How Do I Get Rid Of Demons?

Posted on May 17, 2009

I need to know how to rid house of demons? And how do you know if they are really demons? Sorry its long… but I need help!

I come from the most ‘perfect’ family that can possibly exist. We don’t have any mental issues or any abuse. We had a great family. My parents bought this house when I was a child from a lady that had a child a few years older. He tried to tell me and my brother that the house was haunted but his mother quickly shut him up. I thought he was wacked so I never thought there was anything of truth there.

Right after we moved in, I developed Anorexia and our family dog died. There were other tragedies which we all considered to just be ‘life’ and other weird injuries like my dad got his finger caught in a lawn mower and such. We moved and my Anorexia was ‘cured’, and we were all pretty healthy and fine. No issues during the eight or so years after the move out.

My parents rented that house out to a newscaster from a local television station. He worked long hours and his son met with a team of other kids in the house and practiced witchcraft and put signs of 666 and other stuff, I don’t know what it means, on the walls and such. They did a lot of damage to the house so my parents moved back to restore it to normal condition and only stay six months (that was six years ago). I am very close with my parents so I stay in the house on weekends. I could never sleep at night when I stayed over.

A good friend’s friend told me he had to tell me something, he said he has these powers to tell the future of some people and when it comes to him he has to let them know. He wouldn’t tell me everything but he said there was a lot of bad stuff I wouldn’t want to know. So I didn’t know what he meant and frankly did not believe in that stuff.

Months after my parents moved back into that house, my dad developed a mysterious infection in his ankle that seemed to reoccur, but no doctor understood what it was. Months later,� my best friend committed suicide. Two weeks after that, my mother had a simple routine elective surgery which turned into a mistake that went unnoticed. She died tragically eight weeks later. The night my mother died my dad started having stumbling problems, he tripped as we left my mothers side in the hospital. We thought it was because he was in shock. But his stumbles continued into broken bones and falling out of no where. No doctor could figure out what it was but even though he’s pretty young still he quickly had problem after problem. So I moved back home to help him. (three months ago he was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease).

A few weeks here and several weird things happened. I had a ‘visit’ from my mother saying to talk my dad into moving because there are ‘bad health angels’. I was wide awake but somehow I knew it was my mother. The next morning I woke up with a tumor in my neck that they cant figure out where the recurring infection is coming. That was a year ago and a few root canals later and about eight sets of antibiotics and again its back. I told my dad who is not very open minded with this but he did not disbelieve me (which is odd).

Then my dog (my best friend) started developing infection after infection (skin, then anal glands, etc). Treatment seemed to get her back on track. A few weeks later my dad was tying his shoe on a stool and it moved and he fell, missing his head against bricks by just inches yet fracturing his back. Three weeks ago my dog started coughing. I took her to the vet and turned out that her chest x-rays showed they were completely filled with tumors/growth/cancer and she died.

I cant sleep at night. Even if I take a pill to sleep I always wake up at 1:30 am and cant get back to sleep until 4:30 am. Its always the same time, even if I go a night without any sleep. I do sleep really well but not during 1:30 am and 4:30 am. At night I hear ticking in one corner of the room. Several times I have unplugged every thing. We have checked for rodents and other things. Nothing shows that there is anything causing it. Its in the corner of the room where my mother had a cross hanging.

Several times I have seen shadows. One time it was in the shape of a person going down the hall. I keep thinking its not what I see. Then our housekeeper pointed out a part of the wall where there is a black shadow and no reason for it. But I think it is the area they had graffiti painted on the wall so I think its coming through the white paint. (I never discussed anything with her, she brought that up on her own).

There was a ’666′ inscribed into the wood by the doorway on the closet. I took a knife and scratched it out and that is when things got worse (the tapping started after that).

Yesterday I bought sage after searching the net and started burning it. I got really sleepy and it seemed to put me to bed quickly but I had a very vivid dream that I remember well and not sure what it meant as it was not all positive.

I am now believing we need to move but there is so much that needs to be done and my father is declining in health, as am I. My father is stubborn and wont live in a rented house and now that the market has gone down he lost about half a million in the equity and he wont sell. He doesn’t believe in paranormal stuff at all, I think. So we cant move until I can afford to buy a house and move us. How do I get rid of the demons until we can gain strength to move? So sorry for the length, but this is all info I am hoping someone can help with?

Sent in by Delilah, Copyright 2009

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62 Responses to “How Do I Get Rid Of Demons?”
  1. Moya says:

    oh man that is sad. Try praying and start going to church and start having faith. I am sorry you have to deal with these things in you home and the fact that you have to lose your mom and your pet, over these things. I will pray for you and your family, I wish i could help you . But some where in the webiste I read this paragraph on how you can get rid of these deomns and stuff, just keep looking for it. go to catagories and search.

    • Tori says:

      Hi, just to let you know the holy stuff doesn’t work a priest once told me that if god won’t step in to help an abused child he won’t step in to help you fight off the supernatural. Try talking to the spiret in your house seeing what it wants.

      • charlie says:

        that is the worst advice and statement you could possibly give. I’m not sure what type of priest you are referring to but he is WRONG! God gives us all the opportunity of FREE WILL. Free will is what causes sin to grow and manifest in ways, such as hurting a child. Jesus said “I will be with you always, even until the ends of the earth”. You might want to think about what you post. I’ll pray for you.

        • GirlRacer says:

          How about you think what you post also?

          Explain how its free will when it is against the child’s free will to be abused. That child cannot fight back. Almost always too scared to tell as the child is threatened with something.

          Don’t spew free will when its clearly not. I do not agree with Tori’s comment that much either.

