Hearing Voices at Night

Posted on November 17, 2011

It was 1:15am Sunday night in Rockford Illinois. I was putting my little 9 year old Christina to bed. She kept on insisting that she was hearing tapping on her bedroom window. Every time she goes to the bathroom she hears tapping on the window and communicates with a spirit.

I told her some ghost stories because she likes to hear them to fall asleep. I turned out the light and set the alarm for school the next day. I sat next to her bed for about 15 minutes and shut her bedroom door. The German Sheppard was resting outside the bedroom door.

All of the sudden I heard a distinctive man’s voice outside Christina’s door. He was having a conversation but I could not make out what he was saying. The voice was so close to me that I was terrified. I feel asleep on the floor in her room. I remembered that the voice was either coming from the dog or the basement vent.

All of the sudden I heard 3 voices again but outside my house. I heard some yelling. I could hear banging and some screams. I looked at the clock sleepy and realized it was 3:30am. By now I was afraid and had a hard time falling asleep.
I woke up at 7am and dressed my daughter and took her to school for the day.

The next day I came home from work at 4am and my son greeted me at the door and told me that the teenage girl next door was in fear for her life. Her stepfather is a convicted sex offender and was beating her. She asked my 19 year old son if she could hide at my house in case her stepfather beats her again. My son agreed.

We also have a court case this weekend for a boy that stabbed my daughter with a knife. He cut her lightly but the States Attorney
wants to prosecute in the courts.

Christina still is hearing voices and tapping on her window.

I also have a workplace bully who is tormenting me. I think all these incidents are interconnected. The paranormal thing that is significant is the voice in the living room. The voice was so real and so close to my door that it scared me. The more pressure I have on me the more I can hear paranormal voices. I know the screams I heard were my neighbors. But the voice outside the bedroom window was a true paranormal encounter.

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13 Responses to “Hearing Voices at Night”
  1. Elise Gingerich says:

    That Really Is Spooky….yikes! I’d Get Spooked Too….That Just Sounds Too Scary….did you ever find out any history about the whole event by any chance?? maybe find out about the whole event about the situation that’s happening to you by any chance?? well, best of luck, Amen to you! from elise gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa:)

  2. Buddy says:

    Well, fortunately enough for you, you only hear one voice. As for me, I hear a LOT of them. It’s like being in the middle of a huge noisy crowd, but can’t make sense of any words they are saying. They all sound like mumbles or muffed out conversations and the only clear thing I can hear is my name. Various voices, young and old, deceased ones and even the living all saying something and then call out my name, but I believe that these are just spirits mimicking the voices of the living to scare the living daylights out of me. I also have frequent dreams of multiple corpses being buried beneath my very house and they would often come out and torment me in my sleep. These things became so frequent that I have learned to live with it. I also got so tired of running in my dreams that I began to study it and take control and turn the tides against the offending entities in my dream. But I dare not talk to the voices because I may unleash something that is not very pleasant that I may not be able to handle, I just let them ramble on till I fall asleep. I often have friends sleeping over and in the morning they would tell me about the voices they hear in my room and how they were not able to sleep because of it.

    My point is, don’t let it bother you. If it’s not causing you physical harm don’t pay any mind to it and in time you’ll learn to live it like a constantly annoying pet. I lived with the voices in my room and the nasty dreams and the good thing is I’m not dead yet. Yes sure, there are bad stuff happening in our lives, there are bullies and such, but it’s up to you to take control of your life, don’t let yourself get carried away by your environment and the people around it. Be strong and fight it. If you are going up against spirits, there is no better way than fight back with your own spirit, the only thing is that you have to be stronger than they are to beat them. Every living creature has a spirit, especially humans, the thing you have to do is tap into your inner consciousness and bring out the power of your own spirit and combat whatever is bothering you in your own home. To put it simply, bring out your fighting spirit, you strong resolve, your powerful desire to take over your own home, your own family and your own life. Don’t give in to what the world around you is trying to do to you, it’s up to you to stand up and fight. If you give in to fear, you let negativity take over and evil entities like people that are afraid because it makes them stronger.

    I believe you have the ability to do great feats and even drive away the bothersome entity that has been lurking in your home. Just be strong and exercise your faith and believe, believe you can win over every hardships you can come across. And once you do this, the entity in your house will go away and even the bully in your office will also keep distance from you. Ever heard of the book entitled “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne? I suggest you read it and get some pointers and idea of what I mean.

    I wish you good luck and I pray for you and your family’s well being and safety

    • carri says:

      Hi I am Christina and I can’t any sleep from this spirit so what am I supposed to do. So what am I supposed to do but it keeps banging on the window. I am 9 years old. My mom can hear spirits. My mom can dream spiritual activities. I can see and hear spirits and demons. That is why the demons come after me because they know I have a ability to see and hear spirits and demons. So they come to torment me. You tell me to ignore them but it is difficult. Imagine someone banging on your window or door all night long and every day and not stopping. They also knock down my cross. It is metal and they broke it.

