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I Had To Be A Grown Up When I Was 4

Posted on March 20, 2009

From the time I was about 4 or 5 yrs old, I’d had some sort of experience that children just shouldn’t have to live through alone. Unfortunately, grown ups usually don’t believe any of it, or just say that we are mistaken.

I remember at a very young age, I woke from a sound sleep.. when my eyes opened, I saw an imaginary fire on my wall. For years I feared a house fire and felt drawn to watching anything with fire on T.V. or on the news. I prayed every night to God.. “please don’t let my house burn down”.

At the age of 8, on the only night I didn’t pray, an arsonist poured kerosene in the front hallway in an attempt to hurt the people that lived upstairs. The house was burnt to a crisp and a woman and her six month old baby were killed. During the fire, you would think that I would’ve had a nervous breakdown, watching my nightmare come true. It was total chaos on my front lawn and out into the street with all of the screaming people, fire trucks, and neighbors. Yet I heard a voice tell me “it will be fine”, and I remained calm.

I have to add that this house had a lot of paranormal activity. I always seemed to be the one that could see or sense them so they always picked me. One night in the tub, the door, of course, was shut and I knew to look at the bottom where the light to the hallway shines under, and I saw 2 small “shadows” of feet. I stopped for a second and the door flew open! Nobody was there and I screamed bloody murder! My mom flew in there and calmed me down, heard what I had to say and still told me it was the wind!

After the fire, we bought a beautiful two story single with a full attic. And in this attic, I could hear “someone” walk around at night when everybody was sleeping. And of course, when I told my mom, she told me it was an old house and that the floor was settling. That was not true. You know when you hear footsteps. There is no mistake! I had to pretend they were angels so that I could feel better.

One night my dog was trying to get under my bed so frantically that it woke me up, and I could tell something freaked him out. He was a big Shepherd mix, and he did not fit! But boy was he determined!

Two more significant things happened. In the 6th grade, I believe I came face to face with my “upstairs” neighbor. She was sitting on my pile of stuffed animals and she was only like grey and white “shades” I guess you could call ‘em. She seemed to be wearing a straight jacket because her arms were wrapped around herself and I couldn’t make out the outline of them. Her hair was white, unbrushed, and shoulder length. The freaky part was that her eyes were two black holes and so was her mouth. She had her mouth open and her expression was like she was begging for something. You know, like her eyebrows were up kinda, it’s hard to explain.

This one here was terrifying. Now there was a statue of Mary praying on a shelf in the hallway. One night I was dreaming that this statue was smashed to pieces and all of the sudden, with this horrible evil feeling, it reassembled and came real fast and real close to my face. I woke up scared to death. That evil feeling had been in my dreams before and it was not pleasant.

The very next day, my little brother threw a pillow and the statue actually fell to the floor and ended up in pieces just like in the dream! Oh my God, I ran over to it and picked up the pieces so fast so my baby bro didn’t touch them. I felt like something bad would happen to him! and for an 11 yr old girl, this was horrifying! I mean, my mom wouldn’t believe me, and I did not want to tell her for fear of getting her involved and letting them get at her. I felt like they had chosen me. I still wish I knew why.

There was another night as I lay in bed, I could hear my mom and dad downstairs watching T.V. The attic door was right outside my room and I could look right at it. I heard the door open, and it didn’t even move. Then I heard it close. Still, no movement. Well, low and behold, don’t I hear footsteps slowly creeping down the stairs towards my parents, and, you guessed it! I can see no one! My mom did hear it though, she walked to the bottom of the stairs and called up to me asking if I was outta bed. I was so afraid to yell to mom that there was a ghost on the stairs headed their way, that I just said “no”. There was that fear that “it” would hear me and run back up to get me or run at my mom and pounce on her. This was a horrible way to live. I was just a kid, man. Dealing with a situation like that alone is beyond reason.

At the age of 15 years, in a different home, I was dusting my shelves that held my stereo and my nick knacks, the closet was behind me, and I sensed something very angry behind me. As I turned to see what it was, it rushed past me and broke a little ceramic deer right down the middle. Then, just as quick as it showed up, it was gone. This was the one and only thing that happened in that particular house. Now that was weird.

