Home Made Ouija Board Experience

Posted on July 29, 2010

My name is Dom, I am 16 years old, and my strangest experience with the Ouija Board was only a month ago, but it seemed to affect my friend more than me. Here is the story…

One night, me and my friend Conner were walking back home to mine after being out with a few friends. We knew that playing the PlayStation all night would get boring, so we thought of doing something much more fun. I suggested doing a Ouija Board, and Conner was up for it, but at the same time anxious and nervous. So we waited for my mum to go to bed.

When she went to bed, we made the board out of four pieces of paper, observing on what one looks like on the Internet. We were drinking at the time, and I was reading on the Internet again that it is more dangerous to do a Ouija Board whilst abusing alcohol and drugs, but we wanted this experience to be a little more interesting. Anyway, we set it up and everything, candles, (to add a more eerie atmosphere) and all lights turned off. We were both a tiny bit nervous, but at the same time excited. So we both went out before we started for a cigarette. I asked Conner if he wanted to still do it, he said “Yeah, of course.” So after the fag, we went back inside and got started.

I started the session off by circling the glass piece around the board three times, after I had done that, I had asked the question “Is anyone here?” We waited for about two minutes, still no answer. I asked again “Is anyone here?” Still no answer. Then Conner asked a more specific question, asking “If anyone is here, please could you respond?” After a moment, we got a response, saying YES. We asked each other if either one of us was moving it and both replied no. To cut a long story short, the main details for this session were that we were speaking to somebody called Matthew Dilma, he was an Amazonian, he was born in 1958 and died in 1959. He first told us that he died of a disease; but we asked him later on in the session if he was related to one of us (we mainly asked this question because I thought it was a bit odd that an Amazonian was talking to us even though we did this in the UK). Anyway, this spirit said he was related to one of us, so we asked him who, and he said he wasn’t able to tell us because Maz would kill him (Maz was his father). After some time, we thought we would both have another fag and a beer, so we asked if we could talk to him later, he said yes. This was clearly a mistake believing that we would be talking to the same spirit again.

After we came back inside, we started off the whole session, asking if anyone was in the room with us. We got a reply yes. After that, the glass piece started moving to random numbers, so I was thinking “What the hell?” growing more curious as to what this spirit wanted to say, and then Conner spoke, asking “Why is he (the spirit) spelling out the numbers I’m thinking of?” So after that we both were getting slightly more nervous than we were before. Then it spelled out a date (I cannot remember specifically) and it turned out that that date was when Conner’s uncle had hung himself. I looked at Conner and he had tears in his eyes. I asked him if he wanted to carry on, and he just nodded, I didn’t want to carry on asking him questions. So we carried on into the session, but I didn’t want to ask the wrong question, so Conner was asking the questions, “supposedly” communicating with his dead uncle. The reason I put supposedly in speech marks is because of the things this spirit was saying to Conner, which were really hurtful. For example, it told Conner to kill himself. It gave a load of factors as to why he should (i.e. he is anorexic, he self harms, he has no confidence) and the worrying thing about what this spirit was saying was actually true, Conner is becoming anorexic because he has an eating problem, he has self harmed in the past, and he has hardly any confidence because he is very shy and timid of new and different people. I assured Conner that it isn’t his uncle and that he didn’t have to carry on, but he insisted he wanted to and that it must have been his uncle. Thing is, you can never be sure who you are communicating with through the Ouija Board, so should never trust them.

Anyway, I said goodbye to this spirit, and once again we grabbed another drink and had another cigarette each. Whilst we were outside he made me swear on my families life that it was not me moving the glass piece. I swore, and also assured him that I had no idea who his uncle was, when he died or how old he was when he committed suicide. So I asked “How could it have been me?” He understood, and we went back inside and did another session with the board. Conner asked if it was his uncle again; and after he asked that it said NO and spelt out my name? My automatic response was that it was trying to trick Conner into thinking that it was actually me moving the glass piece in the previous session. A moment after that, the glass piece was circling the board and to my horror, it tried spelling out “666″. Just before it was going to the final 6, I moved the glass piece to Goodbye, and that was the end of that session. The reason I kinda freaked out about it going to 666 is that apparently you should never allow a spirit to spell out anything to do with Satan or Hell etc.

