Haunting in Iwakuni Japan

Posted on March 13, 2011
Iwakuni Japan

Iwakuni, Japan

This the true accounts that I experienced in the outer woods of Iwakuni, Japan in 2004. I was in the Marine Corps as a Sergeant stationed at Iwakuni, Japan. While stationed there I met a fellow Sergeant that I struck up a friendship with and we started hanging out. We would go on camping trips to nearby rivers and go on different adventures. On one night we were just hanging out at the barracks and had been drinking a few beers. Among the conversation my friend named Sonny began to tell me about a story of the seven seven haunted houses. Of course I am thinking just another scary story. Well the story goes:

Years back there was a famous doctor that had become very wealthy through his practice. With this wealth he built houses way out in the desolate woods for close family. There were seven different families that had houses built. In later years the doctor began to lose his mind and get a little crazy. He became a much secluded man towards the end. One night with no warning he slaughtered his own family and then continued the slaughter to the rest of the six houses and the family members inside and then killing himself. The local Japanese will not visit this site, because of known haunted experiences.

My thinking is great story, but my friend suggest we visit the site. So he calls his Japanese girlfriend to drive us out to the site. She fights with him not to go, but as polite and agreeable as the locals were with the Americans she finally agrees as long as she does not stay. She agrees to drop us off a � mile from the trail, which is all that is left to get to the site of the seven houses. So we begin to walk to the front gate of the base and then get a cab to her car. We take some beer with us, a radio, and cigs planning to spend the night in one of the abandoned houses. Once we get to her house we load up in her car and she drives us 45 minutes into the deepest woods to the site. When we arrived she drove past the trail and pointed to where it was. She tried desperately to convince us not to go. I was thinking, (you got to be kidding, it is just a ghost story).

Well we unloaded and walked to the head of the trail. As I looked around I noticed there are no street lights, no houses, no cars, nothing. IT WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Well we non-chalantly walked down the trail for at least 200 yards before we came across the first house. It was burnt to the ground. The next was partially still there. The next 5 I can�t remember for sure. I know there were three still standing. We went to the very end to where there was a place where a fire had been burnt before and a old rusted car was there (no idea how it got there, because there were no roads). Well we started a fire, turned on the radio, and partied a little like Marines do.

After awhile my buddy suggested we go check out a few of the houses. So we went to one that was the closest. We could see it from the fire. We walked inside the house and it was in pretty good shape aside from all the windows being busted out and rotted flooring. It was two stories but we could not go up the stairs, because half of the stairs had rotted away(I tend to get chills while telling this story, because of the realism of it for me). We did not spend much time in that one because of the deteriation. We went back down the trail after exiting that house looking for a better one to go into.

We passed, I�m not sure how many until we came to one on the left that was off the trail a good 100 feet (Yes we had a flashlight to see). It had a lot of growth of shrubs vines and trees around it. Made it a little hard to get to (Chills again). We finally made it to the front of the house and opened the screen door which was all that was left of the entrance. It still had the spring on it so it shut behind us. The stairs were right there as we walked in and were in good shape, so we walked up to the second story to check it out. Once up there it was not much left-just windows busted out and open rooms. The main room that was at the top of the stairs had a bay window that was busted out. We sat there and drank a beer and turned on some music(we had brought our stereo with us).

After awhile there my buddy starting talking about he believed in satan and that he knew how to do a s�ance. Well of course I think he�s full of it, but he continues on wanting to do one. Well I come from a Christian background and will not be a direct part with it. He turns off the radio and begins chanting what I don�t know. He does this for several minutes (Chills) when I hear a crash (Chills) back behind the house way up the hill.

Now let me explain the woods setting we are in. It is rolling hills almost mountains all wooded. These houses are sitting in a wooded valley. So when I say I heard a crash behind us up on a hill, I mean it was probably 200 yards away.

Then I heard more crashing. Then it began to sound like branches and even trees were breaking. The crashing was getting louder and closer to eventually breaking out right behind the house. This is were it really makes the hair on my whole body stand up even as I right this. When the crashing broke behind the house (which meant the end of the woods) there began obvious footsteps running around the side of the house (the reason we could hear these is because we were sitting right beside that bay window) towards the front. I heard this and immediately began to freak out saying to my buddy, �what the heck were you chanting and you need to make this stop!�

What ever it was ran around to the front, opened the screened door (to which we heard open and slam shut) and take two steps up the stairs to where we were and stopped. At this moment I am ready to jump out this bay window opening, but I know I�ll break a leg or two possibly. We begin yelling at each other what to do because me and him both are afraid now and eventually he says we should should just run down the stairs as fast as possible, head out the door, and run until we are all the way down the trail to the road again. And that is exactly what we did and some. We ended up running for t least a � mile down the paved road once we reached it. After that we walked for 5 miles (assumption) to the closest railroad to get us back to base. Problem was we were out at 3 A.M. and the train didn�t run until 8 A.M. I never believed in ghosts until this experience.

Now for the discredits that may arise let me clarify a few facts. There is only one trail that leads to this site and it is a foot path. There are no lights to be seen ANY WHERE! There were no other people here besides us. There is no camp ground close around. The woods are as thick as they get. No one could of run down the steep embankment breaking trees and limbs to the extent that it sounded like a tornado. And all of the turmoil started after my buddy chanted whatever for a couple of minutes. I have told this story to many people in person and not a one of them did not believe me after hearing it. For one I have to stop at times because I get such extreme chills and goose bumps from just telling it, and two the people I have told it to know me as a truthful person. I told my brother and he wanted me to take him there and I told him no. For two reasons: one it would cost a heck of a lot of money, and two I swore to never go there again.

