Helping a Stranger My Ouija Story

Posted on January 10, 2010

I am writing this from a cell phone, but I felt compelled to share my story after 10 years (I am now 25).

I created my own Ouija board using a wooden art box, a sharpie and a clear makeup screw off top. My best friend and I were 13 or so and we decided to try using a board. We asked the typical questions and some interesting answers came. One thing I noticed was that whatever we spoke to couldn’t talk about what its like to die or describe God BUT they did agree to a heaven and a hell.

I wore a blessed Rosary that my grandmother had given me. I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted to be cautious. So one spirit seemed upset and said his name was David or Dave, something. I asked him why he was upset and he said that his daughter was being hurt. I asked him if he wanted us to help. I honestly didn’t know what I could do, but I could sense the urgency. My board I designed had the numbers one through ten and I asked him if he wanted us to call her. Well to my amazement he said yes. I asked what her name was and he replied Katie. I asked what the number was and I got a strange area code and the other seven digits. Then I asked what he wanted me to say and the message for her was, “tell her not to let him hurt her anymore.”

By that time I knew my friend and I had to tell my mom and my aunt who were in the house. I first went to my aunt and she was so freaked out that she refused to help but went with us to my mom. Explaining everything to her was sort of funny because it sounded that outrageous. I pretty much told my mom she has to repeat the message but that I would call and see if that person was even at the strange number.

I star sixty-nined our phone and made the call. A little girl answered the number… I was shocked the number worked and then I asked if Katie was there. She said that she was Katie but that her mom was Katie too. I was freaked out so I asked for her mom and threw the phone to my own mom. My mom told the woman that what she was going to say was going to sound strange but that her daughter and my friend had used a Ouija board and that is when she said the name and the message. The woman went nuts and was screaming. My mom hung up and I will never forget that day. I wish I had kept the number and remembered the details more, but as a child you don’t think about that stuff. Just hope that if someone was hurting the woman or the girl that our message made a difference.

Written by Erica, Copyright 2010

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36 Responses to “Helping a Stranger My Ouija Story”
  1. brittany says:

    i love how brave you were to even call!!!! if it happened to me i would have flipped!!!

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    yes you were brave and at least you tried. just don’t do the board and contact him anymore okay. i’m sure the mother was tramatized by all this.

  3. Grey Wolf says:

    It sounds like the message that was given to the mom’Katie’ knew what it was all about,since she freaked out so bad when your Mom told her what the message was and how you had been given the message…also I’m wondering if ‘David or Dave” was a close relative that had passed away and was trying to look after the Mom &Daughter by telling not to let ‘him’?? hurt ‘Katie’ anymore…and it sound’s like the Mom ‘Katie’ was freaked out that ‘Dave’ had found a way to get the message to her!!! To me the story just reaffirms that our loved ones and close friends that has passed on;do continue to keep up with us and what is going on in our lives,and will help us…and also protect us.Thanks for sharing your story!Blessed Be !!!

  4. autumn says:

    You play the q-bored!! that is very bad, it puts u in so much danger, I play the q-bored but I am very very very much trained to now and understand the will of it, i am just saying the q-bored can be so easy to bring some thing out that cant go back in, my grand mother told me a story and an old saying, ‘If you fall into the darkness some thing will be brought out that cant go back in it is the will of your power to do the deed’ and thats how I learned not to miss use it, my grand mother also told me a story of a young girl whos family was very powerful in other words devil worshipers, well the young girl never played with the q-bored and she tryed and brought out a demon that demolished her family, and her spirit forvever walks the earth and heven, so i am just saying that u better be care full and dont mess with the horns, thanks for the story

  5. Big Chief says:

    Good story. You know, I’m beginning to realize that contrary to what most people believe, contacting of spirits usually leads to contacting human spirits. I know many say that its demons (non-humans) talking to you when you use oracles but I don’t think so. I’m beginning to realize that the majority of spirit contact is contact to human beings. Very rarely will you contact a non-human demon. Non-human entities can be contacted but they look to be only contacted by people who use oracles for long periods of time.. Using those boards can be dangerous though because you don’t really know who your contacting. You can’t see a face so even a human spirit can pretend to be your loved ones.. Good ouija story..

