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House Filled with Shadows

Posted on January 17, 2010

I am 17 years old, and since I was 9 I’ve seen and felt peculiar things in my house. My mom had experienced paranormal phenomenon during her life so it annoys me when she says it’s just my imagination. My friend tells me that her mom does the same thing and that she’s just trying not to freak me out more.

I’ve always felt eerie things in my house. My female dog sometimes barks at certain places in the house, usually in the kitchen and at the stairs, but no one’s ever there. I saw someone in the kitchen once but I thought I imagined it because when I turned around to check, there was nobody. Sometimes I go downstairs (we live in a two-storey house) and my dog is sitting in front of the stairs in the living room looking at them, and she seems relieved when she sees me. When I try to get her back into the kitchen where she should be (we don’t allow her to be in the living room in case she breaks something), she refuses to go. She usually listens to me so it freaks me out when she acts like this. Other times she sits in a corner far from the kitchen and if I call her she doesn’t move- she just looks at me, and if I go near her she seems happy. That’s also weird because she always comes to me when I call her so I can tell there’s something wrong. I once took a photo of the stairs and I could clearly see a figure sitting on them. My mom has fallen from those stairs a million times, my dog refuses to climb them up, and my friend feels like someone will try to push her off every time she climbs them up.

Another day, during the summer, I was having a weird dream. In this dream, I woke up lying on the right-hand side of my bed, my body facing the wall but my eyes looking at the door in front of the bed (I never lie with my body facing the wall and I always close my door and nor my mom or brother open it cause they know I get mad). It was dark, and there were noises. I wanted them to stop but they did not. Suddenly a woman in a white dress passed right in front of my door. I was terrified, wishing she wouldn’t come inside the room. Then I woke up.

By the time I’d opened my eyes I could tell it was morning but nonetheless, too early for anyone to be awake. My body was facing the wall and my eyes staring at the door which was wide open… Wait, what? Yes, my door was open. My body was at the same position as in my dream, and I was staring outside the door just like in my dream. Only difference, it was morning.

Ok, so last winter I woke up during the night at 3 o’clock (I always check the time because I tend to wake up every night!) and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. I had this strange feeling and I was cold. It was raining outside so the sound was calming me down. After an hour or maybe more I finally started falling asleep. As soon as my eyes fell shut I suddenly realized I couldn’t breathe! I felt paralyzed. When I opened my eyes I saw a creature sitting over the blankets on my chest! It was trying to kill me! I’ve never seen anything like this and during my struggle to push it away I could tell it was looking at me, but I wasn’t able to see any facial features. It was brown or gray, not big at size, with a large head and uncanny skin. I don’t know how I did it but I somehow fought my paralysis and pushed the blankets and the creature away! I immediately switched on the table light besides me and sat on my bed staring at my room. There was nothing! I sat like that for half an hour not knowing what to do and trying to understand what I had just been through. The following day I researched the whole thing and found out that there is a male demon called ‘incubus’ which crawls in women’s beds, lies on their sleeping bodies and tries to strangle them or have sexual intercourse with them! I was so shocked and I never actually knew about creatures like that before so I could not have been affected by something I’d read or seen!

Another experience I had was once again during nighttime, around 3 o’clock. It seemed I was having a bad nightmare because I woke up lying in a very weird position and was quite shocked. I was facing the ceiling, my hands spread wide open. I kept staring at the ceiling for a while, trying to calm myself from the nightmare which I couldn’t even remember, and then I looked toward where my closet is. And I froze. I saw a figure which I thought was a man’s, staring at me. He/it was tall and handsome with his/its head slightly inclined, reminding me of a psychopath. I couldn’t see any of his/its facial features but I was sure he/it was staring at me. I found myself just staring back. After a while, feeling lost in time, he just started fading away… and disappeared. I then sat on my bed and once again stared all over the room. I was 100% awake… This was not a dream. I looked at the clock again and it was around 4 o’clock. Then I went back to sleep, just like that. Next morning I told my friend (who has experienced paranormal phenomenon, too), and she told me in shock that at approximately 4 o’clock that night she woke up and saw a man’s figure sitting in her chair!

On Christmas Day, my family and I would go to my uncle’s house for dinner. My mom would wake me up in the morning so that I’d get ready for the trip, so this year I knew that my mom would come and wake me up when it was time. So when I woke up earlier than usual, I thought I should sleep some more until it was time for me to get up. I was half asleep when I felt a hand tickling me and caressing my face and a voice telling me to “get up”. I thought it was my mom because that was how she usually woke me up. I turned around half asleep murmuring “yeah, okay mom”, but when I opened my eyes there was nobody in the room. I could swear it felt so real. I got up and saw that my mom was still sleeping in her room.

