Haunted Tuberculosis Hospital and Psychiatric Center

Posted on September 8, 2007

Submitted to us by Brian

One night me and my buddy were driving up Peck Hill Road in Perrysburg, NY. He told me about a haunted place that used to be a psych ward and TB hospital. It hasn’t been occupied in years and many people died there. including several nurses who committed suicide. We know this because his grand mother used to work there about 35 years ago.

Anyway, we stopped just to check the place out. We shut the car off and just looked at it. We just got this really weird vibe just being next to this gigantic spooky looking structure.

Then we heard screaming on the inside. Then we could see figures slowly moving into windows and out the door into the court yard.

Anyone from western NY needs to visit that place because its amazing.

I did a little checking online and found out that Brian is writing about the JN Adam Tuberculosis Sanatorium which was opened on September 13, 1912 in Perryburg, which is near Buffalo, N.Y.

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36 Responses to “Haunted Tuberculosis Hospital and Psychiatric Center”
  1. The Caretaker says:

    Today I added a huge article about the Haunted Waverly Hills Sanitarium. Did you know that there were over 63,000 people who died in that hospital? The dead bodies were taken out of the hospital through tunnels and loaded onto a train and taken to be cremated. There were times when there were so many corpses they actually burned them on the hospital grounds. If you would like to read more about this fascinating place check it out:


  2. lady Mistery says:

    I live like 5 mins from there, I always wantd to go cheeck it out, being around spooky places is jus my thang.

    • Pat says:

      TAPS- Ghost Hunters has been out there two times that I know of… they have found plenty of evidence too…if any of you do go out there please be careful as it is very old and rickety…. take plenty of flash lights too!

  3. Craig says:

    My family has lived in the area for a long time, and I remember when it used to be occupied by mental patients. On a whim, my 12 & 14-year-old boys and I took a drive up there last night around 10:00. You can’t get on the grounds anymore, since it’s been fenced off, so we did the same thing as this account suggested: we pulled up to the Peck Hill Road entrance and just shut off the engine and headlights, rolled down the windows, then started to watch and listen.

    After only few minutes, we all heard a sound like something heavy and metal being struck. We heard similar sounds several times and from different directions and distances within the compound, over the hour or so that we remained there.

    The most remarkable experiences were the appearances of shadowy figures on the third floor balcony that would rest as if leaning on the railing, which would be impossible for any corporeal being, as there is a chain link barrier on all the exterior walkways. The most amazing appearance came near the end of our observation, when we all saw a shadowy figure appear to be walking with its hand on the railing as it moved. There was no sound.

    For those who are skeptical, know this: there was no moon, no insect noise due to the temperature which was in the 40s. There are also no homes within 150 yards of our location, and while there was the occasional passing vehicle, they came at intervals of between 5 and 18 mintues, at the moments of these experiences I’ve reported, there was no traffic and absolutely nobody else around. I too am a skeptic, but I know what we all saw and heard. It is quite remarkable, and I hope the stewards of this grand facility will someday allow a professional investigation of the buildings and grounds.

  4. nancy says:

    Didn’t Ghost Hunters investigate that place? Isn’t it in Kentucky?
    I remember something about Waverly Hills sanitarium and how haunted it is.
    Ghost Hunters usually debunk ghosts, but if I remember right, they all got spooked there. LOL

  5. Craig says:

    This is a different place. Go to google maps and type in “J.N. Adam, Perrysburg, NY” it should be the first one on the list, and will also be marked “abandoned”. There’s a cool site that tells all about the place at jnadam.org

  6. nick johns says:

    i live in new york near the area about 25 mins away but anyways ive heard alot of stories bout this place stopped by the fence as spoken about above you do see things that can not be explain what so ever ive head things and seen thing many stories believe it or not are true out that place im tempted just to go in but ive heard once u go in u DONT COME OUT i dont know how true it is but im tempted to try it i was going to bring a Ouija board there also but thought it would be best not to with all the stuff i heard bout it i went in the back where the crematory is the weather is freakish it could be calm outside but once you get near it drops to like its 40ish around there spooky ive also heard theres cameras there so the cops can see who is all breaking in there i dont know how true it is but ive heard it im tempted to go in on one Halloween night around 3 am that is when the dead arrived supposedly and spooky stuff happens there ive chicken out my first time but not my second chance no way im going in there one night i get a chance