  6. Katie says:

    Im Katie , i was being bullied at school . Thankyou for that, my dad was David and he saved me through him. Thankyou so muchMy father died from a car crash and i was in the car. Im not kidding i saw his spirit leave his body . i was left alone, i was 5 when he died and 10 when you called im 20 now. Please reply. Thankyou

  7. JvG says:

    Oh wow. Its wonderful that you were able to help Katie! And katie its beautiful that your father let you know he is watching over you

  8. eyepriestess says:

    I’m confused, how come Katie is commenting here? You didn’t say that you kept in contact with her.

  9. autumn says:

    I am sorry for what I had posted before I have been thinking your story is very exciting I have been telling my friends about it at the lunch table and in my class, most of them just sit there and stare at me, while others are begging to hear what happens next, you should post more stories I think that you have a good mind to know these things and I do think that it was pharanormal and you just cant judge that, many people dont belive in these things but it is just because they dont beleve, I hope that you find more ghosts, :)

  10. Erica Dittmann says:

    It’s not something I really “condone” (I am a Christian), but I have to say that the experiance truly changed my perspective on life after death. It gave me hope and I truly hope that I helped the daughter or the mother of the daughter. I didn’t keep up with the family and I’m wondering if his name was Dan, but I really think it was David. I wish that I would have just asked some more questions when they were called on the phone, but it truly scared me and response from the mother was just screaming. My husband thinks that it’s not a “real” thing, but it truly is. If you guys have any questions. I’m happy to talk more about it!

    Note from Admin – Edited to remove email and request for contact —- I just cannot understand why you guys have to post your email address in your comment and ask people to contact you! It clearly states near the comment box that this is not allowed.

  11. Erica Dittmann says:

    Big Chief, I have been contacted by demons, one who said he wanted to take me soul, but I was wearing my rosary and said that I believe in Jesus and that I was a Christian and that he could not have it. I asked him to say goodbye and he did quietly. David was in purgatory or �limbo�, and other spirits talked about what it�s like, but some demons were tricksters and would say stupid things. I believe that the user who try the Ouiji board can get sucked into it and that they may or may not be talking to anything good, but I do believe that some are good that speak through it. I think your posts hit the nail on the head in terms of limbo, etc. Other spirits call this area similar to Earth with dating, etc. I�ll have to elaborate later.

  12. Tamika says:

    you was pretty strong to even ring katie

  13. Big Chief says:

    Yes, please elaborate more on limbo. Erica Dittman.. I haven’t really heard much about what limbo is like. I heard they can basically do the same things that we do on earth. Tell me more. You can post the info here in your response..

  14. Erica Dittmann says:

    Hi Chief,

    From what I remember is that there was a pergatory type place and a limbo one. The limbo was described as there being dating, movies and very similar activities to living on earth. It was like they were waiting for their time to move on but enjoyed the spirit life.

    Perhaps those with unfinished business are in this realm. That’s what Davis described it as. Hopefully he moved on and went to the light because I’m sure it was a releaf to be able to communicate to his daughter and get that off his chest.

    I have also had spirits say that the older they are the stronger they get and are able to physically touch people and move objects. Have you noticed that they all acknowledge a heaven and a hell but are silent when asked what it is like to die or what heaven is like? I found that to seem like a topic that was forbidden.

    And I had one spirit claim to have followed me from a very old family lakehouse in north Florida. He said he rode by my friend and I in the car. Sort of funny, who knows why he was curious.

  15. Big Chief says:

    Yeah, I heard too that there was a “limbo” and a “purgatory” but purgatory is called something different in the spirit world. Those people in purgatory, limbo and hell are the ones that I believe are contacted through the ouija board. I believe the ones in heaven move on to other things and are not allowed to contact humans in the ways that the ones in limbo, hell, etc.. do. I believe the ones in heaven may contact you in different ways. Also, yes, I’ve heard that they can’t talk much about heaven or hell. The ones in hell though, I’ve heard that they’re allowed to talk to you to trap you. It’s like demons (non-humans) use them to talk to you and trap you into going to where they’re at. I believe that the demons you talk to through the ouija board are the human demons in hell. They are doing the work for the higher demons in hell. They can’t really say much about hell because they will be
    tortured but they can give you bits of information to keep you interested and trap you.

    Not all that you contact through the board are bad. Your taking a chance though as anything can come through during a session. Good or evil.. I found out though that much of heaven, limbo and hell looks just like what you see on earth. It’s not much different from what you see and do on earth. Heaven is a brighter side of earth with happiness and what have not and hell is a darker version of earth with crime, chaos, violence, hate, fighting,etc… Thanks for the info though….

