Heyoka the Clowns

Posted on November 3, 2010

It happened when I was four years old in a small Town called Martin South Dakota. My family lived in an apartment building called Coats Cabins and I can still remember it to this day.

It was around the evening. My mom lived upstairs and my grandparents lived downstairs but we had to walk outside and go around the back of the building to see them. My mom would walk to my grandparents when she needed something and I remember playing in the kitchen and I noticed my mom was gone so I ran out the door then I ran in the back and cried for my mom and she came out and picked me up and carried me back in. Then later on she did the same thing again so when I noticed she was gone I ran out side but this time it was dark outside. The sky was black and I was in the parking lot and I saw a clown standing behind one of the cars. Then I saw two more, they let out a loud roar like a monster and they moved pretty fast. They were coming at me between the cars and I screamed and cried my head off yelling out “mommy!”

Just then my uncle, which was a young teenager at the time, walked over to me and picked me up and carried me inside but the clowns kept follow me. They followed me inside then were running around the kitchen and living room just terrorizing me and my sisters. I couldn’t do anything but cry. I watched them run around while my mom was sitting at the table doing crossword puzzles.

That memory stuck with me until I grew up and I would hear other kids tell similar stories and I would here the grown ups talk about the same things. As I got older I started to learn more about the ghosts and supernatural from my grandparent and I learned about my Native American culture. They would tell me to close the curtains at night because something might peek in at us and they would tell us other things like not to whistle at night because you can call spirits that way. I do remember one time when my cousin Shanta was a baby and we had a curtain open and my grandpa said to close the curtain because babies could see ghost and then I had a flash back and I remembered the clowns running in our apartment and they ran around my mom and she didn’t see them and my uncle didn’t see them but they were around them and only me and my sisters could see them. Well like I said the images are still stuck in my head as I was fourteen.

I finally sat down at the table with my grandma and told her everything and it was the first time I had ever told anyone so I told her the whole story. She told me that the clowns that I saw were called Heyoka, which means clown, and they do things backwards and I was blown away by what she said. Then my uncle, the one who picked me up in the parking lot, told me that I wasn’t the only one who saw the Heyoka Clowns but this old man would always say he would see them too but no one believed him because he drank a lot.

If any one has any stories like this just reply thank you.

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40 Responses to “Heyoka the Clowns”
  1. sharayah says:

    i never saw clowns, but i use to see skeletons when i was 5 years old but it never came at me it.it would just look at me and smile and that was bad enough for me.what else did your grandma say about the clowns and what did they look like? im must say im sorry you saw that. my god be with you. wow that’s crazy :�

    • ghost in the machine says:

      Skeletons…geez sharayah that’s creepy…how and where did you see them? I don’t know what’s worse, those or the clowns.

      • sharayah says:

        oh that was in the Bronx NY tremont ave.i don’t know the address. but i know i saw that nasty skeleton.one thing about it,it look just like a skeleton but it was colorful??? i think it was trying to make me like it. lol at 5 even i knew better then that ;) i didn’t know what evil was but i was scared of it.it would just stare at me and smile.at night when i was in my bed :( i would see it all the time.but not today :) im 29 now and no skeleton for me. as i grew up i seen a lot more. but god is good.i stop seeing things the older i got :) but i still feel thing :{

    • ELarten says:

      You saw skeletons when you were about 5 years old?! So did i!!!!!!
      They didn’t scare me, i thought they were looking out for me.
      But when i moved they disappeared, I’ve never seen something like that since.

      • sharayah says:

        really you did ? :) where did you see them or it.what did they do? i never felt like all the things i saw when i was little where good :( i didn’t like the way they made me feel. anyways the bible tells you not to deal with the unclean spirits of anykind .

  2. Believer says:


    That is such a creepy thing that happened to you, I hate clowns(they freak me out).
    Can you only see them when you are a child?

    • tha_man says:

      no some times adults see them but my grandma says when u see something like that it’s a warning that something bad is going 2 happend in ur family like it could be a warning that some1 is going passaway

  3. xxhanxxdayxx says:

    oh god that scares me i have a major fear of clowns for no reason i know of ghosts all good but clowns no thanks lol i liked your story though thanks :-)

    • tha_man says:

      well im glad u liked it and it’s a true story but i only wrote it so people who had the same exspeirces can research it and maybe unsterstand what it is they saw and they can state thier own opions and share more info about it

  4. FaerchFan says:

    i thought i was the only one with a fear of clowns :/ that would FREAK ME OUT! kinda like that episode of Scare Tactics. Good story though!

  5. Tracey says:

    I hate clown, My mom have bunch of collect of them clowns somewhere and i have one from my uncle didn’t want hurt his feeling so i put up on shelf just kind of small not big whew, your story is great but scary too. nothing happen about my own experience of clowns.

  6. trolldoll says:

    i don’t have a problem with clowns. i used to love to go to the circus when i was a kid. now the evil clown costumes aren’t so scarry are they?

