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How to Clear Spirits

Posted on August 16, 2011

First let me offer a warning to those of you who think that it is fun to mess with the darkness. There is a dark side to the planet. Those who love the Creator still have light energy when they die from being connected to a higher being of love. Those who have been seeking after the darkness who die with an allegiance to the darkness, are without the light. Their souls will roam sadly forever and sometimes humans see these black spirits. The light is energy and energy is our connection to the higher beings of love.

If you have made an allegiance with evil, break it immediately and cleanse yourself with water you dedicate to the light and ask to be set apart unto the light.

I am a master healer, intuitive, and I channel a higher being, one of the coCreators of the earth experience. His name is Aliyliyah. He is attempting to reach us now to remind us of who we are as spiritual and energy beings having a body experience.

This is why many of you are able to connect with other spirits but it is not advisable to seek after evil. Unless, you know who you are talking to you can be deceived or worse, possessed. We need to be retrained in our spirituality so as not to be deceived by other beings, yes there are those too, or the dark side which can harm you.

I know about spirits and that there are several different kinds of beings and entities on the planet, one which is a real threat to the human race actually who is about to be revealed to us by Our Creator so they will no longer have power over us from their hidden spaces. They are not “spirits” however but they have the ability to move dimensionally and this is how they hide from us.

There are others spirits too who are here. If you dabble in things that are contrary to your nature of goodness and love, you can be overcome by unclean spirits. These spirits will overcome your energy and drive you to do things you do not wish to do. You can be “delivered” of these spirits by healers and others who know how to do it, but it is not fun for the person who allows a dark spirit entrance to their soul. Certain things people are doing sexually can bring on these evil spirits for we are created to be a certain way and when we deviate from our “nature” it attracts evil spirits.

Some spirits on the planet are those of loved ones who are being trapped at death due to the dark force I mention above who is doing things electromagnetically to the planet to entrap souls when they leave the body. Why? Because the souls will take the truth back to the higher beings and tell them what the dark forces are doing to us here on earth, and they don’t want that to happen. So they have been entrapping souls here.

FYI, at this time, the higher beings are now fully aware of what these evil beings have been doing to hurt us, entrap us, and to kidnap people. We are about to be assisted in the eradication of these beings.

My work as a healer has been to assist these souls in transitioning home by sending them love and light. Many healers are assisting in this process as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

All souls need to clear the planet now and the living can help so when you encounter someone who you know who died, but they are visiting “energetically”, tell them it is time to go home. They are free to go home despite whatever their experiences on
earth were.

No one is judged by Aliyliyah or any other higher being. We can choose evil, and end up dark and lost, but those who seek to go home, to the heavens, may go, freely and are
forgiven of all their “sins” if you will.

We are here to have an experience to teach us about other natures of beings who are not centered in love as we are.

Being here on earth we learn much about what is not love.
I have assisted in clearing a demonic type of spirit from a teen.
I have assisted in clearing a spirit of anger from a woman.
I have cleared much negative energy from the energy fields of many and I have assisted many, many souls in going home.

This will help to clear the planet of lost souls who don’t know where to go or how to get there. Now I channel the truth from the divine entity Aliyliyah who speaks only the truth to help humanity. I am on twitter under andromedastruth or you can find my website at www.andromedastruth.om

Again, do not seek after the darkness, or evil, and do not use Ouija boards. You could end up possessed and trapped for a long time unless someone knows what is wrong and is able to free you.

You may assist your loved ones if they visit you in the spirit by telling them all are free to go home now and must for the earth’s vibrational fields are being elevated to help the living due to much radiation on the planet (cell phones, computers, etc. damage our energy) and divine beings are assisting us. But this elevation in energy will be too high for those souls who are still here to absorb. They need to go home now. Send them in
love. You can help them and feel good for the work you do to help the planet in clearing these souls too.

You can keep evil spirits out of your home by inviting God to assist you in protecting you and then take some oil, anointing oil, olive oil, and designate it as being used for the divine purpose of protecting your home from evil. Anoint your doors and
windows around the frames, once on each side, and say, “in the power of light and in the authority of the divine”, “I set my house apart for protection from evil”.

Invite God to be with you and ask Him to reveal Himself to you in a spiritual way. He does not require that you are “religious”. That is man. He would like to be connected to you however to assist you in life, to give you love and direction for your life, and help
in times of trouble. Seek Him and He will be found by you.

The world is a tricky place for the uninitiated. We are apart from our spiritual nature due to the dark side that has been keeping us dumb and ignorant of who we are.

But it is time for the revelation of the truth of your true nature. We are awesome, beautiful beings with divine destinies to do good on the planet. We are help to make a difference in love. We are here to create wonderful things, music, art, theatre, and many other things. Find out who you are by seeking the God of heaven. He does not judge us. He is the lover of our soul and welcomes EVERY one of us when we seek to know the truth.

Bless you all. Be safe. Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Diane Freeman author of “ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>The Race to Eternity

Sent in by Diane Freeman, Copyright 2011

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8 Responses to “How to Clear Spirits”
  1. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Diana

    How did you come across the name ‘Aliyliyah’?


    • A.J Ryder says:

      me again …

      just been looking around your website, and I was curious about the following …

      “Part I Sessions
      Sessions shall be conducted telepathically and by contract only. Those wishing to participate in energy clearing sessions must first purchase the series of ten (10) sessions and sign a client release form. Once payment is received and the client form is signed and dated, I will commence work with Divine assistance.

      The payment for the series of ten (l0) sessions shall be $2,000.00 without exception for once the work is contracted, work begins to clear your energy fields.

