How it Feels to be Touched by a Ghost

Posted on August 30, 2011

What does it feel like to be touched by a Ghost? I have been living with three Ghosts, for 45 years. When they touch your skin, it can feel like a cold/warm drop of water, and when you rub the spot, it is dry. It also feels like an insect is crawling on you, but there is no insect.

When touching my hair, it’s like taking a feather, and touching just the end, of a couple of your hairs, then slowly moving the feather. When touching me in bed, you feel a gentle pressure on the sheets. Ghosts are capable of causing painful injuries, such as scratches, bruises, and bleeding cuts, as it has, been done to me.

The last time was the bleeding cuts, I threaten forcefully, to burn the house down, if I was ever in pain again, that worked.

Ghosts are invisible most of the time, and can be by you at anytime. Your watching TV, Internet, reading a Book, talking on the phone, friends over, etc. Ghosts, knows what scares you, are what makes you happy, by your daily life reactions. Ghosts are not, your dead love ones, and can take the form of any human, are animal, to scare, are make you happy. Ghosts enjoy playing pranks on you, even when they are causing you pain, it is fun for them.

No mater what anyone, person/group claims, ghosts cannot be removed from a building, their only temporary suppressed. No human being, is smarter than a ghost. In all cases, ghost activity eventually returns. The only possible way is for you to leave, and hopefully the new location won’t have ghosts.

For me in the beginning, I was scared. I thought they where demons. After time I realized, they where ghosts, as ghosts only play pranks. Demons, on the other hand, can be driven out of you, are your home. Demons, have to be dealt with. Finding someone to believe you, will be the hard part. Like ghosts, most people refuse to believe in them. You have to live with ghosts, to understand them. Yes, there are Paranormal Society groups, out there that can help. Just about any large city has these groups. If your in a small town, they should still come at no cost, to document your case. They will stay a couple of nights, probably on the weekend. As they all work during the week. The groups are made up of Skeptic’s, and experienced people. Make sure the group has experienced people, who have dealt with ghosts. I wouldn’t use Cable TV shows, to document your case. Just incase you ever plan to sell your house. Even non believers, won’t buy a haunted house.

This is just a few of the things, I could go on for days, talking about what I have experienced. Remember ghosts, know all about your daily lives, including your kids daily lives, and if you have ghosts living with you. I believe you should tell your kids, yes we do have ghosts, but we do not interact with them. It is better to ignore them, as the activity is less frequent.

Sent in by David, Copyright 2011

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10 Responses to “How it Feels to be Touched by a Ghost”
  1. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi David

    Why would you want to live with a ghost for 45 years? Better to show them the way to God than let the poor soul suffer in torment any longer than they have to.

    Exorcists are trained to help ghosts enter heaven, as much as they are trained to expell demons. My advise, if you don’t feel you’re able to send them to healing yourself, make arrangements for an Exorcist to come round. They won’t charge either.


    • David says:

      Hi AJ, thank you for your advice, but we have different opinions, on what Ghosts are? I don’t believe that ghosts are the dead. I believe in God, but I don’t believe in Heaven. When we expire, are remains decay, then get absorbed by the world around it, to help create new life.

      • Caretaker says:

        These days folks are pumped full of preservatives and sealed tightly away from the elements. In most cases no one “returns to the soil” any more

        I was “raised” to believe that there were no such things as ghosts and that there was only two things out “there” God and the Devil. I dont believe that is an accurate philosphy, I believe there is much more out “there”. But I do not even pretend to know exactly what is a ghost or any other entity. I know such things exist but I cannot truly know their nature

      • A, J Ryder says:

        Hi David

        My mum was cremated … so how does that work then? There’s nothing left of her physical body to create new life with.

        So, what do you think ghosts are, if they are not the energy of a dead soul? Ghosts are certainly not demons. So what are they, in your opinion?


        • Caretaker says:

          I dont know exactly how cremation goes but I do know that matter cannot be created or destroyed only changed. So the elements that make up the body are released into the smoke etc. My grandmother was cremated and they rented a “show” casket for the funeral. No one was in it. I thought that was bizarre.