    • sharayah says:

      have u ever seen the movie (IT) with Penny the clown? i was little when it came out.and i was so scared of that movie :( i never looked at clowns the same way.

      • AnNa bites back says:

        every one has different point of view of the movie it.i was dissapointed in that.then again i dont get scared in horror movies.

        • sharayah says:

          it scared me cause i was about 6 or 7 ? when i saw penny the clown teeth turn sharp that was it for me.lol i didn’t see the rest of the moive untill i got older :) but i do like a good scary movie.how old were you when you saw it?

          • AnNa bites back says:

            i believe i saw that movie when i was in my teens.but then again when i was under 10 i believe my first horror movie was one of the friday the thirteen movies and i watched it with my family.i wasnt scared.

  7. Soph says:

    Um hi lol creepy i have a good ghost storie to tell but its not real ok so there was this little boy and his parents went away

  8. sharayah says:

    why are you playing games?? if you have a story tell it. don’t play games.

  9. 13 November 2010 00:43 says:

    IT the clown movie was 1 of my favourite horrors I was just under 10yrs old when I watched it and it never freaked me out I loved every minute of it,maybe its bcause I was born “under the vail” and use 2 convers and play with ghosts,until 2day I see and feel them

    • AnNa bites back says:

      my favorite steven king movie is probably sometimes they come back,thinner is pretty messed up.

      • sharayah says:

        now as a woman his moives don’t scare me any more but i like his books i love the Dark tower books.and he is coming out with a moive :) i like anne rice to and this one book called Fear Me .yeah moive and dooks are fun :) lol look at me going on &on

        • AnNa bites back says:

          his movies dont scare me either.nothing does,ann rice i think and thats just thinking i have read a book of hers.

          • sharayah says:

            wow nothing. i must admit when i seen paranormal activity it made me look around my house twice lol :) oh yes till this day i can’t watch that darn moive the exo

            • AnNa bites back says:

              paranrormal activity sucked.i hated it.i will not watch the second one.i hate when there video taping themselfs throw the whole movie. its a big dissapointment for me anyway.Have you read the book (haunted) by Heather Graham.good book.i really enjoyed it.

              • sharayah says:

                no i haven’t but i’ll look into it i love a real good book.is it a ,i can’t put it down book? i hope so :)

          • sharayah says:

            wow nothing. i must admit when i seen paranormal activity it made me look around my house twice lol :) oh yes till this day i can’t watch that moive the exorcist. it just freaks me out.

      • sharayah says:

        ok anna i just saw thinner.it’s a good one i like it ;)

        • AnNa bites back says:

          thinner was messed up huh?do you have any good scary movie i would like?have you seen people under the stairs?i think that would scare you.maybe,then again i dont really know you but that would be a good scary movie to watch.if so let me know what you think.

          • sharayah says:

            yes it was.i did see people under the stairs a long time ago it was okay for me. let me think about a good movie you would may like :) i do like the resident evil movie,not i don’t there scarey but i like them. ;)

            • AnNa bites back says:

              i dont mind that movie.they have a new one coming soon to dvd i would love to see it.well when you have a movie let me know,i will be waiting.

              • sharayah says:

                hi anna i’ve been thinking and i can’t come to any movie that is scarey enough for you :( or good enough. sometimes they can be a real let down.oh King is coming out with a new movie base on is darktower books i really liked them all, oh yeah and and a new book too is out now.i got to go to the book store and get the book you told me about and his new one of the dark tower :) but when i see a real good moive i will post :) oh anna do u have a story on here i would like to read it.

                • AnNa bites back says:

                  i have no stories here.but i have had stuff happened to me my husband and son.and now i found out i have spirts around the house.i have taken some pictures and i see spirts looking in the window.im not scared i was shocked because i always wanted something to happen and something did happen and it just wow thats all i could say.i have thought about putting up what has happened but something is holding me back.

                  • sharayah says:

                    well you may do it in your own time:) but i’m real sorry you have anything around you.i really do hope it will go away.has your son seen anything or your hubby?

                    • 21 more days until christmas. says:

                      my son talks to himself alot but when we ask him if hes talking to anyone he says no.the weird thig was when we were eating dinner my son had said someone is behind you looks like uncle martin (my brother) or looks like him.i quickly to pictures and nothing.we both thought that was weird.it doesnt bother me that i feel like someone is watching me.i dont know why.hubby he feels it too being watched.

  10. mario salinas says:

    Has anybody ever heard of the skinwalker not the movie but a ghost demon type its amongst the navajo as heyoka is amongst the sioux and for mexicans there’s la llorona

  11. tha_man says:

    yeah i heard of skin walkers if u know something about them u should write it on here in case someone wants info on them and them can look them up and find this site that how i found out info on the tall man and it’s how i found site

  12. Jessica says:

    What did the clown look like??? di it look like pennywise ?

    • the_man says:

      well it didn’t really look like penny wise it was more frighting and it grauled like him like in the movie when he rips the boys arm off

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