Sent in by Travis Reed, Copyright 2011

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11 Responses to “Haunting in Iwakuni Japan”
  1. Desirae says:

    Wow! Great story. I believe it. Crazy stuff happens in foreign countries…I have family in Mexico and when my aunts gather around and tell “ghost stories” I know NEVER to listen if I want to get some sleep for the next few nights.

    I also have family and friends in Fukuoka, Japan, Samoa, and the Philipines who have strange stories like that…I have a strong belief that because there is so much history and superstition in these countries, because people like witch doctors and shamans still exist there, creepy and strange things will occur. Thanks for the submission!

    • Nameless says:

      hey desirae if you want to have a ghostly experience in the philipines i would prefer you to go to baguio city i heard that there is a abandoned hospital there and has some hauntings going on there and also the ozone disco which was burned on march 18 1996.there are comments some of the residents beside the ozone disco had a nightmare that they were chased by burning people and when they wake up the saw ashes on the edge of their beds.here is the full story

      The Ozone Disco Club was built in 1991, issued its permits by Assistant City Engineer Benjamin Malinao, and opened for business. The establishment was poorly designed for its purpose, and poorly maintained. It had one main entrance/exit, accessed from the dance floor by a long hallway, with a door that only opened inwards. There was one emergency exit. It was not equipped with fire alarm or sprinkler systems.
      By 1996 the Ozone Disco was a disaster waiting to happen. The emergency exit had been sealed off by the construction of another building, and fire extinguishers no longer worked. On the evening of March 18 the club was full with over 350 partygoers, about ten times its allowed capacity. Shortly after 12:00, fire broke out. Some said that sparks flew from the DJ booth, others that a tank exploded in the kitchen. Fire spread quickly and unchecked through the structure.
      The crowd headed for the only exit, creating a crush that killed many of the patrons as they tried to escape. The door, which only opened inwards instead of the mandatory in-out type, was effectively sealed shut by the pressure of the crowd. Bodies ended up piled three feet deep for the length of the hall.
      The building�s mezzanine level collapsed in the fire, killing more young people beneath it. The fire raged for two hours before being brought under control. By the time it was over, the Ozone Disco Club Fire was the Philippines� largest and most deadly fire, and the second-deadliest nightclub fire in the world to that date.

      • Desirae says:

        Wow! Sounds interesting! Maybe if I visit my friend soon, I can get her to take me there! Although…I don’t know if I’m brave enough to actually go inside…

      • Felicia says:

        Hey there. I’m a Filipina and I found your story quite interestih and informative. How do you know about this story though? Have you traveled to the Philippines?

  2. Buds420 says:

    Great story man, but your buddy isn’t the smartest cookie to be putting you and himself in danger. Is this buddy of yours that was doing the chanting also a Japanese? I do believe you, crazy stuff happens when you do that kind of stuff. Not that I had any experience of chanting but I heard more than enough stories. I am a Christian n I would never ever do anything like that. But this story was a good read, glad you wrote it.

  3. vzy4kat63 says:

    You guys are lucky for one that none of you were hurt while visiting the old houses, two your friend shouldn’t be doing that because he could open up a door that shouldn’t be opened.

    You should of tried doing an evp/took photos, it would of been worth it that’s for sure since the man murdered his family.

    It’s good that you went in as a group comapired to just two or three people.

  4. yumi says:

    That is an awsome story! Ive been to Japan and love it, i love all the scary stories from the east, i dont know why but asian ghost stories, hunts, films ect are just so much scarier than other places around the world.
    I believe you most definatly, though at the end of that, there still poses a question…what would have happened, if your friend had NOT chanted? lol I think if he hadn’t it may have still happened. Either that or you would have remained at the houses for longer, perhaps long enough for something else to happen? who knows.

    Have you heard of the suicide woods near mt Fuji (Aokigahara)?
    On the tv programme Ghost Adventures they visit the woods and catch something rather bizarre on film. Looks like a woman rising from the ground behind some roots, then disappearing beneath them again. One for youtube. ;)
    Its a good read researching those woods, though suicide is never a happy subject.

    With the recent tsunami in Japan and the danger of the nuclear station, i pray nothing more happens to the country. :( I want to go over and help, but its just not possible right now.

    sorry went on a bit, thanks for the story! Best one ive read in ages. :)

  5. Christina says:

    Great story….maybe it was the famous doctor coming back to do a bad deed. Who knows? Maybe he built those houses in the middle of nowhere as a sacrifice to something or someone. Pretty strange to build them in the middle of nowhere; only to slaughter them at his leisure with no one to stop him. Creepy creepy creepy!!!!

    Glad you didn’t suffer any dire consequences.


  6. trolldoll says:

    i’ve watched a few fictional japanese movies! some were based on fact. if anyone knows about hauntings and ghosts, those people really do! i can only sit back in horror and watch what they are going thru!

  7. Rylee says:

    Japan is a very cultural-and superstitious-place. They have quite a collection of ghost stories, and even more true tales. Perhaps it is because they had a much bigger background then America (Comparing where I live to where I know about)-They were an empire. Top rulers. Conquerers. Slaughterers. They were rulers. While America is fairly new, and the bloodiest battle here was Gettysburgh. Japan has a history long past ours. You should try visiting the forest below Mt.Fuji sometime. It’s said to be haunted and drive people insane, many have committed suicide there. :)

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