So there is my most fascinating experience with a Ouija Board. I can assure you now that none of this is made up or fake, so please don’t waste your time commenting saying that this is fake or unreal.

Sent in by Dom Chappell, Copyright 2010

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40 Responses to “Home Made Ouija Board Experience”
  1. kyle says:

    freaky dude…i believe that is true . . .

  2. Pete says:

    when are you people going to learn that playing with ouija boards is dangerous and stupid
    but I guess being two typical teenagers, you don’t listen to warnings sensible adults
    give you. continue fooling around with the boards and you will learn……….the hard way.
    I just hope you come to your senses before it goes that far. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  3. AnNa says:

    im just curious if you can anwser me this or anyone.the date was 1958-59 wouldnt the person be only 1 years old?this is a silly question but if you die wouldnt you stay at that age?and if so how can a 1 year old talk and know so much.(curious)and why did you guys keep playing if you knew the spirts were lying?that is sad about conners uncle.i am sorry to here that.about the number i wouldnt know if its true or not.i’ve never played.thanks for the story.

    • Pat says:

      I caught that too… but whatever comes through can be such liars… pure evil comes through and everyone has to learn that for themselves sadly… I am just glad nothing worse came of it!

      • AnNa says:

        i agree

        • ~*MonkeyLover*~ says:

          i caught that date difference too…but one thing that someone said was that it doesnt matter how old you are when you die because once you pass over to the other side or once dead that you automatically turn 30 years old. idk why or how but thats what i heard. yeah weird to believe its true.

          • AnNa says:

            if that is so how come when people see ghosts they arent old at all.when my uncle died years ago he was in his late 20s i believe and when my grandmother saw her son he was just the way he was before he died.if it is true i’ve never heard of that before.

            • ~*MonkeyLover*~ says:

              Supposedly because they come as how you remember them to be, they won’t come as being 30 years old because you never met them being 30 years old. IDK…this is what i heard, yes..its weird and hard to even believe its true.

  4. bigbarney says:

    i think its funny that you guys call cigarettes fags. lol

  5. trolldoll says:

    first of all, alcohol and drugs isn’t the best way to be to use a board, and you both knew that. second, a fag is what cigarettes were called, even here in the us as far back as the 60′s, my dad used that term. and lastly, i think you need to reassure your friend that what came out of that board is probably lies. and if this spirit was born in 58 and died in 59, that doesn’t mean his spirit is only a year old. he is probably much older. the movie Witchboard had such a spirit. but it was a movie. i think no matter what age we die, we have a universal age on the otherside. if this was a upsetting session, i really recommend you don’t do it again. for crying out loud, your 16 and i’m sure you can find other things besides drugs and fags to do. how are you gonna get a job if they drug test you!! do more research and read more posts on this subject here, you might learn something new!

    • amber says:

      they were drinking and smoking cigarettes,
      neither of those things show up in drug tests,
      but i completely agree with what your saying.

      • trolldoll says:

        alcohol will show up in a drug test if it is withing 24 hours. of coarse you can always flush the system.

        • Dara says:

          Dom is from the UK, where it is perfectly acceptable for 16 year olds to enjoy alcohol and cigarettes. In fact, while you have to be 18 to purchase, it is legal for children to drink as young as 5 years old. They just raised the cigarette purchase age from 16 to 18, but I seriously doubt that these teenagers’ smoking and drinking would have any effect on employment.

  6. Big Chief says:

    “666″, that’s not the Devil’s number. That’s some human make believe number for the Devil. You should have kept playing to see what the spirit wanted. Doesn’t sound like your friends uncle though. Probably some evil spirit having fun with you and your friend.

