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Historical Home in Maryland

Posted on June 28, 2010

My husband grew up in a historical home in Maryland. The home is spacious and creepy. There has been at least 4 deaths in the home that I know of: My husbands grandmother passed away upstairs in the back bedroom, his older brother passed away upstairs in the first bedroom, his father passed away in the living room and his mother passed away in the kitchen.

My mother in-law passed away in the kitchen of cardiac arrest last year. My brother-in law is the one who found her. My hubby and I rushed to Maryland from Virginia the same night she passed and stayed with his brother at his home.

The next day we went to his mothers home to clean-up and prepare for her funeral. At the home was me, my husband, his brother and his brothers girlfriend. We went to the basement to look around at all the junk from their childhood (his mom saved everything). While we were down there we heard a “thump” from upstairs (directly under the chair in which his mother passed away in). We were freaked out so we sent the girlfriend upstairs to see what it was. After getting up there and looking around she said nothing was out of the ordinary. My hubby and his brother went back to talking about tools and stuff so I decided to go upstairs. I was going up the steps and felt something grab my left shoulder. I turned around quickly and looked behind me (I thought my hubby was trying to scare me) but there was nothing. He and his brother was still towards the back of the basement. I tried to debunk the event by going back downstairs and coming up again but I didn’t get touched again. I thought well maybe it’s my imagination.

After coming home from the funeral parlor my hubby said the he and his brother were going to cut the grass. My brother in-laws girlfriend and I stayed in the house. I sat in the chair (the one his mother died in) without even thinking about it. After about 3 min. of sitting I began to feel sick so I went upstairs (with my camera) to the bathroom. I wanted to take pictures of the house before it changed so I can remember how it was. After getting straight I came back down the steps but took a picture of the steps and the door OPEN. I told my brother in-laws girlfriend who was sitting at the kitchen table that I was going to take pictures of the rooms. She said she was going to sit at the table and wait for the men to finish cutting grass. I went up the front steps and before reaching the top stair I heard a exhale, like “huuuuuuu”. I dismissed it. I took pictures of the back bedroom and middle bedroom (there are four bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs). I got to my hubby’s bedroom which is at one end of a long corridor which leads to the front bedroom, bathroom and backstops with the door open. While taking a picture of his bedroom, I heard: The backstops door open, the upstairs light turn on and someone walking up the wooden steps heading toward the bathroom. I thought about staying to see if it was my brother in-laws girlfriend checking on me but then I thought it might be brother in-law and he may be upset to see me taking pictures so I headed downstairs quickly to find the girlfriend still sitting at the kitchen table. I asked her who was upstairs. She said no one. The men were still outside cutting grass. The backstops door was still open like I had left it. I sat down for a moment and realized, while I was upstairs and heard the light flick on, the light never came on. Also, who ever was upstairs didn’t have time to get downstairs by the time I got downstairs. I would of seen them. The backstops are winding and steep. They’re not steps you can run up and down quickly. I’m wondering if I heard a residual sound?

I know not using names has made this story boring but the truth is, the house is on the market and I do not want to taint the sell by relaying my story. I’ve had other paranormal experiences but have dismissed all of them. This experience cannot be dismissed. I know my mother in-laws spirit still resides in that house.

Sent in by Abnormal, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “Historical Home in Maryland”
  1. Anonymous says:

    If I buy a house, I’d like to make sure there was no one died there. I’d also add my words into the deal before I buy a house which is I don’t want a house that is ghost infested, but some people love to buy a haunted house, who knows?

  2. Pat says:

    Hmmmm.. did anything unusual come out in any of the pictures? The older a home is; the more likely someone did die there… I guess that doesn’t really bother me so long as they were KILLED or had committed suicide in the home for to me that is a different type of entity that might remain… the house sounds spacious and lovely and I hope it sells… your story was quite good although very sad that so many of your husbands family died in that house though…

    • Abnormal says:

      Nothing unusual in the pics. It is sad that there was so much death in the house. My husband has one brother left and we’re hoping to keep him close for a very long time :)

  3. martha says:

    My father passed away in 1968, one of my younger brothers was killed in an acident in 1976, neither of them died in our house but my mom would never consider leaving the house because of there spirits in our house. She said it would be like moving off and leaving them. I’ll write the story of this at a later date.
    I really enjoyed your story.

  4. AnNa says:

    has anyone else felt anything presents around them that day?i think it could be the people that had passed on.im sorry for all the deaths at that house.i was wondering if anything showed in the pictures?if so you should posted them.if only you want to.thanks for the story.and you said you had other paranormal things happen to you.we would like to hear them.

    • Abnormal says:

      My husband, his brother and his brothers girlfriend heard the “thump” from upstairs when I did. My pics of the rooms didn’t show anything out of the norm. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Kind Skeptic says:

    With as many family ties and deaths in the house, it would not be unusual for some residual activity to exist — and it certainly sounds like you had this experience. I did get a little “giggle” when you stated that you sent “the girlfriend” up to investigate the “thump” because you were all “freaked out”. I wonder if she wondered why she was picked for this investigative “opportunity”! LOL

    BTW — in some states, it is against the law not to disclose everything about a home, including any deaths, suspected hauntings, etc. You might want to check your area and ensure that you are not breaking any laws by not disclosing this info. Good luck on the sale. It’s certainly a “buyer’s market” out there. It’s a tough time to be a “seller” in today’s marketplace…..

  6. LittleKitKat says:

    Anyone else but you noticed things? i know it may upsef your husband or brother-in-law but it may be a good thing to ask just to ease yourself either way.

    I think you should inform any new owners of the house that deaths had occurded there esp. if you have felt and heard things, if they are family member spirits they may not be so happy to suddnely have perminate guests in what they concider their house and vise-versa with the new owners.
    I know I would like to know if any deaths had occured even if it was natural causes, though I think I would have to think long and hard if it was a murder victim/suicide.

  7. trolldoll says:

    with so many people dying in one house and they are all family, i don’t doubt that there is activity. it sounds pretty benign. as for telling potential buyers about it, if they ask tell them. after they buy it and call you if you noticed anything, tell them the truth and the history.

  8. Abnormal says:

    I think a buyer should know if someone passes away in a home if it’s on the market. What I meant at the end of my story was that alot of people do not believe in the paranormal and would judge me as being nuts for my experience in the home– therefore it may delay a sale ’cause the buyer thinks I’ve lost my mind. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t my imagination but in the past year (since my first paranormal experience) I’ve had other experiences. What’s funny is that the people around me experience it too. The day when my hubby, brother in-law, his girlfriend and I was in the basement and heard the “thump”, we all heard the noise (and yes, we all opted to send the girlfriend to check it out but she didn’t mind). The pics I took of all the rooms came out normal. My hubby said he had and experience in his bedroom when he was around 12-13 where he was laying in his bed and could hear very heavy breathing coming from under his bed. He darted out of the room and started sleeping in the living room thereafter. He said one of his brothers friends said that he saw a dark figure at the end of the corridor when he went to use the bathroom. I cannot be certain that the home is haunted ’cause I only had that one experience but I know what I felt and I know what I heard.

  9. Abnormal says:

    I’ve had alot of strange things happen since my mother in-laws passing in May of 2009. Lately, the occurrances seem more frequent.


  10. AnNa says:

    i agreee too about you should know if anyone passes before buying the house.but maybe some people wouldnt really care.

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