  16. band nerd says:

    omg i would have been super scared but i would have done the same thing and hopefully whoever was geting hurt stopped=)

  17. Krysta says:

    You are sooo brave!!! I know you feel horrible that you couldnt remember all the details, or even know wether or not you helped. But you did a huge favor to the father, he thanks you. And he still follows you and blesses you still even to this day..

  18. anna says:

    i think that was cool of you to do what you did.not very many people would of.I am very curious in what happened to katie to bad you didnt know her number or found out where she lived.I would say talk to the ouija board again but i tell everbody dont its bad you never know whats going to happen to you or I think you did a good job even though you shouldnt of done that(ouija board) thanks for the story.

  19. Big Chief says:

    One more question for Erica Dittman. You say that you are a christian. Christians say that it says in the Bible that “Human spirits do not linger on earth and they are somewhere else-not being able to be contacted by humans”. Do you believe this? Do you believe that it is demons that are talking to you and pretending to be your long lost relatives or someone your trying to contact?? Did your ouija sessions change your beliefs about your faith or the Bible???

  20. Erica Dittmann says:

    Hi Chef! Great question. I am Christian and after some conversations I am leaning to the Catholic belief of purgatory. I do not believed that loved ones that have crossed over and are with God can use the Ouija, but I do believe that demons and those that are in purgatory and have unfinished business will use to while in this �middle� phase. Now with that said I have no idea how to tell the difference from a dark entity unless it tells me, but one will never know. I am also believing that aliens can use this board to communicate. I know it sounds strange, but why not? Especially if they have advanced levels of communication and an awareness of our planet. All in all Ouija means �the unknown� and everyone has their own beliefs and interpretations of the board, but I am open to the idea that not everything that uses it is �evil�. Good and bad are together at all times, on earth and in death.

    • Ruth says:

      I could not agree with you more on this, Erica. I know I spoke to entities that were not evil, as well as ones that were, along with some who don’t exist with reference to human ideas of good and evil.

  21. eyepriestess says:


    that is a good interpretation of what may come through to try and contact us. It could be an alien, or a demon. But like you, i doubt its the ghosts of long lost loved ones.

  22. Big Chief says:

    Ok, good synopsis. Hmm, I believe that aliens are really angels or demons. I read a ouija story one time about a man who contacted the entity “Zo..” After he contacted the entity, he started having dreams of “grey” aliens coming to his house and abducting him. I believe the angels/demons are really the aliens that people see. I don’t believe that there are real aliens from outta space. Also, you can contact good or bad thorough the board although you may not know sometimes..

  23. Anonymous says:

    I just can�t imagine that Earth, in one universe among MANY is the only planet with life on it. Our minds cannot even comprehend what is out there and the universe is technically always expanding with dark matter and dark energy all the time. It would be a selfish thought to think that we are alone in something so great we cannot even explore but a fragment of it. I believe that demons can pretend to be anything, but the idea of true aliens communicating from very far away is always a possibility. How would we REALLY know otherwise?

  24. Bee says:

    Wow that is a really interesting story, You were really really brave for ringing up and I think that you could of helped the mother in some ways as well!

  25. GirlRacer says:

    I’m typing this answer from a mobile phone.

    This story is fabricated lies. David/Dave told you ‘he’ was hurting your daughter. Then the two Katie’s appear, you don’t know which Katie is being hurt?

    Then you wish you’d have kept the number? Yet Katie miraculously knows exactly where you’ve told this fairy tale and tells us miraculously that she’s alright. Riiiiiight.

  26. Erica Dittmann says:

    It�s pessimists like you that I wonder why on earth even go one websites like this. The spirit said that someone aka �he� was hurting his daughter (was David the father, grandfather, I don�t know and being young (13-14) why would I even think to ask, I didn’t know if the number would work. How often are working phone numbers given in a typical ouija session?). How would I know that the mom named the daughter after herself and that I was calling someone with a child (or even the child)? It isn�t like I had the spirit on the �other line� while I called to ask him what to make of that. I wrote down the number, message and called the number. If you�d like to pay for a polygraph test I welcome it. Go find someone else to irritate.

    • Big Chief says:

      You even bother. Ask her how many times has she used the board and watch her response. Just like most who respond like her “Little to no experience”. They are always the ones to cry fake and have little to zero experience on the subject. Some people crack me up. I just argue with them to irritate them. Gives me a good laugh. Hahaha!!!

    • GirlRacer says:

      I’ll tell you why I come to this website. To view stories and experiences that people have, for real. Not this made up garbage you’re so valiantly defending.