Sent in by “Annafabulousxd”, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Dreams, Incubus, Sleep Paralysis

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13 Responses to “House Filled with Shadows”
  1. Tamika says:

    That would be so scary, you must be really strong cause you bet, i would naver sleep by my self if that happend to me. did any one believe you! cause i do just from reading it!

  2. The Phoenix says:

    Sounds like “Old Hag Syndrome.”

    Many experts now believe it’s a sleep disorder. Sometimes it’s an old witch, other times it’s a creature sitting on a person’s chest or threatening them in some way.

    Sometimes, you’re in a half state of sleep/awakeness. It’s strange, but you need to do some research on “Old Hag Syndrome.” I hope you find more answers.

  3. bee says:

    you know what i have an experience before, i was half asleep and then i just heard my mom calling me from the other house and she was soooo angry!! so i got up quickly, and ask her what is it? and she just reply,.. what? im not calling you,. maybe your just dreaming.. okay? now go back to sleep..

  4. jade says:

    that is scary

  5. Lotus S. Dust says:

    I know what you are talking about> it happened to me when i was little when i lived in golden colorado. incubus is wut it is. i am still trying to get healed from the crap that happened to me when i was young. as far as spiritual warfare, my family never abused me or any thing, thats not what im talking about when i say “healing” from just being attacked by demons. i believe you & i will pray for you honey.

    sorry if my first comment was confusing. it’s just that i get a little excited when i read a persons story & they have experienced what i have. lol! so forgive me if you got confused. im not an idiot. i promise. what else has happened to you? can you try to remember? i would like to talk to you about it. let me know :)

  6. Tai says:

    Hi Mate,

    I know what you mean I witnessed this first hand. My mother was asleep in our sleepout (separate room from the main house) when I was woken up by my sister. My sister was freaking out and said that there was something wrong with mum. I got up straight away and walked into the sleepout. There was my mother lying in bed like a stiff cardboard figure my brother in law was there trying to talk to her as I got closer I can see my mother was terrified, her eyes were teary and she just kept steering at me. I’m not sure why I did this but I sat next to her and whispered in her ear. “Let my mother go” then whithout any notion my mothers body went limp and she grabbed me and said to get her out of the room. We did this but I was angry now as I had an idea what had just happened. I walked back in the room and closed the door and at the top of voice I began telling whatever it was to get out and leave my family alone, I keep yelling and saying “I’m not scared of you but you better be scared of me” this lasted a couple of minuets. I turned to walk out the door because there was no response but as I was walking out the door the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I froze for a second and said “yeah I know your there” and continued to walk out. From then on there were minor incidences around the house but nothing serious.

    So your not alone mate. Take care.

    Tai (New Zealand)

  7. anna says:

    thats wicked.having someone sitting on you and tring to kill you.that would freak me out.

  8. irena says:

    demon succubus: In folklore, a female [devil] thought to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men
    the demon tried to have a sex with you

  9. Katie says:

    This is the same for my dog, I find her stared at something that isn’t there and when I call her to snap out of it she won’t listen. Sometimes her ears are twitching and she’s looking toward the ear that’s twitching as though she is listening to something. I keep feeling like there’s something in our house also.
    Hang in there, and just think above it!

  10. Maya says:

    Your stairs were haunted…The Onion should make that into a story :D

    Trying to be positive

  11. moe says:

    sorry guys but this is most probably sleep paralysis, you have described the symptoms accurately but i wont rule out paranormal activity

  12. Elyss says:

    Base on my research you have an extreme ability to see the paranormal phenomena because the sleep paralysis thing and the handsome man is so different..That means you are facing 2 paranormal entity…In sleep paralysis its not an incubus or succubus , Its an OLD HAG ( DEMON) ..Why? incubus and succubus do rapes, in your case its paralysis…Based on the internet OLD HAG sits on peoples chest and it is small. (The way you describe what you see its obviously an OLD HAG)…The man that you saw at christmas time is another case, think….It may be an ordinary ghost. that haunts for a certain reason..
    I may say that you have a third eye (the ability to see what ordinary people cant see such as ghost)

    • GirlRacer says:

      Hey dude. Can you give us some more info, you said you’re researching. I’m a Historian, my field is occult history and research. Looking for like-minded dudes or dudesses to discuss with. Thanks in advance!

      And to the author. Easier said than done, but don’t be afraid. Your fear is feeding them. Have you ever read ‘It’ by Stephen King? In the book he writes the clown Pennywise who is an ancient force changes shape to a persons worst nightmare. The clown chooses kids as ‘their fear is pure and their meat tastes better’. Well, its like that. The kids in the book believed in themselves. You can too. Stay strong, and it will leave.

      Steph x

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