          Tori, every action has a reaction. What you’re saying is this ‘priest’ told you that basically God chooses who he wants to help and lets the others continue suffering? Those who DARE quote the ‘suffer little children’ can stop right there. Nothing goes unnoticed. They always get found out.

  2. Moya says:

    I found it go to catagories and go to demons and it is the first one.

  3. Haunted says:

    Hi Delilah, I am so sorry about all the problems and losses you’ve been suffering through. It definitely sounds like there are some pretty evil forces at work here. I have a post on the forum that might be able to help you, depending on your beliefs. Also, you can pm me there if you need more help. I’d be happy to help in anyway that I can.

  4. AJ says:

    Honey, if this is going on….why haven’t you asked a Priest -or- a Pastor to bless this house and your family? You should place both you and your Father’s names on a “prayer list” to restore the health of your family. I believe the �bad health angels� are at work here- But, the only way your going to keep your Father safe is to have a little “faith”…the house has confused him and is draining the rationality, right out of him. I wouldn’t wait too, long…for you have already wasted Enough time. Good Luck

  5. Jen says:

    I’m sooooo srry for u’re loss hon. The best way to rid u’re self of deamons is to bless u’re house or get out of there quickly. If the house is torn donw, the deamon will be destroayed.

  6. Aubrey says:

    Oh my God.. I think the newscaster’s son and his friends attracted all the D***** in your house. Talk to a priest. Ask for help you can’t do it all by yourself..

    Have faith in God. Always pray. Ask God to guide you as you face all of these and ask him to send his instruments to help you.. put in mind (and in your heart most especially) that you have a stronger God and that they can’t harm you because God is protecting you… Pray!! pray!! Send them back to where they came from in the name of Jesus. You can’t fight them if you lack faith.. Have faith in God.. lift everything up to him.. surrender everything to God.. your life, your father and all the D***** bothering you.

    May God Bless you and your dad.. By the way, pray for your dad’s enlightenment..

  7. carmen says:

    Hey , you hang in there. I am praying that everything works out for you and your family. As far as getting rid of a demon, I do the same thing as caretaker, however instead of using olive oil I use holy water. I also thought I was crazy at first, but it keeps the peace in my home.

  8. april aka crouching tiger says:

    aww i feel soooo sorry for you i hope you get better and i also hope your dad gets better too. if you want you could hire a priest to clense the house. cramen is rght, you should use holy water. i will pray for you… i promise.

  9. ashuran says:

    Hi Delilah, after reading your experience i remembered a friend of mine whom i helped together with a priest from our local church to chase away the demon’s in is house. It all started when his wild girlfriend started palying with ouija board and ended up sacrifying chicken blood as an penance to please the demon. We also found she allowed her body to be used for the demon to satisfy their lust in return to preserve her youth (she did seems too young for her age and beautiful all the time). Neway, pls allow me to give you some hinters on how to get rid of those pesky demons:

    1. Wash and clean every pary of your house inside out
    2.Sprinkle Holy at every floor, hallway, corner, windows and doors…and make only the front door is let opened.

    you might hear or see sumthing just ingored it keep on sprinkling the holy water

    and then priest started to read sumthing from the bible and it worked but of course it takes lot’s of courage and energy to do this.

    If this didn’t work …e-mail me ..maybe i’ll come with alt solutions…

    • supernatrlsensitive says:

      I am a highly sensitve person. In particualr paranormal wise. I can feel ghosts and demons and even can speak to some. but I really need to know what the scripture is in the Bible that helps rid a home of spirits and demons. The spirits and demons in this house are about to drive me crazy . they will not shut up or behave and stop moving stuff around in my house. They are scaring my kids so they has gots to go like now. Would you happen to have that verse. God uses me as a vessel to rid places of bad things and for me to track them down so He can deal with them but Sometimes. My temper and my prayer don’t work so I would like to have a verse I can read that will help out some.

  10. voodoo chile says:

    If I were you I would get out of that house as soon as possible before someone else dies. Then get a priest to bless the house, if that doesn’t work, I would tear the house down because, anyone else who moves there is going to have the same problems. That is truly a very evil house and it should be destroyed.

    • Sherry says:

      Well…. I know from my own personal experience when i moved the demons would just pack up and follow me. This went on for years, but once I got to know the Lord my fear went away and so did the pesty demons. I guess every situation is different maybe they will stay, maybe the will go. I am interested in learning more about smudging I hear the evil spirits dont like the smell of cedar or sage and it drives them out. Maybe she should burn a lot of sage and pray in Jesus name??? So many unknowns.

  11. clips says:

    Well for one you can’t be sure if it’s a demon or not, maybe the house or the land itself has a shady background. Try getting a priest of your faith to bless the house and test it out a couple of days. If you feel no change i suggest getting the hell out of there, and if you were to leave the house and never come back to it as soon as you read this I’d still say u took too long to do so. Best wishes.

  12. A Warrior says:

    I am sorry to hear about you pain and suffering. I too have been dealing with what I have come to believe as demons for about 6 years now. I am going to tell you my story. Pray for strength…as you will need it.

    Note from The Caretaker – A Warrior, I have posted your story at // I think you will get a better response with your own story here. By the way, I too am from Kentucky!

  13. Nick says:

    You could try asking a wiccan for some help. I know wicca and witch craft can be hard to believe in. But they research and work with paranormal things all the time, especially with getting RID of demons, cause wiccans do not believe in satan, despite popular belief.

  14. CuteSagittarius says:

    “Don’t tell GOD u have problems…tell problems u have GOD!”


  15. NZVirgo says:

    These negative energies feed off fear. As hard as it may seem, find the strength to keep smiling & laughing, let it know it will not beat you and like CuteSagittarius said “…tell your problems you have God”. This is a spiritual battle, focus on the good, let go of your fear. Pray. It worked for me.

