started my log in 1999 and wrote a synopsis at that time of what I remembered previous to then. Yes, I’m curious as to what the spirits around me might look like…but so far I’m happy just hearing them.

                    • AnNa says:

                      i understand,i think i would be happy with them just being around too.i think its cool that you like the spirts around,others would not want that.cant wait to hear in how its going with the recorder.

  14. AnNa bites back says:

    hey sandy- just checking in on how things are its been 3 weeks.just curius if you found out anything on the last convertasion.

  15. AnNa bites back says:

    oh o.k.thats alright

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you’re still getting updates when new comments are added to this site. I just uploaded two videos to TrueGhostTales sister site, http://ParanormalCulture.com …they contain recordings I made of paranormal voices I’ve heard over the past 20 months. I’m not very good at making the videos look professional, so you should close your eyes and just listen! Search for Sandy Fuersich — that will be my page with the videos/recordings.

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