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How Can I Make this Voice Go Away?

Posted on August 2, 2010

The first time I heard my name whispered, it was late, I was tried, and I was half asleep. So, being the totally logical person that I am (yea, right…) I assumed that it was me being tired, the TV downstairs, or my brother trying to freak me out, or, maybe possibly, a mixture of all three. I looked through the crack in the door (at this point I was too afraid to sleep with it shut) and I saw a shadow. I – knew – that it was my brother and decided to deal with it later.

Three years later and it’s happening again.

I have changed rooms twice since then, I’m not even near my old room where I heard my name whispered. It started again just a few weeks ago. This time, it’s terrifying me.

I’m not the girl who gets easily scared, I’m the girl that stays up half the night watching horror movies, then goes to sleep after reading some Stephen King. I don’t scare easy. What has me so afraid is because a few weeks ago, after I heard my name whispered, I can’t remember what happened for the next two hours. I remember hearing my name at about eight, and I remember being in a car at ten, but I remember nothing in-between those two times. After that happened, I have made sure to always have a holy object on me.

Something is still whispering my name and it’s scaring me to death. It’s happened while I’m home alone, TV and computer off. I’ll be reading something (granted, half the time it’s something like Interview With The Vampire or Carrie) and someone will say my name. This happens when someone’s home also. I’ll be sitting in the basement or up in my room, and I’ll hear my name be called. I’ll go downstairs to see what my parents wanted, to find out that I wasn’t called, by anyone. This is starting to happen more often, and I can tell that my parents are starting to become worried about me.

I’m not insane, at least I believe that I am totally sane. I can’t tell my family. I’m the only one who believes in the paranormal, I’ve gotten evidence myself (but that’s another story) that they’ve seen me take, and they still do not believe. If I tell them about this, it will give them every more reason to believe that I am insane. How can I make this voice go away? (okay, that sentence REALLY makes it sound as if I’m going insane) I’ve asked, I’ve prayed, I’ve tried all that I can think of, but nothing is working. Help, please.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “How Can I Make this Voice Go Away?”
  1. Pat says:

    Calm down first of all… my husband has been going through something very similar too. Sometimes he is at work or even in the grocery store and he will hear someone say his name plain as day… it happens every so often. Are you on blood pressure meds? My husband is and that is what I am using as a contributing factor; although that can’t be all of it…maybe a complete physical is in order to rule out anyhting like that too…I have occasionally heard my name being called over the years but nothing as frequent as you have heard it….let us know how you are doing… hope this helps a bit….

  2. AnNa says:

    i have had my name called too but not like you,and it was clear as day too.i have no idea what to say to you how to get ride of them but i hope things do get better.you should talk to someone maybe not you family but someone.thanks for the story.good luck.

  3. John says:

    Try to be brave and say this prayer when you feel scared. Good luck.

    I call the Moon down upon me, so that I am never in darkness.
    Let no darkness approach me, less it be burned. Amen.

  4. Cristina says:

    wow u knoe lately ive been hearinq voices; am into this ; i like learninq about the supernatural but wen this happen i was alone and no one was around i made sure and it kinda creeped me out;

  5. scarlet says:

    I just recently heard my name said to me as well!

  6. Angela says:

    its nothing so great you have to remove all the thoughts that keep reminding of the voice calling you.trust in god and pray.

  7. ok i hear and see things to.it calls my name.idk wht it wants from me. i had to go to a hospital for kids wit depression and all that. bt it has been happing 2 yrs ago. so i go 2 church. i have depression so i pretty much dont care abt that voice. do some evps and take pics and post them. when ur doing evps ask it ? lk u were to ask a friend. ask things lk dd u live here. things lk that i hope the best 4 u. i wil pray 4 u. post things. keep us updated.
    talk to u soon