    • Amos Wright says:

      Im a paranormal investagator here in jamestown,ny. I have been in JN Adams three time last fall, and there is a heavy feeling that comes over you the moment you step foot in the ballroom. When I entered the ballroom I instantly heard soft whispers that i have got on my evp,along with footsteps outside of the ballroom. When I walked down to the basement I saw a dark figure go past me. In building seven you feel a presents there walking the halls with you. The six building looks like where childred where placed. Doors up there have closed on there own. Some knocking on the walls and laughter. JN Adams is very haunted and I would strongly sugguest go with a group of people if you go to check it out.

  7. Spaz says:

    Okay me and a two of my friends were in the building last night around midnight until 2 a.m and we made our way to the second floor. There really wasn’t anything there or with us for the longest time which was depressing since it was Halloween night last night. On the second floor we passed through some doors marked “black channel ch.7″ and wewere almost to the next wing over when behind us there were loud bangs and what sounded like foot steps. When we back tracked towards the noises there was nothing there so we began to return from the direction we took to get in and there were foot steps in the puddles on the first floor by the stairs, either way we only spent 2 hours in it and only had like 3 mins of activity so … I don’t know if it’s really haunted or not. There were alot of cold air pockets but it’s a old building. We never heard anything or seen anything just heard things that could be debugged, Anyways we had a Ouija board but never took it out .. we might return sometime in the future after we look into it more. And by the way 3 am is the “Witching hour” That’s when the dead are able to enter our world through portals supposeldy to the Wiccan faith and Pegan beliefs. I myself and a Wiccan and practice witchcraft and magick.

  8. clareoux says:

    i was with “spaz” last nite and yes the place seemed very quiet for all the rumors we have heard. The place is huuuge tho,being over 650 acres. our flashlights kept flickering and they had new batteries in them,its believed that if a spirit is trying to appear(become an apparition)it will drain any electrical sources it can to appear,this cud have just been bad connections in our lights. A return trip is going to definately b in the m,akings and the cemetary on the property is going to make an excellent spot to use the ouiji board. We WILL have evidence if anything happens,and on our nxt trip we will sit and attempt to tlk to the spirits.

  9. Spaz says:

    I think that Clareoux and Street should use the Ouija board i the dining hall. It’s got the dome cieling and everything .. that’s got to be a good place to go. Spirits on te balconys .. I couldn’t say anything about that since we couldn’t get on there but still yeah a return trip is in the making.

  10. nick johns says:

    ok who evere goes in i want in on that if you gunna use a Ouija board i want in when???

  11. Spaz says:

    Where do you live Nick?

  12. nick johns says:

    silver creek ny im going tonight maybe hopefully nov 5 after 12am possibly

  13. Kyle Hunter says:

    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Kyle, and I am a member of the JCT Paranormal Group located in Angola NY. Myself and 2 other members went up there on Saturday night (11-28-09) with some equipment. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the grave yard, but we got up to the fence near a building. We used a K-II meter, EMF meter, digi voice recorder, digicam, and 2 point and shoot cameras. We got a few different hits on both meters at different times. We didn’t hear anything on the tape, but on one set of pictures, we have a strange blur in a few of them (4), then disappears in the last one (5th). We definitely think there was something there, we want to go back again.


  14. Nikki says:

    Hi, I grew up in Gowanda a town that shares the same school district as Perrysburg-so not far away at all. My best friend all through high school live about a 5 minute walk away from J.N. Adams. Our group of friends spent about 2 summers in and out of all the buildings and have seen some disturbing things. We have been in the basement and up to the top floor of the building pictured above. We have also been back to the pond (thought to be the “most” haunted-if that’s possible). The creepiest part about the whole thing is that everyone just up and left. There are desks with paper and pens still on them covered with dust. It just looks abandoned. I have a friend who was up there without me and he has showed me a video taken while in one of the main buildings with a digital camera. It is blacked out of course because the lights were off-but you can CLEARLY hear a page on the loud speaker for a doctor. I refuse to listen to that again-and I wish I never did in the first place. After that I also refused to go into any of the buildings again.
    **I do want to warn everyone though-it is now state property (privately owned when we went up there) and if you are caught trespassing you will get fined upwards of 5000 last I heard.