  16. Ron says:

    You say, that you do not understand such things as 666 etc. This number happens to be Satans identifier. First of all you have to know who and what you are dealing with. You have to know what demons are. You can not solve any problem unless you know how to approach it. Lucifer, (Satan) was the most beautiful angle in Heaven. He was cast out of Heaven with his followers (Angels) that thought they could rise above God. Hence you now have Satan and his followers,( Demons ) which are nothing other than fallen angels. They have the power to posses non-Christians. Once a person has received Christ as their personal Savior, that persons body becomes a temple of God. Demons can not dwell within that temple. Therefore, a Chistian cannot be possessed. We can not fight Satan on our own. You need the power of God. One thing that I agree with in the above writings is the fact that this is a spiritual battle. Smiling and laughing may make you feel good but it will do nothing in the fight against Satan. Seers, psychics, witches and Wicca�s can not help. They have no power against Satan. It is foolishness to rely on such people. If you are a child of God you can be bothered by Satan and you may even be physically attacked but will not be indwelled. Burning down, or tearing down a house will not kill Demons as suggested. They can follow a person if they choose to do so. As a child of God, your prayers will be heard. Do not try to fight Satan on your own. God tells us to flee from evil.

  17. Taylor says:

    You should have blessed the house when you first noticed that Black Masses were occuring there.

  18. Melissa says:

    Hello I think i may be able to help sage sometimes works, even holy water . I am wiccan and have practiced and studied it for a long time. i am dealing with a demon curently sometime negative energy can cause horrible things to happen. the negative energy can invite evil spirits or demons into your home. perhaps someone before your family was ill or there wa a lot of suffering in your home. i sugest you let light into your home and sweep the energy out. i am not sure sometimes thats not the case. i am so sorry for your losses love. really i am if there’s anything i can do to help please let me know.

  19. DarStarr says:

    Please, PLEASE get help. Call a paranormal group and go from there. Most groups have some sort of connections, wether it be a priest, wiccan ect. But you need to do something. There has been so much loss and ill-health in your life you need to stop it! Take control back from whatever it is! I will be sending prayers your way. If you can even leave the house for a bit once you call a group and get them to help, but don’t let this thing progress and get stronger!

  20. Adam Bell says:

    if you want an honest opinion call me.
    I might be able to help. A friend and I have an ability to walk in a house and tell you
    if there is a presence, or several in the house and tell you if their good or bad. I can see
    their energy, or them. It is not always easy to get rid of them. My own story would curl your toes!
    I am very genuine and not a fraud. I have experience with nasty ones which could be the ground where the house is on.
    Priests will not be able to do this as it’s not totally religious. I am talking from personal experience.

    • Brie says:

      Hi Adam,

      Just a quick mention: i think i’m having trouble with demons in my home. These demons follow me from apartment to apartment (third apartment at present), i need some help. I’m new to all the suggestions to get rid of it, don’t know what to do or what to believe. Yr post to help someone else made me open up. Can u really help?



  21. Angels says:

    There is many things you can do.
    If you have a demon in place. If you ever see black shadows with no image.
    It doesn’t matter if you move that’s if you have demon in that house. It does seems to be connected to your father someway somehow. It will just follow you wherever you go.
    Here are some things you can try. Get some Sea salt place around the house.
    Something in the Sea Salt that will keep the demons away. I have tried this myself it has help a great deal. Another get holy water and go around your home blesing the house. There are experts on Demons. For you to wake up from 1 A.m. to 4:30 A.m. those are the witching hours. Thats where ghosts are more active and demons. There something you can try but be careful. Get a tape recorder it can bee cheap one. When you feel that thing is there recorder it ask it questions. It does understand what you are saying. See if you get respone back. You may hear it unit you replay the tape. I have done this many times.

    There any things you can do.
    Don’t be scared to e-mail me


  22. amanda says:

    Hi, Sweetie. Im sorry for your loses. I am having the same problems i have for years, Anytime you see anything you need to tell them IN JESUS CHRIST NAME I DEMAND YOU TO LEAVE YOUR NOT WANTED HERE, Keep saying it they HAVE to leave. Go to a Church and ask for help i know you dont want to cause you think their gonna think your crazy they wont hunny i promise you. The Church is casting any evil spirt out of me this Thursday i know it sounds crazy but everywhere i go for the past 13 years things have followed me and now that i have three children of my own my kids always want to sleep with me. My daughter is 14 and she hates sleeping in her room the dark figures are the worst in her room.

    Go to your church and ask them to praise your stuff in your house. If this stuff is going on i can promise you that Evil is to strong for you to do it yoursef. Please believe me its to strong for you to do and you need help doing it. good luck hunny

  23. Coyote says:

    To start, refuse to recognize that the demon (or whatever it is) has any authority or rights over you, or to bother you. Deny any recognition that you allow any of what it does.

    Don’t do anything as an act of fear. It’s okay to be afraid, but make sure to take any action you take as an act of determination and courage – do things that affirm yourself, your desire to tell it to get lost.

    It’s your house, as long as you live there. You have a right to be there, and live unmolested. It didn’t buy the house, it doesn’t pay rent, it doesn’t hold the mortgage.

    If you go the religious route, don’t feel you’re a weak, pitiful creature that can only be protected by psychic bullies by someone stronger. Think of yourself as a strong and worthy being, who may also have support from higher beings that have your back and want to help you.

    Rather than focusing on being freed from fear, disease, curses or whatever, decide that you want health, prosperity, security, and a good life, and that you deserve them. Decide that you will have all that, or if you don’t, that you’ll be able to deal with things bravely as they come.