Written by Dawn Gombos, Copyright 2009

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12 Responses to “I Had To Be A Grown Up When I Was 4”
  1. sabrina says:

    Sounds as though you have a psychic ability dear. The only thing you can do is read about it and maybe join a spiritualist church for some guidance and training. There really is nothing to be afraid of. Spirits are as they were in life either good people or bad people. No matter where you move to you will always have them there as they are drawn to people with these abilitys. If you wish to no lnoger deal with this you can pray to God to take it away. Although you wont be bothered by it as much you will still sense them, but with this prayer it shouldn’t be as strong.

  2. Jen says:

    you seem to gave physic abliteis like some of us do here (like me), u were given them as a gift and you are a meadtior. we usually help ghosts help themself. even deamons

  3. Jackie says:

    You sound like you had some sort of manevalent spirit, or poltergeist activity going on around you. You don’t say if this is still carrying on though, is it?

  4. prutty egal says:

    Man that happens to me all the time and it manly is my heat grandmother and I still. Are her ever since her deth and she actually talks to me I can see the dead and the futcher and I can move things with my mind when I get mad

  5. tyra says:

    you can move stuff with ur head!!!!thats cool lol

  6. Alpha says:

    Hey nice story
    You seem to have a naturally affinity with the paranormal. Don’t shun your powers and don’t despise them. Think of them as a gift for good (look at what you accomplished with it already) and be proud that you are unique in this way.
    I am not a psychic but i am really attracted to spirits and am almost always in the presence of one. At first i was terrified but after a while i took it as a blessing and no matter how adverse the scenario may be always be resilient and know God is watching.

    Take care man :)

  7. Kyleigh says:

    Girl,if I were you I would go to a paranormalist or someone to help you learn not to be afraid they will help you trust me:).

  8. giggelz_209 says:

    crazy stuff can happen but the thing about the gurl up staries was creppy
    and thing opening the doors and stuff like that ur lucky to know wat might happen in the futer but itz not that goodd 2 know ether so i hpe ur happy and ur chillin again and not having to worry about stuff=)(take care)

  9. Anonymous says:

    ask for it to go and it will

  10. lauren says:

    Thats creepy. I feel bad for you. I like spirits and stuff like that but only in stories and stuff. Maybe you should take a dif. approach to this “ability”. LIke maybe with the girl in the attic you could have asked her what was wrong and helped her or something. Although, at that age i wouldnt want to help some creepy ghost in my attic. I hope that these spirits dont bother you as much and that things have gotten better. I used to live in a haunted-ish house too. My story goes like so:
    I am about five or six. I am terrified to be alone. I get scared easily by stuff, and I absolutely hated the Halloween H2O theme song thingy. THat fricking scared me( i cried at the sound of it). I had to use the potty one day and no one wanted to escort me. I got mad and said it is unfair. So i gloomily walked to my moms bathroom that was attached to her room. I go in there and sit down(im’a girl) and do my buissness. The toilet was right by the door to my moms bedroom and that door was open. Her bed was right by the door. so i am about to get up and wash my hands like a good kid, but I hear something. Its a voice. The voice says “Hello Lauren”. I figured it was my sister trying to scare me like usual so I got a little scared and shakily replied “Whos there?” The voice replies “Your father.” This was impossible because I was living in Germany and My parents were divorced and my dad lived in florida and I lived with my mom in germany!!!! So i got freaked and wanted to see this person speaking. I turn around and I see a bright green flash come from my moms bed. I scream and run out of the bathroom with my pants hanging down and everything. I explain what happened to my mom and two sisters and my mom says she will check under the bed for me just because i kept saying something is under the bed. We look under and there is a green Wrigley’s gum wrapper the same color as the flash I saw.
    As for the voice I have no explanation other than that house was haunted.
    (\ /)
    ( . . )
    ( oo )
    * U U < Cute bunny, eh?

  11. RealNoodle23 says:

    Thats actually kinda scary. I cant believe ur mum didnt believe you.

  12. CuteSagittarius says:

    Dawn,Im sorry u had to go such freaky xperiences during childhOod. Hope u are living a hapPy life now.
    Wish u luck!

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