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Home Sweet Home

Posted on June 29, 2010

Fear is something I’ve learned to control, being in the army I faced death every day, but there is no training to prepare you for something you can’t explain.

First off you have to know some things about me. I believe more in Science than religion so it was very hard for me to accept what has happened to me in the last year. Everyone knows the shape the economy is in. I do remodeling so I’ve been hit pretty hard by the frail economy. Work has been really slow to say the least. Me and my family lost our house and we had to stay in a hotel for awhile. Finally I got a brake, it seemed.

I made a deal with the property manager at the hotel to let us have a two bedroom apartment that he also managed across the street from the hotel in exchange for me keeping the hotel in good shape and doing some repairs that were needed. It was one of those I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of deals. This was great for me because with not much work coming in it really helped me out plus it also helped the owner out as well his business was also slow.

Me, my wife Rachel and my two children Adeden, five years old and Scarlett going on two, moved in. It was great to have all our stuff back out of storage. Everyone seemed happy. Of course the apartment needed some work but being in that business this was no problem. The apartment had two bathrooms, the master bath was in the hallway and the second bath was off the master bed room. The bath in the hallway needed a complete remodel the floors were falling through! So I tore it all out and started cleaning up but having small children I had to keep the door shut at all times. The floors were tore out down to the floor joist and only a walk board was laying a cross them for me to get in and work.

I started noticing that when I would get up at night to use the bath room that the door would be open so I would close it and in the morning I would fuss at the kids about opening it and they would say they hadn’t touched it. Well it kept happening and I just got more angry because I was scared that my kids were going to fall and hurt themselves. I finally put a latch on the top part of the door so they couldn’t reach it. I was sure the problem was solved now, but that night when I went to the bathroom the door was wide open again. I shut it and latched it and went back to bed. I was worried now, because unless my wife was doing this something else was. I laid in bed for awhile thinking about every possible way the door could be opening.

I had fallen back to sleep when I was awakened by what sounded like my kitchen cabinets slamming shut. I got up grabbed a baseball bat and ran into the kitchen and nothing, not a thing was out of place and no one was there. I looked around, checked every nook and cranny but nothing was there. Tired I went back to bed, I no sooner put my head on the pillow when the same thing same noise again I got up and nothing was there. I ran back to the bedroom my wife was surely playing a trick on me (she always says I’m a know it all and loves to prove me wrong and we had argued about the bathroom door earlier her saying the kids hadn’t messed with it, me saying they had). I just knew she was behind this but she was asleep I watched her waiting for her to move but then it happened again same noise I’m confused and scared at this point. (like I said before I’m ex soldier I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of stuff, I’m not scared easily) I knew she wasn’t behind it.

I woke her up and told her want had been happening. She again told me that the kids weren’t behind the bathroom door opening and that I must have been dreaming. I thought maybe I had after all that seemed more believable than a ghost had been doing everything, but I had been moving around, the bat was out, the lights were on. Again my wife brought up the fact that I could have been sleep walking, because for awhile at our old house I had found myself outside in the middle of the night sitting under a tree in our front yard it had started to rain and that’s what woke me up. I had opened all the doors to get out which had been locked and dead bolted, another time I had walked into the kitchen wall and fell and woke everyone up in the house, but I didn’t remember ever getting out of bed that night and I had turned the TV on and some lights. So now I guess what my wife was saying could be true maybe I had dreamed it all or could have been sleep walking!

We left the lights on and went back to bed. I slept til about nine thirty the next morning and was woke up by my wife yelling at me for leaving the hall bath door open, but I knew I had shut it and latched it. That day I put a clasp on it with a combination lock that only my wife has the combination too. If I’m sleep walking and doing it I wont be able to open it. Nothing for 3 days. I’ve worked on fixing the bathroom floor. I have gotten all the plywood back in the floor (so at least its safe to walk on now) but it really stinks in there. I do have the toilet pulled out of the floor but I have the hole covered and the smell is not like a toilet pipe its kinda like a stink bomb smell.

I swear I still hear noises like some things in the walls but for now I’m going to wait and see what happens. I bought a video camera and have been setting it up at night and I have not told anyone in the house about it, so we’ll see…

Sent in by Brian Potter, Copyright 2010

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13 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”
  1. bluesman87 says:

    So… it takes a while for these to be published , dont you have an update ? What happened dude ?