    Fill your surroundings with things that affirm you and your family – if you’re religious or spiritual, put up symbols that represent positive, good, benevolent lessons of faith.

    And I _really_ like this thread:

  24. Steph says:

    Did you ever have a problem with a bully and then a friendship with a bigger, stronger person made the bully go away? It’s not about saying the right words or getting the right stuff put around. It’s not about YOUR power, it’s about relaxing and allowing HIS power to work. Ask Jesus to just be your friend – to come into your life and walk with you. The demons will automatically shrink away in terror! They KNOW who He is and they KNOW that when a person is truly a believer in Him – they have no ground.

    First, you must believe and ask Him to be in your life.
    Then and only then do you have the right to call on Him – and The Word says, “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.” Speak that scripture aloud in your house – write it and tape it to the walls – right over that stupid 666……
    Refuse to be afraid – again The Word says, “We have not been given a spirit of fear – but one of peace, one of love and of a sound mind.”

    Find like-minded friends at a church – that is what it is for. Not to have a priest or pastor to do all the work, although they can certainly guide you and help you. There is a story in the Bible about a house that was cleansed of a demon. The demon came back, and finding it cleansed, came back with seven more worse than himself – because NOTHING NEW had taken up residence there. The “house” in this story referred to a person’s spirit, but you MUST replace the demonic with the Holy Spirit in your life and the doors back in will remain forever guarded. Find a solid bible-believing place that really teaches – personally I prefer non-denominational churches, but you go where you feel led by God.

    He LOVES you SO much! Lastly, the Word says, “I came to give you life and to give it more abundantly” It is not about religion, my sweet – it is about having the best “best friend” ever! He SO has your back. He will guide you in every step – whether to purge the house or remove you from it – he *will* prosper and protect you. “They” have NOTHING on Him!
    Oh – and a P.S.: EVERYTHING that the enemy has stolen, He will give back to you… health, wholeness of heart… whatever. I pray that God Himself show His power and love to you – in Jesus’ name!

  25. LightShadow says:

    Wanna get rid of a demon?

    Three things.

    1- Salt. Lots of salt. use it to border your sacred place, or places that you spend the most time.
    Example: Block the front door with salt. all the windows with salt. Back and side doors.
    2 – Iron. If you have any type of things that has iron in it, for example a shovel, or tools, you can keep them away by stabbing at the direction you think they are standing and shank them.
    3. It doesn’t matter what religion that you believe in with this last guideline.
    Draw a RIGHT-SIDE-UP Pentacle. (a circle with a star in it) on the floor of the patio outside your front door.
    4. Place 2 bibles (if you have 2 bibles) on each table on each side of the front door.

    If the demon comes back, you will be well-prepared.
    (take it from somebody that had experience keeping the demons away. )

    • GirlRacer says:

      Which one are you? Sam or Dean Winchester? Dean’s the cutest ever, and my almost hubby is called Dean too!

      I joke of course. Iron does actually work. I know this.

    • K. Smith says:

      Honestly, how can you fight powerful supernatural demonic spirits that can manipulate space and time, alter realities, shape shift, exist in different dimensions and duplicate the power of God if God permits them to like the magicians in Egypt who duplicated 3 of the miracles Moses performed.

      Why would demons fear iron, salt or bibles, demons only fear God and Jesus.

      Luke 10:17 – And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, EVEN THE DEVILS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US THROUGH THY NAME.

      Nothing in our 3 dimensional universe can affect, afflict or hinder a demonic spirit. This is why demons always have the advantage over those who TRY to control them with magic swords, spells and incantations. Demons are masters of deceit and purposefully let people believe that they can be controlled when in fact they are the ones doing the controlling.

      MATTHEW 12:26 – And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

  26. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Lightshadow,, that was very interesting info: thank you ktm

  27. Coyote says:

    “Did you ever have a problem with a bully and then a friendship with a bigger, stronger person made the bully go away?”

    Yes. And this works as long as the bigger friend continues to do this and is around. And usually, what the bigger friend taught me (and what I tried to teach others when I was the bigger friend), was how to take care of myself and not be afraid.

    “Teach a man to fish…” how did that parable go? I think that’s one of Jesus’ ones, isn’t it?

  28. Satansgirl66 says:

    Demons aways get a bad rep, but they are not evil spirits! They are powerful but slanderd Pagan Gods and whould not spend time tormenting anyone. Thats what angels do. They took the fact that people had been preforming “rituals” in that house as a way to induce “shock factor” and scare you into the arms of the christian god. That is simply wrong.

    If you don’t think I am telling you the truth then ask Satan Himself. Don’t try to ask a demon because if you are not a confirmed Satanist they will not know if you are friend or foe. He may have been slandered enough times to anger anyone, but He does have patience. Research the Pagan roots of everything in christianity, how jesus is suprisingly like many Gods who came before him(not a coincidence).

    It’s not demons you want to get rid of, it’s angels.

    • GirlRacer says:

      So. Are you theistic or LaVey?

      Wasn’t it you who said Odin was a pagan God? I thought he was Norse?

      And, for somebody thats a Satanist, isn’t Satan a christian concept?

      I’ll take it as you’re theistic.

      • Caretaker says:

        GirlRacer – a lot of people (erroneously) assume that anything that isnt Christian is pagan, or anything that is ancient is pagan.

