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Haunted Village in Kent England

Posted on September 25, 2010

Pluckley is a small village in Kent, England. It is reportedly the most haunted place in England. I am a keen ghost hunter so I’ve spent many nights down there, armed with my trusty video camera and here’s what happened the first night…

Myself a group of friends drove down to Pluckley, we arrived approximately 11 pm. Pluckley is an extremely small village and really consists of one pub, a church, a small shop, butchers, a school and the rest are houses. There are 2 ‘main’ roads which run through Pluckley, one which goes down to ‘the screaming woods’ (I’ll explain that one later) and the other which travels through the heart of Pluckley down to the next village which is approx 5 miles away. Although I refer to these as main roads, they are in fact just country lanes.

Anyway, we arrived at Pluckley and parked in the black horse pub car park which is situated next to St. Nicholas church and its graveyard. The pub was shut for the night so we decided the first thing to do would be to go round the graveyard. We were a mixed group and decided that it would be best if the boys went at the back and the girls at the front.

The graveyard itself goes around the church in a triangle shape complete with a footpath. At the very far end is a gate. Whilst walking towards the far end my friend began to recount tales of a local myth that if you engage in a sance whilst in front of the gate you can hear a dog growling. As boys will be boys, they decided that they would do this, but to no avail and we decided to debunk that myth.

As we walked away from the gate I was situated in the middle of the group and about halfway down I heard one of the boys behind me say “o!”, as I turned around I saw at the edge of the graveyard a woman standing there. She was dressed in white, although her clothes were drabby and dirty and she was sickly pale, her face was contorted and I can only describe the skin as looking as though she had been in a fire and had major skin graphs. At that point I felt a hand push me in the back and I nearly toppled over! Then everyone started to scream and run towards the gate in front which allows you to exit the graveyard back into the pub car park.

Once in the car park the boys were shouting at each other “did you see it? did you see it?!” to which I confirmed to them that I saw the woman. I then asked who had pushed me in my back to which they all stared at me with blank faces. Then one of my friends said to me…

“No one pushed you in the back, you turned around and started screaming then just started running! It was then that we turned around and saw the woman standing there!”

I then told them that wasn’t true because I heard one of them swear and that’s when I turned around and that I only started running once everyone else did. To which they informed me that no one said a word and that I started running WAY before anyone else did and that I’d been standing in the car park for a good couple of minutes before they caught up with me.

Has this happened to anyone else? How could I have experienced something completely different to everyone else? Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

But that was just the beginning of what happened in Pluckley. I’ll post more later.

Sent in by cookie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Haunted Village in Kent England”
  1. trolldoll says:

    such a sight probably took your memory. i’m sure you felt the push and one of your friends did say something but they don’t remember! sounds like the poor woman died horribly. i don’t know why she would appear to you, i guess some spirits don’t like there resting place disturbed in the middle of the night! scary experience!

  2. The Nate says:

    pretty scary i’ll give you that, well i really dont know what to say, I think possibly the “ghost” messed with your mind and somehow made you delousional to make you think you ran before them, i dont know why in the world she would do that but i dunno, maybe it could of been the other way around, maybe she made your friends delusional to make it look like you ran first which would be just as pointless as making you delusional, so, i dunno???? But maybe the reality of it was that it was a prankster, but i dunno about the pushing, so lets say it was a ghost then why wouldnt she just make it visible to your friends that she pushed you???? well i dunno but all i know is next time you go there bring a camera and video recorder most of all!!! That will settle if ghosts are real or not right there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, That was scary and strange!! Please keep posting your experiences of this haunted village.

  4. Tracey says:

    I know its going to sound strange, I wonder can ghost have power like Tickeet I am sorry i don’t know how to spell like that can push you by their mind/brain like i say its sound strange with my question. So my opion is she made had been burn in fire somewhere guess she was buried where ya’ll at. just to answer your question about what i think. thanks for story and that sure is pretty scary.

  5. Dark boy says:

    Happened to me so many times…………………..
    I’ve experienced Deja vu’s
    Sometimes people describe things differently than they really happened
    It happens to you only in pluckley…………..
    But it happens to me all the time

  6. Kajal says:

    Your story is a bit confusing but also interesting. Keep on posting other experiences of this haunted village.

  7. AnNa bites back says:

    i would forsure like to here more.the reason why you and your friends got scared is because it was a graveyard that you went in.im just wondering and i do not mean this in a mean way so please dont take it like that.why is it the people like to go to the graveyard?do you feel bad that you go knowning that its for the dead.its supose to be peace and quite.I know its were good stuff happens but i dont know.i dont know i guess its only me that feels like that.well like i said i would like to read more.

  8. mario says:

    Wow all I can say is that’s a trip I seen a woman appear in my house floating in front of me than dissapear she was in all white

  9. B says:

    Good story, but what I dont understand is if you are a ghost hunter, why not take a camra of camcorder? maybe then more people will believe you. Your story is very interesting though and I would like to read more.

    • Cookie says:


      this was our first trip to Pluckley, when we were all still a bit skeptical about ghosts. It was this incident which prompted us to go back and take the camera. So I do have evidence but it’s for other experiences which i’m going to post soon :) x

  10. Fani says:

    Hey cookie,
    I have to write a news story for Halloween and as I will be visiting Kent this weekend I thought I might find something there. Do you live there? What do you think i can write about?
    Unfortunately I cannot Pluckley or somewhere else, so it has to be a local thing..
    Thanks so much, its ok if you can’t help:)

  11. yumi says:

    Great story…i live in England and searched for the village after i read this, i found this info….this could be your burnt worman..

    Dying Highwayman

    Location: Pluckley – Fright Corner
    Type: Environmental Manifestation
    Date / Time: Unknown
    Further Comments: A large spectral tree has been seen here, together with a highwayman pinned to it by several swords. On other occasions, an elderly phantom woman is spotted; thought to be a gypsy woman, she accidentally set herself on fire with her pipe while sleeping.

    unlucky! :(

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