      The work is subtle and at first it cannot outwardly be detected. Also, if guidance is forthcoming along the way from The Divine, and the client chooses not to adhere to Divine guidance, they have chosen for themselves what is the better way and no refund will be given.

      As outlined, no refunds once work begins so choose carefully whether it is your desire to be free, for We take Our work seriously here.”

      I also do everything that you describe on your website, including your ‘healing the world” idea – except I do these things for free. The reason I prefer to do it this way is because I do it purely for the love of God without any personal gain. (Must have a word with my accountant ….. might be onto something here!!?)

      $200 per ‘telepathic’ session? How long does this last and how does your client know when to tune into you telepathically??
      Also, what guarantees have you got in place so your client not know they’re being conned?? I’m not casting aspersions on your good name here, I’m sure you deliver, but I personally would not part with any of my hard earned cash under those conditions because sessions such as these are open to be capatalised on and abused by the con-artists out there.


  2. dan says:

    A.J great reply. now i know people have to pay the bills, but i didnt know a soul had a price. keep up the good work.

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Dan

      I’ve found that money clouds the issue (for me anyway) and I would become ineffective at my ‘job’ if I were to treat it as a business for profit. Fair enough, if you have to travel 100 miles to help someone then yes, a donation to cover the travelling costs is reasonable but, for me, time itself costs me nothing so why charge for it? This is about spiritual matters after all. But then, not everyone has the same attitude, and that in itself doesn’t necessarily make someone else a ‘bad’ person for charging for his or her time – its just not for me.

      Hi Diana

      I’ve been researching Aliyliyah. Hebrew (f.) and means ‘deed’.

      Deed (n) means a binding contract, or action as opposed to words.

      I noted on your site that Aliyliyah always speaks through you, in your blogs.
      For example; 16/08/2011: ” I am going to reinstate the Order of Melchizedek and I will make Diane Freeman My Queen – Aliyliyah” (although I’m sure that said “High Priestess” and not “Queen” yesterday????)

      This, I find disturbing for a number of reasons. First off, there’s the question of ‘ego’. There does seem an abundance of it on your site, via Aliyliyah.

      There are a lot of vague promises of salvation, but nothing concrete or clearly explained. It is all very wishy-washy. Deception and scare-mongering seems to be the key element here, not something I would expect to receive from a loving God at all, if Im honest.

      Then there is this:
      “As a Master Healer, I am here to assist two souls in crossing from perpetuity to the light per day. Others must wait until the appointed time of 2 p.m. to call me, as it were. If I am otherwise engaged that day, I will pick back up the following day to assist those who are trapped energetically after death. This is the only work that I do pro bono and I do not do it by hire but as I choose. If you wish to assist your own departed loved ones first, read my two books and then for a nominal charge, I will show you what to do to assist your own loved ones for I am only one person. It is time for the worlds people to take responsibility to assist their own. The fee to assist you shall be determined as I may provide a video tape which you may order by internet download. It takes time and energy to do what I do. We need many more workers assisting in sending the energetically trapped home. Think about it but in the meantime, educate yourself.”
      (Not sure if that is your words, or whether its Aliyliyah.)

      Why do you (or Aliyliyah) place such demands upon those you profess to want to help? Why do you dictate when YOU are prepared to help them, and why turn people away so readily because they dont fit in with what YOU want? That does seem a very odd attitude, to me. Are we not given these gifts to use to help others when they actually need that help?

      The last time I came across a spirit, who offered to anoint me as his Queen and give me riches beyond my wildest dreams in exchange for my allegiance to him, I was standing before Satan in Hell. I refused to sign that contract. I understand many psychically-aware people experienced the same thing as I did thousands of them. Anyone, in fact, who was considered useful was made that offer. Satan was very busy 15 20 years ago, enlisting an army here on earth in readiness for vengeance against God and His people. Yep! Its going to be a very bumpy ride indeed, in a few years time from now!

      Sorry to say it Diana, but I really do have my doubts about the authenticity of Aliyliyah. I truly believe you are being deceived.

      I am very worried about you.


  3. dan says:

    Hello again A.J
    You definately do your research. So that last part about you coming in contact with a spirit 20 years ago, Is that already posted somewhere on here, or is that understandably something that you want to keep to yourself? In my 35 years i have never seen a spirirt and im not sure that i want to, but without a doubt i pray that i never see an evil one. But it is facinating which is how i recently stumbled across this site and have read some of the stories on here. Also i think you are so right about the coming years, these are scary and uncertain times. So by reading your reply i take it you also have a gift, do you have any other stories on here about your personal connection with the other world? Again just curious.

    Thanks, Dan

  4. Nel says:

    I’d like to see what will happen to the so called “creator” when the atmosphere tips, which should occur within our lifetime.

  5. David says:

    Hello AJ, Ghosts are not dead people. But I will still call them ghosts. Ghosts are invisible most of the time. They are pressent in a lot of buildings. If someone is living in these buildings, the ghosts know all about them. Since you can’t tell if their next to you, are not. So it stands to reason, that the ghost knows what scares you, are what makes you happy. Ghosts can take the form of any dead human, are animal. I have 45 years of experence with ghosts, as I have three living in my home. I grant you may have a little experence with ghosts. But unless you live with them, on a daily basics, you have no idea. I dought that any type of ghost removal, will work for the long run. You only suppress, the ghost for a time period. No human is smarter than a ghost who has been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands, even millions of years. I don’t believe in Psychic’s, if they charge money. Psychic’s get it wrong most of the time. There was a case that made national news a couple of years ago, where a boy was missing. The psychic (who is well known) told the boys parents, that their son was dead. 4 years later the boy was rescued, from a child molester.

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