    • Kirstie says:

      666 is the devils number, as 777 is Gods number because the world was created in 7 days, hence meaning perfection and compleation, as god rested on the seventh day, 6 is of course one short, but it speaks of satans nunber in the bible, satan chose six as it is uncompleated and leaves out the day of worship for God.

      • Ransrini says:

        I’m speechless by wat u know bout god!!
        Keep it up!so….777 is gods number??

      • GirlRacer says:

        Wrong again.

        616 is the number. You’re right about the days and Blah Blah Babble but apparently, its 616.

        6 for the uncompleted work. Lucifer believed that humankind is imperfect, yet God created us in his image.

        1 as Lucifer only truly ever loved one God. He wouldn’t obey his command about putting humankind over God.

        6 again for the angels of God. Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Cassiel/Sachiel.

        Yes, there are more Angels, but these in some lore are meant to be considered as God’s warriors.

        Note. I am not Christian. I believe God is in us all.

        I was athiest. Nothing special happened. I just listened to my own heart.

        If you are true to yourself, you will find answers within.

  7. sonal says:

    i dont understand why people are so inetersted and curious to go behind trouble i eman you shouldnt go behind trouble until trouble troubles you i eman you people were very luncky atealst that sprirt decided to go what if it hasnt gone then it would have haunted till now

  8. cherrycherryboomboom:) says:

    wow reading all these stories makes a person curious u know
    i was thinking of maybe trying to use a homemade board knowing
    my parents wouldnt approve of an actual ouji board but i dunno
    it looks risky but at the same time it doesnt.Hmm??
    pretty good storie, im surprised nothing bad happened to any of them,
    dont usually bad stuff happen to people who use those boards?
    at least not all spirits r harmful i guess.
    well take care all bye:)

    • Friendly advice says:

      Please do not try it, I beg you, I have only used it one time, and wish I hadn’t. My life has never been the same. These are horrible, dangerous devices that should never be sold. I have been searching for help with my problem for years. Any advice would be appreciated. Please take my advice, same as in the story above. These spirits know far more than you think. If you are curious, by all means read the stories, leave it at that. I am still scared to even share my story for what may happen, and it has been over 15years! This is far more powerful than you know or think. At least more than I knew or thought at the time. I would give anything to never have touched one of these wicked devices.

  9. trolldoll says:

    to eveyone, if you’re thinking on using one, why make it. go to ebay and buy one. i’ve looked and there are some for as low as $10. they do have some vintage ones but they can run more than $100. if i were to use one i would get one there.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Hey trolldoll!

      Read a lot of comments about second-hand boards. I’m not saying its a fact but the general consensus is why would people ‘buy somebody else’s spirit/entity/demon/old grandpa Phil? I personally think thats a major psychological factor and could affect results. ‘They’ say if you make your own, its far more personal to you. Still have no clue what you’re inviting but have heard of experiences when people have made their own and have had positive encounters. Who am I to question that? But I hope that answers your question.

      NB. Have read a lot of your comments, you’ve a warped sense of humour like myself!

      • trolldoll says:

        why thank you girlracer! warped maybe but of coarse i can’t put here what i’m really thinkin! i actually get a kick out of some of the comments posted. if they tick me off i let it go. some peoples kids :P !!

  10. Ghost Girl says:

    Okay….. Wow…. If I didn’t have any reason to never use a Ouija board before, I most certainly do now. Thank you for the story.

  11. Amanda says:

    Ouija boards are dangerous. There are risks of getting possed and bad stuff happening. I would never use one it’s pure stupidity. Lucky no
    one got hurt.

  12. Cristina says:

    wow but at least u knew some stuff…he was lucky to have you!

  13. Ella says:

    Pete, Exactly right!!! Ouija Boards are extremely dangerous so I’d advise u not to ever do that again!!!

  14. Sanidhya says:

    the 1 year old ghost seems intresting…..

    • Allison says:

      If you look at His/Her age as a spirt, he/she is 51. So i think the guy could have learned a thing or two when he/she was a breather.