  29. christianwarrior101 says:

    i just ran across this story i know its been a while but if there is still a problem i know i can help a lot of people mean well except for these satanic comments lol that i pray will find the truth before its to late because they will in the end realize demons and satan are not your friends ok i know people mean well and god bless you for trying to help realize one thing they are a lot of things people will say that will help but there is only one true way i 100 % promise it will work it is a relationship with jesus christ you can have the best preacher out there to bless your house but if you and the one s living there do not fill that void which is now empty (meaning that your house that was filled with this demon or demons if the blessing works then you must fill that empty space with the holy spirit if not i will come back with a vengenace and it is impossible to fix this problem with out the power of the one and only one the true savior the name that strikes fear in every demon and satan him self that name is jesus christ and not some counterfiet jesus, the son of god the one who saved this world the jesus of the holy bible the one that defeated satan all his demons and death itself when he died on the cross and rose again please if this is a real problem and you have not fixed it please keep reading (matthew 12:43-45) when an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. then it says, i will return to the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. and the final condition of that man is worse than the first. that is how it will be with this wicked generation. this is the same for your house work place or were ever the demon might be it will opprese you and if your not filled with the holy spirit covered by jesus blood its main goal is possesion or to have you take your own life to spend eternity in hell please no it will not get better only worse unless you and your house hold has jesus christ in your life i had a demon in my house for years i seen it many of times many experiences with the demonic with the worst intentions 3 years ago i would never say a word about it because i was so worried it would come back but then i found jesus not reading the bible going to church thinking i found jesus but really put him in complete control of my life gave it to him i can now say i know its a calling to help people like you because most people think were crazy lol i know they thought my family was to but i know your not i have since come in contact with demons while i have been trying to help people get rid of them and they have visited me in my own house trying to scare me away but it doesnt work because they fear me not me myself because i am nothing i am useless my flesh is weak and i am a sinner but when i gave my life to christ i became filled with the holy spirit and thats what they fear is the spirit of god i have to go but message this forum back please to let me know if your still have ing any problems no matter what they are i belive you if you have not already come in contact with a holy spirit filled preacher or some one that has been called by god to fight this battle and have them come help you get rid of it most important you and your family find jesus pray and give it all to him i will check back in a day or so to see if you messaged back if you still have this problem please let me no i promise you i will not rest untill i help you get rid of them please know i have nothing to gain at all no money no fame nothing all i want is you and your familys life to be set free and jesus is the answer im here for you god bless

  30. Danielle says:

    First off practicing witchcraft isnt bad pagans are good…satanic on the other hand is bad,, iron and salt have purifing effects thats all i can say

  31. christianwarrior101 says:

    lol no offense but you dont have to worship satan for him to get what he wants but practicing witchcraft is satanic like it or not why do you think they killed them in biblical days but say what you want i have my facts straight and have a lot of books actually on this subject talking about wicca and such being satanic wicca is witchcraft for short and there are different types but all ends up in the same result satan have ing a way in to someone s life and if they dont find jesus it ends destroying there life s im not trying to be mean im sorry if i sound like that i just want everyone to know the truth all of it is bad even practiceing witchcraft in the bible it talks about over and over do not do what the pagans do over and over pagans worrshiped false gods which is clearly stated that they are demons portraieing themselves as gods i have more but will leave it there god bless and i think the reason you got offended is because you must or have before practiced witchcraft or no some one who does but i am not telling you what to do i pray for you and your family and wish you the best and hope one day you understand that witchcraft is bad and to stay away from it but god bless you and to delilah i was wondering are you still haveing these problems or have they been taken care of just wondering if you can let me know how your doing

  32. BeautfulLIAR says:

    How old are you, And you said that you only live with your parents on the weekends, so why dont you just let your dad move in with you, and you stay at your current house then there will be no more demons-If they are connected to the house that is.

  33. Dixie says:

    Look there are no such thing as d.

  34. julie says:


    call taps in rhode island they will come out and do an investigation they do not charge they are prfessional and can have someone bless the house. stand your ground and tell it to leave you alone if your fearful it makes it worse.

    try smudging he house.

  35. julie says:

    when mom and i moved into our house in florida stuff happened like the septic exploding, back of the house collapsed in a hurricane, an ts, termites, four flat tires, then the banging started , then i was chased out of the garage by a presence, shadows, no one does information on the land i found out citrus county florida is indian land. i used the sage three times if it does not stop iam thinking of leaving my home. when parents do not believe you it makes it worse because your alone. i had to stand my ground here and learn not to be afraid and take back control of my home and it needs to know i am ot leaving i am part of the history of the house now. i went back through the house with the sage told it this is my home you do not belong get out go into the light. hopefully it will quietly down if not i am leaving,

  36. Valerie says:

    Move!!!!!!! I would’t sell the house either because someone else will be going through the same thing!
    Just save enough money for first and last months rent, get an apartment for now. Anyhing to get you guys out of there.
    Mention to your dad about the last time youy guys moved when things were bad and after moving everythibg was fine again. Convince him.Do some reseach about “bad Health angles” Maybe it can help.If your dad still decides to stay. You should move.


  37. Tabitha says:

    Forgive me for the VERY late response. If you still live there. GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! unless you have the finances to pour Nitrogen all over the house and crumble & destroy the remains without a fire GET THE FRAGGLE ROCKS OUT! The house is a portal That neither your I nor a volley of Priests could salvage.
    To attempt an exorcism of the home would be suicide.
    The HOUSE itself has become a false idol by satanists behaviors & rituals & symbolism within the home before you. Tear it down & bury it off site. Bless the ground with Holy water & walk away. Your father may Live a while in health before he joins your mother in heave, non believer or not he is sanctified by his GOD fearing Wife & your beloved mother.

