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Hauntings at the Keisser House

Posted on April 26, 2010

I live in a house, not very old at all, and not very far away from Concord, North Carolina. It was built in 1995, a 3,200 sq. foot, 3 story, red brick house with green shutters, located in a fairly large neighborhood. It appears as normal as could be, but once you have lived there and experienced things, it is anything but normal.

I have a whole plethora of ghostly occurrences related to the house, but I have selected the best to share on this website:

1) I was at home by myself one day, just sitting and playing my piano (dated 1878) in the front room of the house when all of the sudden I felt a cool breeze rush quickly past my back and then it felt as if someone laid an ice-cold hand on my shoulder. (Note that the windows were shut and the air conditioning unit was broken at this time.) My dogs looked straight at my back where I felt the presence and began barking like crazy. Terrified, I shot out of the house and didn’t dare go back in for another 30 minutes.

2) My friend, Emalie, was at my house and we were just to about to go outside to sit on the porch when we heard the dishes that had been lying on the kitchen counter being picked up and set down. Knowing we were the only 2 in the house, we both looked at each other and took off down the street.

3) My friend, Ashlynne, was over and we were sitting in the living room of the house where there happens to be a large mirror. I had gotten up and gone into the kitchen while Ashlynne was talking to me when all of the sudden her face turned extremely pale and drained of all color. She jumped up and ran out the front door. I chased after her and asked her what had happened. Shaking with terror, she explained to me that she had seen a transparent lady dressed in Victorian-era clothing with light brown hair walk straight across the living room, but she only had seen the reflection in the mirror. To this day, Ashlynne refuses to come to my house.

4) I was sitting alone on the porch one day reading a book with the door to the kitchen open. Then, I heard a door from the second floor slam shut. I ran up the stairs, to find that no doors had been closed, so I proceeded to the third story, only to find the same thing. Puzzled, I walked back downstairs and a little while later I heard the door slam again. I again ran back upstairs, and again there were no doors closed, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow dart behind me and run into the nursery. Terrified, I chased after it, but there was nothing there when I walked into the room.

5) It was about 1:00 am, and I was lying asleep in my bed when all of the sudden I felt an intense pressure on my chest. I immediately woke up and saw a little boy with light brown hair, dressed in attire from the early 1800′s standing directly over me. He emitted a blue glow through the whole room. I screamed as loud as I could, just out of sheer terror, but I felt as if someone was holding me down and I could not get out of the bed. Then, the bed began to vibrate violently and the little boy just vanished, and everything stopped. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. I definitely didn’t sleep the rest of that night!

6) On Halloween, a group of trick-or-treaters had come to my door and were waiting for me to give them their candy when a little girl looked into the dining room and said “I like your costume.” Not sure as to whom she was addressing, I asked her what she was talking about. She replied, “Didn’t you see her? There was a lady dressed in a long old dress and she had her hair up in a bun.” Not wanting to scare her, I said nothing else and gave them their candy. After they left, I couldn’t help but go into the dining room to search for this lady, but found no one.

I still wonder… what are the hauntings connected to? The house isn’t old, and no one ever died in it. I do, however, have a hunch that these strange happenings are related to a) my antiques or b) the land. A Revolutionary War battle was fought on the same land my house is located, but I tend to think the antiques are more likely. I own many historic artifacts such as a grandfather clock (dated 1752), an 1856 dining room table, 1829 couch, just to mention a few. Many paranormal researches believe that spirits have the ability to attach themselves to objects.

I have many other stories, but I think that these are the most interesting ones I have to tell. I used to be a major skeptic in the paranormal, but after the many instances at my house, I became a major believer. Even though I have been startled on many occasions by the paranormal, I have never felt that anything evil lurks in my home. Many of my friends whom have experienced the paranormal in my house raise the same question: are you going to have an exorcism performed? I don’t feel threatened in my house. Nothing demonic lives here, therefore I do not see the need. I have learned to live with those who are neither living nor dead; those who simply linger on after death.

Sent in by Amy Sophea Keisser, Copyright 2010

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21 Responses to “Hauntings at the Keisser House”
  1. jim says:

    Hi Amy,I have found out some of the things I and you have apparently have experienced while startling and disconcerting are commonplace.I could do w/out it but it does make for an interesting evening sometimes.I liked your story,keep them coming..Jim

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      I totally agree with you that hauntings are far from out of the ordinary and that they are disconcerting sometimes! I’m so glad you took interest in my stories, and I will be sure to keep everyone updated with future posts!
      -Amy Keisser

  2. anna says:

    AMY-i think thats cool that your not scared at all that you need to get ride of them.i like the stories,and i would love to hear more.so if no-one from your friends will come over because of the ghosts i’ll be your friend.(lol).i would love to see ghosts.if you get board of them send them my way.just kidding.thanks for the story and cant wait to hear more.