  15. Sean says:

    The only thing I have to say about your expierence is that it must have been extremely nerve racking for your friend. I just wanted to say, it is a common misconception that the number “666″ is the mark of the beast. If u do a little research you find that its a totally different number. I’ve heard the number is actually “999″ cause the person who came across this number, came across it in a dream. Now you cant interpret numbers and words in dreams because you interpret those things with the opposite side of the brain. So numbers and words tend to be backwards, upside down, or jumbled when you’re dreaming

  16. charlotte says:

    im 14 and the other night me and my friends went to play the ouija boared, the cup moved but im not sure if that was just my friends pushing it. i realy want to play it because im a real beleiver in ghosts and im curious to communicate and see what could happen but im scared something bad will hapeen/:

  17. Azn Girl101 says:

    :O that is freakin freaky with a capital “f”…….that would freak me out if that happend 2 me….wut are fags?anyways, wat is a ouija board?they sound dangerouse and scary!sooo……that creeps me out!……….thank god no1 got hurt…..right?ummmmmmm…..im gonna lock my doors…and windows….and my entire house….

  18. Madison says:

    One time it was my friends birthday party so she had a suprise one and then when she walked in the door and got a big freight it was kinda wierd because the rest of the night she was acting really strange.So after we did silly string and stuff like that with the rest of our friends etc.It was time to open presents.So her older brother Nate and his girlfriend Alex were hepling here with the presents so our friend Peyton the birthday girl,she opened up Madison Brown’s present first.Then she opend up the rest…….and the she got a Ouija board so Alex told us how to play we were bad at first but we got the hang of it so it was like three in the morning and we all start playing Ouija board and so we decided to play in the kitchen in a circle around the cabinets with blankets it was very creepy because since her refrigarator is very old it started making sounds.We all got a little creeped out and so the very first question we asked is what is your name?It replyed back my name is something like Jess.So…..we asked more questions like how old are you it said 3 in a half.Our eyes filled of tears.We asked if it was a girl or boy….it was a girl.Then we asked if they died in her house they said no the said they died in our friend Veronica’s house.Veronica wasn’t at the party because she got grounded and we also said how do you know her they said cause she talks to them not on the Ouija board though!So then we asked if they wanted to kill anybody right now the said it would be Harley and her friend Harley wasn’t there either.She was at her dad’s birthday I think.We asked how they knew her they said because we are watching you.It creeped my friend Peyton OUT!!!!!!She asked how did you die because when I was a year in a half old I didn’t know any better I drew a star circle but I don’t remember that part so I just added that part.And so we wanted to watch a very funny movie so we did.And we went upstaris to change and some girls went downstairs to get their cell phones and I forget their names as soon as they climbed over the gate the lamp light started flickering the girls screamed loud and almost made the alarm go off.So they ran outside with their cell phones and each other and called my phone I got a little curious why they were calling an they said they are outside on they front porch.So we turned the downstairs lite on the ran upstairs that the end. Not all they parts of this story is true but the light flickering ouija board and the sleepover was all true!

  19. Sue says:

    thats really interesting

  20. Teri says:

    So how is Conner? Does he understand that that wasn’t his uncle speaking to him? That was something else. This is how they work which is why no one should ever mess with the Board.

  21. Ben Harrison says:

    That problably wasent your uncle because you know that some(or maby all)spirits can act as other people EX: an 80 year old(dead) man can impersenate a 6 year old girl ex: voice,size,shape. Your good friend Ben Harrison =D

  22. Danny says:

    Neve use a ouja boatd it is very dangerous and stupid. You never know who or what you are talking to and you never know what will happen. I strongly suggest that you never use it again and to anyone i strongly advise against it.

  23. johnny says:

    im 100% sure this was fake.. about the mind reading stuff… because evil spirits can NEVER EVER know what your thinking they only KNOW what happens in real life (like as an observer) dont be scared but there are evil spirits right now watching you looking at you listing down what you are doing AND SOMEDAY they will use that against you.. evil spirits can opress you (touch hurt and scare) but can never read your mind also ouija board is a occult item…. whether or not they spell the 666 or what… you are already doomed

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