  15. Britt says:

    me and my friend zach went to perrysburgh a couple months ago, we cut a hole in the fence and went in. for the most part it was just interesting to look at, the girl above me was totally right……it looks like everyone just up and left, everything is still left in the building……we encountered some activity in the first floor and the third floor. Me and zach were in the dining hall under the glass dome and decided to make our way into the kitchen. In the kitchen we were both just lookin around checkin stuff out…..now mind u zach was right behind me and he was just standing in one place doin nothin when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise commin from the dining hall we just left. It sounded like a metal wrench was dropped from a tall height onto the concrete floor….then everythin was silent again…….me and zach were spooked after that but we continued our way up. On the third floor we found the living quarters of the patients. I was checking out a room when zach decided to go back out into the hallway…..when he came back into the room he was white, sweaty, and looked like he was gonna puke….i asked him what was wrong but he just said he was sick. all of a sudden he puked. we continued our way to the end of the hall and were in a room with the door closed when we head the same noise from the dining hall again at the end of the hallway. now mind u were 2 floors up….i got scared and told zach to check out the hallway….he said everythin was good but wouldnt let me leave the room for a bit. when we left the room he wanted to leave sayin he felt sick….when we got into the car and drove away he told me that he saw a ghost in the hallway twice…thats y he puked (he got so scared)…and he didnt wanna tell me to scare me………i completely believe him because not only did the noise follow us up 2 floors but ive never seen this kid more scared in my entire life…..and ive never seen neone scared enough to puke…….all in all perrysburgh is spooky


    I was a patient at the J N Adams TB hospital in 1948. I spent 9 months in their “fresh air” cure. I am not into the paranormal, but am interested in corresponding with anyone who might have been there in 1948 or 1949.

    Note from Admin – Frank I appreciate you coming here and posting your comment but please do not post personal contact info as per the rules laid out by the comment box below.

  17. Bianca says:

    Hey Im at my friends house and they told me about it. Once i heard about it i am so tempted to go in there and see whats up. It sounds creepy just my thing. It sounds super cool. it just stinks that my favorite guy would know that i want him with me. So rock out people.

  18. clareoux says:

    me n “spaz” are making our return trip this weekend so we will see wat goodies we can come up with,we will let u guys know asap

  19. RH says:

    I went in to JN Adams last year in April. We parked in the town, and walked up the mile-long stretch past the historical society. It was pitch black, and extremely creepy. First off, the walk up is gut wrenching. Pitch black, straight incline. Halfway up the hill you realize that if something were to come down the hill, or up, you’d be screwed since there are woods on either side of the road.

    When we finally got to the top of the hill, I couldn’t believe my eyes. You think it looks big in pictures – wait until you see it up close. There was a 10-foot barbed wire fence surrounding the place, but we found a space in the fence that was turned up. (if interested in where specifically – when you get to the top of the hill, follow the fence right. you’ll come up to a set of stairs and a railing leading to the gate, that’s where the bend is.)

    We waked in to the main building, and immediately I felt unsettled. We went past the staircase and in to a side room. This room had old pictures/files, and a large map of NYS. We then went in to the dome room, and kitchen. The kitchen is amazing – all the stainless grilles/stoves are still there. However, there is a thick covering of asbestos on the floor.

    We then went back in to the dome room and sat at a table. A friend we were with wanted to try asking the “spirits” questions while recording them/EVP. We heard odd noises, and 2 of us reported feeling something touch them. While asking questions, we heard noises from the kitchen, and also from the room behind us. The noises in the room behind us were hard to make out, but creepy. We asked whatever was making noise in the kitchen questions. We left after 2 hours when a friend asked “if you want us gone, bang on something twice.” Sure enough, 2 loud bangs immediately after. Needless to say, we left.

