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Helping a Ghost Went Wrong

Posted on October 8, 2011

My husband and I were messing around with an EVP of the supposed ghost at our apartment. It was a nice ghost, it wanted us to read it a certain favorite of the Bible for him. Then everything went so wrong.

We played back the recordings and had multiple bad spirits on it, including little demons. The bad spirits got so mad at us that in one of the recordings we took, it took a form of our voice and was talking to each other about going to the kitchen and turning the stove on to kill us.

We watched them all night, me husband, me and the dog could see their shadows hiding around trying to sneak around to the kitchen.

After numerous hours of us praying, and singing wonderful Christian songs and reading the Bible the shadows finally seized around 6 in the morning. We could still see a few spirits around, but not enough to be frightened. We were not frightened to begin with because we are strong Christians and love the Lord completely!

But now, after my husband went to work, I went home and cleaned the house. Twice while cleaning, I caught a short character with a hat looking at me, then it would disappear. I can see its plasmic out layer when it walks in front of me or its shadow when it follows me everywhere. It kept poking and creeping me out this morning so I left for my parents and it followed me.

I brought my dog and my dog was afraid to get in the back seat and just continued to look at me frightened. So I know it hopped in when I left, It kinda talks to me, but I don’t know really pay attention to it. I just want it to leave me alone and I don’t know what I did to deserve this.

No one believes me except my husband because he saw the shadows too, but they aren’t bothering him, just me. I’m tempted to use the EVP again and ask it why it is following me and harassing me, but then again I don’t want to pick up another bad spirit and be stuck with two demonic beings!

Please give me some advice as of what I could do. Thanks!

Sent in by Bayshbe, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Helping a Ghost Went Wrong”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering if EVPs are the new ouija board. I had a spirit tell me on an EVP that I invited him in by searching for EVPs with my digital voice recorder. Now I’m hearing a chorus of whispers all night while I am trying to sleep, in addition to voices saying words that I can’t quite make out. Now my cat lays on the bottom of my bed staring into the hallway every night. I am going to buy a night vision camera and set it up there but hope I don’t catch anything…or….I might try to find some sage to burn and wave the smoke into all the corners and doorways to try to get rid of it.

  2. Lunaterra says:

    First off, this sounds more like elemental beings to me. Mischievous, but not harmful. At least, that is what I gather by your description. You may not believe in elementals, being Christian, but that is okay. What I am trying to tell you is that these beings are not demonic. If the were, you would have felt fear,(and probably be in worse danger than you are now) no matter how strong your faith is, because even the most devout and strong in their faith have felt fear in dealing with the demonic. Demons feed on and incite fear. They feed on our negative energies and emotions; that is how they torment us. What you need to do is this;

    My understanding is that Christians, as do most others, believe in Angels. Well, I am going to direct you to a site, (and she is on here listed under friends and her name is Ama Nazra) that has an invocation to the Arch Angel Micheal. Here it is:


    Her background and profile are on the site as well, and you can find her here, too. She comments quite a bit on the “Questions and Answer” section of this site. The invocation I have given you, asks the Arch Angel Micheal to remove all attachments from you and or your home, and as a servant of God, you can trust the Arch Angel. Ama is a Christian with the Angelican church. I have tried the things she has suggested and they have worked. So, it can’t hurt. Also, if it is an elemental, or even just a pesky ghost, you have every right to ask it to leave. You do have that power. Best of luck!!! and keep me posted! :D LunaTerra

  3. chelsi-anna says:

    theres no contact with the dead. im praying for you.

  4. African-Cherokee-Irish Pride says:

    im saying everything with an honest heart. with you being a christian; im thinkin that u shouls understand that u dnt entertain spirits…..you test the spirit: who is your master….thats what u do, then if it comes from the deciever u bind them up in the name of jesus Pray!!!! because you have open the doors for evil spirits and entities to come in to your spiritual house, thus your natural house and physical mind as well. no more evp…..

  5. carri says:

    Christians should not mess with EVP’s. I am not judging you. only trying to tell you a warning. I think Evps may open up portals to the spirit world. demons can come through. you will have to get some help. Catholic church, holy water, crosses. a priest help maybe.

  6. Destiny says:

    EVP’s are just as bad as a ouiji bord. your talking to something bad and its able to communicate to terrorize and try to hurt you. Reading the bible was the second thing that went wrong, when reading the demons could easily take that one passage as a offence to gain more strength. Thrid you need to have a priest or find some one to clence the house it could help if you belive strong enough. But i do warn you if you dont take care of this the evil in the house could progress and eventually hurt someone or animal. Hopfully this helps take care!

  7. Lizzet says:

    Im curiouse what’s an EVP is it like the new ouji Board.?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’d say to burn sage and make sure to get it in the corners and do it lurked of your house too. While doing this command in a strong voice to leave and that whatever is in your house is not welcome. You may have to do this more than once. But by your description that does not sound like a demon. If it was a demon you would feel threatened and since you are so strongly Christian, it would probably try to do you harm. Talking about entities in the place where you feel them give them power so don’t do that

  9. Gina Sanchez says:

    Well if you really don’t want it to bother you anymore, I woukd suggest you to call your priest to bless your house and your self so that nomore spirits may bug you and your husband. Hope this helped :)

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