      • Buddy says:

        I know how it feels because I experience them myself, I also wrote about that in my reply. Plus, crucifixes doesn’t work that much, so I don’t suggest using them. If you want to fight off an evil entity you must start with your self. Remember that evil entities are trying to keep you afraid so that you will give out negative energy, and the negative energy you give out is what they want because it keeps them strong, it’s like food for them. There is no quick fix to this situation, even if you conduct some sort of exorcism in your house or you put up some sort of barrier, evil entities will still come after you if you keep being afraid. This is not just some burglar that police can arrest and things will be over and done with. You must understand how spirits behave for you to be able to get rid of them. It’s hard at first, but believe me, once you gain courage and enough spiritual strength of your own these evil entities will keep away from you and your family.

        Human’s have spirits and its energy depends on our moods, if we’re happy it gives off positive energy, if we’re sad, angry, or afraid it gives out negative energy. Evil spirits need negative energy to keep them satisfied and they get the negative energy from people who give off negative energy and places with negative energy. Spiritual energy can be transferred to people and objects, if people from a certain household is always fighting and arguing and are always scared, or sad they transfer that energy to their house and thus, the house becomes consumed with negative energy that attracts evil spirits.

        Remember, if you want to get rid of this thing scaring you, you must start with yourself, be strong, have courage, if you keep running away from it, it will keep running after you because you look like a source of food for that evil entity. If you want to get rid of it that badly STOP BEING AFRAID! If you’re too scared, try consulting a local psychic in your area, or burn some incense and let the odor fill your room if you’re not used to it, get used to it. Sprinkle salt around your house, I know it will make the house look a little filthy, but you are looking for a quick fix for the evil entity after all and crystals (ie. salt crystals) are known deterrent for evil entities especially if you’re dealing with an elemental spirit. You can try the bubble of light protection, but if you’re too scared, this process will not work for you because it requires the user to be emotionally stable and focused to keep the bubble of protection always on. To make the light bubble, first envision (or imagine) yourself being engulfed by a bright white light, it should start from your stomach and slowly surround yourself with it. Depending on your spiritual power, you can expand this bubble to surround your room creating a barrier. Feeling tingly like pins and needles sensation, or feel that you are having an extra layer of skin are some of the indications that the bubble is working. But before you can do this you must have a strong will or desire (strong faith), unwavering emotions and firm resolve to get rid of the evil entity (positive energy), if you only use imagination this won’t work at all.

        This is not some child’s play and I don’t suggest you try practicing higher spiritual abilities that you don’t fully understand because you might make things worse.

        Have you also tried looking for other explanations for the events happening around you? I may just be somebody playing and awful trick.

        • Buddy says:

          Correction to my last phrase:
          ‘IT’ may just be somebody playing and awful trick.

          Remember, sometimes jealous neighbors might be causing it.

      • Vonnie says:

        I went through something similiar when I was about 14 and we moved into our new house. I would hear lots of things and what I did was sleep with my stereo on. I always slept better in that in that house if there was music playing or even if the T.V. was on. I know it can be scary, but that way if I heard a noise I’d tell myself it was the background noise. It may not be a perfect solution, but it worked for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow that was really scary I’d be scared if that happens to me

  3. carri says:

    We won the court case. we got an order of protection for my daughter. But on Sunday we witnessed a black cloaked demon without a face next door moving through the neighbor’s house. we knew then we are fighting demonic entities. At work things are heating up as a mean coworker who is threatening me and other coworkers to run us over with his car. These bad employees get brought back when a new contract is signed by the UAW. Christina continues to hear tapping on her bedroom window as well as the bathroom window. I told her not to communicate, it could be the black cloaked demon next door trying to enter our house.

  4. SnowWolf says:

    Have you considered the possibility that these events may not, in fact, be paranormal? When you heard the voice that seemed to be coming from the dog (probably safe to rule him out) or the basement, did you check out the basement? Have you looked for a physical source for the voices and noise? It sounds like you have some people who don’t like you very much, have you made certain it is not them harrassing you? The paranormal makes an easy answer for some events, but the living are far more dangerous. Make certain that there is a paranormal problem before you try to solve a paranormal problem. If the problem is in fact being caused by the people who have a beef with you, that needs to be addressed immediately.

  5. carri says:

    No we saw the black cloaked Demon with no face next door. I also heard it tapping on my window. I am ignoring it right now. These demons come through portals that are opened. like communicating with a spirit. The man next door who is beating his step daughter has opened a portal. the demon walks through his house. since we can see it it tries to come over to my house. it taps on the window. I try to ignore it. as well as my child. but when these evil people open portals. like with domestic violence. we can see the spiritual activity in the house. This town of Rockford Illinois has a lot of ex criminals living here. So we are witnessing a lot of spiritual activity.

  6. SnowWolf says:

    I understand the basics of how evil entities enter human lives, but for the safety of your children, have you thoroughly ruled out the possibility that a living person has been causing some of these problems? What actions have you taken to eliminate that possibility? Every possible source of the problem needs to be considered in order to protect your family. Set up cameras in the areas you have experienced these things happening. See if you catch anything on tape, living or otherwise.
    Also, giving your kids name and the name of the town you live in over the internet can be risky. Not everyone online has good intentions.

  7. carri says:

    Now friends hate to keep informing you. But I am afraid, the demon has told my daughter that he knows my family. He knows my ex husband’s new family. He also said the word Vodum. when my child told me this I was greatly terrified. I looked up this word on the internet and my 9 year old child has no way of knowing anything about this. I will possibly write a story or more information later.

  8. Thefurbyprotector says:

    It scares me how you heard something outside YOUR bedroom door now I wont be able to sleep tonight.

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