    The whole way down the hill was unnerving. It was a calm night, however, the trees on either side of use were creaking like crazy. And, the creaking kept up with us. If we stopped, it stopped.

    It’s definitely a spooky place.

  20. Kurt says:

    I have been there a couple of tmes my self. My aunt used to have an office above the giant circle room. Anyways, both times we were there after midnight, we heard lots of bangings that were direct answers to our yes or no questions and also alot of shadow figures. I beleive that there are hateful spirits there. We used the first office right when you walk into the main building as a safe room and as we were conducting “White noise” we all heard what sounded like a nurse making her rounds and humming. We heard footsteps and humming. I’ve caught about 8-10 EVPs there. Simply amazing and definitely a rush. I hope they dont demolish the place, it would be nice to have it opened to the public to do investigations instead of having to crawl underneath that fence.

  21. Jake says:

    i went theyre last night, we parked in front. Very scary looking, a couple of people looked at each other and were like im not going into that. but we didnt know how to get in, wheres the spot that you can get over the fence? thanks jake.

  22. D says:

    If you take the main road, you walk to the right. There’s a part of the fence that you can pull up across from the stairs with the broken rail.

  23. MattDunkirk says:

    I just went there no more than 2 hours ago..so about 2:30.driving by there slowly by yourself is pretty scary.i also went across the street where i guess the superindendents office is all thats blocked off too.but i am so down to explore this place with some people.

  24. just me says:

    you guys are nuts for goin into that place. big fines and possible jail time if your cought. state police watch that place all the time. FYI on the main road up there on the left side there are some houses, BEWARE of the last house on the left.

  25. Frank Bartolotta says:

    Having been a patient there in the late forties, I still have a memories of the place. It was not scary at the time. I wasn’t happy to be there, but I wasn’t afraid. The nurses would ready us for bed and we would sleep all night on the balconies. That was every night, The roof protected us form the rain and snow. To this day, the cold doesn’t bother me.

  26. James Shoemaker says:

    Hey, me and a couple of my friends wanted to to go to this place for a while and finally got the chance. We got there around 10 or 11 and parked a ways down the road. By the time we got close, we heard a loud yell as if from a woman. A few of us couldn’t exactly understand her, but, my friend Kyle said he heard “Get out!” We sucked it up and went in anyways. As we got closer to the building, we held our flashlights to the front of the first building and to our surprise, we saw strange shadowy figures moving. Kyle contested that it was just the shadows of the flashlight and our hands moving. So we set the flashlights down on one of our bookbags and watched as some shadow had been swaying from one side of one of the balconies to the other repeatedly. We were officially freaked out and debated for about 20 minutes if we wanted to continue. We did.

    We got in through a broken window we noticed and continued looking for the dining room. We heard strange banging noises from possibly the upper levels. After a while of not seeing or hearing much, just as we were considering leaving, we laughed saying how funny it would be if we had a Ouija board with us or if they would just respond with noises. Just then we heard a metallic bang noise from a lower level. Jokingly, after standing silently for 5 minutes scared to death, I said in a louder voice, “if you want us to leave, you could have just said so!” And then heard another bang from the upper level. We panicked and immediately made our way as fast as possible to where we thought the exit was. Just then as we got close to the window (finally), we heard that same voice “Get out!” We bolted to the vehicles down the road and when we got about 20 yards or so from the fence, shouted in relief and fear. We got to our cars and left immediately.

    Go there!

  27. ghostryder says:

    i hope someone can tell me if it is hard to get in the old mental hospital in perrysburg for i am interested in ghosts and would love to take some pictures and see if any of this is real i am in the ghost hunting for a hobby and would love to get in and see what all the sightings are about thank you for any and all info i could get.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Me n a couple friends Went there through the place inside and out there was nothin TFT seemed to be haunted it was just scary being there

  29. Krovas says:

    I’ve been all over JN Adams, and I never saw anything ghostly. It’s a terrific place to explore though, just keep your eyes and ears open for cops. It’s patrolled occasionally.

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