  2. AnNa says:

    BRIAN-im curious in what you find out.do let us know.well i am glad to hear through you and your family found a place to live in.i think you are hearing things.maybe do some research on the place,ask the owner about the place.thanks for the story and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Pat says:

    What a story! Maybe w\hen you began remodeling that bathroom you awakened a dormant spirit…you just never know in an older place what came before you; the history of the dwelling…glad to hear you have a camera set up to try to catch activity… plesae let us know if anyhting new happens!

  4. LittleKitKat says:

    Great idea with the camera, if you are sleeping walking it can put your mind at ease but if it isn’t you it will be interetsing to find out what is going on.
    Does the hotel owner happen to know a history about the apartment your in?

  5. Christina says:

    Brian, good story. I like your logical approach……me? I’d have probably gone down the hall screaming……Do give us an update on the happenings. Hopefully, it’s just you sleepwalking. Who knows? Hmmm, the sleepwalking may be driven by something unseen.

    Good luck!


  6. apple says:

    The same thing happen to me and my family when we move into our new home we would hear foot step like if someone was wearing boots walking up and down our hallway but me and my brother always thought it was my father and my father thought it was us! He would always come in our room yell at us to go to bed and we would tell him it wasnt us! So one night we hear loud bangs like if someone was bang the out side of our house with a pile. My father told us to stay in him room so he grab his gun to go check things out but there was nobody there. We were in the hallway talking about it when suddenly there was somebody at the end of the hallway! My father ran after him and he ran into my room and jump thought the window but my window was close he had disappeared!!!! Things got wrose from there so we move out!!!

  7. apple says:

    Please keep us inform of what your finding are!!!

  8. trolldoll says:

    you could ask your boss. but go about it carefully.

  9. bpotter says:

    Well the strange is still happening. I have the bath almost done all except for paint and baseboards. I’m still locking the door from the outside with a combination lock but now the door locks its self with the handle from the inside, I’ve even but a piece of duct tape on the lock so it wouldn’t be able to turn but still the same thing so I either I open the door with a screwdriver or butter knife or I leave it alone no one else seems to be having this problem in the building the owner/property manager has only been running the place for a couple of years. The only thing I can find from the past that might have something to do with it is a 19 year old girl was raped in the field across the street during one of the bike weeks in 1997 and she later killed her self, but she was not from here and didn’t do it here. So I don;t think that has anything to do with whats going on now. we are still hearing the noises at night nothing is showing up on the camera(not that it is the best it came from Big-Lots for 60 bucks I don’t have a lot of extra cash right now). My son will not go down the hall by himself or even to the kitchen someone has to be with him night or day but he can’t tell us what he’s scared of just that he’s scared my girl keeps saying something is going to bite her and just always points to the back of the Apt and we have made sure that nothing has been talked about in front of them. we avoid being home as much as possible and pretty much just sleep here (when we can). We all sleep in the same room now and we leave a lamp on so we can always see. we leave all the lights on in the back part of the Apt, it is always cold back there even when the air is off its cold, It may be 96 degrees outside and warm everywhere else but cold back there.. We are going to move when we can save the money, To be very honest we need help to control this but who do you tell without people thinking you need to be in a nut house. I’m scared I’m not going to lie about I feel something around me all the time, I have become jumpy and get mad very easy, I’m not sleeping well and I stay tired. The worst part about all of this is the misplaced things like getting up and not being able to find my truck keys and search the whole house for them and they end up being where I left them even after I had looked there for them five times and all of the sudden they’re there, and its been everything from the T.V. remote,wallets,keys, cell phones phones, and chargers, and cases to the camera we always find the stuff but in some crazy places for example I found my keys in the freezer the kids cant reach the freezer door. I’m not the only one the kids loose WII remotes my wife looses make-up, mail, and even shoes that she wore the day before. So do you guys have any Ideals I’m open to suggestions at this point….


  10. bpotter says:

    I think maybe when I went to my uncles funeral and I went back to my grandparents old house where my uncle had been living for years and he believed the house was haunted that is also the house where I was scared half to death as a child (The Red Eyes) my wife thinks that all this is tied together some how but we are are almost 400 miles from there I did spend two nights there but nothing strange happened and nothing strange started happening til we got here. so I don’t know

  11. Karl says:

    Maybe someone messed with an ouija board in that room at the hotel.

  12. bpotter says:

    What kind of equipment can I buy to research this stuff I have a couple of digital cameras I have a camcorder with night vision what else can i get on the cheap I don’t have a lot of money and can i buy the stuff used and where at, I’m going to figure this stuff out. ANY help would be welcomed


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