      Erica, take a look at the story. Its flawed and full of contradictions. At least the author could have had the decency to check their work/facts.

      I come here to see if people share the same experiences as me. Some do. Most do. There’s one thing I dislike, and thats blatant lying which is what this is. If you’re too blind to see it, thats your problem.

      See how I responded to you without a single insult? Now, I’ll just go take my pessimistic arse and wait for your anger and insult free response.

      Many thanks,
      GR x

      • Erica Dittmann says:

        How can you claim that I’m not telling the truth when you haven’t even asked my aunt and my mother who I approached after the experience? My own mother spoke to the woman and told her that we had been playing the Ouija board and she gave the message. She was so freaked out herself that she threw it away when I left to go home with my dad. I wrote this story 10-11 YEARS AFTER it happened. How dare you give me your worthless comments about a story I am telling as well as I can especially from how long ago it happened. I played the board with my best friend who herself was horrified after this.

        You must be one miserable human being to pass judgment on someone you don’t know. I hope that you get judged as harshly in life as you judge others. Have a wonderful day!

        I truly believe what comes around goes around and I don’t need everyone to believe my story, especially those that don’t believe in anything. I told it to share and see if anyone else has had something similar happen to them.

        • GirlRacer says:

          Hi again, and thanks for your response.

          I’m miserable because I don’t believe that your story is quite true? How judgemental is that?

          Firstly, I’m probably one of lifes happiest people. After being told that I’ve beaten breast cancer for the second time at the age of 33, and off to start my new career in the US (I’m from England) then I have more reason to be happier than anybody. Does it make you feel superior if somebody disagrees with your kind self and you chuck an insult or three, genuine question.

          Granted, Maybe my original post seemed harsh to you. In this life, people WILL disagree. I say things how I think they appear to me, and if that offended you, that was not my intention.

          I’ve had experience myself with the board. Once as a child, and twice as an adult responsible for her own actions. What I experienced as a child I couldn’t believe myself. Only now have I got the insight and knowledge to look deeper. I simply cannot find a rational explanation, and I may share it sometime.

          However, like I said – life’s big lesson is learning we’re all different, and we disagree. I’m stating OPINION, not FACT. It was not my intention for you to feel the way you do, nor be judgemental on your assumption of somebody for an opinion.

          I’m here if you wish to discuss this further.

          Regards, enjoy your day.

          Steph x

  27. Erica Dittmann says:

    Oh and “GirlRacer” about the person “Kate” who commented on here, who’s to say that they aren’t full of it? I have no idea who that person is. If they were the “true Kate” they’d be responding on here right (especially after 7 months)? But no you wouldn’t think that far in advance.

    • GirlRacer says:


      Sure. I’ll pay for a polygraph test. You think I’m kidding? Video
      or send me a copy of the results and I will gladly come here and issue you an honest and heartfelt apology.

      Until then my friend, I’m entitled to post my view on an ‘experience’ you made public.

      Cheers, enjoy your day.
      GR x

  28. Katie says:

    Katie here,

    Your right the story sounds like lies but in fact is true i mean i was helped wasnt i? yeh exactly, im 21 now and my father came and celebrated it with me.
    Ok so the truth i wasnt bullied, my moms called kathy so i dont where they got katie from , anway my moms boyfriend dave not my dad david was abusing us and some how after it stopped

    • Erica Dittmann says:

      Hi Katie,

      I’m not sure if I was the one who spoke to you or if this story is connected with you, but if it does that would be very cool (have you ever asked your mom). A small girl (sounded 8-9 max) answered when I called and I then asked for Kate she said that she was Kate and that her mom was called Kate (or Katie, I’m not sure really when you are in middle school or so you don’t normally document your life lol).

      I just got back in touch with my childhood friend who I moved away from this past week and I’m going to have her recount this story in her own words and post it. It was a profound moment in my life and a time that I really believed in life after death and in God.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Well, in that case – I wish you the best.

      Thank you for acknowledging my remark in a reasonable manner.

      I cannot prove or disprove the claim. I have no reason to purposely upset anybody. Was only stating my opinion.

      I will concede a little here. Its nice to feel protected by loved ones who have passed on. He came to help when you most needed it. I felt my Dad and Brother when I was close to giving up on radiotherapy, and I just wanted to be free again. When I felt them, an overwhelming sense of fierce protectiveness and love filled the room and I carried that every single time I went to Radiotherapy.

      Good luck in life.
      S x

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