  38. akita says:

    Tearing it down and burying it off site won’t stop them. Since the location is a portal you claim, doing this will lead to the freedom to roam about the world and cause menace elsewhere. Keeping the house intact, keeps the portal where it should be or where the spirit should be. If it’s attached to the person though, that’s a different thing. If it’s attached to the house, then you shouldn’t allow the barrier to be broken by getting rid of the house. Also, I don’t think the wannabe occultists had anything to do with this house being haunted from the start. The area seems to have already had a long history of being haunted by bad health angels. It was already haunted before they bought the house. The boy who lived there before was trying to warn them not buy the house since it would bring ill omen and health to them. Being afraid they would believe in such thing, the mother kept him quiet. I can understand her point of view though. No one wants to live in a haunted house of such.

  39. Ouija says:

    It’s not a demon, your mother’s spirit said it was an ANGEL.
    That’s what I thought while reading your story, move out of the house, and never go back.
    (By the way, practicing witchcraft unprotected does cause angels to come and scare people away, so the person who was practicing witchcraft in the house probably brought the attention of the monstrous angel)

  40. Anonymous says:

    honey u need to find a strong witch to help u or ask ur friend to help remove all the bad stuff from ur house it can be done. a fellow ex friend of mine attached a demon to me now im trying to figure out how to get rid of it

  41. Anonymous says:

    I know this sounds crazy but I am living in hell in my house. I have seen 3 dark shadows in the shape of humans and one time I was strangled and held down. I could not move I tried to yell for my moms name several times then they let me go. This was when I was 17 but this was not my first time I have had some thing like that happen before but it was not as bad then when I was 21 my pit-bull sharky started to growl at the wall so I pushed him at the wall he freaked out and started to bark so then I knew he seen what I seen now I’m 23 just the other night I had a speaker make static sounds every 5 to 10 minutes all night I was not freaked out I have got use to it all I can say is show no fear to them if they make any sounds just ignore them because fear is what makes them strong and if they know you are in fear they will do more then tap on walls if you know what I mean I have herd of people dyeing from like this and I don’t plan on being one of them just pray and show no fear or you could have a exorcism done but the some times that makes the demon or ghost more pissed off so that’s why I have not had it done but its hard to not fear some thing you cant see but the freaky thing about my haunting is I’m the only one that sees this for a while I was thinking I was going loony but I know I’m not my mom dose not know that I have been going through this and she will never know because I know she wont believe me plus I don’t talk about it much I just think of the night those things tried to kill me but one day they mite kill me but that’s ok well I hope you get rid of your ghost or demon because these things are no joke show no fear and they will get weaker and go away for a while but they all ways come back when you lest expect it if ghost are real so is god I have prayed but god has not answered me yet

  42. namula186 says:

    what she really need is a wiccain to do a cleansing ritral on the house there easy to do iv done them but its better to try and find a profetional wicca if u can if not do this……….first make a circle for around urself with the candles then get these candles yellow one gos to the north the yellow is for wind, west is red for fire, south is blue for water, east gree earth then in the midle with u…. u have 3 things purple candle u light this secoend last its for spirt then the white candle for cleansing the last suplize u need is lavender oil and sage if u can find these or just use salt and the oil it well be missy though salt to burn the demon the lavandor oil to free the locked spirts sends the evil demon away….

    ok u have suplize i hope if u like get a priest to agree with u an help u do this the more ppl the better………first cast the circle ur spell…. light the yellow candle and say something like wind come to me and feel my lungs with ur summer breeze and help me cleanse my home..light red candle say fire come to me and feel my body and soul with ur warms and comfort and help me cleanse my home…..light the blue one…water come to me reblenish my mind and body and help me cleanse my home kno light the earth one say earth come to me let me smell ur flowers of the medow of a bright summer day earth help me cleanse my home…purple for spirit…say spirit come to me dance with me and help me cleanse my home……….then go around ur house with the salt and put the salt on all ur doors and windows at the bottum where they open…and say demons begone u do not belong here i am banishing u demons begone then put the oil on the salted area and say the same thing demons begone ur not welcome here anymore or with the sage light it and go around ur house saying demon begone u are not welcome here…or u can even do both for extra protection also for extra protction put enough crosses necklaces in a bowl with the salt and oil and water in it and light the white candle and say wind fire water earth and spirt i ask thee to protic me and my family from all evil through these crosses…..kno take a metal messaring teaspoon tablespoon and put out the white candle then the purpl and so on say spirt thank u for helping me cleanse my home and family u may go kno…earth say the same thing to all of them in this order only spirt earth water fire and wind then finaly the white candle take the crosses put them on and never ever take them off…………………u must do this if u cant get a real wicca like me and yes having a priest with u for this is a good idea u can get him to do his praying as u do ur circle at the end of ur casting never forget to say merry meet and merry meet again….do this for all ur houses its worked for me 6 times kno

  43. namula186 says:

    if what iu said before dos not work get out get out!!!!!!!!!!!!! of that house the boys didnt do witch craft the did a ritrul to summon the devil and put demons in that house honny if u dont get out or burn that house u’ll die everyone that well live in the house well die those boys they were idiots didnt kno what they were doing and let loss the devil in ur house hon before its to late get u and ur dad far away from the house please im a level 2 wicca ( wicca/wiccain/witchs are a perfect balance of good and evil we are not good and we are not evil…… but those boys not only is the house curest but so are those kids…. its a sad fate when one sells there soul to the devil…. GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE KNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    i do hope that you listen to what i am sayin. i am not crazy and know what you are going through because for the past two years ive been struggling with a similar experience myself. i read your story months back and for some reason it keeps crossing my mind. its taken me a month to re-find you but glad that i have. ive had the investigators come, mostly out of desperation, but it has only made things worse. many spirits have been recorded in my home and weve been scratched and burned on several occasions and have dealt with many other things as well. im not sure how all of this works with the other side, but living with something like this as you know, is not an easy or pleasent experience. i pray that you have found help by now. but your story stuck out to me so muchthat i actually have mentioned your situaion to some investigators. im so sorry for what your going through but recently i have found a new investigative group that looks promising. my house has been cleansed 4 times now and nothing has gotten better. if these guys work for me though, whichhopefully il be finding out soon, they could help you too. i know what a nightmare this is as i am dealing with this alone. i am a single mother with a 4 year old daughter that talks to the thing. in case u need them u can contact them i can give you their number. i truely feel for your situation and hope you find the help you need before its too late. in case you think that this is a joke, there is evidence from my house on facebook at haunting memories paranormal. i am the one in central illinios. ive exhausted all my resorces and am not sure what to do myself but willlet you know if these guys or someone else works for me. iknow how hopeless itfeels but dont give up. im on facebook as well if u wish tocontact meas sara griggs. like i said,forsome reason since i stumbled across your story while lookin for help myself, ive wonderedifyouve found help and if your father is ok. poor soul. pleasedonttake this all the wrong way. im just a concerned person going through the same horriblenightmare. best of luck and hope tohear from you soon

  45. Anonymous says:

    also so that you know what made your story stick out to meso much, ill tell you part of mine, starting with the ticking niose at my home. that was where mine started. the strange part is all my clocks would start ticking so loud that evenwith the t.v. turned up all the way, the ticking would still be louder. even the clocks without second hands that dont normally tick and a few random places on the walls where there werent clocks. the day we, me and my daughter, went to look at thehouse she told me there were monsters in there, but unfortunatly i didnt listen. when all the activity first began i thought someone was breaking in because iwould sometimes come home and all my things would be thrown around but nothing would be missimg. my nieghbors called the cops saying that there was a big man looking in my windows. then one night while me and my daughter were there alone at 2:30 am, i heard my daughters bedroom window open then the curtains and bilnds comedown and hervanity mirorin front of the window come crashing over the loud footsteps heading towards her door. i always had hwer bedroom doors shut so i didnt stick around to find out who it was. of course i grabbed her up andran out of the houseand contacted the police. the window was open when we got back and the curtains and blinds down and the vanity broke. i assumed i had astalker. i could never slep since i had moved there and my daughtersattitude changed dramatically but i assumed it was due to all thestress as things like this or loud banging on the side of thehouse would occur every noight. then i started hearing the whispering. other people that spent the night would hear foot steps and whispering and we also would hear a weird type of breathingniose and would wake up to itright by our faces and feela freezing cold breath. i thought i was slipping due to a severe lack of sleep anddid untill close to christmas last year. i was sitting at my house with about 6 of my relatives. my sister was staying with me at the time and was 17. me and her got into a small argument and she left the room but the rest of us were watching the tv in the front room. i had a small metal dice on top of the tv. suddenly it floated up spinning in the ait, then flew across the room and hit me. everyone was shocked as was i but i chose to ignore it. i live in a small town so i didnt tellanyone what happened but a few people found out by others there. especially in my kitchen, some ofmyfriends would get very uncomfortable and actually run out of it. then the doors started opening and slamming by there selves in front of people. i had a large bedframe leanin on my back door for a while and it would sound like someone kicked my back door very hard and even thoough the back door doesnt budge at all, that bedframe would fly up off the door about a foot when it would happen. there are lots and lots of little thingsthat some people thatdont hafta deal with this kind of thing everyday might find significant like things would disappear then reappear and my daughterstarted talking to “imaginary friends” whos names i wont mention, as ive recently foud they were names of demons but there ismuchmoreand ithasgotten muchmuch worse. in recent times this is what we are dealing with. i decided to get help. after the first time that icontacted them my phones staryted quitting working. i called the company like 10 timesbut they told me there is something in my home opperating on the same frequency as my phone does. when they would try to contact me my phone wouldinstantly fry the second i picked up the phone for them. i also had a camera that started to flicker on and off again through out the day. eventually i just learned i hadto leave hte house if i was going tocontact help. once when i was on the phone with apreacherssecretary, a x-mas tree box slidacross the floor and hitme. i had already desperatly asked for help everywhere but no one would call back or something would always seem to happen. anyway about 5 minutes befor the first investigative team got tomy house, my new phone i had just bought the day before and my camera fried. they showed up at 6 and were set up by 8. a womans vioce and some shadowshad been recored but the activity was pretty low compared to what i was use to it being so i decided to run to the gas station for a soda. the team consisted of 2 guys and 1 woman. when i came back the men were outside and the woman was alone in the house. i suddenly wsas stricken by a horriblefeeling that she shouldnt be in there alone and that she was going tobe hurt so i started for the house. the second i put my feet on the front porch she came across a walkietalkiesaying the house just had a 20 degree temp drop. when i opened the door i felt hands all over me and felt them pushing me towards the kitchen where she was. of course i was scared to death. she went to hugme and pulled back stating that my back was freezing. i still felt the hands and out of panick anddesperation jumped behind her and something reached over hjer and grabbed me. it felt like when your fingers are so cold they hurt and felt like a huge hand. there were vioces recored with the recorders saying my name andover somethingcalled a ghost box something said itdidnt care that it was scaring me and that it didntmatter. there were shadows of men walking around and women actually too. they cameback other times too but were always unableto make anything leave. when the clocks start ticking atmy house, that always means somethingreal freaky is about to happen but im notsure if ithappens because of that or if its actually another spirit trying to warn me as ive found out and proved thereare many many things in my house. thed second time they came back to investigate, the woman got scrathed and burned as have i in recent times. i havent been able to sleep for more than a couple hours in the two years ive lived there. have battled cervicalcancer but thankfully won and now have to have stomachsurgery. everyone that has tried to stay the night with me or be around me gets sick inn the house. mostly migrines and upset stomachs. checkd for cabon monoxide, ect and nothing. we get growled at and hissed at almost everyday as well as touched and grabbed. have had my hair pulled and choked along with several of my other family members and friends. the last psycic that i brought in asked me about an experience i had 2 weeks ago that untillthen i made myself think it was a dream. but i knew it wasnt. i was layingin bed and couldnt sleep becausee of all the banging and whispering like everynight and suddenly i started to float. i coudnt move or talk or even breath then was dropped onto the bed. it really is such a hopeless feeling. if i try to go stay with relatives it may be fine for one night but the next night the same things that happenat my house happen where im staying. i cant protect myself from them or anyone else and these things happen everyday. the psycic has told me everything there and that there is one in particular that has now attached to me and is trying to weaken me. my daughter draws pictures of them all and tells me about them andgets very angry aboutme trying tomake them leave. it may sound weird but even with everything that has happened, and this isnt even half of it, i am very anti social now and talk to very few people even though iwasnever this way. i am hopeing the newestinvestigators can help and that you find the help you need before it is to late as well. i know you may think im crazy but theres alot of things recored and many witneses toallthis and im pastthe piont of caring who thinks im crazy and will try anything to make this stop but am losing hope