          Now, I didnt say that ghosts were not the spirits of the dead. I said I was raised to believe that they were not but that they were demons. BUT I do not necessarily believe that way now. I think there is a lot more out ‘there’ than just demons and God – or the good guys and the bad guys.

          When people say that ghosts are just demons I always ask about Samuel and the witch of Endor. If that was a demon and not a ghost then the Bible has a lie right there. No where in the Bible (I challenge anyone to show me) does it say that a ghost is a demon. The people of the day certainly believed in ghosts for they thought Jesus to be one. And Jesus told them “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.”- Luke 24:36-39 He did NOT say anything like “You fools ghosts are just demons!” or “Theres no such thing as ghosts!”

          • A.J Ryder says:

            HI CT

            I agree with you. It’s David’s interpretation of ghosts that I’m struggling with …. especially as I come across earthbound spirit all the time and assist them to move on to where they should be – at peace with God.

            And yes, demons are a different thing altogether. When their [email protected] are kicked, they go back to their home, with Satan.

            Then of course, there are all the other kinds of spirit which are none of the above … angels, daemons, elementals, demigods … the list goes on.

            But one thing is for sure, if I had a spirit around me that was touching me up, hurting me or playing pranks on me I would certainly not be sitting back and just accepting that that is what they do. Nor would I let them get away with such bad behaviour for 45 years. Why on earth would I allow myself to become a victim to some dead-beat who wants to ruin my life?? Nope! I would be sorting the problem out one way or another to send them on to where they belong. They would either go willingly or forcibly, but they would be going!


  2. Manss says:

    Hello David

    Ghosts are in other world and come to our world temporary and only by gods permission. of course it is not an absolute event that every ghost is permitted come in this world. between our world and the world that ghosts are there, is a so much long distance and a very stupendous and unknown way , a very long road full of twist ( I have traveled to that world in dream frequently to meet some relative ghosts and have seen that wonderful road but I think that road has a mean except a material road that I saw ) therefore when the believers soul go to them or that ghosts come to believers ( more in the dream ) must pass from that hard way (road). Anyhow explanation about ghost worlds is numerous and long but as I said before, ghosts are not able come to this world without gods permission and stay here for a long time. Therefore I suppose what you explained about are not ghosts and only can be demons.

  3. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I have been touched twice ; once around 12 or 13 years old and last year, I’m now 47! ( see other stories in my name ) – the first time was just a distinct normal hand on my shoulder, except for the fact I could see everyone in the house in front of me and I KNEW no-one was behind me…it just felt light a real person. In retrospect I think it was my grandfather. As it faded it felt kind of tingly.
    The second time was the infamous ” Kevin the horny ghost ” of international media coverage of September 2010. Our resident prescence just grabbed my wrist and tried to get me to sit up or roll over while I was in bed…..I just thought it was my husband….until I remembered he wasn’t home! It was a firm male grip and I decided it was not agressive he just wanted me to go somewhere.
    The touch vanished the moment I opened my eyes with no residual sensation.
    It is quite possible for a person to make a scratch, welt or bleeding wound appear on themselves quite unintentionally, particularly if they are anxious, stressed, tense, fearful or even full of religious zeal. The religious events are generally interpreted as stigmata or possession. To most, the idea of a bleeding wound appearing spontaneously on your skin seems horrible and appears to scream of a paranormal event! But place them on your wrists/ feet and forehead and any christian would suspect they have been blessed with the markings of the crusifixion! There is a long history of people having wounds, welts, rashes or scratches appear spontaneously on their skin, some have been attributed to paranormal activity and others have proved the product of the intensely amazing human mind! because it is unusually a subconscious direction, it is rarely something anyone would admit to doing to themselves!
    It is a very interesting phenomenon.

  4. ciara says:

    hello david how do you know have you died and been a ghost? no so nobody really knows that o.o

  5. Moki says:

    I have been touched before sometimes it can be a bone chill… brrrrr…

    thanks for sharing David :-D

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