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      I’m so glad you have taken interest in my stories. It is quite inconvenient to have these hauntings, especially when my friends won’t come over any more! That has been the main thing that really bothers me about the strange occurences at my house. I am currently working on a research project to find out the history of my land, and if I find anything of value I will be sure to submit an update story. Thanks for commenting!
      -Amy Keisser

  3. mimi says:

    Hi, Amy:

    I would say there are some souls in your house that have not gone to the light. It seems to me they are not evil or demonic. According to the history as you mentioned, I believe the spirits haunt this property.You can tell them they are dead and don’t belong here any more. They need to go to see the light. If they still don’t want to leave, then you need a priest to help you out. It won’t be too hard since they are not demons.

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      I agree with you that the hauntings certainly do not seem to be demonic. I have never felt directly threatened in the house, but have been scared on many occasions! While the hauntings are not harmful, they are not the most convenient things either, especially when it comes to friends refusing to come to my house! I also don’t know if I am ready to get rid of the entities. While many times they scare me, they most certainly keep me living on the edge! Thank you for your concern!
      -Amy Keisser

  4. Olga says:

    Hey Amy,I’m just curious as 2 altho the hauntings aren’t harmful aren’t U @ all interested in finding out wat xactly is causing da hauntings? My sister 1nce bought a children’s lamp @ a 2nd hand store & my niece & nephews started Cing a little boy & da moment she got rid of da lamp the occurences stopped so it can be related 2 Ur antigues as U had mentioned but Y not find out 4 sure?

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      I completely agree with you that I should find out exactly what is causing the hauntings at my house. I am currently working on a land research project to find out the exact history of my property. I am reluctant to give up my antiques because they are all very special to me, so hopefully something will turn up with my research project. Thank you for taking interest in my stories!
      -Amy Keisser


    Hey where exactly is your house? I live in salisbury. I know our towns have “alot” history. Very interesting story. Its best 2 look into the history of the land your house is on. Hope you can find some solution.

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      Thank you for taking interest in my stories! I am reluctant to say where exactly I live, but yes our towns do have a lot of history! I am starting a land research project to try and find out the exact history of my property. I hope I will find something valuable out, also!
      -Amy Keisser

  6. patsy collumjs says:

    i do beleive in ghosts, thay are indeed real,some ppole come back to the place, where thay were murdered, or died natuanlley. some come back as thay to theire old stoping ground. not to menly hurt someone, just wont to visit theire lovebale place. thats. all i am and do beleive you amy. and just the house was built around 1995, sometimes. somebody could had died tragedley, my spellling isnt so good, or the person was murdered.or; sometimes the place wa built around an old cemetery, or an old hosptila use to stand, or a war ws fought, or where many have fought and did. all i can do is pray for you amy, and please be save. have a blessed day hellumspatty

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      Thank you for taking interest in the hauntings at my house. You make good points about the history of the land. Supposedly a Revolutionary War battle was faught near the land where my house is located. Also, rumor has it that an old plantation house used to be located on my land and that there is an unmarked graveyard in the area, but I’m not sure how true these rumors are. I think it would make sense with some of the things I have experienced. I’m also an antique collector, and in theory, spirits can attach themselves to objects. I always find what hauntings are related to to be very interesting!
      -Amy Keisser

  7. trolldoll says:

    i can definately relate to number 3 and halloween night. i too have seen a victorian lady just as you described! my boyfriend saw her too on a separate occasion. i’m sure it could be that some of your possesions are attached to spirits! don’t be afraid. thanks

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      It’s good to know I’m not the only one with experiences like this! I agree with you about the spirits connecting themselves to objects because I collect antiques. It would definitely make sense and fit in with the hauntings. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! You should submit your story!
      -Amy Keisser

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Amy ,
    Those experiences sure are interesting but tell me would you like to stay in a house where you feel scared all the time? I mean these spirits don’t mean any harm, they just want you to know that they exist but don’t you want to lead a peaceful life without the fear factor. Why don’t you get the antiques blessed instead and show these spirits the light. Many a times many evil spirits too can attach themselves to the antiques that you collect so please be careful. I would surely like to know the history of the land. I am a Hindu by faith and before we build any buildings or houses we always do a ‘Bhoomi Poojan’ meaning we do some prayer rituals on the land on which we are about to build the house or building which clears the land of any entities or bad energy.

  9. true believer says:

    they are no douAwesome love the stories and would love to hear more. They are definently attashed to the antiques, does the piano ever play?

    • Amy Sophea Keisser says:

      True Believer,
      Funny you should ask about the piano playing by itself because that has happened occasionally. I usually hear either a really high or a really low note being played. It is definitely unnerving to hear phantom notes being played on my piano late at night!
      -Amy Keisser

  10. true believer says:

    I grew up in a home with doors that slam lights that fickered foot steps and nobody there . windows flying open in winter and no foot prints outside.flying up the stairs breaking three toes to get up i was maybe10 now that i know what i do it would have been more interesting but then i never went down to the basement at night alone again

  11. Ella says:

    Thnks for that story!! It was really good! :)

    really interesting!!! :D

  12. Hydro says:

    Did you have the antiques before your moved into that home? If so, did anything happen where you previously lived??

  13. Mari says:

    Awww….man, my mom just bought me an antique buffet table like early 1900′s I really hope nothing is attached to it!!!
    Love your stories!

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