    • Missy says:

      I pray that the Lord God will protect & keep you all who are troubled, surrounded by the Fire of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus’ Name I pray Amen. :) xoxo..

  46. Anonymous says:

    and to the girl saying that demons always get a bad rep. try living with them and youll soon find out why. ivenever heard anyone notice they had a demon around cuz awsome things were happening, have you/////

  47. randy parkerson says:

    i know how you feel because about 5 years ago if someone would of said that there house was haunted or they had demons in the house i would of just laughed, but let me tell you that i am a true believer now today in demons and ghosts because. it has happend to me. i was living with my sister and brother in law in this old 100 year old victorian house that was a landmark it was built in 1906 anyway one night i was on the computer and it was getting pretty late and i had to work in the morning so i got undressed turned the light off and got into bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow i felt something lay on top of me and i could not move not any part of my body the onlything i was able to do was yell for my sister so for about 45 minutes i yelled as loud as i could calling my sister. but they never came to see what i was yelling about and what ever was laying on top of me was light as a feather and it didnt try to hurt me at all it finally let me up i ran out of my room and i went to my sisters room where they was watching t.v. laying in the bed i said to them didnt you hear me yelling for you guys they said yes we did i said how come you didnt go see what i was yelling about they said that they thought i was just having a nightmare or something. i told them no and i told them what just happend of course they didnt believe me. and made jokes about it . i had about maybe 2 to 4 hours sleep for the next 2 weeks because everytime i laid down even if it was for a second it what ever it was would lay on top of me and i could not move and again i would yell for my sister but she heard me everytime but never came to see what was going on because they didnt believe methat happend like i said for about 2 weeks and then i kinda just got use to it happening at first it scared the heck out of me but then after i got use to it i would just let it lay on me and tell it good night it never tried to hurt me but i was looking bad under my eyes from lack of sleep i prayed and prayed for it to go away but it didnt so one night i laid down and everything seemed ok to me nothing layed on me and i thought this is great it must be gone and i can sleep now i closed my eyes and fell a sleep for about 30 minutes and it was back and it laid back on me again i told my sister about again the next dayshe said ok look i know you dont believe in crystles but im going to put one in each corner of the room anyway that night nothing happend and for the next 6 mons i was able to sleep and no worrys untill i came in from work and i was tired and i layed down and it came back as it laid on me i jumped up and said not again and i never felt it again it was like it was saying remember me and then it was gone.i moved from her house and about 2 years later i moved back but i stayed in the middle room this time . things started to happen to me in the middle room to me but this time what ever was there was not nice at all i would wake up in the middle of the night with something pulling on my arms trying to break it i jumped up and turned on the light and my arm was really red and had marks on it from what ever it was trying to hurt mei was on the phone one night laying in bed talking to this girl on my cell phone and all of the sudden i seen the bed corver move like something was under them in bed with me and it was a big lump and it was making its way towards me and i was trying to tell this girl what was happening to me and the phone would go dead and then you would heara tone beeping like the phone was off the hook and i thought to my self that this was strange because it was a cell phone not a house phone and they dont have that kinda feature to sound like it was off the hook so i called her back and this happend about 50 times everytime i started to tell her about what was going on there my phone would go dead and that tone would sound finally i got to tell her about it and that something was in the bed with me under the covers coming towards me and she said omg look and see what it is i didnt want to find out but i finally pulled back the covers and nothing was there and this happend over and overthen one side of the room on my right side got really really really cold so i check the windows to see if one was open or a breeze might be coming thourgh maybe a crack or something but they was shut and no breeze and it got colder then all of the sudden it was ok and warm again so the girl i was talking to told me that i had a black shadow folling me around and that it was not good the next night i woke up there was these lil things with big teeth long hair poking at my eyes and face saying something but i could not understand them i was scared to deth and at the end of my bed was this black shadow of what looked like a mans shadowi could not move because i was so scared finally i jump out of bed turned on the light and nothing was there i stated praying and i moved out and my sister and brother in law moved also and that was the last time i ever felt or seen them again.but i have a girlfriend who stays over in the netherlands and she has her bedroom full of demons i took pictures of them and i have them on video as well but i think the best answer to rid your self of these demons is jesus hes the only one who has the power to get rid of them.

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