  8. Rosendo Twins says:

    Are any relatives or close friends or ppl sick?
    My mother who has a big family (who each have had their own experience with the paranormal) says they told her that when someone hears their name being called like that or when they hear breathing, it means that someone close to them is sying “Goodbye” or in other words, that they will soon die. Im sorry to say this but it has happened to them before. My mom says that her dad once told her that before people die that their spirits wonder around going to places they frequent so as to say goodbye.
    Three years ago around mid-spring my twin I lived in a trailer with our parents. We had to share a room. One night as I was finally going to sleep (my twin goes to dream world in about 5 minutes; I take about an hour) I felt a “Shhhh” be whispered on my cheek, so strong that I felt the cold breath. The next day as I was alone in my room cleaning, I turned my back to the room to face the window when i heard my name called in a whisper. I thought it was my imagination. Days later I told my mom who told me about what my grampa told her when she was young. She got worried beacuse if it meant someone close was leaving us, she didn’t know whoit was. No one was sick. I told my twin this and she says the same stuff happened to her late at night when she woke up out of the blue.
    A few months later our cousin, around his 30′s, got very sick with an infection too advanced too cure. He was in the hospital for weeks before he passed away.My twin and I were very close to him. so were our parents. He was like a son to them since they were always looking out for him.
    And just a two years ago, my cousin’s wife (who lived in New York ) came to visit with her parents at our house. They stayed about 3 days. Before they left her dad made a pont to tell us how pretty the house was and that next time hevisited Texas he would like to spend his vacation with us, Not long from that my two little brothers would claim to see “a man with black shoes” in the house. It was so for a week and my mom went to church and brought holy water. One night she called my cousin’s wife and told her about it. When my mom asked how her family was doing, she said that not so good. Her dad got really sick a week ago and they thought he was going to die. So much so that they even brought a priest to the hospital. But now thankfully he was recovering, slowly but recovering. My mom was shocked because she also said how her dad had said he was glad to be ok cause he wanted to visit “that pretty house in Texas” again.
    Please, have strong faith. Its not enough to just pray, you really have to trust in God. Good luck.

  9. Gregory Brown says:

    Next time “it” calls your name, respond with some quote from the Bible that is special to you, and then tell it firmly to shutup and leave you alone. Don’t be afraid to speak to it directly and boldly. Some people just say the name of Jesus over and again.

    Avoid talking to it about anything else. Conversation will only keep attracting it. Be concise and to the point…, and don’t back down. These things can become threatening, even causing damage to the house, or perhaps even slapping you, which I’ve heard many times. I’m not saying you should provoke it, rather reject it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ive had that happen to me too. But it was only once. It still freake me out. It was a few yrs ago. My friend and i was outside at about 9 pm letting my 2 dogs go to the bathroom. There was woods across the road from my house. I heard something say manda like in the voice of the little girls singin the freddy krueger song. I thought i was hearing things so i brushed it off. A couple seconds later i herd it again and asked my friend if she heard it too and she said yea and thought she was hearing things too. So we got the dogs and ran inside. I never liked going outside at night at that house anyways an that didnt help any. My dad told me and my friends at my 18th birthday party after another incident my cousin and i had, while trying to scare my friends, that there was skillies( little people) across the road in those woods.

  11. juliet says:

    calm down ok its going 2 be ok first dont pray it shows weakness n second is it a boy or girl vocie if its a boy proably he likes u lol but maybe some ghost do love humans if its a girl maybe shes playing wit u dont be scared be strong im a psychic i no u’ll be ok

  12. Loe says:

    It could even seem like a psychic vampire of some sort. A psychic vampire doesn’t have to be there to even take away your energy. To me, it seems like he/she is feeding off of the insanity that he/she has created by messing with your mind. Never say you’re not one to be scared easily also. Anyone who have ever said this will always be the one to come across to be one with easy fear when they encounter things like this in real life. You’re not afraid when watching movies/reading books because you know they are just people playing a role to try and try and create a traumatizing experience/work of fiction to the viewers.
    Have you ever for once tried ignoring the voices no matter what?
    If you continue to ignore its existence and it goes away, then you’re in a step towards the right direction. To allow its existence means for you to allow it to affect your body, mind, and soul.

  13. ashley says:

    hey, don’t worry about that. well try not to, i’m 14 and i’ve been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic for 2 years, and believe me it’s dreadful. I hear people screaming at me, telling me to kill people, telling me to cut my wrist and rip the vein out of my arm, but sometimes they’re nice to me and just talk to me about how my day was. I want them to go away but then i don’t cause i have someone to talk to.

    But now for seeing things, I see dead people, people attempting suicide, people walking around in all black, people from asylums with strait jackets on still. Please don’t think I’m just trying to freak you and everyone else out that reads this.

    Back to hearing things, animals talk to me. Like everything i hear means something to me. when birds chirp they talk to me, when dogs bark, they tell me how they’re feeling, it’s so amazing to me, well that part is.

    Thank you for reading this if you do.
    (may peace be with you.)

  14. Tim says:

    You should pray God for help and try to ignore the voice. Keep yourself active and stop thinking too much.

    Hope you feel better!

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