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Help Please with Strange Presence

Posted on May 15, 2010

I’ve lived in Tasmania all my life I am 22 years old. I moved to Richmond whilst I was pregnant nearly 3 years ago. The home we rented was beautiful sand stone home merely 5 minutes from the old grave yard and old geol. Richmond is known to be incredibly old and apparently 95 percent of places are haunted there including the pub.

On with my story I WAS a total non believer in the paranormal etc. The first few nights we stayed at our new home was fine a little eerie but nothing to serious, then after at least 3 weeks little thing I noticed kind of creeped me out, for example, I put the brush on my dresser near my bedroom door one day and went out for lunch with a friend, when I came back it was on the floor. I didn’t take much notice thinking it might have just slipped off. My hair straightener would turn itself on (it melted my sink bench one time) I put it down to an electrical fault, bought a new one, same thing happened.

One day just after my daughter was born I was in her nursery when I could have sworn I heard footsteps like someone walking on wooden floorboards. I turned to see nothing that’s when I realized we didn’t have floor boards we had carpet so it was impossible to hear what I thought I did, the footsteps seemed to frequent more and more around me and my daughter and on a few occasions id shut my daughters window in her nursery to return a few hours later to find it ajar again. I know it was not my boyfriend as he works nights and what’s even more unbelievable is when I shut the window I dead bolted it from the inside.

When my daughter got to 2 years old she started talking a lot to someone I couldn’t see. When I asked her about it she would point to thin air asking me “why can’t you see mum” looking at me strangely like I was a weirdo. My daughter is still too young to properly explain who she is talking too constantly it makes no sense to me. Her toys get moved from her room into my room but she is fast asleep and hasn’t put them there. When I ask she blames her friend who she calls Beth (I’m assuming Elizabeth maybe) the reason I am sharing this is because recently there seems to be something else in our house.

My partner woke 4 weeks ago with a giant bruise on his back, it looked as if he had been hit with a stick or pole, it was not there when we went to sleep and he has no recollection of ever getting it. Things have been falling off my daughters dressers and smashing; nearly all her christening presents are broken or missing. She cannot reach them and the dresser is sturdy and level so how can this be. Also I was doing the dishes a few nights ago when I felt very uneasy and I could smell something foul like manure or something rotten hard to explain. I looked through my window and could see the reflection of a dark stocky looking man standing right behind me, thinking it was my man I turned to be overcome with a feeling of almost like dread, I couldn’t move, but no one was there, when I finally snapped out of it I sat on the floor and cried until my man came home, I DO NOT believe this presence is my daughters friend. I didn’t feel uneasy with her. But whatever this other presence is I want it out of my house and away from my family… Other things have happened since then but it’s too long to write.

Help and advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Sent in by Kristy, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Help Please with Strange Presence”
  1. Jennifer Mills-Young says:

    First of all – do not be afraid. You are the one in control of the situation. If there were person(s) who are ghosts in the house interacting with your daughter they aren’t necessarily ” bad “.
    If the person Beth is a child – she will still act like a child and what you may be interpreting as malicious ( frightening ) acts of breakage could just be a little girl playing with things she shouldn’t and breaking them! Little girls love pretty things but they usually aren’t very careful with them!
    You can talk to Beth and you need to make rules. Firstly if you accept Beth and the man are present what do you want them to do?
    If you want Beth to stop playing with your daughters things – tell her!
    If she is a child, she will have had a parent and understand ” rules ” and beig naughty – how would you tell your daughter not to touch the things on her dresser? Address it pretty much the same way.
    But kid ghosts are like real kids – some kids are ok and some are brats! Sadly, even kids who are nasty brats die and become ghosts. They will still be nasty brats now they’re dead unfortunately.
    I have a ghost called ” Kevin ” living in my house and when I was first aware of him – we had a long talk and I told him to leave my kids alone! I told him if he didnt – I would send him on his way. I was not afraid of Kevin but if you read my stories in my name – you will see I have encountered ghosts before.
    As for the man – he may have lived there before – he may not be the one necessarily breaking things. He may just be there – pretty much how ” Kevin ” is just in my house.
    I see Kevin sometimes and we have an ” understanding ” – he stays away from my kids and he stays out of my bedroom! Now my son is 19 and not a kid anymore – my son has seen Kevin a few times ( he kept his word, literally! ) but my son is used to ghosts as well.
    Now if it is an old house and you came in from mucking the stables you would pretty much smell like manure – so you could check some history on the place. If its a residual haunting of what the man did in life – and he even did gardening – if he composted the garden with manure or even some trades and businesses in ‘ olden days’ used alot of nasty smelly things ( people who were tanners of leather used dog poo! ) so its not necessarily ” bad ” by association with a bad smell. If you experienced a residual moment of a man who lived in that house – what did he do for a living? If he was unlucky enough to be a tanner, he may have just come home from work!
    But if you want him to go or not appear – first just tell him as you would a house guest.
    If he was a nice bloke in life – he’ll be a nice ghost and may not have meant to upset you – unfortunately if he was a nasty arrogant person – he still will be and may have had a great laugh at your reaction. They don’t get a personality exchange when they pass over!
    You should try to ‘ play nice ‘ first – if they don’t comply – then you can look at having them removed by smudging ( like an aboriginal smoking ceremony ) or depending on your religious beliefs ; use the bible ; koran ; torah and order them out of the house. If you don’t have a particular ‘ religion ‘ you could look more to wicca or natural belief systems as if they have to go – they have to go! If he isn’t a nice person – NOT being afraid of him will take the wind right out of his sails! Fear gives negative spirits their power – so the more you are scared – the more you are like an ever ready battery for him.
    Good Luck. Wish I could come and visit – the house sounds lovely – but I’m Darwin!

  2. jim says:

    Hi Kristy,my name is Jim.Experiences that happen by our selves is one thing,when it’s around your child,then I get pissed off!My wife and I had something happen that was or seemed to centered around mt 4 yr. old.He ran to me one day complaining of the scary ghost man.Some other things happened but after “seeing” the shadow man,I do mean a shadow thing??!I started praying!I called my grandmother,she started praying,she called her pastor,he started praying!Whatever “it” was it went awayPRAY!PRAY!Take care….Jim

  3. Anonymous says:

    may god be with u my child.

  4. big barney says:

    ok first of all…..if you thought that the hair straightner was part of electical default it wouldnt matter if you got a new one, and it did the same thing, that is what an electrical default would do! it would be an electrical default in the socket, and it wouldnt matter if you bought a new one!

    • PandaCobain says:

      The flat iron itself could’ve shorted. Not just the socket. I’ve read many of your comments and you don’t seem to think them through fully. You must think of everything. I believe that the spirit may have done this.

      I wish her luck and hope that things work out for her ans her family.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well it looks like we have something in comen, their are like 10 ghost hunting my home and are try to scare me 24/7 and it really bothers me. So all I can say to you is be strong and prey to god to make them rest in peace because sometimes they like to make you suffer.

  6. Carla Clark says:

    Poltergeist are nasty little buggers, they are also know as noise ghosts. Poltergeist usually move things around, make lots of noises and whatnot. Unlike shadow people who generally leave you alone and are typically shadows, poltergeists can move, levitate, throw and break objects. I believe your home has a poltergeist problem also known as a haunting. Sometimes poltergeist and other spirits will just eventually pass but others can linger for a long period of time. I am not so sure how to get rid of poltergeist, because I have only ever had to do deal with shadow people. I have been studying poltergeists for sometime now, but there is no sure way to know how to rid your home of them. I wish you the best of luck.

  7. keepers Of The Circle Paranormal says:

    Hello ,

    I want to first start by telling you who we are. We are keepers of the circle paranormal group located in Albany NY. We have a group totalling 10 board of directors and 20 members throughtout the Northeast region. I want you to know we have been exp. with the paranormal industry since 1964. We are a real true honest group who research paranormal activity throughout the northeast region. We have all resources and equipment to help you once and for all. please look at at website at keepersofthecircleparanormal.com . We will only bring the top 4 members of our group to your location to investigate and get the answers you are seeking. further more get out what remains there now. and bless your home..my number is 518-507-2525. Thank you . My name is Bill. founder …

  8. AnNa says:

    i dont know what to say just sorry that your going through this.i wish i could help.cleans the house get a priest.thanks for the story.let us know what happenes in whatever you do.maybe talk to your daughter alittle bit more and ask how beth looks like and check out the back round.

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